Amy Schumer, Ellen DeGeneres and More Mourn Deadly Synagogue Shooting: ‘My Heart Is Broken’

As news continues to surface about the Pittsburg synagogue shooting that has left 11 people dead and six injured, celebrities are mourning the loss of life and offering their condolences.

The shooting took place at the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill section of the city, the Pittsburgh Public Safety Department announced on Twitter. The department added that it will be prosecuted as a hate crime and the FBI will be leading the investigation.

No children were injured in the shooting, Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich announced at a press conference.

A law enforcement official confirmed to PEOPLE the suspect is Robert Bowers, 46. Police sources told KDKA the shooter yelled, “All Jews must die” after entering the synagogue during the Saturday morning Shabbat service.

“My heart is broken for the victims and loved ones of everyone affected by the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh,” wrote comedian Amy Schumer, who recently announced she’s pregnant with her first child.

Actor Joe Manganiello, who was born nearby in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, added, “My thoughts are back home today with the people of Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh.”

Without specifically mentioning the tragic shooting, television host Ellen DeGeneres made a call for everyone, no matter their political differences, to support one another.

“Today, I send out love to each and every one of you reading this. Every single one of you. We are one world. We all need love. We all want comfort. Let’s give it to each other,” she wrote.

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In addition to honoring those who had lost their lives, some celebrities also spoke out against President Donald Trump.

When asked by reporters on Saturday morning whether the shooting should make lawmakers across the county want to revisit existing gun safety laws, Trump replied that the tragedy had “little to do with it,” CNN reported.

He went on to argue, “If there was an armed guard inside the temple, they would have been able to stop him.”

Vehemently disagreeing, former One Direction member Niall Horan argued that the better solution would be for there to be “no guns at all.”

“Trump kept saying in his chat with reporters that if there was an armed guard inside the synagogue that the ‘numbers’ would have been a lot lower. The fact is if there was no guns at all, there wouldn’t have been a shooter in the first place,” he wrote. “Get a grip.”

RELATED VIDEO: Multiple Casualties Reported in a Shooting at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh

Outspoken Trump critic Bette Midler wrote: “To the families of those who died in the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, my deepest and sincere sympathies. This horror is escalating day by day. If only we had LEADERSHIP that would actually take steps to stop it.”

Other celebrities also urged people who were upset by gun violence to remember to vote in the upcoming mid-term elections, in order to increase the likelihood that politicians who want stricter gun safety laws get elected.

“Sending love to every single one of you who feels targeted by this administration. i’m with you. VOTE NOVEMBER 6TH,” wrote actress Zoe Kazan.

“The guns are the long arm of this racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBT administration. the laws & judges being put in place are the longest arm. vote. them. Out,” she added in a separate tweet.

This Is Us star Mandy Moore also urged anybody “feeling helpless and frustrated by this news” to vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

“My heart goes out to all those affected by gun violence today and every day. Feeling helpless and frustrated by this news too? VOTE Nov 6th. VOTE. Use your voice,” she wrote, including #GunSenseCandidates.

Trump has condemned the shooting as an act of anti-Semitism.

The suspect was taken into custody after surrendering to police, according to the Associated Press. City Councilwoman Erika Strassburger said the suspect was barricaded by police in the building prior to surrendering and that he was taken to the hospital, the New York Times reported.

The Pittsburgh Public Safety Department tweeted, “Families of shooting victims can call 412-432-4400 for news of their loved ones. A Victims Assistance Center has been set up at Chatham University, Berry Hall, 106 Berry Street.”

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Every Time Meghan Markle Has Broken Royal Protocol

ESC: Meghan MarkleMeghan Markle is not like a regular royal, she’s a cool royal.
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James Brown’s Daughter Venisha Dies at 53 Following Complications from Pneumonia: ‘My Heart Is Broken’

Venisha Brown, daughter of soul singers James Brown and Yvonne Fair, died Wednesday. She was 53.

Brown died after suffering complications with pneumonia at August University Health Medical Center in Georgia. Like her father, she was also a songwriter and musician and played a role in the foundation named after him.

The James Brown Foundation confirmed her death in a release, stating that Brown “will always be remembered as one of the few who fully embodied the dance moves of her father.”

