How Life Has Completely Changed for Rami Malek Since Mr. Robot Began

Rami Malek FeatureIt’s the beginning of the end for Elliot Alderson.
After an extended wait, the fourth and final season of Mr. Robot, USA’s techno-noir cult thriller, is finally getting underway…

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Apple Watch Series 5 brings a completely reinvented screen

Apple Watch Series 5 brings a completely reinvented screenThe Apple Watch Series 5 brings an always-on display and incremental updates that make it an excellent option for newcomers, and those with older Watch models.

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Kim Kardashian Sizzles in a Completely Sheer Leopard Print Catsuit and Her Outfit Is as Wild as You Think

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is on the prowl.
Not one to stick to the basics, especially following Paris Fashion Week’s end, the beauty mogul is making the Paris streets her runway.

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Kim Kardashian Sparkles in a Completely Sheer and Sexy Dress

ESC: Kim Kardashian, CFDA 2018Kim Kardashian is leaving little to the imagination.
The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Instagram on Monday to share a photo of herself modeling a sheer and sexy dress. The…

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‘Late Late Show’ Predicts Kentucky Derby In ‘Completely Accurate’ Way

Lay those bets down, people.
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Trump Supporters Flip Out After Completely Misreading NPR Headline

That sure took an unexpected turn.
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Kathy Griffin ‘Completely Exonerated’ After Secret Service Investigation

The comedian was criticized following an insensitive Trump photo shoot.
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Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair

There Might Be a Cure for Baldness By the Time You Go Completely Bald

Apologies to the already-bald, though.

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Justin Theroux Was “Completely Moved” by How The Leftovers Ends

The LeftoversThere might not be anything leftover on set from HBO’s The Leftovers. Well, maybe one thing.
“No, I did not take [the gray sweatpants],” Justin Theroux told E! News at the…

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Allison Williams ‘Completely’ Lied To Friends About The Plot Of ‘Get Out’

This post contains major plot spoilers for the film “Get Out.”

Allison Williams, while making the rounds for Jordan Peele’s psychological thriller “Get Out,” has been as tight-lipped about the film’s twists as one might expect. Williams plays Rose, the white girlfriend of main character Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) who invites him home to meet her family, where events take a dark turn.

But she hasn’t just been hiding the dramatic plot of the movie from the public.

“I’ve also been completely lying to my friends and family about the premise of the movie ― for almost two years now,” she told The Huffington Post during an appearance on the “Here to Make Friends” podcast. “When my friends asked me what it was about ― this is how I said it in press, too; I basically did press as Rose, which doesn’t help the suspicion that I might just actually be a psychopath in real life ― I basically said, I bring my black boyfriend home to meet my parents, I assume they’re going to be totally cool with it, and then when he gets there, things start to go weird, and then it quickly becomes us against the world, and I have to choose between my family and my boyfriend.”

“Literally people I’ve known for my entire life, I was like, this is the premise of the movie… and then they’d get out of the movie, and they’re like: ‘I have to talk to you for two reasons. One, our friendship is over. Two, I loved the movie.’”

As those who’ve seen “Get Out” realize, Williams’s spoiler-free summary leaves out a major turning point in the film: when Chris, and the audience, realize that Rose is in on her family’s malevolent scheme to lure young black men to their home, hypnotize and entrap them, and transplant white clients’ brains into their victims’ bodies. Her charming, “woke” persona has all been a pitch-perfect performance, carefully geared to specifically appeal to her thoughtful, artistic boyfriend’s needs. 

Williams told HuffPost that she’d already been sold on the script by the time Rose appeared on-screen for the first time. The opening scene follows LaKeith Stanfield as a young black man walking alone in a white suburb, a scene Williams pointed out is reminiscent of the shocking killing of Trayvon Martin in 2012. “After I read that scene, I was like, ‘I don’t really care who Rose is, I definitely want to be in this movie,’” she said. 

She, like many in the audience, was caught by surprise when she first encountered her character’s psychotic turn. “I was reading the script, and I was like, ‘Rose seems great! She seems totally fine,’” she admitted, laughing. “Then I got to the end and I was like, ‘Now I have to play her. This bitch is crazy.’”

