Clip of ‘lost’ Beatles Top of the Pops performance unearthed

A clip of The Beatles’ only live performance on Top of the Pops is unearthed in Mexico.
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Rare Beatles album once owned by John Lennon to be auctioned

A Beatles album once owned by John Lennon – and believed to be one of the rarest in the band’s history – is up for auction.
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New Beatles film based on ‘treasure trove’ of unseen footage

A new film about The Beatles has been announced, featuring hours of previously unseen footage giving the “ultimate fly-on-the-wall experience”.
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Giles Martin on mixing The Beatles’ White Album: ‘It slaps you in the face’

“It’s trashy and visceral,” says Giles Martin after remixing The Beatles’ longest, most confounding album.
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They All Love a ‘Yellow Submarine’: Very Young Beatles Fans Sing Along

Families, most with small children, gathered at Film Forum for a special screening of the 1968 movie that let them share their love of the group.
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The Beatles: Unseen photos of early US gigs fetch £250,000

The majority of the 413 photos, capturing moments from two early US shows, were previously unseen.
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So The Last Living Beatles Just Reunited To Release A New Song

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have debuted “We’re on the Road Again.”
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The Funny Story Behind How The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’ Album Got Its Name

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” could have been a totally different album altogether, were it not for a simple misunderstanding.

Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney has revealed how the title and concept of the British band’s eighth album actually came to him during an airplane flight with roadie Mal Evans.

McCartney said in an interview posted to his website on May 25 that the idea behind the record, which celebrated its 50th anniversary Thursday, all emanated from him mishearing Evans asking him to “pass the salt and pepper.”

“I thought he said Sergeant Pepper,” said McCartney. “I went, ‘Oh! Wait a minute, that’s a great idea!’”

After having “a laugh about it,” the 74-year-old musician said he immediately “started thinking about Sergeant Pepper as a character.”

“I thought it would be a very interesting idea for us to assume alter egos for this album we were about to make,” he added.

The rest, as they say, is music history.

Read the full interview on McCartney’s website here.

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Someone Rewrote The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’ Album As A ‘Star Wars’ Parody

Thursday, May the 4th, better known as “Star Wars” Day, is almost here. But if you love both “Star Wars” and, say, the Beatles, then prepare for a treat.

YouTubers and self-proclaimed “hobby musicians” Jude and Dan have done something truly spectacular. They covered the entire Beatles’ album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and rewrote it as a “Star Wars” parody.

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Drive my car: Beatle’s Porsche being auctioned

A rare black Porsche 928 once owned by Beatles guitarist George Harrison is being put up for auction.
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McCartney legal bid to reclaim Beatles hits

Sir Paul McCartney is taking legal action against Sony/ATV as he fights to reclaim ownership of the Beatles hits he wrote with John Lennon.
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Beatles’ first manager Allan Williams dies aged 86

Allan Williams, who was the Beatles’ first manager and arranged their breakthrough residency in Hamburg, dies aged 86.
BBC News – Entertainment & Arts


The Beatles’ first manager dies, aged 86

The Beatles’ first manager, Allan Williams, has died at 86, it has been announced.
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The Beatles – All You Need Is Love Baby One Piece –

The Beatles – All You Need Is Love Baby One Piece –

Teach your newborn about what’s important with this pink cotton bodysuit featuring a lively and colorful print from The Beatles 1967 single, All You Need is Love. The short sleeve outfit with an envelope collar and snap closure has a hearts, stars, and rainbows graphic that will get her singing.

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Beatles Men’s Jump Photo Heather T-shirt Large Heather

Beatles Men’s Jump Photo Heather T-shirt Large Heather

Boxed Black & White Group Jumping Photo & Logo On Grey T-Shirt – Most T-Shirts Are 100% Cotton, Preshrunk And Machine Washable.

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�Qui�nes fueron los Beatles?

�Qui�nes fueron los Beatles?

Casi todo el mundo puede cantar junto con los Beatles, pero �cu�ntos lectores j�venes conocen toda su historia? Geoff Edgers, un periodista del Boston Globe y un y un fan�tico de los Beatles, trae los Cuatro Fabulosos a la vida en este �Qui�n fue …? libro. Los lectores aprender�n sobre sus infancias en Liverpool, sus primeras incursiones en la m�sica rock, sus vidas durante la Beatleman�a, y las razones porque se separaron. Todo est� aqu� en una narrativa de lectura f�cil, con un muchas ilustraciones en blanco y negro!
List Price: 11.98

Beatles Albums To Be Added To Streaming Services

The Beatles were the most high-profile artist holdout from streaming services, but the original 13 studio albums will go online.
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Were the Beatles Right About Love?

