Apple iPadOS is breathing new life into the iPad

Apple iPadOS is breathing new life into the iPadApple is rolling out a new operating system called iPadOS designed specifically to give the iPad more functionality.

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Kim Kardashian Took “Corset Breathing Lessons” for 2019 Met Gala

Kim Kardashian West, 2019 Met Gala, Red Carpet FashionsKim Kardashian knows that beauty is pain.
The 38-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed on Friday that she took actual “corset breathing lessons” from famous…

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Brooklyn gets breathing room in Eastern Conference playoff push

The Nets got arguably their biggest win of the season in Milwaukee to set up four meaningful Sunday games in the East. – NBA

The Key to Better Sex Is All in Your Breathing

Learn to control your breathing so you can focus on what matters.

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Lemmy leaves stage with breathing issue

Motorhead should be riding high on the charts next week with their new album, Bad Magic, if their sales on Amazon are any indication RSS feed
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Lemmy leaves stage with breathing issue

Motorhead should be riding high on the charts next week with their new album, Bad Magic, if their sales on Amazon are any indication RSS feed
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Dad Puts Baby To Sleep By Breathing Like Darth Vader

The dark side of the Force comes with a plethora of powers, ranging from telekinesis to lightsaber skills, and apparently, putting your newborn to sleep.

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3 Yoga Breathing Techniques to Keep You Warm This Winter

By Yoga Journal

The cold and dry air that accompanies winter weather can aggravate your sinuses, adding extra irritation on top of seasonal colds. While in the summer we can use sitali, the cooling breath, to reduce body heat, winter weather calls for the opposite approach. Here are three breathing exercises to help you build internal heat. Try them before stepping outside for a brisk winter workout, hitting the slopes, or heading into Surya Namaskar on a chilly morning. You’ll get a jump on the weather, as well as a better awareness of your breath.

Girl with hand in from of face demonstrating Uijayi breathing

Ujjayi Breath
This staple of asana practice helps warm you from the inside out. Engage a light constriction in the back of your throat as you breathe slowly in and out through your nose. This constriction adds a challenge to the muscles of respiration, focuses your attention, and allows you to begin to build internal heat. Continue for 10 to 20 breath cycles. For more heat, coordinate your Ujjayi Breath with a few rounds of half Sun Salutations or other rhythmic movement.

Girl sticking out tongue and demonstrating lion's breath

Lion’s Breath
As the opposite of Sitali, which comes in through the mouth and out through the nose, Lion’s Breath goes in through the nose — you can use the Ujjayi constriction and sound — then out through the mouth with a “haaaaaaah” sound.
Bonus: This helps release stress, if only for its silliness. To really get into it, stick your tongue out, cross your eyes, and roar with each exhalation. A few rounds serve to build heat and shake out tension.

Girl with hand on stomach demonstrating Kapalabhati breathing

Kapalabhati Breath
The bellowing action of the abdomen in energizing Kapalabhati Breath helps stoke your internal fire. Start with a clear nose (find a tissue!) and begin to cycle through forceful exhalations, pulling your belly in and up as you breathe out. Let the release of this belly pull in short inhalations. Pump through 20 short exhalations, then pull in a long Ujjayi breath, hold for a beat, and release. Continue for three to five rounds.

Watch our video on for a tutorial on yoga breathing techniques.

Embrace the meaning and practice behind restorative yoga and how to relax with Pranayama breathing.
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Breathing Space: Honoring Lily, Sarah and Grace Badger | Super Soul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

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After losing her three daughters in a Christmas Day 2011 house fire, advertising agency owner Madonna Badger says her connection to Lily, Sarah and Grace becomes more powerful with every passing day. Her girls often come to her in unexpected ways, including in the form of a butterfly. In this Breathing Space, we honor Madonna’s three beautiful children with a quiet moment of reflection on the wings of a butterfly.


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Breathing Space: Honoring Lily, Sarah and Grace Badger | Super Soul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Living and Breathing Gabriel García Márquez


I met Gabriel García Márquez 30 years ago.

By 1984 I had read many of the novels the Colombian writer had published until then.

