Books of The Times: Andrea Dworkin, a Startling and Ruthless Feminist Whose Work Is Back in the Spotlight

“Last Days at Hot Slit,” edited by Johanna Fateman and Amy Scholder, collects work by the radical feminist who said her writing had to be “bolder and stronger than woman-hating itself.”
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Andrea Tobin: From Tennis Strokes to Brushstrokes

For Andrea Tobin, a former athlete and the artist behind Marla Cielo, a handbag brand designed and made in New York City, launching a new collection reminds her of the narratives behind each design.
“Each piece is a story,” Tobin told WWD. She is a self-taught artist, entrepreneur and previously was a competitive tennis player. Tobin reveals the same physicality in her quickened brushstrokes on canvas as she once exhibited on the tennis court — and simultaneously across business ventures. Her career also includes the cofounding of dropship solution provider RevCascade and influencer commerce platform Souler.
Marla Cielo was founded in 2010 and positioned where “art meets fashion.” Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and on Tuesday, Tobin celebrated the latest handbag collection with an intimate gathering in Manhattan’s East Village.
Each canvas, featuring Tobin’s original acrylic art, produces a moderate production run of wristlets, totes, clutches or cross-body bags and is manufactured in one of the last remaining handbag factories in New York City’s Garment District.
The handbags are suede-lined and designed for the customer who craves function without sacrificing art. Tobin’s products retail for anywhere between $ 160 to $ 700 a piece.
Perhaps representing a predominating trend toward the marriage of art and fashion and consumer

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Andrea Levy: Small Island and Long Song author dies aged 62

Tributes have been paid to the writer, whose novels focused on race and the Windrush generation.
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Small Island author Andrea Levy dies at age 62

Author Andrea Levy, whose prize-winning novel Small Island chronicled the Windrush generation, has died from cancer at the age of 62.
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Andrea Lieberman, Petra Flannery Team for A.L.C. Dinner

The flurry of Los Angeles store openings continues at Palisades Village, the latest being A.L.C., the contemporary brand founded by former stylist Andrea Lieberman in 2008. Lieberman teamed with her former assistant and current super stylist Petra Flannery to host a small dinner at The Draycott on Thursday for her close friends Liz Friedlander, Jennifer Meyer, Erin Foster plus stylists Karla Welch, Erica Cloud and Annabelle Harron. Draycott owner Marissa Hermer was also in the mix, as was actress Olivia Hamilton.
“A small gathering is more my speed,” said Lieberman, a Westside resident. “I admire all these women so much and am so thankful for their support all these years.” Flannery has similar praise for her old boss and good friend. “I’ve learned so much from her, and how she puts her brains into her business. Andrea is proof that you can do it all — family, work, friends.”

Andrea Lieberman and Erin Foster 
Jason Lowrie/

She’s certainly come a long way since she opened her first shop in New York’s SoHo, Culture & Reality. That was inspired by the two years she spent living in Africa post-Parsons, and Lieberman said she still treasures a trunk of old merchandise that her father saved from

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Andrea Jovine Returns with Knitwear Collection

Andrea Jovine, a well-regarded bridge sportswear designer in the Nineties, is making a comeback.
Jovine teamed with Nation Design, a New York-based manufacturer, to produce a collection of fall knitwear that is currently being shipped to some 400 to 500 specialty stores in the U.S. The spring line, which is being shown this week at Stitch @ Project in Las Vegas and will be introduced next week at the New York showroom, is being expanded to department stores.
The sweaters, which range in size from XS to 3X, carry the label, AJ Andrea Jovine. For spring, looks include asymmetrical tunics, raglan cardigans, side-tie sweaters, tie-front pullovers, button-sleeve dolman sweaters, ruched pullovers and a tie-front tank. Fabrics range from viscose, nylon crepe and semi-sheer transparency to mercerized cotton tape yarns, corded viscose and linen. Metallics and sheen, black, white, and sorbet colors are featured prominently.
“I’ve known Andrea a long time. She’s focused most of her time on interiors. She’s always wanted to get back into it,” said Lynne Ronon, chief executive officer of Nation Design, in an interview at company headquarters.
Jovine explained, “When we left, it was under circumstances that were not really planned, we had closed when Victor [Coopersmith, her husband and