Were the Beatles right? Is love really all you need for a good marriage? Actually that’s a terribly destructive myth.

Love at first sight is a popular notion. Some relationships begin this way and, as luck would have it, blossom into good marriages. But usually when people immediately think that they’ve found him (or her) at last, they’re in fantasy land. They are imagining a wonderful kind of life together with someone they barely know. If they marry impulsively, they may soon find that they have too little in common for a lifelong relationship. Consequently, the chemistry fades away and not much else if left to build on.

Leading with Your Brain

Love is essential for a good lasting relationship. But the brain, as well as the heart, needs to be engaged to keep (what the Righteous Brothers called) “that loving feeling” alive and growing. Singles who want to get married are often advised to make a list of ten qualities they are looking for in a mate. Doing so helps get beyond the “follow your heart” cliché and, instead, to put thought into the process of deciding who is a good prospect for marriage.

I’m a strong believer in friendship first. If you want your future husband to be your best friend as well as your lover, spend enough time with him to learn whether the two of you are likely to be compatible in the long run. You’re more likely to successfully test yourselves as friends if you act more like a friend than as a lover while getting to know him over a period of at least a few months.

What about sex?

Don’t feel bound to anyone’s time table for when the right time is to become sexually involved. You may have heard that men move on to look for someone else if “nothing happens” by the third date.

I think this may be true for men who feel entitled to sex, regardless of whether they want a noncommittal relationship or one that leads to marriage. If your goal is marriage, it makes sense to avoid getting sexually involved before you feel ready to do so both emotionally and mentally. You will want to have as much time as you need to test the relationship as objectively as possible and of course, and you may also be guided by your own value system based on what your religion’s teachings or those from another source.

Distinguishing Sex from Love

Are you able to distinguish between sex and love? Sex gets the hormones flowing, especially, in women, oxytocin, which has been called the “love hormone” — for good reason. It causes women to feel emotionally bonded and can blind them to the other person’s shortcomings that they would probably recognize if they hadn’t compromised their objectivity. By avoiding getting too physically involved too soon, you’ll give yourself time to see if a real friendship develops, and if the potential exists for spending a lifetime together.

It’s a mistake for a marriage minded woman to have sex because she feel pressured to in order to keep a man interested in her. That’s not love and it’s no basis for a friendship that might lead to marriage. A man who doesn’t respect your boundaries is not for you.

Keeping Love Flourishing in Your Marriage

If you are already married to someone who meets your basic requirements for a life partner, be grateful. But that is just the beginning. Love can grow or fade. If you want to keep love alive, it is up to you. You’ve taken the first step by choosing a partner with whom the chemistry is good and who shares enough of your interests, values and lifestyle preferences for the two of you to be compatible over time.

Benefits of Marriage Meetings

A great way to keep your relationship on track is by holding a weekly marriage meeting, which is a short, gentle conversation that cover all the basics, as described step by step in my book, Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love: 30 Minutes a Week to the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted. Marriage meetings foster romance, intimacy, teamwork, and smoother resolution of issues

By regularly investing a small amount of time and energy, you and your spouse can enjoy both love and a true friendship that lasts for a lifetime.

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The Beatles Parking Only – All Others Will Need Help Tin Sign Sold by Our Campus Market

The Beatles Parking Only – All Others Will Need Help Tin Sign Sold by Our Campus Market

The Beatles Parking Only – All Others Will Need Help Tin Sign * Title: Beatles Parking * Item Type: Tin Sign
List Price: $ 12.99
Price: $ 12.99

Sam Smith to rival Beatles record

It has been a long time since a debut album has done what Sam Smith’s In the Lonely Hour manages this week. 51 years to be exact. RSS feed
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Paul McCartney And Dave Grohl Performed Beatles’ Classic ‘I Saw Her Standing There’

What would it sound like if the Beatles reached nirvana? Probably a lot like Dave Grohl performing a Beatles song with Paul McCartney.

