Takashi Murakami to Stage Major Show at Perrotin’s Lower East Side Gallery

Having just opened Virgil Abloh’s “Pay Per View” exhibition at the Kaikai Kiki gallery in Tokyo, Takashi Murakami is gearing up for a major solo show of his own work at Perrotin’s Lower East Side gallery.
“Takashi Murakami” will debut April 28 at the Orchard Street space and will run through June 17. The artist, who has worked with Emmanuel Perrotin for more than 20 years, will have recent works displayed over several floors including the Baka paintings, “Homage to Francis Bacon” and the “Transcendent Attacking a Whirlwind Fresco.” Those who missed out on Murakami’s extensive show at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston will be able to see select work from that exhibition as well.
The exhibition will include a new series of paintings inspired by Francis Bacon. Some of the artist’s recurring icons — eyes, mushrooms and characters will be accentuated by multiple layers of color on platinum leaf. The metamorphoses of faces are meant to be reminiscent of “the transformations of Mr. DOB, the whimsical character — sometimes cute, sometimes monstrous and fierce — that Murakami subjects to multiple variations in his artworks. Started in 2002 and continued in 2016, this series allows the artist to pursue his

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