Bryan Cranston confirms new Breaking Bad film

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has confirmed that a film based on the critically acclaimed TV drama is in the works.
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Bryan Cranston Reveals New Breaking Bad Movie Details

Breaking BadThe Breaking Bad world is poised to get bigger. Vince Gilligan is reportedly working on a movie set in the same universe as his hit AMC series Breaking Bad you know, the show that starred Bryan…

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Breaking down all 30 NBA teams, TV Guide-style

There’s no NBA storyline the stars of “High Noon” won’t tackle. This season you won’t want to look away. – NBA

Breaking Down All of Khloe Kardashian’s Cryptic Social Media Messages

Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian has been raising some eyebrows and concern among fans lately over some new, cryptic social media posts.
The 34-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has used…

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Price turns in to police after breaking driving ban

Katie Price has turned herself in to police after driving her son to a hospital appointment despite being banned from the road.
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Google and Facebook accused of breaking GDPR laws

Complaints against the web giants are filed on the first day of the EU’s new data protection law.
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NFL Nation: Breaking down all 32 teams’ draft classes

The NFL draft is a wrap. NFL Nation reporters break down every pick. See what they think of your favorite team’s picks. – NFL

Sean Hannity Accused Of Stealing His Legal Strategy From ‘Breaking Bad’

Better Call Saul!
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Untuckit’s Aaron Sanandres on Breaking the Rules

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken.
Aaron Sanandres, cofounder and chief executive officer of Untuckit, spoke about building a start-up apparel business in ways that went against conventional wisdom. The brand, initially focused on men’s, now includes women’s wear.
Sanandres was really looking to solve a problem — “I couldn’t find a casual shirt that looked good untucked” — when he and a classmate, Chris Riccobono, decided to start their own company. That was in 2011, with just $ 150,000 in friends and family funding.
As Sanandres puts it, there were a couple of “truisms” that he and his partner never followed. One is how building a retail brand required a lot of capital. Another is about how going into retail is a bad idea given the current “retail apocalypse” backdrop.
“Chris and I did things differently because neither of us did anything in retail,” the ceo said.
The two had to figure out how to survive and grow, but were also aware that they didn’t want to get into the same traps that had befallen other start-ups, Sanandres said. While the company was “lucky” because it benefited from the “tectonic shift to casual,” one big problem after launch was that the web site was

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Lowe’s NBA awards: Breaking down the major races

Zach Lowe makes his picks for the six individual awards, sorting out the top contenders and most deserving runners-up. – NBA

Meghan Markle Does Sporty Style Her Way: Breaking Down Her Latest Laid-Back Look

Meghan MarkleWhen it comes to style, Meghan Markle is on the winning team.
Every time the American star and bride-to-be steps out, she steals the show with her signature blend of cool, comfortable…

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Heron Preston on Breaking the Rules

Heron Preston’s business started with a white lie.
The red-hot streetwear designer admitted that his first independent foray into fashion came when he bootlegged the popular Givenchy Rottweiler T-shirt, reworking it into a deliberate fake by putting the image on a white T-shirt rather than a black one and selling it under the radar through his Instagram post. Since then, Preston has been twisting fashion in a number of unconventional ways that have brought him and his label to the forefront of the popular streetwear movement.
Here, he talks with WWD men’s reporter Aria Hughes about fashion school, pushing boundaries — and where streetwear might be headed next.
WWD: We’re on stage at Parsons where you went to college. How does that make you feel?
Heron Preston: I’m on the same stage where Donna Karan would host these talks with futurists. Now I’m on that stage and it’s kind of trippy. I was a good student because I was excited to have gotten into this school. It was really hard to get into and once I got accepted, I took advantage of all the resources: I was class president, went to all the talks, I really soaked it up.
WWD: You’ve also have written a

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Breaking down all the trade deadline deals

What’s downright delightful about this year is that all the fuss is only, in part, media-driven with Erik Karlsson on the market.

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Sofia Richie’s Travel Essential Keeps Her From Breaking Out

ESC: Must do Monday, Sofia RichieBetween the recycled air on the plane and stresses of traveling, getting to your romantic getaway or girls trip can get in the way of glowing skin.
Sofia Richie, a model with a…

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Breaking Down Khloe Kardashian’s Understated (and Affordable!) Pregnancy Reveal Look

Khloe Kardashian Khloe Kardashian has confirmed her pregnancy!
The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star officially announced on her Instagram Wednesday that she and Tristan Thompson are expecting their…

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Is LeBron James breaking the aging curve?