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Renzo Rosso, Andrea Bocelli Finance School Complex Project

Renzo Rosso’s Only The Brave Foundation and the Andrea Bocelli Foundation will inaugurate on May 2 a new school complex in Sarnano, a medieval village in Italy’s Marche region, which was dramatically hit by a 6.6-magnitude earthquake in August 2016.
The “Giacomo Leopardi” middle school, which will accommodate more than 100 students, has been built in only five months using the most innovative technologies to make it quake-proof and sustainable.
The complex will feature a range of facilities, including a gym, a library, an auditorium, a computer center and a music studio, which will be also open to the local community.

A render of the school complex. 
Courtesy Photo

The project was financed by the two charity institutions, which organized several fund-raising activities, including the “Andrea Bocelli Night” event hosted at Rome’s Colosseum in September and Diesel’s “Customized With Love” charity project. In particular, in December, the brand asked several personalities — such as Courtney Love, David Lachapelle, Coco Rocha, Petra Nemcova, Jamie Campbell Bower and Italian musicians Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini, Cesare Cremonini, Fabio Novembre and Saturnino — to customize a selection of Diesel signature pieces, including denim jackets and silk bombers, which were auctioned through digital fund-raising platform CharityStars.

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Investindustrial’s Andrea C. Bonomi Included in ‘Paradise Papers’ List

MILAN — Financier Andrea C. Bonomi is among the latest names to be included in the Paradise Papers, according to a report released by Italy’s weekly L’Espresso on Sunday.
Born in New York but hailing from one of the most renowned Milanese families, Bonomi is the founder of the Luxembourg-based Investindustrial investment house, which took control of the Sergio Rossi firm from Kering in 2015 and has stakes in Aston Martin, Perfume Holding, B&B Italia and luxury lighting firm Flos, among others.
In its article, L’Espresso reveals that Investindustrial is controlled by three trusts based in the Channel Islands of Jersey. Established in 1987 by Bonomi’s father Carlo Campanini Bonomi, the three structures are named The George Trust, The Budda Trust and The 1987 Settlement Trust.
The trusts control Investindustrial through three other companies — named Grosvenor Street Holdings SA, De Combinatae NV and Zafrikidis Oil & Ship Ltd., — which also remained unidentified until now.
The disclosure of this complex organization and Bonomi’s inclusion in the Paradise Papers list are a consequence of a specific episode dating back to last year.
In January 2016, the Milanese family requested bank financing for the acquisition of a Dassault Falcon 900DX jet, priced at $ 13.5 million, from a

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Cosby Trial Live Briefing: Bill Cosby Trial Day 3: Andrea Constand Faces Questioning

In her second day of testimony, the woman at the heart of the sexual assault case against Bill Cosby was questioned closely by a Cosby team lawyer.
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Cosby Trial Live Briefing: Bill Cosby Jurors Hear Andrea Constand Say ‘I Trusted Him’

After a day of preliminary statements and testimony, the trial focused on what happened to the woman at the heart of the case.
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Q. & A.: Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: Andrea Petersen on Living With, and Studying, Anxiety

In “On Edge,” Ms. Petersen discusses her initial reluctance to reveal her mental illness and a troubling stagnation in treatment options.
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Andrea Constand’s Story: Will It Send Bill Cosby to Prison?

