WrestleMania 35 Live Blog and Match Results

Are you ready for hours and hours AND HOURS of wrestling because…it’s WrestleMania 35 time!

Still reeling from Bret Hart being attacked by an “over-exuberant fan” (WWE’s words, not mine) at the Hall of Fame Ceremony? Still shook from an over-exuberant Enzo crashing the ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard at the Garden? Well, we’ve still got sixteen matches to plow through. Two of which are Battle Royals. One of which has freakin’ SNL cast members in it. So we’re not out of the woods yet!

At least ‘Mania 35 falls squarely in-between Walking Dead’s finale and Game of Thrones’ premiere, because I for one remember when, years ago, that all happened on the same night. It was not ideal. This year, ‘Mania is free and clear and ready to serve up an overtly overstuffed card. But there’s a silver lining: Kofi Kingston has a shot at winning the WWE Championship, Seth Rollins just might topple Brock Lesnar and walk out as Universal Champion, and “The Man” Becky Lynch is primed and ready to go over Ronda Rousey and Charlotte to bring him both womens’ women’s titles – in a match that will make history by going on last!

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