ExKite Limited-Edition Capsule Lands at Barneys New York

Renzo Mancini is proving that you don’t have to be based in a fashion capital to have your products sold by a luxury retailer. Of course, Mancini is a little more remote than most — some would even say, off the grid. Still, he managed to get the attention of Barneys New York buyers in Sardinia, where he lives and operates ExKite with his wife, stylist Eirinn Skrede.
The eco-friendly ExKite creates jackets from kite-surfing kites that are decommissioned and upcycled.
Mancini, a former professional kite surfer, found his calling when he was test-piloting a kite surfing brand. Testing the kites in the water, Mancini realized they could no longer be used for kite surfing, but he didn’t want to throw them away. Each kite was associated with a memory — of a beautiful day or a nice moment on the beach. With Skrede, he designed jackets, each a one-of-a-kind article.
Mancini said he didn’t “want to take a corner at Barneys because we are not yet known.” He had an idea, which sounds quite ambitious, but was second nature for the kite-surfing pro. “‘Why don’t we take two kites and put the logo of Barneys on one and the ExKite logo on

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