Though more than 40 women have accused Mr. Cosby of sexual assault, the task of convincing a jury that he is a predator will largely fall to just one.
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Finding beauty. Simonetta Lein The Wishmaker Meets Opera Singer Andrea Bocelli

When you look for beauty, when you look for good you will find it. This doesn’t mean we will not run into problems or that bad things will never happen, but rather when we encounter difficulties, then it is right there, within those difficulties, that we need to seek even more fervently for good and we will be able to see it. Simonetta Lein

A year ago, after being engaged for 10 years, I got married. When it was time to choose the songs for the wedding, it came so naturally to me to pick my very favourite of Andrea Bocelli’s songs: the famous “Con te partirò”, also known as “Time to say goodbye.”. We got married in Philadelphia, at the City Tavern, a restaurant renowned for its original recipes from the 1700s, where the waiters are dressed from that period. They seated my whole family in a very special room where George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin would hold their meetings and plan America’s freedom. In that room I played Andrea Bocelli’s song again and again. I am Italian, and have moved to the US, and for me there is no greater pride that listening to music in your own language in another country and realizing that everybody knows it. Tears still well in my eyes when I think about it. And from listening to a song to actually getting to interview Andrea Bocelli, as The Wishmaker, is something that makes me feel so happy, proud and truly fortunate.


When you were a child, did you wish for the career and for the life that you have manifested today?

In my case, reality has surpassed even the rosiest of dreams and has gone far beyond the most ambitious imagination of youth. My life, if I look back on it, really does look like a fairy tale with a happy ending, and my adventure in music has surpassed the most far-fetched forecasts, and rewarded me with a life brimming with satisfaction. Quite apart from fame (which came upon me late, when I was over thirty-five), singing has always given me, right from when I was a boy, moments of great happiness… Music was a great passion, it was also a fruitful hobby… Even then I was sure I would never abandon it. Encouraged first by my relatives, and then by everyone who heard me, I would daydream for example that one day I’d perform on the operatic stage. Then, after many attempts, success arrived and I have had the privilege to dedicate myself professionally to something which – I repeat – has always been, and is, my great passion.

**It is so beautiful and poetic to me just thinking of a great man and what his dreams were when he was a kid. What it would be to have that voice, play with it and feel the immense joy of being blessed with something so special? Possessing a talent is magical, yet very difficult to handle. Many talents flounder and get lost when they do not have the right encouragement and support. Many give up because the path to success is long and hard; even if you are special you always have to prove it. Andrea also had to fight with his health; I always wondered where he got his strength from, and I think he got it from such a passion. When you really enjoy what you do, you know you are blessed and you can fight the most difficult fights.

Name a wish that you had for your life or for humanity that finally came true.

From a personal point of view, an aspiration that transformed into reality is that of being able to count on a united and happy family, on a life-companion with whom to share the problems and the joys of everyday life, and on wonderful children who are growing up with the sound values that I myself absorbed from the education my parents gave me. Another wish that became reality is the foundation which bears my name: the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, a dream that my wife and I have nurtured for years and that we finally realized, giving life to a body that drives forward world projects aimed at overcoming the barriers caused by poverty, disability and social exclusion.

**We both share a big dream, to give voice to the voiceless, and we both created this dream with our life companions. Family is truly a blessing, and having a life-companion who understands with you that there is so much more to be done, that happiness it is real only when it is shared.

If you were granted one wish for humanity or for our planet, what would it be?

I’m an incurable optimist. I am certain that in every woman, in every man, there are unexplored universes, harboring positive qualities that can truly create miracles, every day, on this earth. My optimism does not solely arise from the strength of my religious convictions: I have faith in man himself, in his intelligence, his goodwill. I hope that the new generations can live in a world without war, where good triumphs over evil, where man is able – via progress in medicine – to conquer pain, where one may receive and celebrate with serenity that extraordinary gift which is life.

**You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.
I really do, I think that for as many times as this world shows its evil face, there are also very many people who are truly striving for peace, trying to be better people, to stand for good values and to sincerely create a better world. I firmly believe that many things can be changed by our attitude, with people coming together and demanding a better society. We the people, are the key and even when you think you are just one small person who has no voice and no power to change things remember you are not alone. Maybe we live, we work, we take action in different parts of the world but every action if united with other actions, no matter how small such actions may be, can change things.

If you could go back in time and ask one question from anyone from history, who would you want to meet and what question would you ask?

