The Bizarre History of Crackdown 3

On June 9th, 2014, almost four years to the day after Crackdown 2 was released, Microsoft revealed the third game in the Crackdown series was coming to the company’s brand-new console, the Xbox One.

It would be a cooperative, open-world game, touted as a new iteration of the action series, featuring a whole new campaign, and using Xbox Live to power a city. And that city… it wouldn’t just be an exciting place to play, but part of your destructive arsenal.

In this new Crackdown reveal trailer, explosions rocked the neon-soaked future city, setting off a chain of bombastic impacts as each inferno-engulfed building collapsed into the next. But the next several years of what would become Crackdown 3 were just the opposite…

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Spacey posts bizarre video after new sex assault charges emerge

Kevin Spacey has released a bizarre video in which he says “soon enough you will know the full truth” after it emerged he would face fresh charges of indecent assault and battery.
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Zayn Malik seems to confirm bizarre Taylor suitcase theory

It’s an online fan theory that has been doing the rounds for a while: does Taylor Swift travel around inside a suitcase to hide from paparazzi?
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Alternative Miss World contest – the night where bizarre is beautiful

Andrew Logan’s unclassifiable extravaganza returns to London to celebrate the rude, camp and improbable.
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Billy Eichner, Chelsea Handler and More Slam Kanye and Trump’s Bizarre Meeting: ‘Hell on Earth’

Kanye West met with President Donald Trump at the Oval Office in the White House on Thursday, where the rapper touched on a variety of topics including mental health and prison reform. West also said he viewed Trump as a “father figure,” adding that putting on the “Make America Great Again” hat made him feel like […]



Nonfiction: The Bizarre Tale of the ‘Dinosaur Artist’ Who Trafficked in Stolen Fossils

Paige Williams tells a panoramic story that has, at its center, a man who tried to sell a stolen Tyrannosaurus skeleton from Mongolia.
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Kanye West Confirms ‘Yandhi’ Album Will Drop Saturday, Makes Bizarre Visit to Fader Offices

When Kanye West amps up the controversy, it usually means he’s got an album on the way, and today he both confirmed that “Yandhi” will be arriving Saturday night — and made a number of controversial statements in a visit to the offices of The Fader magazine. West had sort-of announced last week that he’s […]



JR’s miscue opens door for Warriors’ bizarre Game 1 win

Golden State survived a wild Game 1 that featured overtime, 51 points from LeBron James and a mental mistake by JR Smith that may have cost Cleveland a win. – NBA

Kanye West Says Slavery Was a ‘Choice’ in Bizarre TMZ Live Interview

Kanye West took a break from tweeting to stop by TMZ’s Los Angeles, Calif. newsroom and share his opinion that slavery was a “choice.” During a conversation on “TMZ Live” with Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere, West said, “When you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years?! That sounds like a choice. You was […]



Colbert Mocks ‘Kellyanne Kanye’ For His Bizarre Pro-Trump Tweetstorm

“Late Show” host tries to make sense of Kanye’s pro-Trump tweets.
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Seth Meyers Calls Out Sean Hannity For The Most Bizarre Habit

Uh …
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Bizarre display of loyalty at Hernandez trial (Yahoo Sports)

Aaron Hernandez trial: Fiancée shows her loyalty with a new last name

Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, took the witness stand Thursday with a new last name but the same brief, vague and mostly useless answers.

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UPS Tweeted — Then Deleted — A Bizarre MLK Jr Message

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day many people are remembering the legacy of an incredible man, but some are doing so less tastefully than others.

The UPS Twitter account tweeted out a strange Martin Luther King Jr.-themed post on Monday afternoon around 3:55pm. And then deleted it mere minutes later.

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet (from the email Dataminr sent out about it):


The company has since tweeted out the same image, with a different caption:

Peggy Gardner, a UPS spokesperson, told The Huffington Post via email that the brand “replaced the initial post with one that is focused more on recognizing MLK for his impact and the message of service to others.”

The moral of this story: Brands, you don’t have to comment on everything.

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People Are Tweeting All The Bizarre Ways Their Pets Celebrate The Holidays

How do animals celebrate the holidays? Mostly by messing with your stuff and waiting for food to hit the floor, according to people sharing their experiences on Twitter.

The  hashtag is full of cute animals hoping for that turkey to fall off the plate or making wrapping presents even more difficult than it already is. There are even a few cats who seem mostly OK with the hats they’ve been forced to wear.

