Brie Larson Gives a Nod to Captain Marvel at ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Seoul Premiere

Captain Marvel certainly knows how to make an entrance.
Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel in the Marvel Studios hit franchise, attended the Seoul premiere of her upcoming film, “Avengers: Endgame” in a Rodarte dress that gave a nod to her superhero character.
The actress — who attended the premiere with co-stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jeremy Renner and co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo — chose an embellished blue gown with a pink silk ruffle from the Rodarte fall 2019 collection. The hand-beading and blue hue reference the star motif and color of her superhero’s uniform.

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With the premiere of her stand-alone film “Captain Marvel” — which is Marvel Studio’s first female-led superhero film and 21st film overall in the franchise — and now in the middle of the press tour for “Avengers: Endgame,” Larson has grown accustomed to giving her superhero character

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The 29-year-old actress traded in her superhero suit for a gorgeous gown by…

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Alison Brie Says Brother-in-Law James Franco Was Nude on Their First Day of Filming

Alison Brie received quite the surprise on her first day filming The Disaster Artist — a naked director.

Making matters even more bizarre: Her director was James Franco, her brother-in-law who also stars in the film. On that particular day he happened to be filming (and directing) a nude scene.

“I was there for a fitting and James was totally nude filming a scene,” Brie recalls with a laugh to PEOPLE TV. “ this long black wig, crazy facial prosthetics and a sock on his penis. I was like, ‘OK this is going to be an interesting project.’”

Brie says that although there was definitely an “adjustment period” to being directed by Franco in character — naked or clothed — his wacky methods were fitting for the film they were making.

“It actually made a lot of sense for him to be directing in character,” she says. “The whole movie is so meta in a lot ways and so it just sort of felt right to look at James and have him essentially be Tommy directing us in this ode to Tommy Wiseau.”

The Disaster Artist, which also stars Brie’s husband Dave Franco, is about the making of the 2003 film The Room, a cult favorite often referred to as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.” The brothers Franco play unlikely and real-life best friends Wiseau and Greg Sestero, who went on to make and star in The Room.

“It’s sort of a classic story of two guys coming to Hollywood to pursue their dream,” says Brie. “They sort of achieve it in a very different kind of way.”

The Glow star says she loved working with her husband on the film (Brie plays Sestero’s girlfriend Amber), while noting this marks the first time the brothers have worked together.

“Dave is so talented and he’s so funny and more than anything I just like getting to spend extra time with him,” says Brie. “I think it’s also really right that this is the first real thing that he’s worked on with James. And that you see those brothers and the Tommy-Greg relationship is so interesting and I think it adds a funny and complex layer to it, that these brothers are playing the parts.”

She adds: “I think Dave makes the character Greg really sweet and relatable and you need that in this movie because Tommy Wiseau is such an over the top character. James is playing him just perfectly, you need another character to sort of ground the movie and the story, and I think Dave’s character becomes the audience’s eyes looking at Tommy.”

The Disaster Artist is now playing in theaters.

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Charlize Theron, Brie Larson Attend Porter’s Incredible Women Gala 2017

Porter, Net-a-porter’s print magazine, on Wednesday held its second annual Incredible Women Gala at NeueHouse West Hollywood, in association with Estée Lauder. Hosted by editor in chief Lucy Yeomans and Universal chairman Donna Langley, the event drew Charlize Theron, Brie Larson, Elizabeth Banks, Mary J. Blige, Melanie Griffith, Raquel Welch, Kate Bosworth and more.
The Incredible Women list, now in its third year, grew out of a cover line on Porter’s first issue. It has since spawned a talk series that began with Christy Turlington Burns in 2014 and has included American Ballet Theater principal dancer Misty Copeland, film director Sofia Coppola and Serpentine chief executive officer Yana Peel. The first gala was held last year in London at the V&A Museum.
Partnering with Langley, who was profiled in the magazine in the past, made sense since this year’s list of 50 women was focused on the entertainment industry. The timing of this year’s gala comes when women in the industry have banded together in support of speaking out against sexual harassment. The magazine commissioned women including Copeland, Larson and the organizers of the Women’s March, Tamika Mallory and Bob Bland, to write open letters touching upon crucial issues facing women in

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Daniel Bryan Takes Brie Bella to a Landfill to Show Her the Dangers of Using Plastic Diapers: ”Diapers Take 500 Years to Decompose!”