Kevin Pelton shows how LeBron has appeared to defy the normal NBA aging process this season in his battle against Father Time. – NBA

So, Cara Delevingne Is Breaking Into The Music Industry

Yep, she’s a singer now.
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Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair

Jason Bateman on (Sort of) Breaking Bad for Ozark and Arrested Development’s Return

Ozark, Jason Bateman, Laura LinneyMichael Bluth has turned to a life of crime! Well, his family was already involved in shady dealings on Arrested Development, but this time it’s Jason Bateman who’s breaking bad in…

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Jodie Whittaker and the other sci-fi women breaking the glass ceiling

As Jodie Whittaker is announced as the new Doctor, is sci-fi paving the way for women?
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Modern Love: How to Stop Breaking Up

A writer and artist valued their creative independence too much to stay together. But they couldn’t stay away.
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This Is Rei Kawakubo, The Designer Breaking Down Binaries At The Met

Categories can be presented as choices, but more often, they designate limitations to our freedom. Between options lurks an “or,” a subtle warning of our “this or that” restrictions.

“Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between,” the exhibition opening this week at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, operates differently. The show, honoring iconic Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo, is divided into several categorical pairings, such as “Then/Now,” “East/West,” “High/Low,” and even “Clothes/Not Clothes.” Yet the slash stuck between each pairing isn’t intended as an “or.” Instead, it’s meant to demarcate an in-between, a space that turns dichotomies into cacophonous harmonies. 

The exhibition, decisively described as not a retrospective, features 150 garments from Kawakubo’s collections, divided into binary categories she then proceeds to break down. All of the pieces are presented at eye-level, so the viewer can properly observe the magic of their construction. There is no wall text whatsoever, a nod to Kawakubo’s consistent refusal to define her work in rigid terms. “The meaning is that there is no meaning,” she said in 1995.

The designer was born in Tokyo in 1942, the oldest of three children and the only girl. At university, Kawakubo studied the history of aesthetics, which incorporated elements of Asian and Western Art. It was in 1973 when she established her now-famous label Comme des Garçons (which means “like some boys”), opening her first store just two years later. 

Kawakubo made her Western debut in Paris in 1982, disrupting the era’s wave of glamorous power suits with saggy, lopsided black frocks accentuated with holes, shredded fabric and excess layers of more black. Like many great avant-garde works of art, Kawakubo’s collection was initially met with shock and disdain; critics described it as “ragged chic,” “Hiroshima’s revenge” and “post atomic.”

One of her most iconic collections came over 10 years later with the spring/summer 1997 collection “Body Meets Dress, Dress Meets Body,” featuring skintight stretch dresses pulled over ballooning pads. The form-hugging attire accentuated the pads’ bizarre humps and swelling, radically transfiguring the wearer’s silhouette. The dresses, which were later adapted into costumes for a Merce Cunningham dance, epitomize Kawakubo’s radical ability to defy the assumptions about clothes you never knew you had. 

Even if you’re not into identifying fashion designers, recognizing Kawakubo’s work is a cinch. Mostly because her designs barely resemble clothing at all, boldly defying the laws clothes are intended to serve. Most garments cater to the body of their wearer ― flattering the figure by enhancing certain body parts and downplaying others, all in accordance with ideal beauty standards. Even more fundamentally, they follow certain elementary guidelines ― for example, shirts and pants have a set amount of holes.

For Kawakubo, these items of clothing are hardly that simple. As she told The Guardian: “I built my work from within instead of satisfying a demand for sexualised and ostentatious clothing.”

At times, a Commes des Garçons piece can resemble a cocoon or a gift in haphazard wrapping paper. Some tops contain far too may holes for human arms to occupy, as if designed with another species in mind; others have none at all. Many feature bulging protuberances, while other extreme finishing touches like ruffles or collars seem to be exacting revenge on the wearer.

Kawakubo’s designs tend to transform those who don them into mythical personae, otherworldly creatures or conceptual artworks. Instead of aspiring to make a woman look long and lean, Kawakubo endows her models with pillowy hunchbacks and architectural nests for hair, destabilizing the gaze that often governs fashion.

For centuries, the act of dressing up has proven capable of turning women into characters ― the bride, the professional, the vixen, the princess, the tomboy. The ability to embody an alter ego just by slipping on a dress can be liberating, though of course, the range of available characters can also be limiting. They can seem like choices that, in reality, are anything but.

