Why Diet Starts Monday Closed Its D.C. Store

According to Davin Gentry, who cofounded streetwear line Diet Starts Monday with John Geiger, although their retail and restaurant concept became a fixture for creatives in Washington, D.C., after it launched in May of 2017, there were never plans to keep that space open for more than three months. But because of its success, and a landlord who wanted to bide time so he could find another tenant, it remained open through the end of 2018.
“We could have kept the space going, but for it to really work it required us to be there all the time,” said Gentry. “But for us to grow the brand the way we want to grow the brand, we knew we had to shut it down. It was tough for us to walk away from the space, but in order to plant seeds everywhere, we had to uproot.”
For the team behind Diet Starts Monday, which doesn’t wholesale, the road to expansion means global pop-up activations that will either be stand-alone spaces or stores within larger stores. And they are kicking things off with a pop-up at Patron of the New on Feb. 11 that will feature flannels, trucker jackets, hoodies and ski masks covered

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