Brie Bella, Total Bellas 202Saving the planet one diaper at a time!
The only thing that could rival Daniel Bryan’s love for his baby is his love for the environment. On this week’s episode of Total Bellas,…

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Brie Larson Looks JUST Like a Scooby Doo Character in This Throwback Photo

Brie Larson posted a throwback photo to Instagram from 2004 in which she looks just like Daphne from Scooby Doo.
Philadelphia just added two new colors to their pride flag to honor queer people of color.
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See Brie Bella's Newborn Daughter Birdie Joe

The "Total Divas" star and husband Daniel Bryan welcome their first child, Birdie Joe. "LFE" examines the baby's unique name.
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Wrestler Brie Bella on Hoping for a ‘Natural’ Childbirth: ‘I Know I Can Stand Pain Because of My Career’

Brie Bella is well-versed when it comes to enduring physical stress on her body, but she understands that carrying a child — and giving birth — are a different story.

“Everyone can tell you what pregnancy feels like, but it will still be new to you,” the WWE Divas Champion tells Fit Pregnancy and Baby for its April cover story. “I’m preparing for a natural birth. I hope I can stick with that, but obviously I’m open to medical help if need be.”

Bella, 33, isn’t worried about being uncomfortable, though — and her reason why makes a lot of sense.

“I know I can stand pain because of my career,” says the Total Divas star, who has retired from the ring for the time being to focus on motherhood. “Childbirth is going to be more painful than wrestling, but I know I will survive.”

Want all the latest pregnancy and birth announcements, plus celebrity mom blogs? Click here to get those and more in the PEOPLE Babies newsletter.

Bella and husband Daniel Bryan are expecting a daughter this spring, whom they plan to name Birdy Joe. And the story behind her parents’ choice of moniker is a sweet one.

“Joe, her middle name, is after my grandfather — his name was Joseph, and he meant the world to me,” she shares. “Birdy is because my husband and his whole family are B’s. And he married me, a B too, so his one request was that our kids have B names.”

Adds Bella, “I didn’t realize how hard it was to find girl B names, but we both came across Birdy and knew that was it!”

FROM COINAGE: 4 Ways to Work Out Without Killing Your Wallet


The secret to getting pregnant for Bella and Bryan (aside from the obvious)? Stop obsessing over it.

“You spend your adult life trying not to get pregnant, so I thought having it happen would be immediate,” she says. “But for a couple of months I’d be late and think I felt signs and then turn out not to be pregnant.”

“Sure enough, when we took one month off from trying and stopped the ovulation tests, it all worked out,” the mama-to-be adds. “I think my body was telling me, ‘It’s time.’

Brie Bella Is Pregnant with Her First Child!


Aside from her flexible birth plan, Bella is focusing on what comes after — namely, breastfeeding — and willing herself to allow time for herself and Birdy to find a rhythm.

“I’ve talked to friends; they’ve all had issues with their baby not latching on right away,” she explains. “You concentrate so much on the birthing part that sometimes you forget the important parts that come once the baby arrives.”

“I’ll remind myself to be patient,” she continues. “I feel breastfeeding creates a special bond with your baby. The fact that you can feed your child with your body is the most fascinating thing in the world to me.”

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Brie Larson, Rowan Blanchard Turn Out for Liz Goldwyn’s Standing Rock Dinner

Brie Larson and Rowan Blanchard were among those invited by Liz Goldwyn and David de Rothschild for dinner at Alma at The Standard, Hollywood, to celebrate the recent victory at Standing Rock and bring awareness to the fight to protect natural resources. Miles Allard, cofounder of Sacred Stone Camp, and his wife Ladonna Brave Bull, who were the first to set up peaceful protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline on the site, were the guests of honor, along with DJ Two Bears of Standing Rock.

Brie Larson, Rowan Blanchard and Liz Goldwyn. 

“I curated the guest list to include people from different circles in Los Angeles who are activists with their own platforms,” Goldwyn said. “Brie is already very active with community service, and Rowan does incredible things for someone who’s just 15. She’s really motivating a new generation to make their voices heard.” Other guests included artists Doug Aitken and Rosson Crow, stylists B. Akerlund and Jessica de Ruiter, Dita Von Teese, Larson’s fiancé, musician Alex Greenwald, Alex Ashbaugh, Daniel Corrigan, Co designer Justin Kern, and singer Rainey Qualley and her sister Margaret Qualley.

Margaret and Rainey Qualley 

After a powwow dance performed by Trae Little Sky and Jocy Bird, guests enjoyed a

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