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Converse Turns Its Attention to Basketball Market

Converse is determined to regain its prime position in the basketball market.
In an event in Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoon, the brand unveiled the All Star Pro BB, a performance basketball shoe that is intended to highlight the company’s return to the sport it helped pioneer more than a century ago.
In 1917, Converse introduced the Non-Skid, the first athletic sneaker specifically engineered for basketball, a new sport that was starting to gain traction in the United States. In 1922, a basketball player who joined Converse as a salesman would host the first basketball clinic in North Carolina. His name was Chuck Taylor.
The Converse All Star sneaker — a later iteration of the Non-Skid — soon became synonymous with the sport. Taylor’s name was added to the model in 1934.
Since that time, the Chuck Taylor, as it is now known, has become a signature of the street and skate communities. It remains the brand’s biggest selling footwear model.
Converse, which is owned by Nike, used the Chuck Taylor’s signature features — minimal construction and performance details such as toe bumpers, ankle patches and peg top uppers — to inform the All Star Pro BB.
The shoe was developed by Converse’s design team along with

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Abboud, Daughter Turn Attention to Home Design

Designing luxury men’s wear has been a passion for Joseph Abboud for more than 30 years. And thanks to his daughter Ari, he’s now turned those skills to home design as well.
On her urging, the designer and his daughter collaborated to revamp a house in their New York hometown of Bedford. They bought a 1930s Tudor Revival home with a 19th-century carriage house and set out on a yearlong journey to renovate the house.
Although the designer had designed interiors for his own Bedford and Boston residences, this was Ari Abboud’s first foray into home design. The end result is a well-appointed interior that includes leather countertops, custom cabinets, exposed beams, vintage floorboards, cozy sectional couches, leather wing chairs and even custom-designed cashmere pillows. They partnered with Restoration Hardware on the interior.
The completion of the project found them on the cover of Bedford magazine’s March/April issue.
“This was my night job,” the designer said. “It was a labor of love and family and it was great to collaborate creatively [with my daughter.]”
The house, which is fully furnished, is on the market for $ 3.65 million.

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Dealmoon’s ‘Year of the Pig’ Limited-product Releases Catch Attention

PIGGLY WIGGLY: A time of abundance, “prosperity and good fortune,” the Year of the Pig represents a platter of spending opportunity on Dealmoon for luxury retailers from Gucci to Chloé to Baccarat.
With 17.6 million unique monthly visits, a majority of which are Chinese-American Millennials, is one e-tailer plumping its product selection with limited-edition products for Chinese New Year, which falls on Tuesday, February 5.
“Three Little Pigs” is Gucci’s iteration of the Year of the Pig, dating to a 2000-year-old Chinese zodiac tradition, rendering an entire line of handbags, accessories and clothing that features the storybook on its web site. Others dabbling in Dealmoon’s Year of the Pig limited-edition products will be brands such as Prada, Nina Hauzer, Superdry, S’well, Monica Vinader and Chloé.

Pursuing the symbolic prosperity in the Year of the Pig, Cameron Rooney, affiliate marketing manager at Superdry said: “We make our own luck’ — or so the saying goes — and Superdry’s limited-edition Chinese New Year collection does just that by showcasing a lucky attitude. Last year, Superdry saw “great success” in participating in Dealmoon’s campaign, and anticipates another lucky strike.
At present, 33 percent of the world’s luxury products are purchased by Chinese consumers, and by 2025 that

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Books of The Times: A Masterpiece That Requires Your Full Attention — and a Lot of Time

At nearly 1,700 pages, Uwe Johnson’s novel “Anniversaries” takes the form of a yearlong diary covering 1968, written by a German woman who has moved to New York City with her young daughter.
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LeBron not paying attention to Walton-Magic feud

LeBron James said his focus — and his team’s — remains solely on winning after news emerged of coach Luke Walton’s heated meeting with president of basketball of operations Magic Johnson. – TOP

Self-Helped: May I Have My Attention, Please?

