Pies That Bind: Thanksgiving Recipes From the Heartland

This Thanksgiving, we salute the small businesses that feed us and knit our communities together. At Sister Pie in Detroit, those values permeate every piping-hot pastry that comes out of the oven. Here, the bakery’s founder shares four of her favorites.
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Fashion Review: Bind Me Up; Set Me Free

The uncomfortable mystery of Thom Browne and the generous spirit of Valentino by way of Stella McCartney’s problem-solving prowess.
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Insulin Prices Skyrocket, Putting Many Diabetics in a Bind

American Diabetes Association asks Congress to investigate the matter
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The Lies That Bind

The Lies That Bind

Praise for The Liar Society “A page-turning, pearl-clutching mystery “-Kimberly Derting, author of The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead “A book for mystery lovers everywhere. will suck you in and leave you hanging until the very end.”-RT Book Reviews Another Sister Gone-You Can’t Let Them Get Away With This Kate has heard of messages from beyond the grave, but she never expected to find one in a fortune cookie. Especially from her best friend, Grace-who’s supposed to be dead. At the elite Pemberly Brown Academy, nothing is as it seems. A popular girl has gone missing, and Kate owes it to Grace’s memory to find out what happened. But in a school ruled by secret societies, who can she trust? Definitely not Bradley (despite his hotness) – he’s one of them. Still, she may just have to get closer to him if she wants to get some answers.

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�Qu� te parece? Intermediate Spanish Student Edition with Online Learning Center Bind- In Card

�Qu� te parece? Intermediate Spanish Student Edition with Online Learning Center Bind- In Card

This innovative Spanish text, informed by current research on second language acquisition, provides a comprehensive review of vocabulary and grammar for a two-semester intermediate Spanish course. Organized around six engaging units, �Qu� te parece? offers students a diversity of topics and perspectives to encourage critical thinking and inspire collaboration and discussion. Its communicative vocabulary and grammar tasks provide a smooth continuation and expansion of first-year Spanish, and act as a springboard to advanced Spanish courses. �Qu� te parece? is also a fundamental text for students who will eventually become Spanish majors or minors.
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Hot for Prof. (2): Two More Lesbian Professor Stories (‘Sweet-talking her Professor’ and ‘Ties that Bind’)

Hot for Prof. (2): Two More Lesbian Professor Stories (‘Sweet-talking her Professor’ and ‘Ties that Bind’)

Two very hot and seductive lesbian teacher stories for the price of one! Sweet-talking her Professor: How Tessa seduced her sexy professor. No. in in the series ‘Tessa goes to college’When college student Tessa emails her gorgeous fair-haired green-eyed female professor to ask for a reference, she finds her teacher (31) is online and on fire! Soon they are on facebook and daring each other to go further. As the tension builds, professor Clark asks Tessa to come to her house. But she’ll have to be quiet – Prof Clark’s husband is sleeping upstairs! CUSTOMER REVIEW for ‘Sweet-talking her Professor’: “I really liked it… a great book!”Ties that Bind, No. 3 in the series ‘Tempted by her student’ seriesCUSTOMER REVIEW: “Hot! I read this on the train and wonder if my other passengers knew what I was reading. a good read!”There was something slightly apocalyptic in the way the girl was speaking, and Bella felt more than a little frightened now. She watched the girl get up and walk slowly to the kitchen counter where the young visitor grabbed a glass and helped herself to an opened bottle of white wine.”You want one too? Make yourself at home!”, the girl joked. Bella was silent. The girl moved to the patio doors at the back of the kitchen and looked out at the garden.”You might as well have a glass,” she told Bella with that seductive Spanish accent more to the fore. “I mean this party is happening, and sooner or later you’re gonna climb on for the ride.”Bella watched, terrified and fascinated. The glimmer of sundown caught the edges of the girl’s beautiful body as she stood in that strange jewel-studded, almost illuminated, underwear. Bella couldn’t help but notice the delicious little ‘kink’ between the girl’s waist and her hips. As in the train and as in her office, Bella’s throat suddenly felt parched. Something lurched in her tummy as if she was soaring on a rollercoaster.”You have a bed upstairs?”, the girl said in that matter-of-fact tone that so disoriented the older w

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