Kawakubo, however, explodes the vault, queering established feminine tropes and ushering in the masculine, the inanimate, the surreal. Instead of being an “old Hollywood starlet” for a night, how about a pillowcase? A cluster of barnacles? A cobweb? Kawakubo’s clothing invites women to transcend and transmute their bodies, weaving fairytales from their own flesh. In Commes des Garçons’ world, there are no stereotypes, no laws, no masters and no categories: the freedom is absolute and often breathtaking.

You might not realize how similarly individuals dress until you set eyes on a woman wearing what looks like a blowfish carcass, something so unmistakably distinct. Even at The Met Gala, where Kawakubo was the theme, Rihanna’s army of petals ― one of the few actual Comme des Garçons dresses worn ― made jaws drop.

Today, Kawakubo is known as one of the most respected designers of all time ― only the second living designer to be honored with a Met exhibition, after Yves Saint Laurent’s in 1983. Some repeated themes in Kawakubo’s work include the colors black and red, bulging shapes, punk plaid, allusions to bridal and princess gowns ― somehow mangled and resuscitated ― tattered holes, shredded layers, asymmetrical hems and a sculptural intensity that’s rarely seen on the human body.

Most of all though, she’s defined by her inability to be defined. Her work’s most identifiable quality is its sense of boundlessness, which brings into being visions so viscerally peculiar most of us couldn’t conjure them in a dream state. In an interview with The New Yorker, the famously silent Kawakubo revealed that she had “never belonged to a movement, followed a religion, subscribed to an ideology, or worshipped a hero.”

She has even denounced those who have hailed her a feminist icon, refusing to belong to any such category. “I am not a feminist,” she said in 2009. “I was never interested in any movement as such. I just decided to make a company built around creation, and with creation as my sword, I could fight the battles I wanted to fight.”

Comme des Garçons does, however, liberate women from the monolithic male gaze, from the fashionable tradition of dressing up as a mode of self-improvement. But the label does more. It frees art from existing, cold and untouched, in glass cases and frames. It releases pants from the expectation of being two-legged. And it emancipates human beings from their flesh, inviting people to embody intangible ideas that defy categorization.

“Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between,” runs until September 4 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. See photos from The Met Gala here. 

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Record breaking astronaut takes command of ISS

NASA’s Peggy Whitson has assumed command of the International Space Station for a record second time.
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Oil Companies’ Modest Prize: Breaking Even

Despite billions of dollars in spending cuts and a modest oil-price rebound, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron and BP didn’t make enough money in 2016 to cover their costs, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. US Business


BREAKING FAKE NEWS: Trump Text Convo With GOP About His Health Care Bill

HuffPost Comedy obtained exclusive text conversations between President Donald Trump and the House GOP leaders during the negotiations regarding his seemingly failed health care bill.

Now, one might wonder why the entire House GOP would have a single phone for text messaging, but let’s not dwell on the insignificant details. Here is the transcript!

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Comedy – The Huffington Post
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How Chip Designers Are Breaking Moore’s Law

Microprocessors got smaller, faster and more power-efficient, but as they reach their physical limitations, chip architecture is driving performance gains. WSJD


Oscars 2017: Breaking barriers after race row

There’s a buzz in Hollywood about the possibility of Moonlight emerging as the film to beat La La Land to best picture on Sunday. 
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Breaking Bad star to make London theatre debut

Bryan Cranston, best known for his role as Walter White in hit TV show Breaking Bad, is to make his London stage debut at the National Theatre.
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Table for Three: Samantha Bee and Jane Pauley Are Breaking the News

The late-night news comedian and the veteran television journalist compare notes on the news — real, fake and satirical.
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Breaking Free from Depression

Breaking Free from Depression

When it comes to treating depression, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. How do you find the science-based treatment that will work for you? What can you do to restore the fighting spirit and motivation that are so essential for overcoming this illness? Leading psychiatrist-researcher Jesse Wright and his daughter, Laura McCray, a family physician, have helped many thousands of depressed patients discover effective pathways to wellness. Here they describe powerful treatment tools and present a flexible menu of self-help strategies you can try today or turn to in the future. Dozens of easy-to-use worksheets and forms can be downloaded and printed from the companion Web page. Learn proven ways to break the cycle of negative thinking, restore energy and a sense of well-being, strengthen your relationships, and make informed decisions about medications. You can beat depression and keep your life headed in a positive direction. This book shows how.

