WATCH: Goat Makes 7-Eleven Pit Stop, Tastes the Rainbow of Skittles

Skittles have long been a favorite candy amongst humans, but recently a few other animal species have been caught enjoying the colorful, hard-shelled fruity confection.

First it was a herd of cows in Wisconsin, and then we caught wind of a goat in Oregon gaining notoriety on Facebook for snagging a packet and “tasting the rainbow” at a 7-Eleven in Tigard, just outside of Portland.

According to Katelyn Lund, a witness who filmed the incident and posted it to Facebook on Jan. 12, the white goat was on a mission.

“When I opened the doors she was pretty adamant about going in and went past me,” Lund told OregonLive. “Honestly I didn’t know how to handle a goat so I just let her.”

Fair enough. (Incidentally, the video now has more than 4 million views.)

Lund continued, stating that “everyone was hella nonchalant about her, and no one said anything to her.”

No word on whether the goat paid for the package of Skittles, but Lund says she later found out its owner was there, too, and the duo are frequent customers.

Now, if only we could set up an introduction between this goat, a scurry of candy thief Toronto squirrels and a Hollywood casting agent, the next installment of the Ocean’s movies could marry girl power with adorable animals.

The Skittles tie-in markets itself, obviously. Get on it, Clooney and Soderbergh!

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