Rose in Good Faith Seeks to Diversify Through Wholesale

Los Angeles streetwear brand Rose in Good Faith said it’s projecting to hit its first $ 1 million in sales this year, driven by what it hopes will be a ramp up in wholesale and continued growth of direct-to-consumer.
The latter channel is how the brand, started at the beginning of 2017, has so far built a name for itself, selling direct with a focus on specialty pieces and collaborations based around early Aughts nostalgia and niches around the hardcore and metal music subgenres. It’s from those subculture genres that the company’s founders hope to grow their brand.
The result has been collaborations with JNCO and more recently Ed Hardy in a collection that included 50 specialty T-shirts dripping with thousands of Swarovski crystals priced at $ 3,095. The T-shirts, available only to a select group of clients as a precursor to the release of the rest of the collection, sold out in two days, with Tyga among the celebrities spotted in the piece.
Rose in Good Faith is sold in American Rag’s Los Angeles and Dubai stores, in addition to Tokyo’s Nubian, which is the exclusive retailer for the Ed Hardy product.
“The direct-to-consumer growth has been strong,” said cofounder David Teitelbaum. “It’s been doing

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