Yamma Brown, also daughter of the “Godfather of Soul,” paid tribute to her half-sister on Instagram with a photo of the two.

View this post on Instagram

My beautiful big sis Venisha has received her angels wings…my heart is broken but I am comforted by the peace you now have!!! I love you sis 💔

A post shared by Yamma Brown (@daughterofsoul) on Sep 20, 2018 at 4:58am PDT


“My beautiful big sis Venisha has received her angels wings…” she wrote, “My heart is broken but I am comforted by the peace you now have!!!”

RELATED ARTICLE: Watch This 14-Year-Old Absolutely Nail a James Brown Classic on America’s Got Talent

The Brown Foundation asked fans of the “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” singer and his daughter to make a donation to the James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils in lieu of flowers.

View this post on Instagram

For Immediate Release: September 20, 2018 Daughter of The Late Godfather of Soul James Brown Dies! ATLANTA, GA – Venisha Brown, who is one of the daughters of the late Godfather of Soul James Brown and the late Yvonne Fair (formerly of The Chantels) has died. Venisha Brown was 53 years old. Venisha died at AU Health Medical Center in Augusta, GA on Wednesday evening. The cause of death was due to complications from pneumonia. The multi-talented songwriter and musician will always be remembered as one of the few who fully embodied the dance moves of her father. The family thanks everyone for their prayers and telephone calls. At this time we ask that you respect the privacy of the family. Funeral arrangements will be available in the upcoming days. To pay tribute to Venisha Brown, the family asks in lieu of flowers to make a one-time donation to J.A.M.P (James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils) a cause dear to Venisha’s heart. J.A.M.P. is a musical, instrumental, initiative year-round educational hub designed for the youth to discover their musical ability to “Staying on the Good Foot.” for additional information. Contact: Jeremy Cormier Phone: 404-579-0482 Foundation Phone: 803-640-2096 Email:

A post shared by James Brown Family Foundation (@jamesbrownfamilyfdn) on Sep 20, 2018 at 6:21am PDT


“The family thanks everyone for their prayers and telephone calls,” the foundation wrote. “At this time we ask that you respect the privacy of the family.”

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God Bless the Broken Road

God Bless the Broken Road Opens Friday, Sep 7, 2018

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Steph Curry Gets Ankles Broken By Caddie at Golf Tournament

Steph Curry can't even let his guard down in the offseason … 'cause the dude's getting challenged WHEREVER he goes — even on the golf course!! Curry was participating in the practice round at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament at Edgewood Tahoe on Thursday … when his own caddie grabbed a basketball and put the NBA superstar in a blender!! Curry's reaction is hilarious … the dude even reenacts his infamous mouthpiece toss from the 2016 NBA Finals!! (Obviously, Curry was in on the joke … but, it's still really funny) BTW — there's a TON of athletes competing in the tourney Friday — from Sean Payton to Jared Goff to Vince Carter. But, they didn't get crossed up

on Yahoo! Sports – News, Scores, Standings, Rumors, Fantasy Games


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Our democracy is broken. Why can't technology fix it?

Our democracy is broken. Why can't technology fix it?Something is rotten in the state of America. For a nation that has for so long

Yahoo Tech


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Twitter halts ‘broken’ verified-profile system

The site had faced complaints that white-supremacist accounts were being verified.
BBC News – Technology


Rodgers has broken collarbone, season in doubt

Aaron Rodgers landed hard on his right shoulder on a hit from Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr.

on Yahoo! Sports – News, Scores, Standings, Rumors, Fantasy Games


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Packers might find it harder to survive Rodgers’ broken collarbone this time around

Packers might find it harder to survive Rodgers’ broken collarbone this time around – TOP

Linkin Park hearts ‘broken’ by singer’s suicide

Linkin Park have said their “hearts are broken” following the suicide of lead singer Chester Bennington.
Entertainment News – Latest Celebrity & Showbiz News | Sky News


Tom Holland’s Favorite Spider-Man: Homecoming Prop Got Broken – A Lot

The Spider-Man: Homecoming star shows us the prop that he loved most in the new movie.