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Ashley Graham Talks Breaking Barriers With British Vogue Cover and Continuing “Mission of Beauty Beyond Size”

Ashley Graham, British Vogue January 2017Ashley Graham is proud to be changing lives by breaking beauty barriers.
The 28-year-old, 5’9″ curvy model appears on the cover of British Vogue’s January issue, breaking a…

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Breaking Up With Twitter

Twitter functioned as this election cycle’s beating heartbeat. But now that the election is over, is it time to give it a rest?
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Breaking into Acting for Dummies

Breaking into Acting for Dummies

Provides the expert advice you need to get your big break! Jump-start your career and land that paying part From preparing for auditions to finding an agent, the acting business is a challenging and competitive field. This indispensable guide is what every aspiring actor needs to get a foot in the door. Discover how to market yourself, choose a dynamic head shot, create a stellar acting resume, join unions, and pay the bills while you pursue your acting dreams. The Dummies Way? Explanations in plain English? “Get in, get out” information? Icons and other navigational aids? Tear-out cheat sheet? Top ten lists? A dash of humor and fun

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Breaking the Line

Breaking the Line

The concluding chapter in the epic trilogy that chronicles the private lives dangerous times of England’s greatest naval hero and his legendary mistress.1799. Having evacuated the King and Queen of Naples ahead of Napoleon’s advancing army, Nelson must now await developments in Sicily. In the meantime, he and Emma savour their passionate affair, and when Nelson travels back to Britain with the Hamiltons, he finds he is the toast of Europe. To the British elite, however, Nelson is a dangerous upstart, and his love for Emma is his weakness. With rising resentment, Nelson and Emma are forced to keep up appearances. As the war with Napoleon drags on, Nelson engages the Danish fleet at Copenhagen with stunning results. Finally he is given the chance he’s been waiting for: off a little-known Spanish cape called Trafalgar, the moment has come to show the world his mettle.

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Meet the Two Guys Who Are Breaking All the Fashion Industry’s Old Rules

Demna Gvasalia and Alessandro Michele are changing the way we think about getting dressed.

Style – Esquire


Breaking Up? Let an App Do It for You

Dissolving a relationship used to be a private matter between two people. Now there are apps, websites and digital Cyranos available to help.

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Ronstan 3/16 Dia. Keypin Locking Shackle, 2640lb. Breaking Strength, 19/32 Inside Width

Ronstan 3/16 Dia. Keypin Locking Shackle, 2640lb. Breaking Strength, 19/32 Inside Width

Ronstan 3/16″ Dia. Keypin Locking Shackle, 2640lb. Breaking Strength, 19/32″ Inside Width Clevis pin keeps shackle on end of halyard. Locking pin.
List Price: $ 17.81
Price: $ 17.81

Breaking Abigail

Breaking Abigail

As eighteen-year-old Abigail Podret pleasures herself in her family’s summer-house, she cries out the name of Mark LeMarchand, the man she secretly loves. She has no idea that he stands steps away, ready to do what she most desires: strip her naked, spank her hard, and take her even harder. But as a result of her stern upbringing, Abigail finds herself unable to give herself to Mark no matter how badly she longs for it. Mark is determined to help Abigail, and with the assistance of wealthy friends he creates the Institute, a place where women agree to have their memory of consent suppressed by hypnosis in order to free them to enjoy their submission fully. When Mark tells Abigail about the Institute, she realizes it may be her only chance at real happiness. After agreeing to the program, Abigail wakes up at the Institute and meets Master Ian, under whose firm hand she will be taught to please a man in any way he requires. Absolute obedience is expected of her and anything less will result in punishments as shameful as they are effective. But when Abigail inadvertently discovers the truth about The Institute, will she decide to finish her training or will she leave and rush into Mark’s waiting arms? Publisher’s Note: Breaking Abigail is the third book of The Institute Series. The books of The Institute Series are stand-alone novels which can be read in any order. Breaking Abigail is an erotic novel that includes extensive BDSM content, spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of exhibitionism and voyeurism, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Breaking Free from Boomerang Love

Breaking Free from Boomerang Love

Through daily readings and affirmations, the reader is led into an inspirational, experiential journey as seen through the eyes of a partner to someone suffering with borderline personality disorder. Breaking Free from Boomerang Love progresses from the silent withdrawals to the exploding rages of the BPD, from the fearful, walking-on-eggshells to the ultimate healing and empowerment of the partner. The message is applicable to all relationships – lovers, family members, friends and work associates. Breaking Free from Boomerang Love describes how the partner of the borderline personality disordered person repeatedly leaves the relationship, only to return to it, again and again, desperately trying to fix an illness they don’t even know the name of – and which only the BPD can fix, with professional mental health help. Many books have been written by mental health professionals about borderline personality disorder. Boomerang Love is the first ever written by a partner about the disorder and the experience of living with it.