During McCartney’s show at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday night, the former Nirvana drummer joined the former Beatle for a performance of “I Saw Her Standing There,” from the Beatles’ debut album, “Please Please Me.” This isn’t the first time McCartney and Grohl have performed the song, though. The two previously played the Beatles’ classic at the 2009 Grammy Awards, with Grohl on the drums.

McCartney and Grohl also previously worked together on “Cut Me Some Slack” from the soundtrack to Grohl’s documentary “Sound City.” The track, which they worked on with Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear, earned them the Best Rock Song award at the 56th annual Grammys.

Saturday night’s London show also came with another big surprise. McCartney played “Temporary Secretary” from his album “McCartney II,” which Rolling Stone has called one of “the 12 weirdest Paul McCartney songs.” It was McCartney’s first live performance of the song since its release in 1980.

McCartney is playing a second show at the O2 Arena again on Sunday, so more surprises are likely in store.

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The Beatles Come to America

The Beatles Come to America

When the Beatles touched down in New York on February 7, 1964 for their first visit to America, they brought with them a sound that hadn’t been heard before. By the time they returned to England two weeks later, major changes in music, fashion, the record industry, and the image of an entire generation had been set into motion. Coming less than three months after the assassination of President Kennedy, the Beatles’ visit helped rouse the country out of mourning. A breathless and condescending media concentrated on the band’s hairstyles and their adoring fans, but their enduring importance lay in their music, wit, and style, a disconnect that signaled the beginning of the generation gap. In this intriguing cultural history, Martin Goldsmith examines how and why the Beatles struck such a lasting chord.

Price: $
Sold by Kobo (UK)

“Some Fun Tonight”: Not Just Another High End Boutique Coffee Table Book On The Beatles… This is a Monument!

I met a Beatle once.

It was an after-soundcheck meet ‘n’ greet for one of his All Stars shows at Radio City Music Hall, 1992. There were about 35 of us, waiting in the dead-center of the orchestra seats at Radio City, about 5:30 in the afternoon. If you’ve ever been there, you know the intersection. Mostly couples, I was by myself, standing off to one side. While everyone else was chit-chatting, I saw figure emerge from behind a draped curtain by the stage door.

And now, here was Ringo Starr, drummer of The Beatles, strolling towards the knot of people I was with, all by his lonesome. It was a 15 second dream-like moment. And I had it to myself. No one else noticed him until he was less than 25 feet away.

Ringo was very pleasant to one and all. His almost-cartoon-affable self.

Everyone was dazzled to the point of incoherence. Barely anyone said more than Hi. One woman did have the nerve to say, “Our son loves you on ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’… ”

Lots of chuckles, Ringo, too.

I was the last person to shake his hand. 

As I did, I blurted, “The last time I saw you in the flesh, Ringo, was when my Dad took me to see you at Forest Hills on August 29th, 1964.”

Ringo pulled down his sunglasses, gave me a good stare, pushed ’em back up his nose and replied, utterly deadpan, “Nope, sorry. Don’t remember you.”

Pushing my luck, I ventured, “Well, will you allow me to be the 300th person today to tell you that you changed my life?”

“301, actually.” Ringo shot back… with a smile in his voice.

Okay, don’t worry, I’m not doing the horrendous babyboomer cliche memory lane stroll regarding 8:0whatever pm on February 9th, 1964. You’re welcome. Thank you.

Suffice it to say, I saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show that Sunday evening, fifty years ago, and was taking my first guitar lesson Wednesday, three days later.

So, you aware of this growing genre in book publishing, the over-priced, very limited edition, Boutique Coffee Table Rock Photo book, yes?

Big picture books aren’t new. But, these are not available in stores. They are ultra-deluxe, over a foot-wide, thick-as-a-brick books encased in their own protective candy-shell, put out with little or no fanfare. They are so pricey and there are so few printed that you have to be Into It to even know of their existence. I’ve seen a few. While they are a load of fun, and usually well done, they all are chocked with photos we’ve all seen at least two or three times before. Frankly, annoying for the money spent.

Well, we got a brand new one of these high-end-y no-ads word-of-mouth books here. It’s devoted exclusively and exhaustively to the three tours of America that The Beatles plowed through the Summers of 1964, 1965, 1966.

And since I just brought it up, regarding The Big Draw of any Beatles book, the photographs…

I am fairly devout. I own a lot of books on The Beatles. I have counted less than ten photos throughout both of the volumes I’m about to tell you about that I’ve ever seen before. This is a visual cornucopia without equal in my Beatle Fan experience. An absolute over-stuffed feast of virgin images.

