Maggie Marilyn Pre-Fall 2019

“I guess two, two and a half years in it’s like, ‘What’s next?’ We manufacture in New Zealand, have a transparent supply chain, always are looking at fabric innovations…but as a brand, how do we progress and grow that still feels sustainable? Because it feels a little bit weird to say, ‘Ah, we’re sustainable,’ but we’re growing and putting more product into the world,” Maggie Marilyn contemplated. But for 2019, the sustainability maven is expanding her efforts even further.
For her latest collection, made up of high summer and pre-fall counterparts, Marilyn’s process comes not from one big overarching concept, but from sustainability, as well. “Looking at each individual garment and thinking, ‘How can we improve this in every way for the customer and for the people that make it?’” she mused. Even her fresh color palette was derived from her mom’s garden, where growing up she was taught how to grow beautiful things without the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides and later, subconsciously lead to her current state as a designer. The lineup held a more simplified ease than prior seasons — knotting details in place of overtly feminine ruffles and colorblocking in place of stripes. Dresses and skirts

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