I’d have a thousand and one questions to ask and much to learn, for example, from the great composers I revere, ranging from Giuseppe Verdi to Giacomo Puccini and Pietro Mascagni. In addition, history is replete with enlightened women and men, who have spent their lives in the service of others in a condition of holiness: I would like to put questions to them, on their journey of faith, and hear the valuable advice they have to offer.

**To be a great artist means there is always a journey to be taken, to be a great human being there is a journey to be made. Many times faith plays a fundamental role along this path, and having faith in our purpose lends a totally different strength to our lives. We are often so full of our life that we do not pay attention to the great things that have taken place through the sheer brilliance and ingeniousness of great man and women. We just sit back and enjoy the results, if we are able to, and we forget the many years of struggles that were painstakingly overcome to reach that hard-won situation. In many cases, the greatest adventures, the greatest art forms, the greatest discoveries came from a journey within oneself. I would be so curious to know what pushed Verdi to write “La Traviata” or “Rigoletto”, or Puccini and “La Tosca” “La Boheme” or “Madame Butterfly” and what was the inspiration that Pietro Mascagni needed to write “Cavalleria Rusticana”. And lest we forget, there are so many man and women who gave their lives in the service of others. I personally would like to talk to San Francis and Siddhartha and ask them where they both found the strength to leave everything, renouncing every comfort and giving their lives to the joy of others. Since I cannot talk to them, I read a lot about them, I research into faith every day; it is so fascinating.

Please tell me what influences your unique sense of style?

I can’t really put my finger on precisely what it is that has influenced me, and made me become who I am. I can say that study and my habitual association with music has educated my sense of the beautiful, as has my upbringing in Italy, in a land devoted to beauty itself, in all its expressions, this may have contributed to shaping my identity as an artist. I’ve defined my whole existence, evoking and paying homage to, via song, the power of love. In love, therefore, in all its forms, I find my inspiration, starting from the people I love the most: my children, my wife, my family and my dearest friends… A further crucial element that has influenced my existence, my inner growth and my inner peace, is faith. A gift I strive to cherish, foster and enrich every day.

**Isn’t it beautiful, the idea that faith can influence your sense of style? Peace can really influence your style, joy, as much as anxiety and anger. My wish for all of you is to always look for the best that lies within your emotions and feelings; many times you have to train yourself to delve down deep within, to overcome anger and transform it into joy. We are the only ones wasting our precious time if we decide to stay angry or sad; sometimes we have to force ourselves to come out of that state, we can put on some music, we can remind ourselves to smile, we can try to do something we know we like. Our mind has many opportunities to be trained, and keeping it going is up to us and us alone. I wish for everyone l to strive for inner growth and inner peace in the best of styles like Andrea.

Who is your favorite fashion designer or brand right now and why?

I’ve got many friends in the world of fashion, there are just so many I could name. If I really had to select one here and now I’d like to mention Stefano Ricci, an extremely fine stylist and a person with a great heart… My wife and I are bonded by a deep friendship to his large and beautiful family, and together we’ve embarked upon several major philanthropic undertakings, thanks to their sensitivity and their genuine desire to do good.

**Stefano Ricci creates amazing suits for men, with typical Italian elegance. He also does very refined interior design. We all share the desire to do good, to use art, in this case music and fashion as a vehicle to open doors to philanthropy. As a fashion icon and expert I am strongly convinced that fashion can play an active part in bringing value, it can contribute through beauty which is very important and it can be actively involved in drawing awareness to crucial problems. I really wish one day that we could all be involved in a humanitarian project together.

What is your fashion mantra?

I don’t pursue any, I haven’t any magic formula or surefire recipes. In fact, I think that the forced seeking-out of a personal style or elegance, rather than being a strength, is a symptom of inner insecurity. As I am fond of saying: the goodness of beauty enchants me, the beauty of the good moves me. One must always seek out goodness, in oneself and in others, and one will also find beauty.

**It’s so true, when you look for beauty, when you look for good you will find it. This doesn’t mean we will not run into problems or that bad things will never happen, but rather when we encounter difficulties, then it is right there, within those difficulties, that we need to seek even more fervently for good and we will be able to see it.

What is your final message for our readers?