The year before, the theater group Comunidad de Lima had assigned me to adapt the tale The Incredible and Sad Story of Candida Eréndira and Her Heartless Grandmother.

It was a simple and exquisite novel, full of contradictory adjectives and out-of-this-world scenes that made my imagination fly farther than it had ever flown.

To get to know Eréndira, the grandmother, the swamps of the past, the Amadises and the wind of misfortune, I had to meet García Márquez. I spent months in libraries researching and reading as many magic realism books as I could find.

I moved to Macondo. I met the Colonel, the patriarch, the Big Mama, the castaway, the blue dog, the foretold death. I spoke with the handsomest drowned man, the ghost ship and Blackaman. I found part of the screenplay version of Eréndira in a Cuban magazine. I just looked at it but did not read it.

I wanted to write my own adaptation.

The biggest challenge for Eréndira was not only to pay her grandmother the debt of 872,315 pesos. For me, it was to convince the audience that the images and texts do justice to the beauty of the García Márquez prose. How could I put into context the time and space without being obvious, keeping the magic without being descriptive?

The grandmother and granddaughter were sound characters, with irreplaceable dialogues. It lacked a common thread to become an effective translation into theater, and the photographer character, assumed that role who, like a Greek chorus, led us through the Colombian desert.

Still, images of ostriches, thirsty graves, luminous and flying stingrays, nuns with tuberculosis, oranges with diamonds, needed to preserve the disbelief and the exaggeration to the point of admiration.

How to do justice to such imagination?

We just had to look around. We lived in Latin America, in countries with intersecting stories, military coups, disappearing people, fraudulent elections, absurd rituals and ossified customs.

We decided then to incorporate original songs to the play, trying to keep a light environment within the depth of the abuse, oppression, contrivance, the nerve and madness of the grandmother.

When writing his novels and short stories, García Márquez was inspired by his own life and the people who crossed his path. We did the same, digging into our own local realities.

The first and second acts were ready. The third was the only one still in progress. One night, at the end of a group discussion, the director of the play Carlos Padilla Pardo said: “I think Elio could play the role of the grandma.”

You can imagine my surprise. A man playing the grandmother in a conservative society? Besides, I was not sure I could do justice to that role.

At that time, Peru was experiencing an inflation that would become rampant, scarcity — I remember how precious sugar was — terrorist bombings, constant blackouts and political disorder.

To Padilla, the grandmother was a man: a dictator, abusive and oppressive, disguised as a woman, who in order to convince and reach her goals would use the unscrupulous wiles of a sneaky female. She was the sum of defects of both genders, made up with musk, dressed in satin and perfumed with the yellow roses García Márquez admired.

I already knew the character but the challenge was not to turn it into a cartoon.

I accepted the challenge. I had nightmares of violent fires, melancholic fevers and windy nights with hungry moths that served to calm the storms of that challenge.

The grandmother was a white, huge whale. I had to age 50 years and put on 100 pounds. I had to experience delusions, refine my voice and shave my beard, which at that time was black.

There was nothing that two silver wigs, makeup, and jewelry could not achieve. A super-sized body, with flabby and lopsided breasts, opulent buttocks and a Botero-like belly completed the facade, along with three colorful cotton, taffeta and lace dresses, and square-heel boots that made me reach 6’2″ height.

The conversion would take me two hours every night.

The set design was masterful: Two truckloads of sand in the center of the seating. The stage got covered with XIX century adobe bricks we got from a demolished building. The enormous grandma’s house with painted backdrops, which were destroyed during the fire every night. The fire was real.

It was a real marvelous mise-en-scène. It was our best way to pay García Márquez tribute.

The season lasted three months, four shows per week. For the last show, more than 50 people were left outside in the middle of the damp and cold Lima winter. We extended the season for an additional month.

Gabo made us acknowledge Latin America, this magic and wonderful land where a blind person gets his sight back, someone without legs runs a marathon and a whore ends up being canonized.

Thirty years ago I lived García Márquez. Maybe I need 70 more years to get to know the solitude.

Elio Leturia teaches multimedia journalism at Columbia College Chicago.
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