I tried leaving my phone on my desk when I went for lunch, but my mind still did mental cartwheels. I needed to read Chris Bailey’s “Hyperfocus.”
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Attention Athletes: Venus Williams Says This $7 Eyeliner Never Bleeds

ESC: Venus WilliamsWhen you want to win big, you have to look good.
As seen by her gold hoops, matching graphic outfit and makeup, Venus Williams steps on to the court with style. She wins big, proving…

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Attention Swifties: Taylor Swift’s New York City Style Parade Is Back and We Can’t Look Away

Taylor SwiftHere’s a love story we don’t talk enough about: Taylor Swift and her New York City looks.
As the Grammy winner enjoys a brief few days off from the reputation stadium tour, fans…

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Profile: Attention Please, Anne Tyler Has Something to Say

She’s not a recluse — or, as one critic called her, the Greta Garbo of the literary world — but she avoids interviews. So why is she doing one now?
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Rondo: Allen just wants ‘attention’ with book

Rajon Rondo, who is brought up negatively in Ray Allen’s book, says his former teammate just wants attention. – NBA

With… Idris Elba: You Have Idris Elba’s Full Attention

He does not look away at his phone, the waitress, his publicists or his steak salad. His expressive brown eyes are always on you. Or in this case, me.
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Attention: You Can Now Register For Your Wedding At Costco

We’ve been waiting for this moment.
Weddings – Ideas, Dresses, Songs
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Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Mind the Attention Over Rachel’s Nipples on Friends

Jennifer Aniston, Friends, NipplesSo no one told you they were going to make a page…
Jennifer Aniston’s Friends character probably wasn’t a fan of padded bras. Rachel Green showed her nipples through her tight…

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One ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character You Should Be Paying More Attention To

There should be a spoiler warning before every line he says.
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It’s Time to Give Theory the Attention It Deserves

The label just got a shot in the arm courtesy of men’s creative director Martin Andersson.

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‘Get Out’ Is The Type Of Movie The Oscars Should Pay Attention To

The same night “Moonlight” won Best Picture, “Get Out” ended its fruitful theatrical debut with $ 33.4 million in North American grosses, surpassing forecasts that estimated a $ 28 million opening. Jordan Peele’s horror film is expected to net another $ 26 million this go-round, remarkable for a genre known for steep second-weekend revenue declines.

One week alone cannot presage a seismic shift, but the coupled victories for “Moonlight” and “Get Out” send a clear message about the types of stories worth telling on the big screen. “Moonlight” is a delicate coming-of-age masterpiece with an exclusively black cast, and “Get Out” is a scalding satire that indicts America’s racial bigotry as thoroughly as any slavery movie.

The two share another commonality: rapturous reception. “Moonlight” drew near-universal acclaim and placed high on many critics’ year-end lists. It was, in many ways, the defining art film of 2016, doing first-rate business for a project that cost a mere $ 1.5 million to make. Similarly, “Get Out” promos boasted of the movie’s 100 percent Rotten Tomatoes score, at least until critic Armond White published his characteristically contrarian review in the National Review.

Because “Moonlight” is an austere drama, it found an obvious portal into the Oscar race, eventually securing eight nominations. “Get Out,” on the other hand, hails from a genre regularly ignored by awards groups. Movies released in the first half of the year aren’t often remembered by the time Oscar campaigns rev up around September anyway. But those constructs should change because “Get Out” is every bit as worthy an Oscar candidate as much of the prestige fare that floods theaters every winter.

Making his directorial debut, Peele positions “Get Out” within a through-line of classics chronicling social terrors. He has cited “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Stepford Wives” ― nightmares about female subjugation and spousal manipulation ― as key influences. Except instead of demonic neighbors or patriarchal fascism, the fear in “Get Out” is something far more common: white people. 

Peele has crafted a postmodern indictment of racial bondage that requires astute viewership. Some will call this a “horror comedy,” but that’s a simplistic label: The humor is often a tongue-in-cheek result of the terror, which derives from white faces preying on black bodies. It is history, modernized and largely depoliticized, aside from the central milky clan insisting they would have voted for Barack Obama for a third term.

As Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), a black photographer, meets his white girlfriend Rose’s (Allison Williams) family for the first time at their suburban WASP manor, his anxieties are reflected in common horror tropes. Chris oozes paranoia, leaving us at first wondering, as we did with Rosemary, whether his misgivings are unfounded.

We are all acquainted with, or can at least imagine, the stresses of meeting a partner’s relatives. (In-laws are terrifying, after all.) Abetted by the tension of a psychological thriller, that familiarity invokes skeptical amusement. We chuckle nervously as Rose’s family dotes over Chris like a trophy while their black house-servants mill about like zombies. We titter as his fears are seemingly confirmed and dismissed at once. Jump-scares ― those cheap “Boo!” tricks that have come to define the horror genre ― end in us laughing at ourselves for giving in to the scene the way it wants us to. We don’t yet know Rose and her parents (Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener) have brewed a sinister plot that lobotomizes and enslaves black people, but we can detect an intangible racism beneath the surface, and that careful escalation leaves the viewer feeling susceptible. (It must be said, however, that the film does pepper in earnest comedy, mostly thanks to Chris’ loyal best friend, played by a boisterous Lil Rel Howery.) 