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Broken Social Scene return, wholesome as ever

Indie rock noughties band Broken Social Scene have returned from a seven-year hiatus with the original ensemble.
Entertainment News – Latest Celebrity & Showbiz News | Sky News


The Broken Arm Collaborates With Salomon

ON THE RUN: Among a slew of hook-ups aligning with the upcoming Paris men’s fashion week, local retailer The Broken Arm has once again joined forces with Salomon, an outdoor clothing specialist based in Annecy in the French Alps, on a top-to-toe trail running outfit.
The hi-tech ensemble, comprising a T-shirt, short, jacket and pair of shoes dubbed Wings Pro 2, will go on sale on Tuesday exclusively at The Broken Arm as well as on the store’s e-commerce site.

Follow WWD on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

Read More…
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Royal Blood on broken ribs, roller coasters and their ‘delicate sound’

Rock duo Royal Blood on breaking ribs, meeting heroes, and why their music is more delicate than you’d think.
BBC News – Entertainment & Arts


A widely praised Supreme Court decision still doesn't fix the broken patent system

A widely praised Supreme Court decision still doesn't fix the broken patent systemA small town in East Texas should see a lot fewer visitors in suits and ties, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling that you can’t file a patent lawsuit anywhere you please in America.

Yahoo Tech


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The Internet Is Fine. It’s the Users That Are Broken.

Maybe we don’t deserve the platforms we live on.

Lifestyle – Esquire


How To Love The Broken

I stand before you… broken.

My heart has endured a level of pain that no words created for humanity can adequately capture. To understand the anguish, you must walk the road of the bereaved.

It’s as if my soul had been swallowed by an immense dark, deep and an endless black hole. The lack of light has left me unsure of which direction leads to the light, which passage takes me to rest and which corridor might offer hope.

In the darkness I am alone.

Regardless of how many people walk with me to the edge, only I can enter and navigate the emptiness. Only I can stand and stare into the vast, dark circle of my personal hell.

In time I re-emerge from the shadows as the cracks of light make their way into my stone cold heart and offer warmth, like a midsummer’s eve, soft and comfortable…a feeling I vaguely remember and deeply crave.

As I reenter you stand before me, offering to bring shelter to my weary and weak heart.

I stand before you… broken.

During my time in the darkness, I built walls.

The walls, constructed with steel beams and engineered taller than any building in history will be forever impermeable to you as an invader that might bring new emotion, new pain, and even new happiness. The walls are formed to keep you out because if I don’t let you in, I can’t get hurt. Feeling nothing is easier than ever going back to the pain of goodbye.

I’m sure I won’t let you in….ever. You aren’t worth the pain. You aren’t worth the days, weeks, months and even years of happiness, joy, togetherness on the off chance that your impending and unpredictable departure will take me back to the mouth of the beast and into the darkness.

He took me there….to the darkness and the pain. He departed after years of memories, children, days in the sun and nights in his arms feeling his genuine warmth. He left after a lifetime of happiness that didn’t last a lifetime. His memory sits with me, and I smile at all we created, all we shared. He was worth it.

I won’t let you return me to that place. I just keep telling myself you aren’t worth it.

Despite my distance, you aren’t deterred. You believe the walls will come down and my heart can beat again, full of vibrancy, rushing with new life, new hope, and new chances.

You stand before my wall, and you wait. You chip away at my defenses, and you slowly turn my heart from stone as the familiar sensation of possibility broaches my inner being. At times you knock down a wall, and I allow it to fall. Other times you hit a wall, and I rebuild it taller and stronger. I ask you to be patient with my uncertainty, and you are….you have to be if you want the parts of me that emerged after he departed.

If you are going to stay, I need you to understand a few things about loving me after being broken. My walls won’t ever come down unless I can live my truth and you won’t ever hold the places of my being you hope to inhabit.

You can’t fix me… don’t even try

When I say I’m broken, it’s not for you to fix. I don’t need a man to rescue and save the broken pieces of me. I have to save myself. I need to glue my heart back together, and I have to believe in my power to survive the unthinkable. Adding you to my story does not fix the past, and it doesn’t give me amnesia to what came before. On the days I’m broken, allow me to be broken. Don’t come to my wall with materials you think repair, instead, allow me to feel my emotions, tend to my heartbreak and just be.

