SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Review

Whereas normally a review would try to get to the heart of what makes a game fun (or not), in the case of a compilation like the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection I’m judging the work that was put into curating, presenting, contextualizing, and enhancing the artifacts on display. These games are relics of another time, and in some cases not much fun to play today. But video game history is important, and I’m grateful developer Digital Eclipse is willing to do the work to preserve games that most people today probably haven’t even heard of.

Digital Eclipse, known for its work on the Mega Man Legacy Collection and the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, has put together another attractive museum exhibit for retro game fans to stroll through. The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection focuses on the pre-Neo Geo years of the company — basically the ‘80s (or The Greatest Decade, as I like to call it). Fourteen games are included at launch:

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