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Breaking: Donna Karan to Step Down as Lead Designer of Her Brand

Donna Karan taking her final runway bow during New York Fashion Week in February.

Breaking designer news: Donna Karan is stepping down from namesake company, Donna Karan International.

WWD reports that the 66-year old designer is leaving the design world to focus on her philanthropic work with Urban Zen, which according to its web site, aims to “raise awareness and inspire change in the areas of preservation of cultures, well-being and education.”

“I have arrived at a point in my life where I need to spend more time to pursue my Urban Zen commitment to its fullest potential and follow my vision of philanthropy and commerce with a focus on health care, education and preservation of cultures,” Karan told WWD. “After considering the right time to take this step for several years, I feel confident that DKI has a bright future and a strong team in place.”

This announcement comes right on heels of the April announcment that Public School designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, would become designers for Karan’s contemporary brand, DKNY.

To say Donna Karan is a fashion industry icon is an understatement. She was an integral part of building the foundation of American fashion design, having come up alongside Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta and Bill Blass in the ’80s. What’s more, she was one of the few female designers, designing for women—which earned her a devoted female fanbase who felt she really understood their bodies and their needs.

After assisting Anne Klein for several years, the New York native started her namesake label in 1985, with what would become her signature “seven easy pieces.” She envisioned the interchangeable jersey bodysuits, dresses, cocoon blazers etc, would become the foundation of a woman’s wardrobe. And they did.

Karan has been bestowed every significant fashion award there is and most notably, her eighth CFDA award came in 2003 for Lifetime Achievement. She was also one of Glamour’s Women of the Year in 2007.

Update: According to a statement from Donna Karan International, the firm will not seek to replace Karan as Chief Designer for the Donna Karan label quite yet. Shows and collections will be suspended for a period of time.

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RJ Mitte (A.K.A. Walt Jr. of Breaking Bad) Is Now a Runway Model

Yes, you read that correctly. RJ Mitte, the actor who played Walt Jr./Flynn, the meek son of drug kingpin Walter White on Breaking Bad, made his runway modeling debut at the Vivienne Westwood menswear show in Milan over the weekend. Note: These images are slightly NSFW.


Mitte, who is signed with Elite London, a UK model agency, opened and closed the Vivienne Westwood show sporting what looks like a literal breastplate in one look.


But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Mitte transform from regular ol’ actor to smokeshow model. Last year the 22-year-old, who similar to his television character has a mild case of cerebral palsy, starred in an ad campaign for the Gap shot by photographer David Sims.


Well, if the he doesn’t get back into acting, we now know why!

Relive Breaking Bad’s craziest moments
Life-advice for Baby Holly
Thank godness: Better Call Saul is so good

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Breaking: The First Photos of Princess Charlotte and Prince George Are Here!

A mere two days after it was announced that we'll finally see Princess Charlotte at her christening on July 5, it turns out we won't even have to wait that long! Kensington Palace has released…

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This ‘Breaking Bad’ And ‘Spongebob’ Mashup Is Just Too Perfect

Sorry, Walter White, there’s a new cook in town. His name is Spongebob Squarepants — and you better say his name.

YouTuber RunningFlannel’s “Breaking Sponge,” a mashup of “Breaking Bad” and “Spongebob Squarepants,” is so good that it almost works too perfectly. The meth lab becomes the Krusty Krab, Sandy is Skyler and a furious Squidward is Tuco. Check out the video and continue wishing this could be a full-length series.