Don’t be jealous of a ghost… he’s not your competition

Let me be forthright and upfront. I loved him then. I love him now. I will love him forever. You aren’t a replacement for him, and you aren’t taking his spot in my heart. People aren’t replaceable, and love is not mutually exclusive. I won’t compare him to you so you shouldn’t worry about his place in my heart. Help me create a new location that you hold and just like I gave him his spot for eternity, I may be able to do the same for you. I won’t know yet; love takes time, memories, experience and trust. Show me your desire for my loyalty, and I will show you the depths of my love. You see, when I entered the darkness of my personal black hole, I realized that with great pain comes great growth. I didn’t know love was so vast, extensive and breathtaking until I stepped into the abyss. Now I know it’s unlimited power and should I choose to share it with you, you may know it too.

His photos represent pieces of my history

Don’t ask me to put them away, take them down or hide them out of your view. Allow me to do what feels right with my memories. Hiding them away from your vision won’t hide them away from my soul, they are woven into the tapestry of all I have become. Death taught me that memories and the photos that captured the most meaningful moments of my life are treasured artifacts. Don’t expect me to forget what can’t be forgotten and don’t expect me to hide from you the important parts of who I am. My past shaped the person I have become. The very same person you are asking to love. Love all of me, even the parts that came before you because without that history, I am not be the woman you so desperately crave.

Allow me to say his name

I will talk about him from time to time. I will tell stories that make me laugh and occasionally cry. Like a living and breathing novel, my stories bring life to his memory. His name is not meant to harm you but to show you the true power love has over our individual journeys as they blend effortlessly with those who touch our heart. Should I bring down my walls and allow you to take place firmly in my being, you will be assured that your name, will also live with me forever, as part of our combined story.

Let me allow you to enter my heart slowly

I can’t rush this; I won’t. It’s not easy for me to let you in. The pain is raw, despite the time that has passed. It’s the kind of pain that sits with a soul forever. Pain that can be revisited quickly and a scab that never seems to heal fully. As you enter my walled city, move on my heart with gentle compassion. Any other form of entry will be thwarted with stronger defenses than before. If your approach is careful and thoughtful….you may be fortunate enough to find your place in my heart, forever safe in the deep crevasses my intricate heart offers.

Be confident in all you are and all we can create

I need you to be confident in yourself and all you bring to this adventure. You aren’t him. I don’t want you to be him. I want you to be you, and I want you to help us create our path. You aren’t completing the story I was writing; you are helping us write a new story with our timelines and our love. Be confident in that love, and I will be confident in it too.

I’ve asked a lot of you

I understand if this is all so much more than you can handle. It’s not easy to penetrate my walls. You can walk away if you aren’t strong enough for my reality. I’d rather you walk away than pretend you can be something that neither one of us need or want. I can’t forget my history, nor do I want to. Walk with me into the future, understand we are both shaped by all that came before. Otherwise, you may need to find someone that will be what you need; I am not her.

However, if you stay

If you stay, I can promise you that should our love grow and develop I have more to offer you than before I was broken. The broken pieces of me make me more interesting, more colorful and add to my depth.

I have the perspective of loss that shapes how I see the world now. I will treasure your touch, your time and your heart. I feel more deeply, see more clearly and live more fully than those who never walked in the darkness….alone. I know you aren’t mine forever, and by choosing to share our today, I will cherish the beauty of the moment. I can’t control how long we will share the oxygen that surrounds us but should I love you, it will be forever, and you will have been worth it.

I am making a choice to bring down my walls and risk the pain all over again because of our memories, pictures, and history are worth the pain.

In fact, it may be the only thing in life worth it at the end.

The darkness showed me the immense beauty of the light.

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related… + articlesList=590a648ae4b05279d4edc282,58e794aee4b06f8c18beead8,58a3c063e4b094a129f061ea

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Stage Door: Ute Lemper’s Songs From The Broken Heart, Confucius

2017-01-08-1483908754-57915-Ute.jpgUte Lemper, the acclaimed German chanteuse, bares her continental soul at the inviting 54 Below nightclub, downstairs from Studio 54, tonight and tomorrow. The great Kurt Weill interpreter is taking a departure from her acclaimed repertoire.

Noted for her charismatic delivery of Weimar-era classics, Lemper navigates a more intimate musical universe in Songs From the Broken Heart.