“Get Out” is a piece of craftsmanship, seemingly made by a veteran director. It takes a skilled filmmaker with a deep connection to the nature of storytelling to create something that twists our familiarity with movies into something original. That it follows recognizable patterns is precisely the point. In Peele’s heightened narrative, well-meaning white people ― those clueless social liberals who would gladly dedicate their avocado toast to Black Lives Matter ― are villains without masks. These boogeymen and -women are all around us. You might even be one of them. And that idea, however brashly outlined, fosters a sociological commentary as complex as any prestigious Oscar title.

Whether “Get Out” will remain one of the year’s best, thereby sealing its Oscar worthiness, is yet to be seen. The last Best Picture champ released in January or February was 1991’s “The Silence of the Lambs,” the only horror movie that’s ever won. But Universal would be wise to start pondering an awards campaign, particularly for Kaluuya’s effective performance and Peele’s direction and script. Even if the Academy hasn’t delivered on its promise, the Best Picture category expanded to a potential 10 slots so the Oscars could recognize popular movies regularly edged out by more somber conventions. “Get Out” is every bit as nuanced and layered as many intimate indie dramas, and at a time when our country can seem more racially polarized than ever, it’s just the sort of topical confrontation that Americans should be encouraged to embrace.

“Get Out” is now in theaters.

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27 Powerful Photo Stories That Captured Our Attention This Year

Another year over, a new one about to begin. What better time to remember the visual stories from 2016 that reminded us humanity is a beautiful, complicated mess?

From a ballet program in Kenya to the real-life mermaids of Korea, the fearless LGBTQ youth of Jamaica to a married couple dealing with depression in the U.S., the best subjects from this year were better captured in pictures than words. With that sentiment in mind, here are the photo projects we discovered, adored and shared this year:

1. These photos of the ballet program bringing strength to one of Africa’s biggest slums:

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2. This series that took us inside the last generation of Haenyo, Korea’s real-life mermaids:

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3. The photographer who documented what students were wearing when they were sexually assaulted:

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4. The photographer who chronicled her husband’s depression through intimate portraits:

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5. The nude photos that celebrated the fact that “big and beautiful” people have love stories, too:

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6. The photographer who documented early motherhood in unflinching detail:

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7. The aerial photos that captured just how differently the rich and poor live:

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8. The historic photos that reminded us what the North’s fight for civil rights looked like 50 years ago:

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9. The breathtaking photos that captured Cuba’s legendary ballerinas dancing in the streets:

Daniela Fabelo & Daniela Cabrera #OZR_Dance || # || #Cuba

A photo posted by Omar Z. Robles (@omarzrobles) on

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10. Amaal Said’s portraits that shed beautiful light on women of color:

Read more here.


11. The woman who photographed 500 naked men in an attempt to normalize the nude male body:

Read more here.


12. The series that explored how a 14-year-old sex worker became one of photography’s greatest muses:

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13. The photos that followed 12 couples over three decades in a unique study of aging:

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14. The raw photo project that asked people to take off their clothes and discuss self-love:

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15. The visual story of the fearless LGBTQ youth who live in Jamaica’s sewers:

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16. The rare photos of Marilyn Monroe, taken by the man who fell in love with Norma Jeane Baker:

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17. The series on poverty that, 30 years later, is as powerful as ever:

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18. The photos that captured the beauty and grace of the world’s first Muslim hijabi ballerina:

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19. The daughter who spent seven years documenting her mother’s bipolar disorder in photos:

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20. The project that let viewers watch as Detroit neighborhoods fell into ruin with Google Street View:

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21. The photographer who depicted the ways hijab and niqab can empower, protect and emancipate:

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22. The never-before-published photos that revealed clues Bowie left before his death:

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23. The photos of Nydia Blas, who only makes images of women of color:

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24. The series that took us inside “Africa’s Little Rome,” an eerie city where time stands still:

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25. The all-girls photo collective that celebrates womens’ bodies, unedited:

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26. The biracial artist who dared us to define her through performative self-portraits:

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27. The trans/trans couple that collected intimate photos of their life together:

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BONUS: Photos by HuffPost’s own Damon Dahlen, who explored the bedrooms of NYC’s emerging ballerinas:

Read more here.