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Comedy – The Huffington Post
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Breaking Ground: Pioneering Women Archaeologists

Breaking Ground: Pioneering Women Archaeologists

At the close of the Victorian era, two generations of intrepid women abandoned Grand Tour travel for the rigors of archaeological expeditions, shining the light of scientific exploration on Old World antiquity. Breaking Ground highlights the remarkable careers of twelve pioneers-a compelling narrative of personal, social, intellectual, and historical achievement. -Claire Lyons, The Getty Museum “Behind these pioneering women lie a wide range of fascinating and inspiring life stories. Though each of their tales is unique, they were all formidable scholars whose important contributions changed the field of archaeology. Kudos to the authors for making their stories and accomplishments known to us all!” -Jodi Magness, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill This book presents twelve fascinating women whose contributions to the development and progress of Old World archaeology-in an area ranging from Italy to Mesopotamia-have been immeasurable. Each essay in this collection examines the life of a pioneer archaeologist in the early days of the discipline, tracing her path from education in the classics to travel and exploration and eventual international recognition in the field of archaeology. The lives of these women may serve as models both for those interested in gender studies and the history of archaeology because in fact, they broke ground both as women and as archaeologists. The interest inherent in these biographies will reach well beyond defined disciplines and subdisciplines, for the life of each of these exciting and accomplished individuals is an adventure story in itself

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Picasso Painting Sells For $179 Million, Breaking Art Auction Record

NEW YORK (AP) — A vibrant, multi-hued painting from Pablo Picasso set a world record for artwork at auction, selling for nearly $ 179.4 million on Monday night.

“Women of Algiers (Version O)” was part of a sale at Christie’s auction house that also featured Alberto Giacometti’s life-size sculpture “Pointing Man,” which was poised to set a record as the most expensive sculpture sold at auction. They were among two dozen masterpieces from the 20th century Christie’s offered in a curated sale titled “Looking Forward to the Past.”

The Picasso price, $ 179,365,000, included the auction house’s premium. The identity of the buyer wasn’t immediately disclosed.

Experts say high art prices are driven by artworks’ investment value and by wealthy new and established collectors seeking out the very best works.

“I don’t really see an end to it, unless interest rates drop sharply, which I don’t see happening in the near future,” Manhattan dealer Richard Feigen said.

Impressionist and modern artworks continue to corner the market because “they are beautiful, accessible and a proven value,” added Sarah Lichtman, professor of design history and curatorial studies at The New School.

“I think we will continue to see the financiers seeking these works out as they would a blue chip company that pays reliable dividends for years to come,” she said.

“Women of Algiers,” once owned by the American collectors Victor and Sally Ganz, was inspired by Picasso’s fascination with the 19th-century French artist Eugene Delacroix. It is part of a 15-work series Picasso created in 1954-55 designated with the letters A through O. It has appeared in several major museum retrospectives of the artist.

The most expensive artwork sold at auction had been Francis Bacon’s “Three Studies of Lucian Freud,” which Christie’s sold for $ 142.4 million in 2013.

“Pointing Man,” depicting a skinny 5-foot-high bronze figure with extended arms, has been in the same private collection for 45 years. Giacometti, who died in 1966, made six casts of the work; four are in museums, and the others are in private hands and a foundation collection.

His “Walking Man I” holds the auction record for a sculpture. It sold for $ 104.3 million in 2010.

Among other highlights at Christie’s was Peter Doig’s “Swamped,” a 1990 painting of a canoe in a moonlit lagoon, which could set a record for the British artist. It was estimated to fetch around $ 20 million. The current record is $ 18 million.

Monet’s “The Houses of Parliament, At Sunset,” a lush painting of rich blues and magenta created in 1900-01, was estimated to bring $ 35 million to $ 45 million. The Monet auction record is his 1919 “Water Lily Pond,” which sold for $ 80.5 million in 2008.

Christie’s also had a Mark Rothko for sale. “No. 36 (Black Stripe),” which had never appeared at auction, was estimated to sell for $ 30 million to $ 50 million. The 1958 work was being sold by the German collector Frieder Burda, who exhibited it in his museum in Baden-Baden for several years.

Last year, Christie’s said its global sales of impressionist and modern art were $ 1.2 billion, an increase of 19 percent over the previous year.

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Herschel Walker Signed 2008 Breaking Free 1st Edition Hardback Book JSA Georgia

Herschel Walker Signed 2008 Breaking Free 1st Edition Hardback Book JSA Georgia

Herschel Walker Signed 2008 Breaking Free 1st Edition Hardback Book JSA Georgia
List Price: $ 115.08
Price: $ 109.08

Breaking Down the Finale Episode of “Serial”: Do We Finally Know Who Did It?

After 11 captivating episodes digging in to the 1999 murder of Baltimore teenager Hae Min Lee and the man accused of the crime, her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, we've finally come to the last episode of…

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‘Breaking Bad’ ‘Frozen’ Parody Asks ‘Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab?’

