Candiani 80th Anniversary: New Fabric, Atelier & Repairs Collaboration

Candiani Denim celebrated its 80th Anniversary with the debut of its most sustainable denim fabric yet, dubbed Re-Gen. The fabric is made from 50 percent recycled Tencel — Lenzing’s recycled material known as Refibra — and 50 percent recycled cotton from Candiani’s own denim waste. The result of 10 years of commitment to a greener production process, Re-Gen uses no new cotton, and looks and feels similar to new raw denim, with a hint of shine from the Tencel.
The fabric also uses sustainable dyeing and finishing technology called Kitotex, and Candiani’s proprietary water-saving dyeing technique called Indigo Juice, which keeps the indigo on the surface of the yarn during the dyeing process, making it easy to achieve the faded look of a vintage look jean.

The Candiani and Atelier & Repairs Collaboration 
Lynn Millspaugh Photo

While the material was unveiled earlier this year in Europe, the first use of Re-Gen debuted at the Candiani Denim Development Center in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, in the form of a 12-piece capsule collaboration with L.A.-based Atelier & Repairs.
“We wanted to show what Re-Gen can do for both sustainability and fashion,” said Alberto Candiani, the fourth-generation executive who leads the family-run business from the product development side.
Atelier & Repairs

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