The author, and not-to-be-dissuaded compiler of Some Fun Tonight!: The Backstage Story of How The Beatles Rocked America: The Historic Tours of 1964 – 1966, Volumes One & Two, is one Mr. Chuck Gunderson.

Mr. Gunderson has not come up with a Boutique Coffee Table Rock Photo book.


He has created a monument.

This two volume book is only available at for $ 175.00. This is inexpensive, folks! This book will sell out! This book will be on eBay going for over $ 400 within the next 18 months. Guaranteed!

Full Disclosure: I was remunerated for this article with a copy of the book(s).

I love who wrote the Foreword for Volume One…

Bob Eubanks [WTF?!].

“This is the most complete factual material you will ever read about a band that changed the music in America forever. I believe this book will go down as the Bible of Beatles concert history.”

Well, yes, I exactly and precisely agree, Bob… Ummmm…

BOB EUBANKS? What?! Why?!

Okay, dig… more from Bob E’s Foreword…

“I was working at the number one rock station in LA. I wasn’t a very good disc jockey and knew I’d better do something to make myself more important… I was privileged to be one of only three promoters to produce a Beatles concert during each of the three years they toured America.”

Oh. Okay. Wow!

“Their wide-eyed innocence in 1964, the air of being amazed by all that was going on around them, was gone, replaced by a reserved attitude in 1965. And by 1966, they were a totally different group of guys: harder to please, a change in personalities, and, I believe, tired of their world.”

And Bob would know!

Volume Two begins with a Foreword by Barry Tashian, guitarist of Boston’s The Remains, ones of the support acts. His piece is highly personal with memories of The Beatles launching a sing-a-long of “Yellow Submarine” as their plane (Beatles and support acts all flew together) was taking off, hanging out in hotel rooms with the boys (“Don’t go new the windows, Barry!”), witnessing The Beatles awkwardly meeting The Beach Boys, both bands in mutual awe, even a night spent with Barry, David Crosby, Paul, and George stuffed into tiny Porsche careening around LA. Barry also lets us in on a secret; George was the friendliest and most thoughtful.

An author, and traveling reporter on Beatles tours, in Larry Kane’s Introduction in Volume Two, he reveals that John Lennon once smushed mashed potatoes and peas into his, Larry’s, hair. Paul was an unrepentant and crazed pillow-fighter, to the point of the pillows disintegrating. Both Paul and John, when they found out that Larry’s mother had recently died, sat down with him and went through their agonies with Larry regarding their own mothers’ early deaths (wow). The Beatles threatened to cancel a concert in Jacksonville, Florida when they found out that the audience might be segregated. It wasn’t. George, very afraid of flying, had a motto, “It’s Beatles and children first.”

The author, and not-to-be-dissuaded compiler of Some Fun Tonight!: The Backstage Story of How The Beatles Rocked America: The Historic Tours of 1964 – 1966, Volumes One & Two, Mr. Chuck Gunderson, explains his mission…

“My goal for these two books was to give the reader an all-inclusive ‘backstage’ story of how The Beatles rocked America during their historic tours of 1964, ’65 and ’66. I produced a factual account of every tour stop during those three amazing summers in the mid-1960s, from the moment The Beatles landed in America to the time they left. I recorded the goings on that occurred before the band ever set foot in each town, such as local promoters dueling for the rights to present them, ‘boss’ radio stations squaring off to sponsor shows, and fans lining up for tickets that would be snapped up in a matter of hours. I also wanted to give a nod to the fourteen supporting acts that shared the bill with the biggest band on the planet. 

Of course, the book had to be filled with high-quality images of The Beatles onstage, backstage, at press conferences, in hotels, limousines and decoy vehicles, at airports, colorful concert memorabilia, legal documents, and the fans who followed them. Many images were unearthed from long-forgotten files and dusty archives. To achieve this vision, dozens and dozens of interviews had to be conducted, thousands of emails sent, hours upon hours of research and fact-checking in newspaper morgues, and tremendous expense incurred to license high-quality photographic images – let alone compiling the actual history! 

The Beatles stood on North American soil for only a brief moment in their career – a grand total of just ninety days… Look carefully at the faces of the fans in these books; they may be your friends, parents, grandparents – or even you! – but together, they made Beatlemania happen.”

That is a Mission Statement!