In April, Jesse Pinkman answered the question, “Do you want to build a snowman?” in the way only he could. Now, Walter White is at his door with a far more sinister proposal. Forcefully reminding a young Anna that he is the one who knocks, Walt begs Jesse to come build a meth lab. Despite humorous bits like Walt’s pants falling down at the door, the parody is actually quite the emotional ride, and for those who have yet to finish watching the full series, contains some serious spoilers. Watch the video above, but tread lightly.

H/T Reddit
Comedy – The Huffington Post
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The Breaking Point for One Mother of Jay’s Children – Iyanla: Fix My Life – OWN

Tune in Saturday, September 27, at 9/8c.

For more than a decade, Charmaine was involved in a roller coaster relationship with Jay, the father of 34 biological children with 17 different women. She is the mother of three of Jay’s sons, ages 12, 11 and 5, and was pregnant with her youngest child at the same time as two other mothers of Jay’s children.

Now, Charmaine says she doesn’t want to be with Jay, but Iyanla wants to know how she got to three children. “At what point do you say, ‘No’?” Iyanla asks.

“When I had nothing else,” Charmaine says. “Nothing else for myself, to give to my children, my friends.” When she was with Jay, Charmaine says even her family began to judge her.

Watch as Iyanla encourages Charmaine to speak the truth and share the source of her family’s shame.

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In ‘The Devilers’ Comic Book, Exorcists Converge To Stop Hell From Breaking Loose

(RNS) There’s never a better time for a bunch of holy avengers than when all hell actually breaks loose.

The Dynamite Entertainment series The Devilers debuts Wednesday (July 16) as an action-packed supernatural comic book full of demonic beasties, big-picture philosophies and heroes that have to put religious differences aside in order to save Vatican City – and the world – from being turned into brimstone.

“When suddenly it’s ‘Oh that is a giant hellmouth that opened up in front of me,’ that changes your beliefs,” said series writer Joshua Hale Fialkov (The Bunker, The Life After), who’s doing the The Devilers alongside artist Matt Triano.

The main conceit behind The Devilers is the Catholic Church, which has had an armistice with Satan’s forces for hundreds of years to keep the demonic element downstairs, but not surprisingly the deal doesn’t hold. Horrific creatures arise when they stop caring about what mankind and the heavenly host can do to them, thereby beginning a new war on Earth.

Father Malcolm O’Rourke, whose faith has waned since having an otherworldly encounter as a child, is called into action by the church’s head exorcist, Cardinal Michael David Reed, as well as other potential saviors from all over the world.

Every issue of Devilers focuses on a different character in the group, which includes Mossad agent and rabbi Brenda Davide, a pro at revealing true evil; the tricky and persuasive Samir Patel; Raab Al-Fayed, a noted demonologist who controls a powerful entity; Chun-Bai, a woman able to bend nature to her will; and the teleporting man-bear demon Rex.

“As we’re discovering the world, each of them is discovering the world, too, and you get a sense of who they are that way,” said Fialkov, adding that the team readers meet in the first issue may not be there going forward.

The cardinal is a pretty hardcore sort but he in a sense reflects the stakes involved with the hellish situation.

“You can have dogma as much as you like, but when the rubber hits the road, you have to be practical,” Fialkov said.

Even though he had a childhood experience that for most people would be proof positive that there are higher powers at work, Malcolm, the priest and exorcist, is still more practical than spiritual.

“He’s had time soften the one thing that really gave him faith, but now suddenly it’s jammed in front of his face,” Fialkov said. “There’s no arguing with the things he sees.”

While the Devilers has a philosophical side, it’s still as big and crazy as a 1970s X-Men comic, according to Fialkov.

Fialkov’s I, Vampire series for DC Comics merged vampires and a monster world into a landscape of superheroes, and he’s trying to do something similar with The Devilers, an inherently dark book that’s more funny than bleak.

Triano illustrates a frog flipping off the cardinal in the first issue, and the holy man tells an atheist who gets a little too close to Rex, “Don’t kick the demon, son.” “That’s just me being me,” Fialkov said. “Anytime anything feels pretentious, I have to take the wind out of the sails.”