Her current incarnation features a few Brechtian numbers from the streets of Berlin. But the evening isn’t a showcase of her classic Fritz Hollander or Jacques Brel numbers.

It’s a more personal journey that traverses her interior landscape, addressing the pain of life. She showcases her musical artistry, using the poetry of Charles Bukowski or Pablo Neruda for inspiration.

Her sensitivity to suffering is pronounced. This is art as introspection, searching for the truth of existence. Themes of death, love and redemption permeate her oeuvre. So does humor. She manages, in the guise of Mac the Knife, to take theatrical swipes at Donald Trump.

Though singing numbers in French, German, English and Yiddish, Broken Heart focuses on a more modern repertoire — Lemper interprets the songs of Nick Cave, Philip Glass and Tom Waits, backed by an accomplished quartet.

Her range, much like her electric rapport with the audience, is legendary. Lemper doesn’t just sing, she embodies her music. And it achieves added resonance by the historic, political and cultural backdrop in which she carefully sets her selections.

Lempers’s nightclub performances — versus the large concert-hall venues she regularly plays in Europe and Canada — are sexy and intimate. She’s been known to entice people on stage and tease audiences with her “boa moment.” Such external stagecraft has been replaced by a quieter, more reflective mood.

“Hell is built piece by piece,” she sings; in a jazzy rendition of emotional infernos. She has, as Eugene O’Neill wrote, “a touch of the poet.” Lemper strips away life’s pretense and vanity; our tortured souls are her canvas — and she executes her portraits with a masterful hand.

A second global import, Confucius, a new dance drama performed by the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater at Lincoln Center, is a hypnotic production headed to Washington, D.C. Jan. 13-15. 2017-01-08-1483908858-7077201-Confucius.jpgConfucius Photo: Xinhua/Qin Lang

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Arts – The Huffington Post
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Debbie Reynolds ‘died of a broken heart’

Debbie Reynolds, who shot to fame in Singin’ in the Rain, has been described as “one of the last of Hollywood’s royalty”.
Entertainment News – Latest Celebrity & Showbiz News | Sky News


Debbie Reynold’s Death Puts Spotlight on ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’

The actress, 84, died a day after daughter Carrie Fisher passed away; doctors say stress may have contributed Daily News
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These Reddit Broken Makeup Stories Are Hilarious

A Reddit user asked others about which broken makeup experience hurt the most, and the answers cracked us up.
*Tank* magazine’s fashion director Caroline Issa shares her fashion must-haves for the holiday season.
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Panthers DE Allen doubtful with broken bone in foot (Yahoo Sports)

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) runs by Carolina Panthers defensive end Jared Allen (69) during the first half of an NFL divisional playoff football game, Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016, in Charlotte, N.C. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera says defensive end Jared Allen has a broken bone in his foot and is doubtful for Sunday’s NFC championship game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Yahoo Sports – Top News


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Movie Review: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Broken tentpole


Guy Ritchie’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is a day late and a dollar short — actually, make that several seasons late, for anyone who watches the outrageously funny animated series, Archer.

Watching Henry Cavill deadpan his way through this film as CIA agent Napoleon Solo (the name says it all, doesn’t it?), I kept waiting for him to drop one of those random one-liners that punctuate the Archer episodes like bubbles of laughing gas. Cavill looks the part and could easily play the human version of this cartoon character.

Unfortunately, Ritchie and his cowriter Lionel Wigram didn’t have a roomful of comedy writers to punch up their soft script. The result is a heavy-footed film that barely gets by on one actor’s charm, animated by some patently bogus-looking special effects.

For those of us ancient enough to have been impressionable TV viewers when The Man from U.N.C.L.E. aired on NBC beginning in 1964, the memories hold not the slightest whiff of a spoof. The show was TV’s answer to the growing popularity of the James Bond films and the belief that the audience was intrigued with intrigue and spies (indeed, Bond creator Ian Fleming was one of the show’s originators).

While there was humor in the give-and-take between Solo (Robert Vaughn), colleague Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum) and boss Alexander Waverly (Leo G. Carroll), this show was meant to be semi-serious and exciting, along the lines of the original Mission: Impossible (which went on air two years later). If you wanted parody, you tuned in to Get Smart (which debuted the season after The Man from U.N.C.L.E.).

