Discussing Brexit, Feminism and Grace at Catherine Quin’s Literary Salon

BOOK CLUB: Catherine Quin, the London-based designer known for her minimalist creations, has carved a path of her own, removed from the never-ending fashion cycle.
Her ultimate mission, she said, is to connect with her customers and to encourage them to “buy less, but better.”
Earlier this week she gathered a group of the women who most inspire her, including political activist Gina Miller, chef Jemima Jones, footwear designer Lily Hanbury and founder of Women for Women charity Brita Fernandez Schmidt, at the vintage book library on the top floor of Maison Assouline in London.
The women, who gathered for tea and literary readings, also featured in Quin’s latest campaign and modeled her new collection, Women of Grace. The collection is filled with elegant shirtdresses, fuss-free jumpsuits and oversized tailoring in the designer’s signature neutral palette.
“I wanted to celebrate qualities that aren’t normally brought to the fore nowadays. This year there has been a lot of toxicity in politics and I’ve really been inspired by women who stood up for what they believe in, and who were really dignified in how they dealt with all the criticism and the furor. It just made me think how grace is not talked about so much

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