Lady Gaga Surprises Crowd Alongside Donatella Versace at Stonewall Day in N.Y.

Lady Gaga just made a surprise appearance alongside Donatella Versace in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the uprising at the Stonewall Inn, which paved the way for gay rights.
Kicking off a weekend of LGBT Pride events in New York City, an emotional Gaga, adorned in over-the-knee rainbow boots and a Versace jacket, took to the stage to address an excited crowd at the Stonewall Day pop-up event near the historic venue.
“I’m so emotional today. This community has fought and continued to fight a war of acceptance, a war of tolerance, and of the most relentless bravery. You are the definition of courage. Do you know that? I feel so honored and privileged to even be asked to be here,” the Oscar winning performer said.
“I really, really love you. You are strong. You are so strong. You welcomed me into your community in the most beautiful of way that I will never forget. My whole life changed because of you.”
She concluded her empowered speech by telling the audience that true love is when you would take a bullet for someone and that’s what she would do for them.

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Such a historic

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Lyft's stock is crashing alongside Uber — when will the selling stop?

Lyft's stock is crashing alongside Uber — when will the selling stop?Lyft's stock is still tanking post IPO. Yahoo Finance has the latest.

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Phoebe English Shows Fall 2019 Collection in Exhibition Alongside 30 Marionettes

EXHIBITIONIST: Phoebe English showcased pieces from her fall 2019 women’s wear offering at the Morley Gallery in South London at an exhibition called “Inanimate, Animate. (Only) Half the Reflection,” a show in two parts, the second of which features 30 charming marionettes wearing to-scale pieces from her archive.
The person-sized clothes, which made their debut during the men’s shows last month in a presentation, were suspended from the ceiling on rotating mechanisms that afforded close-up inspection of the intricate techniques that have earned her a loyal following.
There was a black pinafore dress with T-shaped cuts outlined with wide satin stitch embroidery, and a delicate white mesh harness.
“We call this coat, ‘The Coat of Dreams (and of Nightmares)’,” said English, fondly nodding to a black topper made from a great many patches of recycled black fabric, each piece encased in fine silk tulle. The kind of deceptively simple, thing that a cursory glance sets the mind to thinking, “Right, black coat” but an up-close eye-ball reveals all its complexities.
The space was scented by Timothy Han, who used the aromas of birch tar and dry wheat from his “On the Road” fragrance to emphasize English’s focus on natural sustainable fabrics, and Johanna Burnheart performed

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Mom of Woman Killed in Horrific Limo Crash Alongside Boyfriend Speaks Out: ‘There’s Nothing Worse’

When she heard news about the horrific limousine accident that left 20 dead in upstate New York on Saturday afternoon, Martina Wieblitz Halse desperately tried to contact her daughter, Amanda Halse, who she knew was traveling with a large group in that same area.

Martina and her daughter, Karina Halse, repeatedly texted and called Amanda, but with each message sent and number dialed, their attempts went unanswered.

Then, their worst fears were realized when an investigator appeared at their door.

“I don’t even know what injuries she had,” Martina tells PEOPLE of finding out Amanda, 26, was in the limo when it crashed. “They told me that they took her out of the limousine and put her in an ambulance to go to the hospital and she still had a heartbeat.”

Amanda ultimately died from her injuries, which she suffered as she was celebrating her friend Amy Steenburg’s 30th birthday on October 6. The group of friends were in a limo that failed to stop at a T-intersection in the rural town of Schoharie in upstate New York. The limo flew into a nearby parking lot and crashed into an unoccupied SUV, killing the driver and all 17 passengers. The accident also claimed the lives of two pedestrians, who were struck by a parked SUV after it was slammed into by the limo.

“It’s terrible. I lost my baby. I last saw her the week before on a Saturday,” Martina says. “There’s nothing, nothing worse than this.”

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Martina, who is paralyzed, says she she saw a lot of herself in her daughter, Amanda, including her love of arts and crafts. Because of Martina’s condition, Amanda would spend time helping her mother tend to the flowers in her garden. The two had initially planned to go to a fall festival on Sunday, after Amanda returned from her trip with her friends.

“She was way too young ,” Martina says through tears. “She was such a kind person, everybody loved her.”

Amanda also shared a close relationship with her siblings.

“I am hanging in there. Taking it one step at a time,” says Amanda’s sister, Karina. “I feel a sense of strength when I talk about my sister so I believe she is helping me through this, but overall, I feel empty, devastated and just sad.”

During the drive, Amanda had been accompanied by her boyfriend, Patrick Cushing, 31, who was also killed in the crash.

“Patrick was such a passionate and good-hearted person. He had such empathy and kindness,” his brother, Justin Cushing, tells PEOPLE.