Now all three of these series have graduated to the big screen — and you can tell from the final scenes of U.N.C.L.E. that it’s meant to be a tentpole franchise. It worked for Mission: Impossible,” though that series is showing its age 20 years and five films into the process.

Ritchie is a pioneering cinematic stylist whose early films broke ground by infusing the most eye-catching visual effects from TV commercials into the British gangster film. Unfortunately, he has never been particularly strong on story. Nor is he a comedy writer: He’s a director with a kinetic and playful visual style, who seems to completely lose the thread when he takes the reins of a big-budget studio franchise (i.e., the cynically cash-grabbing Sherlock Holmes films with Robert Downey Jr.).

So it is with The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which has a repetitive plot and tropes.

This review continues on my website.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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12 Summer Fashion Rules Made to Be Broken

As the lazy days of summer finally roll around, the last thing we want to think about are rules and restrictions. This season, it’s time to kick back and break free from these 12 sartorial shackles—your wardrobe will thank you.


Rule to Break #1: Horizontal Stripes Aren’t Flattering. When dresses, tops, and bottoms fit well, it doesn’t matter whether they come in stripes or solids—find a great cut (like Girl With Curves did) that fits you and any pattern can be a fun, flattering summer go-to.


Rule to Break #2: You Can’t Wear Shorts to Work. Take a tip from Hema Persad—a pair of long tailored shorts with a boxy blazer can be a fantastic choice when you crave a break from skirts and dresses.


Rule to Break #3: Navy and Black Do Not Go Together. Combining shades of blue with black—just like Luella & June does here—adds dimension to an otherwise understated outfit.


Rule to Break #4: You Can’t Wear Leather in Summer. Try pairing leather shorts with a printed silk blouse for a chic date-night look—Lovely Pepa‘s will take her seamlessly from day to night.


Rule to Break #5: Ankle Straps Aren’t Flattering. If you’ve always wanted to wear strappy sandals but feel like they make your legs look shorter, skip the mini and try styling them with cropped pants or a midi skirt instead. Kayture‘s outfit proportions here are spot-on.


Rule to Break #6: Bikinis Are Sexier Than One-Pieces. You don’t need to wear a two-piece to drop jaws on the beach—there are so many one-piece swimsuits styles available today that would make the cast of Baywatch blush. Look for a diagonal placement print for an extra dose of curve flattery—just like this one from We Wore What.


Rule to Break #7: Store Your Boots Until Fall. If you can’t resist wearing your favorite fall ankle boots, throw them on in the sunshine with a minidress or A-line skirt. It works like a charm on Nette Nestea.


Rule to Break #8: Wear All Your Whites Before Labor Day. White has become season-less, but it’s all about the fabric that you choose. Wear your boxy linen blouses now and save your white shirtdresses for layering with sweaters when the weather gets colder. Get inspired by Hello Shopping‘s look and try white and ivory layered texture-on-texture.


Rule to Break #9. Fringe Is for Music Festivals: Fringe doesn’t need to be costume-y. Look for small, refined fringe details on bags and shoes—like the subtle touch on Gal Meets Glam‘s suede sandals.


Rule to Break #10. Khakis Are for Dads: Khakis can actually be perfect for a casual date night or dinner with friends. Style them with stilettos and a chic clutch—like Haute Inhabit does. Bonus? Loose pants are super-comfy.


Rule to Break #11. Sneakers Are for Working Out and Running Errands: We believe in wearing sneakers often—and with pretty much everything. Proof: Agoniiya‘s fancy black-and-gold top goes great with Converse.


Rule to Break #12. Denim on Denim: Has anyone out there NOT tried pairing denim with denim? What are you waiting for? Try a smart tailored sleeveless top with summer’s staple distressed cutoffs—just like Love Brown Sugar.