Back to the photographs here…

More than half of the photos included, these books being exclusively about their touring, feature the band on stage, guitars strapped on, plugged in, drums being pounded, faces being made, sweat on brows.

I was hit hard by one very powerful impression as I wandered through these pages several times…

The Beatles were four guys (human beings) in a rock band.

Read that sentence again, please.

The Beatles were two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, all four could sing songs they’d written or covered.

These volumes bring this simple but profound truth home with a sledgehammer.

This was… a fuckin’ GOOD rock band.

Seeing just one fantastic stage photo after another of them with all their equipment… the amps, the cables, the back up guitars leaning haphazardly against the drum riser…in use… (a real treat for gear-heads)… Well, it really brings this extremely important factor to the fore in a way that packs a wallop!

As the years go by, The Beatles, for me, are becoming only more important, more monolithic.

It has become genuinely difficult to think of them as four really young guys (George turned 21 during their 1964 US tour… Ringo, the oldest, wasn’t going to be 24 ’til that July!), who played musical instruments, wrote songs, and sang ’em. The fact is, I never really saw The Beatles as ‘guitarists’ and ‘bassists’… that would happen in June of 1964 with The Rolling Stones for me, Keef being my first “guitar hero”.

No. The Beatles were The Beatles. A type of gods.

Sorry… More of… Back to the photos in these books…

There are a bare minimum of ten portraits of each Beatle sprinkled around these books (Vol. Two, especially) that you will simply want to cut out and have framed by a professional (maybe buy two copies?). Truly, some of the most gorgeous and revealing photographs of the individual Beatles I’ve ever seen in the past 50 years, and again, for the first time!, are in this book.

There are dozens and dozens of shots where the photographer clicked at the exact right moment. The guys’ personalities are in full view throughout.

I had intended on compiling a list of great shots. Well, actually, I did. I went through the books and jotted down the page numbers for about 50 photos per volume that I felt were ultra-special. But, now, I realize it’s pointless. There isn’t a dull page in this book.

One of the unexpectedly creepy things you see here… The JFK assassination had occurred only 77 days before The Beatles performed on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time, Feb. 9th, 1964. Lots of the backstage shots in this book are heavily reminiscent of the photos of Lee Harvey Oswald being, marched through the halls of that Dallas Police station to his death. The vibe in many about-to-hit-the-stage shots is inadvertently pretty goddamn spooky.

I must admit, I really love “noisy muffler” on page 76 of Vol. One. The Beatles wearing Stetsons on page 280 in One is a riot. It’s also really obvious on page 209 of Vol. Two that The Beatles showed up to at least one press conference ripped on marijuana.

The amount of specific-concert-related promotional flyers, ads, contracts, memos, gathered in these two volumes is just frickin’ nuts. How did Chuck find this stuff?! It’s mind-boggling, really. Oh, and the reproductions are superbly crystal-clear, every damn one of them. Crazy!

That reminds me… All the photos in this book are printed in a high-end intensity when it comes to sharpness of image. The paper used through every page of this set of books is the heaviest finest stock available that still feels like paper, as opposed to oaktag.

The spare-no-expense ethos is rampant… as befits the subject and the amount of loving work put into this exquisite presentation.

Lastly, the text… It really is hard to pull yourself away from the 450+ photos, but, when you finally do, a veritable textbook of facts, figures, and anecdotes awaits you. The text certainly isn’t dry, but, as a juxtaposition to all the lush visuals, it is very very straight. No fan-gushing whatsoever. Facts, facts, facts. Figures, figures, figures. History, history, history. Stones are just not left unturned anywhere. It’s almost overwhelming. My one and only complaint about these volumes… the photo captions are, for the most part, seriously bland… and given how many utterly incredible photos there are, it gets kinda funny how understated everything written-word is throughout.

Next week, I’ll rerun by experiences on August 29th, 1964, when I saw The Beatles live at Forest Hills Tennis stadium. Today, I’ll leave you with this little story…

Oh, but… BUY THIS BOOK, Beatle Fanatic. You will NEVER EVER regret it!

Pharrell’s hat’s off to Chuck Gunderson, whose hard work and time has achieved that rare rare state…


My daughter, Eleanor, now 23, was about to turn 5. For almost a year, I’d been playing her old songs by The Who on my acoustic guitar. The ‘kid stuff’, as it were… “Happy Jack”, “I’m A Boy”, “Boris The Spider”, “Maryanne With The Shaky Hands”…

Then one day, it hit me… It would be much more fun and much more educational for ME to just leave Ellie’s musical taste to her own devices. That was it. No more ‘indoctrinating’. But, first, I needed to do one more thing.

