Ayesha Curry Reflects on the “Botched Boob Job” She Got Amid Postpartum Depression

Ayesha CurryPregnancy took an unexpected toll on Ayesha Curry.
In a new interview with Working Mother, the celebrity cook got candid about undergoing plastic surgery as a result of postpartum…

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Epic Removing Fortnite’s ‘Embarrassing’ Boob Physics

Along with all of its planned new content, Fortnite’s sixth season has also brought with it an accidental new inclusion that Epic Games is working to fix.

As first spotted by Twitter user @Agony, Fornite’s new Calamity skin showcases exaggerated boob physics, which Epic Games says will be removed.

“This is unintended, embarrassing, and it was careless for us to let this ship,” an Epic representative spokesperson told IGN. “We are working now to fix this as soon as possible.”


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This Genius-Looking Towel Bra Will Soak Up All Your Boob Sweat

The Ta Ta Towel is too too timely.
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‘Boob Goddess’ Takiko Shindo Creates Bust-Enlarging Rake

A Japanese woman known as the “Boob Goddess” hopes to rake in cash with a modified rake that she claims can firm a woman’s bust and even enlarge it.

Takiko Shindo is known for something called “Oppai Taisou,” which roughly translates into English as boob exercise massage.”

Her latest advancement in the bustling field of bust enhancement is something called the “Oppai Taisou Hand,” that is basically a pink rake for stroking and brushing one’s breasts, according to Rocket News 24.

The rakish product sells online for between $ 41 and $ 54. A commercial suggests it can increase a woman’s bust by three centimeters.

The so-called “science,” according to Shindo, is that ligaments holding up breasts need to move. Otherwise fats in the same area settle down around the chest muscles, and causes breasts to sag, Rocket News 24 reports.

As titillating as it sounds, Shindo’s theory flies in the face of modern medicine, according to Dr. Barry Handler, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in San Diego.

“There are ligaments in breast tissue that stretch over time,” he told HuffPost. “But once they stretch, they don’t snap back. Ligaments aren’t like muscles — there’s no contractible property.”

But Shindo’s mammary massage device may not be a complete bust, according to Dr. Bruce Lee, a Beverly Hills-based gynecologist.

“Usage of the breast rake upon oneself actually does accomplish several things that theoretically could alter the perception of breast size and shape,” he told HuffPost by email. “When holding the rake in the right hand and massaging and lifting the left breast, one is actually exercising the right pectoral muscles, which lie beneath the breast.”

Lee says these muscles, when exercised, will enlarge and tighten and add shape to the upper body. He also says mechanical breast stimulation can increase breast growth in both men and women.

“Certainly, the breast hand or rake is a novel stimulus for the manufacturer, who, no doubt, is smiling. And, pardon the pun, handily raking it in,” he said.

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Gisele Bundchen Instagrams Stunning Brazilian Seascape And Also Some Side Boob

Gisele Bundchen is making us jealous again, but this time it’s her vacation spot rather than that enviable head of hair and generally amazing body.

The 33-year-old posed with her twin sister Patricia in a gorgeous photo overlooking the stunning Brazilian seascape known as Morro Dois Irmãos. Additionally: side boob.

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