I’d first of all like to thank them for taking the time and having the desire to read these words of mine. I’m delighted to share with all of them an idea that I hold dear, a reflection that also lies at the basis of the philanthropic institution I referred to earlier, which I founded five years ago, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation: life is like a great banquet at which everyone can do well if they have the essential minimum. If someone is not doing well, for whatever reason, the party’s a flop. It’s for this reason that I maintain that solidarity is not only a moral duty, but also an act of intelligence. Even if it doesn’t make the news headlines, we know that what is good represents, for the whole of humanity, the only real pathway to take. I am sure that also those reading this are doing their best to leave a better world for our children. And it is to them that my grateful thoughts turn, along with my most affectionate wishes.

**Thank you so much Andrea. You are absolutely right. If someone is having a bad time, then the party is a flop. If someone else’s child is ill, we should all feel it. We are so numbed. But it is time to wake up. It is, as Andrea says, an act of intelligence, and good is the only path to take. I strongly believe we can all be at the great banquet that Andrea envisions, we can redistribute wealth, we can become more diligent in our duty of human rights for ourselves and for others. We have to educate our children to respect others, we can spread good messages, it is possible to still find the beauty in everything we see and we can act when there is something wrong. Sometimes we have to accept that “it is what it is”, but many times we can change the situation. At least it is worth trying. If you do not know where to start please join the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and also the Wishwall Foundation. If you wish to donate, if you’d like to give your time, your knowledge then please do contact us. I personally cannot do it by myself and nor would I want to do it by myself. Like Andrea says, this Earth is everybody’s banquet. We can do this.

As always, make your wishes come true.

From Philadelphia, Simonetta Lein, The Wishmaker


Credits: William Russell-Edu, Collaborator. Raphael Anthony Amabile creative director.
And a big shoutout to Opera Singer Marco Voleri and to Andrea’s assistant Alessia. Thank you all!

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Andrea Pompilio Exits Canali

Canali and Andrea Pompilio have mutually agreed to not renew their partnership, WWD has learned.
The designer joined the men’s tailoring brand as a creative consultant in March 2014 and developed four collections for Canali.
“The decision to part ways is a reciprocal one and coincides with the natural expiration of the agreement between Canali and Andrea. Both parties agree that this is an ideal moment to complete the collaboration, which has come full circle over the course of nearly two years and four collections,” the company exclusively told WWD on Wednesday. “Each season Andrea presented a different perspective on the Canali man, whose aesthetic is in continuous evolution, keeping in line with the company’s constant pursuit of innovation and contemporary elegance.”
During his tenure, Pompilio refreshed the image of the brand via collections where Canali’s signature sartorial look was updated with a more contemporary attitude, high-tech fabrics and pops of bold colors.
According to Canali, an in-house design team is working on the spring 2017 collection, which will be unveiled with a runway show in June during Milan Fashion Week.
Pompilio is the owner and creative director of his namesake men’s wear label, which made its official debut at Pitti Uomo in June 2013.
His exit from Canali is

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Andrea Bocelli returns with with Ariana Grande & John Travolta

International superstar Andrea Bocelli returns with his eagerly-awaited new album Cinema, for release worldwide on 23 October. RSS feed
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Andrea Cammelleri’s Parking Ticket Tossed Because Of Missing Comma

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) — An appeals court has agreed with an Ohio woman who said her parking citation should be tossed because the village law was missing a comma.

Andrea Cammelleri (kah-meh-LEHR’-ee) says she shouldn’t have been issued a citation in 2014 based on the wording of the law enacted by the village of West Jefferson.

The law lists several types of vehicles that can’t be parked longer than 24 hours, including a “motor vehicle camper,” with the comma missing between “vehicle” and “camper.”

Cammelleri says her pickup truck did not fit that definition.

The village says the law’s meaning was clear in context, but Judge Robert Hendrickson of the 12th Ohio District Court of Appeals says in last week’s ruling that West Jefferson should amend the law if it wants it read differently.