For even more of the most compelling photo stories from 2016, check out:

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Want the Scoop on Team Trump? Pay Attention to Cindy Adams

A fixture at The New York Post, the last old-school newspaper gossip columnist in New York is a longtime close personal friend of the president-elect.
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Female Directors Still Underdogs for Oscar Attention

Women behind some of the year’s most acclaimed films are considered longshots for Academy Awards attention.



Windows into the A.D.D. Mind: Understanding and Treating Attention Deficit Disorders in the Everyday Lives of Children, Adolescents and Adul

Windows into the A.D.D. Mind: Understanding and Treating Attention Deficit Disorders in the Everyday Lives of Children, Adolescents and Adul

Until recently, A.D.D. was thought to be a disorder of diet, will power, or poor upbringing. Using powerful, new brain imaging studies, Dr. Amen explains A.D.D. and gives very clear prescriptions on what to do about it, form childhood through adulthood. This book discusses Dr. Amen’s experience in diagnosing and treating over 6,000 children, teenagers, and adults with ADD. The book will illustrate what ADD ‘looks like’ from the fetus in the womb to childhood, though adolescence into adult life. ‘Real Stories’ will illustrate the different stages of ADD, exploring the potential negative impact ADD has on relationships, families, schools, work, and self-esteem. The impact of a sophisticated brain imaging study called SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) will be discussed in relationship to ADD. The treatment protocols for ADD that Dr. Amen’s uses day-to-day in his office will be given. This book is not meant to be an exhaustive review of ADD, rather to help understand the nature of ADD, how it can affect a person’s daily functioning, its causes, and the major components of effective treatment.
List Price: 42.82

Attention All Awkward Girls: Supermodel Sara Sampaio’s Throwback Pic Is Proof It Gets Better

It’s hard to believe Victoria’s Secret models ever had to endure any awkward middle school phase like us mortal humans. Surely they bypassed all bad haircuts, painful headgear and embarrassing outfits and just reached adulthood ready for their “wings,” right? Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio just posted an amazing throwback pic to prove our theory wrong — and to reassure all girls having growing pains that this, too, shall pass.

Sara Sampaio throwback funny photoSource: Sara Sampaio/Instagram; Getty

For #ThrowbackThursday the 24-year-old lingerie model (and body-positive activist) shared a collage of herself in what has to be her early-2000s heyday (note bandana shirt, tinted frames and temporary tattoo) with the caption, “You guys are very welcome!”

Instagram Photo

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While we can all relate to a pre-braces smile and life before hair products, we also can’t help but note all the signs that she was destined to be a supermodel. Just look at that pose — hips popped, head tilted. She had that smize down long before gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated in a swimsuit.
Instagram Photo

RELATED PHOTOS: How Victoria’s Secret Angels Got in Shape for the Show

Even her “cheesing hard” pose still comes in handy today.

Instagram Photo

And she may have upgraded the frames, but her sunglass-wearing shade game is still strong.
Instagram Photo

Thoughts on Sampaio’s throwback pic? Share them in the comments below.

— Colleen Kratofil

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DNC Chair Claims Weekend Debates Are Meant To ‘Maximize’ Attention For Candidates

On the eve of the third straight Democratic presidential primary debate scheduled on a weekend, Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz defended her party’s debate schedule, saying it aimed to ”maximize” voters’ exposure to the candidates.

“I did my best to make sure, along with my staff and along with our debate partners, to come up with a schedule that we felt was going to allow for the — to maximize the opportunity for voters to see our candidates,” she told CNN’s Brian Stelter Sunday.

The Florida congresswoman has come under fire from members of her party for scheduling several debates on weekends, when fewer voters are likely to tune in. Critics, including candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, have argued that the schedule gives front-runner Hillary Clinton an advantage.

Sunday’s debate in Charleston, South Carolina, the last time the three Democrats will face off before the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1, will air at 9 p.m. ET, following an NFL playoff game and preceding Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a federal holiday.

The last two Democratic debates were both held on Saturday evenings. In general, they have attracted significantly fewer viewers than the GOP debates.

Questioned by Stelter on Sunday, Wasserman Schultz claimed the disparity was due to the size of the GOP field.

She also argued that having more debates would “take away” voters’ chances to see the candidates in person at campaign events, even though Democrats will only have six debates in total. Meanwhile, Republicans are holding twice as many primary debates and have one more showdown scheduled before Iowa.

Citing the debate schedule, as well as her handling of other aspects of the Democratic primary, several progressive organizations have recently called on Wasserman Schultz to resign.