The next couple of issues feature the protagonists journeying through hell, “literally heading toward Satan’s throne room,” Fialkov said. “But the question is, who’s actually sitting on that throne? It might be a surprise.”
Arts – The Huffington Post
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You Cant Lead With Your Feet On The Desk: Building Relationships, Breaking Down Barriers, And Delivering Profits

You Cant Lead With Your Feet On The Desk: Building Relationships, Breaking Down Barriers, And Delivering Profits

You can''t lead with your feet on the desk . . . or your brain on hold. Ed Fuller brings experience, intelligence, and heart to this inspiring guide to building relationships and the good things that follow when you do. The message is delivered in an engaging style that keeps you entertained and leaves you with lasting wisdom.—MICHAEL V. DRAKE, MD, Chancellor, University of California, IrvineThe world of tourism, hospitality, and hotels has become a very global, complex, and diverse industry. No one knows this better than Ed Fuller. In this thoughtfully written text, Ed is speaking to business students, managers, and executives of all industries through his rich experience in the global hotel industry. We have found many great examples within these pages of how we can conduct business better, and I would suggest that they are not only relevant in the United States but throughout the world.—ANDREW H. FEINSTEIN, James A. Collins Distinguished Chair and Dean, The Collins College of Hospitality Management, Cal Poly PomonaThe World Travel & Tourism Council services six continents. Ed''s book will empower you to apply many of the principles that we employ globally, whether it''s in Denver, Dubai, or Düsseldorf. These principles will give you a competitive edge in your markets immediately.—JEAN-CLAUDE BAUMGARTEN, President, World Travel & Tourism CouncilEd Fuller''s generous layers of personal experiences and his crisp narrative make his stern message easy to understand. Take my advice, read his book before you take another plane on a foreign business trip. It will change the way you behave.—GEOFFREY KENT, founder and Executive Chairman, Abercrombie & KentLet me tell you what Ed''s book isn''t: it''s not a primer on how to shake hands or fold your napkin in another country. It''s an incredibly rich insight into leadership through well-earned personal relationships and experiences that American business executives need to embrace to succeed in the global economy.—ROGER DOW, President and CEO, U.S. Travel AssociationEd''s book gives the student, manager, and executive practical experience in dealing with unique situations, new relationships, and creative problem-solving approaches that are broadly applicable in the business world, no matter where you live or whom you deal with. The insights will prove valuable to your personal growth.—ANDY POLICANO, Dean, The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine
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Breaking Through

Breaking Through

‘BREAKING THROUGH’ is a must read. That’s right, I am talking to you. The mere fact that you are looking at this book is saying that you are at that place in your life, where you are sick-and-tired of being sick-and-tired about your weight and you are ready to do something about it. Well, I want you to know that you are not alone. There are thousands of people at this very moment feeling just the same as you. The good news is that you can do something about it. There is a plan out there that will work for you; the key is finding a sensible plan that you will work. So, ‘BREAKING THROUGH’ was written not only to help you find your plan, but to be used as an enhancement to get the best results from any sensible weight loss program. The key word is ‘sensible’ ‘BREAKING THROUGH will define what sensible should look and feel like to you plus, you will find that this book is a toolbox full of mental tools; tools that will assist you in losing weight, getting fit and staying that way. ‘BREAKING THROUGH’ will prove to be one of the best decisions you have made towards the journey to becoming the new healthier you.

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Love Junkies: 7 Steps for Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle

Love Junkies: 7 Steps for Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle

A “Hand Up” for Women Stuck in the Toxic Love Rut Do romantic relationships leave you miserable and confused? Are you tired of getting into a relationship and as soon as the initial buzz is gone you get that sinking feeling that whispers, what am I doing? Did the new wear off as soon as the wedding bells rang? Experts say that we gravitate toward relationships within a ten-point spread of our own IQ. Likewise, in the realm of soul-health, we also attract those with whom we are most emotionally compatible. That can be a good thing, or a bad thing – it depends on how much baggage we carry around What if there was a way to diagnose your soul-health and create a plan for improvement so you could enjoy more satisfying romantic relationships? Complete with an online Soul-Health Profile that will help you assess your own soul-health and identify areas of weaknesses, Love Junkies is just that – an action plan and detailed guide to help you eliminate toxic behaviors that jeopardize your soul health and keep you stuck in unhealthy relationships. You’ll learn how to change your habits and heal your soul and most importantly, break the toxic relationship cycle FOREWORD: By Shannon Ethridge, bestselling author of the “Every Woman’s Battle” books with Steve Arterburn, and “The Sexually Confident Woman.”

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Breaking All the Rules

Breaking All the Rules

New – Fashion advice for the more than 30 million American women who wear a size 16 or larger, including unusual sources for buying clothes and patterns for making everything from slacks to sweaters, plus tips on health, exercise, and diet.

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