Here are a few of the favorite posts that we’ve seen so far:

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Bestiary of Fantastic Creatures Volume 1: Bizarre Monsters

Bestiary of Fantastic Creatures Volume 1: Bizarre Monsters

Do your players already have all your monsters memorized forward and backward? Looking for that extra bizarre encounter that none of your players will expect? Need a little something to add an element of weird to your campaign? Then this book is for you! Fifteen illustrated and detailed unique monsters perfect for adding that extra strange spice into your campaign. The Bestiary of Fantastic Creatures is a small supplement of uniquely illustrated creatures produced to be compatible with the format of traditional table-top role-playing games playable with paper and pencil. Volume 1: Bizarre Monsters, features 15 unusual creatures complete with illustrations, statistics, descriptions, and campaign integrations. A Rusty Dagger supplement, illustrated and written by Casey Sorrow.

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Terrence Howard’s Bizarre Terryology Theory and 11 More Revealing Things About the Empire Star

Terrence Howard's recent interview with Rolling Stone is gaining lots of buzz for being, well, kind of strange. (Although, this certainly isn't the first time an actor's given an eyebrow-raising interview, nor will it be…

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7 Bizarre Things We Never Knew About Miles Teller

We know Miles Teller as the prodigy jazz drummer from Whiplash, the Dauntless member in Divergent, Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four. But according to a new Esquire profile, there's a lot about Teller that we…

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The Right Chemistry: 108 Enlightening, Nutritious, Health-conscious And Occasionally Bizarre Inquiries Into The Science

The Right Chemistry: 108 Enlightening, Nutritious, Health-conscious And Occasionally Bizarre Inquiries Into The Science

A big part of Dr. Joe''s job as director of McGill University''s Office of Science and Society is persuading people that the pursuit of science knowledge is a potential source of wonder, enlightenment and well-being for everyone. And as a chemist, he''s particularly keen to rescue chemistry from the bad rep it''s developed over recent decades. There is more to chemistry than toxins, pollution, and Don''t drink that soda–it''s full of chemicals. The evangelic zeal Dr. Joe brings to his day job is of course also the driving force behind his work as an author. Once again, here he is to tell that everything is full of chemicals, and that chemistry means health, nutrition, beauty products, cleaning products, DNA, and the means by which Lady Gaga''s meat dress was held together. In the style established with the bestselling Brain Fuel, each section here is themed and contains a mixture of short, pithy items and slightly longer mini-essays. And as before–but never with such energy and relish–Dr. Joe goes on the attack against charlatans in the alternative health trade, naming and shaming them in a particularly entertaining and edifying section of the book called Claptrap.You will learn whether to put broccoli on a pizza before or after baking, whether beauty pills are worth taking, and whether the baby shampoo you''re using is poisonous. You will discover but not use, please, the recipe for a Molotov cocktail. You will be enabled to enthrall fellow dinner guests with the derivation of the name Persil, and the definition of a kangarian (it''s someone who only eats kangaroo meat).As ever, this torrent of entertainment is delivered in Dr. Joe''s unmistakably warm, lively and authorative voice.
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Most Sexually Bizarre Japanese Game Show Videos Ever (NSFW)

When it comes to Japan, nothing surprises us — except their game shows.

Coed has compiled a list of the ones that are really bizarre in a sexual way.

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Randy Quaid Posts Bizarre NSFW Rupert Murdoch ‘Sex Video’

Actor/conspiracy theorist Randy Quaid has resurfaced online, posting a NSFW video in which he appears to have sex with his wife while she wears a Rupert Murdoch mask.

Quaid, who has grown a shaggy beard, rails against Murdoch and a Warner Brothers executive who he claims stole his house.

“Warner Brothers even had my wife and I falsely arrested six times by TMZ,” Quaid says. “No, for real. That’s really how it works — #PMC, Police-Media-Corruption. BOOM.”

Quaid said he and his wife want to retaliate for being put through “a living hell of biblical proportions.”

“So Rupert, you want to fuck me, I’m gonna fuck you,” says Quaid, who is sporting the Hawaiian shirt from “Independence Day” and a jacket, but does not appear to be wearing pants. His wife, Evi, then puts on a Rupert Murdoch mask as Quaid appears to have sex with her from behind.

As Quaid grunts and continues to rail against Murdoch, a dog barks. The clip ends with Quaid channeling his ID4 character, crying out “I’m baaaaaaaack!”

For the past four years, the Quaids have been living in Canada after a bizarre series of events that include accusations of defrauding an innkeeper and vandalizing a home they had rented in California. After a number of court dates, many of which the couple missed, the two fled across the border.

While the United States has not tried to extradite the Quaids, they face arrest if they re-enter the country.