See our video for more summer outfit ideas:

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Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps

Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps

The story of The Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson, is one of those you usually see on movies. Only 18 years old she left everything she had and knew in Gothenburg, Sweden, and moved to London to dedicate her whole life to her music and art. A vague dream about reaching out turned out to be an extraordinary fight for true and real art. A journey about self-discovery, learning solitude, the difference between having a home and feeling at home and how she finally found a home in herself, in her music, in her words. Charlotte spent a year homeless on the road, sleeping at friends’ and fans’ floors, learning and searching. An ordinary girl created a community of over 22,000 dedicated fans online, and all alone with nothing but hard work and determination she managed to build a life on her art, being a true inspiration to so many people, showing that you can achieve and become exactly who you want to be, if you just want it bad enough. “I wanted to turn my life into art. My very existence into a poem. This is my story – it’s been a beautiful adventure. A beautiful battle. And it still is.” After one single reaching #2 on the Swedish Itunes-chart, 30,000+ followers on twitter, praise from media & blogs from all over the world & 5 critically acclaimed albums; she packed her life in a guitar case and spent a year homeless on the road, with nothing but a dream and a longing for something more. This is the story about the girl who left everything she knew to dedicate her whole life to her art. Available as Kindle through Amazon and paperback through the Official Online Store www. “Instant coffee and a tip from the sound-guy. I’m learning sounds, laying wide awake on different sofas every night. I know the difference between a well built wall and broken strength. I’m learning mindfulness, reading about gurus and poets every day on different trains to nowhere. I don’t know what I’m learning but I hope I will understand one d

Price: $
Sold by Kobo Inc.

Avs’ MacKinnon out 6-8 weeks with broken foot

Nathan MacKinnon recently broke his nose and still sped back to the ice. No way to do that with a fractured foot, though. – NHL

Zombie Banks: How Broken Banks and Debtor Nations Are Crippling the Global Economy

Zombie Banks: How Broken Banks and Debtor Nations Are Crippling the Global Economy

An in-depth look at the problems surrounding zombie banks and their dangerous effect on the global economy“The title is worthy of a B movie, but it''s also apt. Bloomberg News reporter Yalman Onaran, supported by former U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. chief Sheila Bair – who provides a foreword and numerous interviews – urge that insolvent banks both small and too big to fail be allowed to do precisely that.  Reading bank balance sheets is not everyone''s idea of a good time. But Mr. Onaran, with support from Ms. Bair, does the chore and explains what it means.  Mr. Onaran shows that the process of rescuing dead and dying banks is increasing systemic risk in the global banking system. And that is really more frightening than scream flicks from Tinseltown.”  — Financial Post“Yalman Onaran knows of putrid financial institutions, having written about them in his native Turkey so successfully he brought down a few in Istanbul in the late ''90''s.” — Huffington Post“Do We Love Zombie Banks? The new book by Yalman Onaran of Bloomberg News, Zombie Banks: How Broken Banks and Debtor Nations Are Crippling the Global Economy, is a well-organized and clearly written discussion of the use of leverage to provide growth in many different economies. Onaran has carefully researched the zombie phenomenon and makes some important points in this concise volume about both public policy and the concerns of investors. One of the more interesting early threads in the book is the juxtaposition of the experience of the US in the S&L crisis and Japan in the 1980s and 1990s with the US today. Zombie Banks is a good review of the latest thinking about the ebb and flow of the political economy.” — R. Christopher Whalen, author of InflatedZombie banking has become standard operating procedure for big debtor nations. They prop up failing institutions, print money, and avoid financial corrections. But in an attempt to prolong the inevitable, bigger problems are created. The approach used now has not, and will not, work. This timely book reveals why. Zombie Banks tells the story of how debtor nations and failing institutions are damaging the long-term prospects of the global economy.Author Yalman Onaran, a veteran Bloomberg News reporter and financial banking sector expert, examines exactly what a zombie bank is and why they are kept alive. He also discusses how they hurt economic recovery and what needs to be done in order to restore stability. Along the way, Onaran takes an honest look at how we arrived at this point and details the harsh realities that must be faced, and the serious steps that must be taken, in order to get things headed in the right direction.Puts insolvent banks and debtor nations in the spotlight and examines how they are crippling the global economyOn the record sources include Paul Volcker, Joseph Stiglitz, Sheila Bair, and many more bank executives, regulators, politicians, and policymakers in the United States and abroadTakes the complexity of the current situation and translates it in a way that makes it understandableWhile the short-term measures taken to stave off depression and rejuvenate economic growth may offer hope, they are unsustainable over the long term. Get a better look at what really lies ahead, and what it will take to improve our economic situation, with this book.
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Broken Windchimes