Patrick was a gifted athlete and played dodgeball for Team USA, Justin says, but most of all, he deeply loved those closest to him.

“He loved, hugged and cried with his friends and family like their problems were his,” he explains. “ celebrated with those same family and friends like our successes were his personal goals.”

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While he was passionate about photography and sports, Patrick was also devoted to his role as a godparent to Adam and Abigail Jackson’s two young daughters, Archer, 4, and 16-month-old Ellie.

“He took it like he was an adopted third parent,” Justin says. “He kept her pictures in his phone to show off like they were his own.”

Adam and Abigail also lost their lives in the crash, which is still under investigation. A GoFundMe page has been set up to provide for their daughters, which has raised more than $ 65,000.

With nearly two dozen people lost in the accident, the pain of the tragedy is felt far and wide. For Justin, who served as best man for Adam in his wedding to Abigail, the devastation is unimaginable.

“I lost my two best friends in this, in my brother and Adam. I lost my cousin in Erin ,” he says. “This was all so hard to write and I’m shaking knowing I’m missing something important to his life.”

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Introducing E!’s Model Squad Alongside the Ladies’ Glamorous and Exclusive Headshots

Model Squad CastThese it-girls are ones to watch…on Model Squad, specifically!
As was previously teased, E! is giving fashion fans a close up look at the competitive modeling world by following the…

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Special Tip Update!

Victoria Beckham Previews Reebok Capsule Collection in L.A. Alongside Shaquille O’Neal

While Victoria Beckham’s Reebok capsule collaboration won’t be released until later this year, the designer unveiled what she called “a little merch collection” on Thursday night during a Reebok event held at The House on Sunset in West Hollywood. Beckham was joined by longtime Reebok ambassador Shaquille O’Neal as well her husband David Beckham and their three sons Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo, who all wore coordinating monochromatic pieces from their mother’s new line. “They are very excited because they love sportswear,” she said. “And they’re huge Shaq fans.”

Shaquille O’Neal and Victoria Beckham at the Reebok event in Los Angeles. 

The new throwback line pays homage to O’Neal and consists of two shirts and two hoodies emblazoned with the NBA All Star’s name. The pieces will be available next month on Reebok and Beckham’s web sites. The collection was inspired by Beckham’s recent visit to the brand’s Boston headquarters, where she explored the Reebok archives and found herself drawn to its heritage basketball pieces from the Nineties.
While Beckham has lent her name to promoting the new merchandise, her personal branding isn’t anywhere on it. “This is just a little collection that I wanted to do to celebrate Reebok, celebrate Shaq and really celebrate

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After playing past questions of a poor fit in OKC, one of the game’s premier two-way stars is quickly finding his footing as an ideal running mate for Russell Westbrook. – TOP

Books of The Times: In Alan Bennett’s Diaries, Life’s Pleasures Alongside Civic Outrage

“Keeping On Keeping On” collects the British playwright’s diaries from 2005 to 20015, which include his thoughts on everything from pigeons to politics.
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See Towering Michelle and Barack Obama Alongside Prince and Harriet Tubman in Massive New D.C. Mural

Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are among the prominent black figures, politicians and celebrities covering the outside walls of famed D.C. restaurant Ben’s Chili Bowl in a new mural unveiled Wednesday.

The former first couple’s portrait looms larger than life at the popular restaurant located on U Street in Washington, D.C., and joins images of comedian Dave Chapelle, late musician Prince, rapper Wale, actress Taraji P. Henson, Muhammad Ali, Harriet Tubman and former city mayor Marion Barry, among others.

According to The Washington Post, the mural was commissioned by the city and painted by artist Aniekan Udofia. Udofia painted the building’s previous mural in 2012, which featured now disgraced comedian Bill Cosby.

In the wake of numerous sexual assault allegations against Cosby, there was pressure to paint over his image, said the Post. He is no longer featured in the mural, and those included were chosen through an online poll.

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Initially opened in 1958 by Ben and Virginia Ali, the restaurant later had a prominent role in the 1968 civil rights riots that shook the city following Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, reported the Post. During that time, the restaurant remained open past curfew to feed and provide shelter for those leading the efforts to stop the rioting.

Though the Obamas were not in attendance for the unveiling, Chapelle was, telling those gathered, “I’m honored to be home and that this means an enormous amount to me and my family. I’m very proud of it.”

Other speakers at the unveiling included civil rights activist Dick Gregory – whose likeness is in the mural – and longtime NBC Washington news anchor Jim Vance.

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Two Guys in Jetpacks Flying Alongside a Passenger Plane, No Big Deal

So majestic.

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