Gentle Monster Pops Up at Dover Street Market New York

Gentle Monster has popped up at Dover Street Market New York.
The South Korean eyewear brand’s ephemeral boutique is mounted through June 18 on Dover Street Market’s first floor.
A limited-edition, black-and-gold version of Gentle Monster’s Cobalt style has been created to mark the occasion.
While an eyewear brand, Gentle Monster is also regarded for its innovative and experimental retailing strategies. It employs carpenters and architects full-time to execute conceptual interior design projects.
For Dover Street Market, the brand has found inspiration in the extraterrestrial. The company has dubbed its installation “Passengers,” predicated on a narrative where “a crew of extraterrestrial creatures embark on a passage through time and space in search of their next home. Collecting precious stones and flowers along the way, the crew is able to produce energy for their ship and tools.”
This manifests as wire, wood and stone sculptures that resemble the work of artist Nick Cave.
“Dover Street Market is a resting place for creation and magnitude, and our presence within the DSM New York space feels natural because of this. Our pursuit of experimental and episodic content is rooted in the in-person experience. It’s in these conceptual spaces that our creations are able to blur the divide between eyewear

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