Matty Bovan RTW Fall 2019

Bovan was feeling England in his bones with this romp of a collection, which showcased swathes of Liberty fabrics, homemade crochet roses, nods to the 17th-century Pendle witch trials and to the grand Burton Agnes Hall, a stately home in the designer’s native Yorkshire. Bovan has been making big multicolored waves in London with his larger-than-life designs bolstered by crinolines, his wacky headwear and lots of draped, textured or cutout knits.
For fall, thick lasagna ruffles rippled over the shoulders of tailored jackets and peplum tops, while half-and-half shirts with billowing sleeves were made from a mix of paisley and swimming fish prints. Crinolines galore bounced joyfully under big skirts made from big sweeps of lavish fabrics that were ruffled, printed or satiny. Other dresses were covered in gigantic crochet flowers, leaves and organic shapes, while blankets and furs were cut and draped and ladled over skirts. Knits practically vibrated with surreal UFO, pig, flower, crest and horse intarsias.
“For me, it’s an ode to England,” said Bovan, who is based outside York, and who touted his use of local wool, his work with artisans, and collaborations with the likes of Liberty, Stephen Jones on hats and Katie Hillier on key rings, scrunchies and

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Matty Bovan RTW Spring 2019

Matty Bovan’s ladies don’t exactly travel light, what with their skyscraper hats made from pots and pans, kitchen utensils and feather dusters, and corset dresses made from crochet layers, big puffs of tulle and colored ribbons. Dressed in layered skirts bigger than Scarlett O’Hara’s, his models were two-legged carnival floats — albeit ones who accessorized with Coach bags.
Bovan said he took his inspiration from the Eighties filmmaker Derek Jarman and wanted to telegraph a message of “hyper nature.” He thought it would be fun to bombard people with texture in an age of mass information and overload. The dresses were a delight — if rough around the edges and utterly unwearable — with their crinolines, webs of flower crochet, string bikini tops, tangles of string and shiny foil fabrics.
The sleeves on bolero jackets were like giant cocoons that were dotted with what looked like bits of broken glass, tulle and string. Knits, meanwhile, came bright and tight and digitally patterned and layered, in chaotic mixes. The whole show was upbeat — and student-y — the sort of exuberant collection that London is known for, but which still needs some serious fine-tuning before it can go commercial.
Bovan is well on his

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Fashion East’s Matty Bovan Celebrates Barbie Collaboration

BIRTHDAY GIRL: Up-and-coming British designer Matty Bovan has been focusing his efforts to dressing a very special celebrity client for her birthday celebration this month: Barbie.
Mattel tapped the young designer to create outfits for the famous doll, as well as an accompanying film, to mark the 58th anniversary of the launch of Barbie.
Bovan unveiled the results of the collaboration at Mayfair’s The Women’s Space, to an intimate crowd of family and friends which included the designers Stephen Jones, Charles Jeffrey and Ryan Lo.
Bovan painted Barbie’s face with the bright, glitter eye shadows he favors for himself and dressed her in pieces from his spring 2017 collection, from chunky pink knitted sweaters, to crystal-embellished tasseled skirts and a velvet green printed dress.
“I’ve loved Barbie since childhood because for me it provided a blank canvas to be creative, plus Barbie is such a recognizable brand, so it was an immediate yes for me when Mattel got in touch,” Bovan said.
Guests gathered around the Barbies all smiles, taking pictures on their phones. Jones couldn’t resist taking a white rose and placing it upside down on one of the dolls’ heads as a hat. “Do you approve?” he asked Bovan.
Bovan, who previously worked for

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