One such group, CREDO Action, posted a petition last week alleging that she has “pursued her own agenda at the expense of the progressive base and basic principles of fairness.”

“As DNC chair, you have repeatedly failed to act in the best interests of progressives and the Democratic Party,” the group wrote. ”You have lost the trust of grassroots progressives and Democrats. Please resign immediately.”

Also on HuffPost:

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Attention, Destination Brides: These 6 Wedding Dresses Were Made for Frolicking on the Beach

If you want to make a statement at your destination wedding, you need to see the newest Grace Loves Lace capsule collection. Elusive Love features ethereal, goddess-inspired wedding dresses for the laid-back bride who wants…

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You Want Attention? Talk About Me, Not You

I don’t mean to literally talk about me, Tucker Max, that would be a terrible way to get attention.

I am talking about “me” in the plural sense, as the customer or reader or client. Lemme explain. Every single day of my life, someone asks me this question:

“How do I get people to pay attention to my writing? What’s your trick?”

So I’ll ask them who their writing is for, and this is what they say:

“Me, me, me, me, me, me! MEEEE!! EVERYONE LOOK AT ME!!”

OK, I’m exaggerating. They usually don’t scream, but the answer is always about themselves, never about their audience. They tell me what their book or blog post or writing means to them. Most people write only with themselves in mind, and not with an audience in mind.

And that’s precisely the reason why no ones care about their writing.

It’s really funny that Tucker Max is telling you this, isn’t it? To not focus on yourself? Because you’re probably thinking, “Didn’t you sell millions of books that were just talking about yourself?”

Actually, no.

My books are the perfect example of the right way to do this. Even if you’re a huge fan and read all my books cover to cover, you still don’t know very much about me at all. My books are funny stories about stupid things I did, and they are designed to entertain the reader. There is almost nothing in there that is actually about me, or written for me. It’s all written for the reader – which is why it sells so well, and that is key lesson here. If you’re trying to get attention for your writing – or actually, ANY product or idea at all – please listen to this fact:

No one cares about your writing. They only care about what your writing does for them.

This is the best advice you can get for trying to get anyone to do anything – read your writing, buy your product, go to your bar, anything. My area of expertise is writing and books and publishing, but this applies to everything. See, watch it work:

No one cares about your product, they only care about what your product does for them.

And of course, services:

No one cares about your service, they only care about what your service does for them.

Watch it work in all sales:

No one cares about what you’re selling, they only care about what it does for them.

It even works in broad categories, like ideas:

No one cares about your idea, they only care about what your idea means to them.

I bet you understand already. We’re all sophisticated buyers of products and services, and this is how we buy things for ourselves  - - by calculating if the product or service will provide a value to us.

Yet, when the roles are reversed and people start trying to get attention for their product or service, they lose their damn minds, and somehow think that everyone has to pay attention to them just because they want them to. It’s like as a society we have decided to be perfectly rational buyers, and totally irrational sellers.

But at least with a product or a service, people ultimately understand that they’re making something for someone else. So unless they are blinded by the self-proclaimed brilliance of their idea/product, they eventually get that it has to appeal to the buyer. With books or blog posts or writing, people really lose their minds, because people think of a their writing in a totally different way.

Most people see their writing as a piece of themselves, as a representation of their identity, or some sort of personal validation. They think that getting attention for their writing will confirm and validate their idea, and thus themselves. I have seen this over and over and over.

I would say less than 10 percent of the writing I see is actually about delivering value to an audience; the rest is ultimately about the writer, not the audience. You’re probably making this mistake too, without even realizing it.

This is literally what we deal with everyday in our publishing company. When we started our company, we thought the most important service we provided to authors was saving them time (our process only takes authors about 12 hours). That time saving is great, but the real value we provide to authors comes from helping them see exactly what wisdom they have that’s interesting to other people  —  which is the only way to get attention for your book.

We charge a decent sized fee for our services, but I’ll explain to you exactly what we do to get authors to understand this, because if you write anything for anyone  —  a book, blog, newsletter  —  this is process will make your writing better.

There’s three basic steps that will ensure you get attention for your book or blog post (and yes, this works almost the exact same way for anything):

-What is your goal for this book/blog post/piece of writing (or product or service or idea)?

-What audience do you need to reach in order to accomplish that goal?

-What wisdom, information or value can you deliver to that audience that will help them reach their goals?

Do you see what that process does? It centers the entire discussion on the audience, not on yourself. Why does this matter? Because no one cares about your writing, they care about what your writing does for them.