I walked into Ellie’s room while she was playing with her dolls and said, “Hey, Pup, I think you might like these guys. They’re called The Beatles.” I then dropped CDs of the first five albums on her bed and left the room… real low-key.

The next day, I got home from work to find Ellie sitting on the couch looking very grim.

“What’s the matter, sweetie?”

“You’re gonna be mad at me, Daddy.”

What?! No, I won’t! Why?”

Very chastened, she announced, “I like The Beatles better than The Who.”

Trying not to burst out laughing, I replied…

“Oh, Ellie! The Who are Daddy’s favorite band. The Beatles are THE BEST BAND.”


Smiles… Storm passed.
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The Beatles on Sullivan: You Say You Want a Revolution?

Just to briefly buzz in on this weekend’s whir of nostalgia around the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. As many have noted, it was less than three months after the Kennedy assassination, bringing across the Atlantic a whiff of much needed fresh air, a reacquaintance with joy we all had been craving since November 22, 1963.

I had first seen them a month or so earlier in a film report on The Jack Paar Show on NBC (you can see a timeworn clip from Paar’s piece here ( In the weeks after that broadcast, I came down with pneumonia, and at the age of 12 was quarantined in my bedroom with only my contagion, books, undone homework, and one of those first miniature Sony TV’s, a “tummy tube” that was the size of a football. But heavier.

That was the tiny set on which I watched the Sullivan show and The Beatles, as caught up in the frenzy as so many other American kids. A few days later, my mother abandoned her Kennedy scrapbooks to make a busy project for us both. One of the young women at the hair salon she frequented was Beatle-besotted, so my ever-creative Mom made her a sign: green poster board on which she glued photos of the band I cut from magazines and some black lettering (“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” etc.).

She stapled tiny bags of jelly beans to it — the press said obsessed teenage girls hurled them at the Fab Four because they were Paul McCartney’s favorite (or was it George Harrison?) — then secretly delivered it after hours to the beauty parlor door. History does not record the woman’s reaction but the two of us decided it had to have been monumental.

My love of the Beatles grew as their music did: more layered, complex and thoughtful. “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” was a treasured 16th birthday gift, “The White Album” a present to myself, “Abbey Road” a musical highlight of freshman year in college (that, and hearing The Who perform a work-in-progress version of “Tommy” during Homecoming weekend).

Some four years after their first Sullivan appearance, I had gone to England for the first time as part of a drama and literature study program. When we got to London, I spent hours roaming the streets by myself, taking everything in. I visited Carnaby Street, which had been the symbolic center of all things British and hip — but by the time I got there, the bloom was off the English rose and the street was more tattered, fading carnival than fashion hub. The Beatles were nearing their last couple of years as a group and their own boutique, Apple, had recently shut its doors.

One night while I was there, Paul McCartney and his girlfriend arrived and painted “Hey Jude/Revolution” on the abandoned store’s front window, promotion for the upcoming record single almost no one yet knew about.

In the sixties, The Beatles’ lives and careers paralleled what was happening to baby boomers like me across the country: the flirtations with nonconformity and various levels of altered consciousness, the civil and uncivil insubordination, our fitful attempts at achieving transcendental serenity.

Music journalist Mikal Gilmore said it well in Rolling Stone, back on the 25th anniversary of John Lennon’s murder (and when I wrote a bit of what you’re reading here now): “The Beatles were simply the biggest thing in the world, short of nuclear fear. They represented a sea change — in music, in culture, in democracy itself. They weren’t always comfortable with having that effect. ‘People said the Beatles were the movement,’ Lennon later said, ‘but we were only part of the movement. We were influenced as much as we influenced.’ True, but the Beatles were a key part of that movement. They represented youthful hope, and they represented the new social power that rock & roll might achieve — a power not only to upset but to transform. The world was changing — or at least it felt that way — and the Beatles served as emblems of that change.”
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The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Beatles’ Arrival In New York

On Friday, February 7, 1964—fifty years ago today—the Beatles landed in the United States; they played on “The Ed Sullivan Show” that Sunday night, and we’ve been screaming with joy ever since.
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