Westminster Debate on U.K. Fur Ban Takes Shape, Backed by Stella McCartney

LONDON — The fur debate continues to unravel in the U.K. with the Labour party now demanding a total fur ban in the country, during a debate held today at Westminster.
Ahead of the debate, designer Stella McCartney wrote an open letter in support of the cause.
In her letter, McCartney highlights the recent shift in attitude toward fur as an indication that the country needs to take a step further and ban fur, to reflect the public sentiment.
“Over the past few years countless brands and designers have woken up to the unequivocal cruelty of the fur industry and have subsequently stopped using fur in their collections. More than 80 percent of British people believe it is unacceptable to buy or sell any animal fur. The world is moving in a more positive direction and it is time for the UK to take the vital next step,” wrote the designer, who has never used fur or leather in her collections.
McCartney added that she sees the U.K.’s current policy of banning fur farming 20 years ago yet allowing fur imports into the country as “hypocritical and unacceptable” and addressed the argument that real fur is a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly option to its

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