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Setting the Hook, a Diver’s Return to the Andrea Doria

Setting the Hook, a Diver’s Return to the Andrea Doria

The 1956 collision of the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm triggered a night of sheer terror for the Andrea Doria’s 1,706 passengers and crew and set in motion one of history’s most dramatic rescues at sea. From the moment the Andrea Doria settled on the sea floor in 240 feet of water, skilled sport divers have risked their lives to simply touch the “Mount Everest of wreck diving.” Not all returned alive. Peter Hunt crewed on five Andrea Doria expeditions during the early 1980s before becoming a Navy pilot and settling in Washington State. Nearly twenty years after first exploring the Andrea Doria – and following twelve months of training in the sport’s amazing advances in equipment and techniques – Hunt hugged his wife and children goodbye and returned to New York to dive the Andrea Doria once again. The experience transformed him forever. Setting the Hook explores the Andrea Doria through an introspective odyssey of memory, heart-pounding adventure, and history as thirty years of extreme diving and enduring friendships merge in a personal tale of learning to accept life’s oldest challenge. Review Excerpts:A deep-sea diver explores shipwrecks and his own character in this gripping scuba memoir…Hunt’s taut scenes and meticulous prose will have readers holding their breath, but his saga probes hidden depths as well. -Kirkus Reviews…fascinating read of true adventure, very much recommended. -The Midwest Book Review’setting the Hook” is excellently written, well structured, and superbly proofed…fully delivered on the diving, adventure and technical fronts, but it was the human angle of the author’s very personal journey that elevates this much recommended book. – C.H. Blickenstorfer,…a book truly meant for everyone…heartfelt and inspiring story of diving, the fragility of life, and a reflection on our humanity. -Dive News Network Media Group, publishers of five regional print and electronic magazinesPeter Hunt’s engaging memoir…offers a thoughtful perspect

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Creditors Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Andrea Deck, Ben Cura Drama HD

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Creditors Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Andrea Deck, Ben Cura Drama HD

A love triangle is unraveled when a young painter is approached by an admirer who eases him into making sense of his relationship with his wife.
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Independent Spirit Award Nominee Andrea Suarez Paz: “I Hope to Play Something Impossible”

Actress Andrea Suarez Paz. Pic: Andrea Suarez Paz

Currently, up-and-coming actress Andrea Suarez Paz takes on the role of an immigrant mother in New York City, whose autistic son, marvelously depicted by Jesus Sanchez-Velez, wonders off into the baffling depths of the city’s subway system — a means of transportation that in so many ways resembles the complexities this metropolis throws at her patient residents. The New York Times calls Sam Fleischner’s tranquil account Stand Clear of The Closing Doors, a “small miracle of a film.” Suarez Paz was recently nominated for the much-sought after Independent Spirit Award for best supporting female, alongside Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone, Patricia Arquette and Carmen Ejogo. In an interview she reveals passions and insights.

What was your first reaction to the nomination for the Independent Spirit Award and how are you feeling now?

I was shocked and ecstatic! I found out about a minute before my four year old son got off the school bus, and it was hilarious trying to explain to him why I was jumping up and down. I now feel a really luxurious sense of relief that my work actually translated, that it was felt by the audience.

Andrea Suarez Paz in Sam Fleischner’s ‘Stand Clear of the Closing Doors’. Pic: Andrea Suarez Paz

While acting, you have a very strong presence, on stage as well as now in your first feature. Where is that place of strength within yourself you seem to draw from?

Actually, I always try to remain conscious of the tools I have at hand: breath, body, voice — and I just incorporate them as I perform a particular story, or lines. I strive to be purely honest and I think there’s a lot of power that comes with that.

Why did you come to New York City to pursue this career? Had you also considered alternative places, as well?

I am really bad at alternatives. I get confused picturing all kinds of different scenarios. So I decided on New York City, because I was young and I fell for the mystique of Scorsese and De Niro, acting conservatories, the grime, the subway and the streets of New York. I was feeling empowered when I made the decision to make a radical change and move to New York City, without having any money or knowing anybody out here. That was over ten years ago and these have been some of the hardest, most grueling years of my life.

