Bobby Hundreds’ Not So Surprising Path From Streetwear to Author

LOS ANGELES — Vernon is an industrial city south of downtown filled with low-rise industrial buildings, where big rigs heave and clog major thoroughfares. Here, as well as places dotting the San Gabriel Valley, is the California apparel industry’s beating heart, and it’s here, in a nondescript, 90,000-square-foot building, that The Hundreds sits. Framed art adorns one wall of the lobby entrance. There’s a screen printer, a recording studio and space to host the occasional punk show, most recently New York hardcore band H20. It’s what cofounder Bobby Kim (or Bobby Hundreds) calls a Never-Never Land of Lost Boys and Girls, holed up in a world created nearly 16 years ago.
WWD caught up with The Hundreds at an interesting time in its history. The business blew up, cycled into a contraction, the staff had to be cut and stores closed, but in recent years there’s been another upswing. The Hundreds is no longer an emerging brand, but it hasn’t been relegated to old and irrelevant either. Now it’s stretching its legs into a new endeavor — helping other brands get off the ground — through the fledgling Second Sons services arm.
Kim, on a more personal level, is perhaps at an

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