Quaid has also claimed that he was being stalked by “Hollywood star-whackers” who were responsible for the deaths of David Carradine and Heath Ledger.

Quaid is the older brother of actor Dennis Quaid and until recently had enjoyed a long career in Hollywood. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for 1973’s “The Last Detail.” He played Cousin Eddie in the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” series, and had roles in a wide range of films including “Brokeback Mountain” and “Kingpin.”
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Craigslist’s Most Bizarre ‘Missed Connections’

Did you miss out on love this past year?

Did you meet someone for a fleeting moment only to have lasting happiness fall from your fingers?

You’re not alone. In fact, your “missed connection” was relatively normal, compared to some of the people who tried to find a lost love via the “Missed Connections” page on Craigslist. collaborated with on a video dramatizing some of the strangest missed connections of 2014.

They are all wacky, but few were as touching as this one.

“Me, horse costume. You chicken mask. We made out in the second stall in the men’s room outside Hall D. Same place same time next year. I’ll be in a llama costume.”

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Guy Pearce Has A Music Video And It’s Very Bizarre

You’ve seen Guy Pearce lose his memory, perform in drag and even portray Andy Warhol, but nothing compares to his new music video. The Australian actor recently released a music video, and it’s one of the most delightfully bizarre things we’ve ever seen. Pearce’s video for the song “Fly All the Way,” off his debut album “Broken Bones,” features the actor in a variety of absurd infomercials. In one, he has his own meat brand; in another, he’s a workout instructor who grows breasts. Yup, super weird. But the song itself is actually really catchy.

Pearce has apparently been writing music since his 1985 TV series “Neighbors,” which gave way to pop stars Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Craig McLachlan, but never had the courage to release it. In an interview, Pearce said that he didn’t feel comfortable sharing his music since any mention of it would prompt journalists to “roll their eyes.” Before he recently sang live on Australia’s Radio National, Pearce said, “I didn’t have the confidence to come forward with the music I was making.”

Finally, though, the actor has embraced his music career, and apparently his goofy side as well.

tv show gifs

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Johnny Depp Slurs Words In Bizarre Awards Show Speech

Johnny Depp‘s awkward speech during at the Hollywood Film Awards on Friday has caught fire online. The “Into the Woods” actor took to the stage to honor Shep Gordon, storied talent manager and the subject of Mike Myers’ documentary “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon,” and proceeded to slur his speech, swear and wobble around.

“I’m not very good at this kind of thing,” Depp said at the start, after commenting on the “weird microphone.” Maybe he was just being modest: Depp has presented at numerous awards shows in the past without a hitch, including the 2009 Golden Globes Awards. Perhaps, like Depp said, it was “just one of those nights.” Watch the speech above and decide for yourself.
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The Kissing Couch (sequel to Bizarre Honeymoon)

The Kissing Couch (sequel to Bizarre Honeymoon)

In the 1950s, the 16 numbered pictures of Gregor’snewlywed narrative were sold by mail order by GargoyleSales Corporation of New York City. That story and theprose that describes it are known worldwide asBizarre Honeymoon, Day One.In Bizarre Honeymoon, a glamorous hedonistmarries an innocent man and uses him to satisfy herlascivious whims. She and her pretty sister changeinto many corsets and high-heeled shoes and boots.They wield assorted coordinating accessories topunctuate training of the newly-wed husband andhis relatives.The new ladies of the manor captivate resident maleswith a dark enchantment. The men surrender to theallure and authority of the exquisite sirens who deignto reign over the once-peaceful household.—The Kissing Couch is sequel to that story and beginswith a synopsis of Bizarre Honeymoon. With precise detail,Mr. Sinerker designs scenes that show the diabolic ruleof Sada over her submissive husband, Malcolm. The author’sarticulate descriptions tour the sensuality of fetish ritualand multi-level anguish of devious discipline.His writing probes thoughts and feelings of characters withintimacy, exposing circumstances from multiple viewpoints.Sada demands that he worship her splendid body, from headto toes. She explains that she will punish him for disobedience,but will use and abuse him for exotic amusement whenevershe’s so inclined.Initially, Malcolm experiences Sada’s enforced demands forboot and shoe worship as debasing indignity. Later, he confesseshis preference for her feet. In the heart of her feverishspouse, Sada develops an appetite for foot kissing, and usesaccess to her precious feet as a reward for his public submission.His stiff response to toe appreciation exercises confirms hisfetishist proclivities. When Wanda coaxes him into wearingthigh-high boots with six-inch heels for his definitive punishment,his measurable arousal surprises everyone.In one sequence, Malcolm helps his wife dress for a date. WhenSada returns home, she demands a c

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