What drew you to your part in “Stand Clear of the Closing Doors”?

Everything. It was a movie about being lost in New York City. The child is lost, the mother is lost and the vastness of the city is the backdrop of their drifting. You see the subway and the beach and they are both limbs of the same monster and it just made me wonder, what the hell is this merciless, amazing universe of a city? Where you are afraid to be found, even if nobody sees you? What would it be like for me to lose my precious child and to have to keep my cool, because my only chance of ever touching him again, relied in me not being deported? Not calling attention? Parts like these are an actor’s blessing!

How was working with director Sam Fleischner and what particular qualities does a good director have, in your opinion?

I think the quality I identify with the most when it comes to working in a team, is flexibility. In my opinion, a great director has a nice balance of a well set vision and the willingness to have that vision molded and changed by circumstances, the environment, other people’s input, etc. Sam actually taught me that. He made me realize how nurturing an attitude of flexibility is and how expanding. This also permeates into every cell of the process.

Who would you like to work with next and what type of character would you like to play?

It’s hard to say. I hope to be able to play something really multilayered, something impossible, that’s what I always wish for.

What part of the experiences as a mother in real life were you able to integrate in your part?

Well, I am a relatively new mom, but I remember when Sam and I started talking about the character and how he wanted to keep her very naturalistic and internal and sort of calculating. I thought, “Sure! That sounds very interesting, no problem,” and my son was about 9 months at the time. Then the film was postponed for a year for a few reasons and I was kind of bummed and he said to me that this time would be important, because I would have more experience as a mother. I thought, “a mother is a mother.” I didn’t think there’d be much difference. The months passed and I had been thinking about my character and how I would want to do things, considering she had to act so thoughtfully, so not from her gut, because she has so much at stake and she wants and has to keep it all together and I was having fun just making random cerebral choices here and there. In the meantime, my son had gotten better at walking, and one day while shopping at the supermarket, I suddenly lost him. Immediately my mouth went dry and my heart started pounding in my throat. It was a matter of seconds before I was screaming his name down the aisles and saying, “Please help, lock the doors, call the manager,” to other customers. I found him smelling coffee a few yards and I thought, “Oh, keeping it in is going to be harder than I thought.” Subsequently, I used that a lot, that having to quiet myself down, because that was my only option and what worked best, in order to find my son.

What type of preparation do you undertake to get into character?

I usually read the script many times and make many notes and then I spend my time ridding those notes of what comes from my own opinion rather than the character’s according to the story. That’s the hardest part, usually, letting go of my judgment. I try to work hard on staying true to the story and away from “what I would do.” It’s not what I would do it’s what this person is actually doing. That helps me free myself up.

In the film, your son Ricky is suffering from autism. What did you know about Asperger’s/autism beforehand?

I knew nothing about Autism or Asperger’s when I started the process. I read a lot of books in the subject, all varying widely in information. Nobody really knows what Autism is exactly or what to do about it in order to get the best outcomes as the child grows. I learned that no two brains are alike, autistic or otherwise, so in my research I found all kinds of stories and realized that even though every parent’s journey is different and personal, there is that common ground of not knowing how your child will develop. That is very stressful and it can, and usually does completely take over your life.

How do you feel are Latin American/Hispanic actresses represented in Hollywood these days? What are the perks, what are the obstacles?

I see mostly a lot of typecasting but I also see a lot of change happening and a lot of opportunity being shaped up. There are actresses doing a fine job of the sexy Latina stereotype and stuff like that but there are also women willing to push those boundaries and present the wider spectrum of what a Hispanic woman is, or are simply saying, “I am a woman with life experiences, I’ve lived a life that involves everything,” or you know, many of us are New Yorkers whether by birth or by transplant. We live in a city full of people from every corner of the world and we share the same experience of living, struggling and falling in love in the city, or whatever. I try not to see my ethnicity as an obstacle and I hope I can find empowering roles to play, just as many others like me. I think we have a good thing going and I’m willing to keep searching for those roles.
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