I’ll give you a specific example of how we took an author through this process, how it turned his book from a dud into something that got a ton of attention, and it will show you how to do this with your writing (or product):

This entrepreneur wanted to write a book about how he built a large commercial plumbing contracting business, in order to drive clients to his business and raise his profile in the plumbing industry. He was very proud of his company and wanted more people to know about it (and I think he secretly had visions of this book elevating him alongside famous business people like Jack Welch and Sheryl Sandberg). There was a small problem:

No one on earth wants to read a self-congratulatory book about plumbing (I won’t make the obvious poop joke here).

We walked him through our exercise, and he realized that the audience he needed to hit in order to reach his goal (people who buy commercial plumbing services or care about the plumbing industry) were never going to read his book  —  unless he said something of interest to them.

So we asked him a bunch of questions about plumbing, the problems in the business, his experiences, and realized something: He had an incredible way of evaluating and speccing out commercial jobs that was genuinely revolutionary (at least as far as you can revolutionize plumbing). And guess what? That information would be incredibly valuable to the exact audience he needed to hit: people who buy commercial plumbing services.

So that’s what his book became  —  the definitive guide on how to evaluate and spec out commercial plumbing jobs. Which will NOT put him next to the titans of business, but it WILL get him in front of exactly the people he wants, in exactly the way he wants it.

And it’s happening only because he used his wisdom to help his audience reach their goals.

See how this works? This is the key to getting attention for any writing  –  books, blog posts, even tweets  —  first make your writing about the other person, help them reach their goals, and that will inspire them to both engage your writing and then share it with others. That’s the only writing that anyone cares about reading  –  the writing that helps them.

You decide what to read based on the same calculus, right  —  what is potentially useful to you? So why do you think anyone will read your writing based on what it means to you? They won’t. Write with your audience in mind, and then getting attention is easy. And if you do that, then they will engage your writing (or product or idea), and that is how you reach your goal.

As my friend Justine Musk says, “The question isn’t how the world can cater to your passions, but how your passions can cater to the world.”

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Attention Everyone: The Rock Is Now An Experienced Wedding Officiant

What’s more romantic than entering into marital bliss with the love of your life, a pair of American flag pants, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

Thanks to Prank It Forward — the pranksters who believe in jokes for a good cause — “Screen Junkies” producer Nick Mundy thought he was walking into a disaster of a press junket for Johnson’s upcoming film “San Andreas.” Instead, he walked into his own wedding.

“I am officially ordained by the state of California. I go all out, because you’re my bestie,” Johnson declared, before walking Mundy down the aisle.

The two had built up a rapport over the course of past interviews — due in no small part to Mundy being a huge fan. But it’s clear that getting married by one of the wrestling world’s all-time greatest stars had never crossed Mundy’s mind. Johnson, for his part, delivered his lines smoothly.

“Nothing is more powerful than your union, carries more force than a bolt of lightning — or even the world’s largest earthquake,” he said. “Much like the one you’ll see in ‘San Andreas,’ in theaters May 29th. You can see it in 3D!”

Meahwhile, Mundy’s new wife Dilara deserves a trophy for Chillest Bride Ever.

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Bites to the Hand Need Medical Attention, Experts Say

Review finds injury from man or beast requires treatment to prevent infection Daily News
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Chances Are, You Should Be Paying More Attention to Selena Gomez’s Style

When I got word of who Polyvore had unveiled as its most popular celebrity, I was surprised. I was expecting a Kendall Jenner, maybe a Lauren Conrad, but instead, it was Selena Gomez. The actress/popstar had her image used in over 50,000 sets (meaning those outfit collages the site’s known for)—impressive indeed. With a lot of running around town and hanging with friends, her looks are typically easier to recreate and copy than a celeb like Kim Kardashian, whose sexy-minimalist-secretary combos would work for about zero situations in my life.


Here are two of the year’s five most popular sets featuring Selena and they both prove my point—casual, trendy outfits that you could likely put together with items you already have in your closet.


Some other notable names that made the list? Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian were in the number two, three, and four spots. The most popular brands were Topshop, H&M, and Forever 21, in that order, which also makes sense since they’re affordable and, again, likely already stuff you own. Skinny jeans took first place among items and One Direction from musicians.

Are you surprised by any of those findings? A fan of Selena’s style?

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Attention, Kate Middleton: This Temperley Wedding Dress Is Ready for Your Next Gala Event

I assume Kate Middleton has a separate closet dedicated to Temperley London. In fact, the Duchess wears Temperley clothes so often—most recently in late October—one closet might not be enough. So I wouldn’t be…

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