Broken Windchimes

The Pané expect perfection of their living windchimes. The difference between a performer’s life as the biggest star on Djapé and a ruined career comes down to one mistake. When a child prodigy loses everything familiar, he must learn how to survive on a space station very far from home. And perhaps finally understand the life he almost lived. Winner of the Asimov SF Magazine’s Readers Choice Award for 2009. “[Rusch does] an excellent job in showing us the personal voyage of discovery the protagonist goes on, as his world, and particularly his appreciation of music, widens out step by painful step beyond the crippling artistic and emotional strictures of his youth.” -Gardner Dozois, Locus Magazine Rusch creates a memorable tale while exposing the reader to interesting musical and life lessons. -Tangent Online This is a disturbing story in places, with a few hard choices, but also a heart-warming and compelling one. As is often the case with Rusch, I wouldn’t mind seeing more in this world. -Eyrie International bestselling writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch has won two Hugo awards, a World Fantasy Award, and six Asimov’s Readers Choice Awards. Her latest science fiction novel is Snipers. She also writes mysteries under the name Kris Nelscott. For more information about her work, please go to

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DWTS: Ego Bruised but Not Broken

The first week foxtrot for Henry Byalikov and me was filled with pride. I may not bring the stuff of Olympic ice dancers but we worked our butts off and I was thrilled to pull off a proper foxtrot, something entirely alien to me just one week prior.

Matter of fact, I was proud of ALL the contestants, to watch them produce art and beauty and fun and put their best out there in front of a 20-million strong audience.

Every single one of the pro dancers (along obviously with my wonderful, talented, supportive, gracious Henry) have bent over backwards to give some guidance to me and all the rest of us competing. Max Chmerkovskiy, reputed bad boy, has especially extended a caring warmth to me. (I love when Max and Henry chat in Russian… Henry is from Australia but both parents are Russian. They call me “Dianaishka”… sounds very sexy indeed!)

Cheryl Burke and the other female pros have also reached out to give all kinds of tips and reassurances. (I’ve put it out there that if I am still in the competition by the time they switch partners for one week, I would love to do a dance with Cheryl). And don’t get me wrong. I ADORE my Henry…. just saying…

Perhaps it gets cutthroat later in the season, when the MirrorBall Trophy is on the line, but at this early-going stage, all 12 of us competitors are very supportive of each other. No matter the difference in our range of talents, everybody checks in with each other, asks how the particular dance of the week is going, shares what they’re experiencing. Charlie White and Meryl Davis, clearly superlative on the floor, are extremely giving. Amy Purdee is a doll, her disability a total non-issue. Candace Cameron Bure is a born mom, she takes care of all of our feelings. And Henry and I have had some fun practice sessions with NeNe Leakes and her partner Tony Dovolani, the jokester of the pros.

Henry putting me through the paces of the cha cha cha, our dance for Week Two, and I’m loving the rhythm. Much more relatable, for me, than was the foxtrot. I took an ego beating that first night. I worked so darn hard on that foxtrot and wound up near the bottom of the leader board. But what a great rationalization to feel you’ve got absolutely nowhere to go but up…

As I said that night — and we’ve all learned this the hard way — it’s not how you start. It’s how you finish.

Honestly, as much as I feel I’ve known this show, DWTS is a vastly more intense experience than I imagined. The dance work itself, at least for me, is mentally engrossing. Every move Henry deftly shows me, articulates for me (he used the image of cracking an egg, for example, in one area of the foxtrot… two quick, staccato steps, like the quick crack of the egg shell, and then a long ooze of the leg and body, like the liquid oozing from the egg), takes my full attention. And then there are literally dozens of those details to take in, all in a very short amount of time, and then to be performed LIVE… OMG!!!

I’m overjoyed to be part of it. I am in a constant state of delight to be so close so quickly to my new friend Henry Byalikov. We went together to Cirque du Soleil Totem one night, both to hang out away from the studio and for inspiration from those magical performers. And now I must return to the cha cha cha. Next Monday’s show time is coming at me rather quickly… cha cha cha…









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The Deep Conditioner that Actually Repaired My Broken Hair

The Deep Conditioner that Actually Repaired My Broken HairSource: The Deep Conditioner That Actually Repaired My Broken Hair

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