“A lot of white people don’t see it coming,” Williams told HuffPost. “And then they try to talk themselves out of it. ‘Maybe she’s been hypnotized too.’”

Check out Allison Williams’ full interview with Here to Make Friends on the podcast ― the discussion of “Get Out,” which is spoiler-heavy, starts at about the 40-minute mark:


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Seven Steps to Completely Turn Your Life Around This Year

How can I change my life completely in the next year or two? originally appeared on Quorathe knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

Answer by Max Lukominskyi, CMO at Sliceplanner, on Quora:

Changing your life completely is a huge step that requires a major effort. Nonetheless, the result is worth the struggle. Commit to this 7-step challenge and you will arrive at the desired destination already next year:

Begin With The End In Mind. While making a decision to commit to something, take a moment to get it crystal clear what change you would like to experience and what kind of person you would like to become within the next year or two. Imagine how you achieve your goal and try to design a blueprint of how you are going to move towards your desired destination. Then you will know exactly what steps to take.

Declutter Your Life. Slow down and take some time to simplify your life. Get rid of the things that have always been holding you back. Get rid of the stuff that associates with the life you would like to change. Stop comparing yourself with others and prioritize your goals. Clear your mind from the unnecessary thoughts and create more space in your life for new pure energy and massive wins.

Master Your Mindset. Embrace the truth: Everything worth doing is going to be neither easy nor fast. It holds true for this challenge as well. Therefore, be ready to face tough obstacles and deal with the unexpected issues. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you cannot succeed. It only means you need to be ready. Stop doubting your strengths. Make the goal to change your life completely your priority. Become obsessed. And get down to work.

Start Small. Your life is a set of little seemingly innocuous decisions, choices and actions. The repeated ones constitute your daily habits. These are the ones that eventually shape your life and define your level of productivity and success. Start small and strive to develop a good habit attitude by breaking bad habits and developing only routines that are the perfect fit for the life you would like to live.

Grow 0.1% A Day. Whatever you want to achieve, try to approach that goal with the constant pace: 0.1% a day. Since your personal growth has a compounding effect, these seemingly trivial steps will eventually allow you to grow 37.78% a year and become multiple times better than you are now already in two years. Commit to continuous and consistent growth. Do the things that take you closer to your aspirations every single day.

Avoid Negative People. Your environment is crucial. The chances are that you are not likely to experience any change if you stay in the stagnant and not challenging environment. You need to surround yourself with people who are better, smarter, stronger and faster. Choose your environment wisely and avoid negative people who are always too pessimistic and skeptical towards your goals. Get around greatness and make sure the people who you hang out with are supportive and inspiring.

Leave Your Comfort Zone. No change will come if your stay within your area of ease and convenience. All the opportunities for growth are far beyond your comfort zone. Learn to leave it on the consistent basis and do the things that scare you. Very soon you will find out that the life in your discomfort zone is not that frightening but rather full of new earlier unfamiliar, interesting and exciting things that indeed take you closer to your desired aspirations. Expand your comfort zone – change your life.

This question originally appeared on Quora – the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. You can follow Quora on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

More questions:

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The Magical Ways Ashley Graham Completely Nailed 2016

2016 was a god awful year and the dread of what’s to come in 2017 is getting ever closer. But there were some good things to come out of this past year, and Ashley Graham’s increasing presence in the public eye is one of them. 

The model, designer and body activist has led the way toward shifting beauty standards in the fashion industry, whether it be through spreading her own message of body positivity or landing jobs historically reserved for models of a smaller size. It’s hard to think of a single person in fashion who had a better, more impactful year than the 28-year-old model. 

Still not convinced? Allow us to break it down for you chronologically. We could essentially create a running list of every successful minute of Graham’s year, but that would be creepy and we’d be here all day. So herewith, her biggest, boldest wins of 2016. 


Graham kicked off the year with a bang in January by being named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Art and Style, thanks to her growing roster of magazine covers and a successful lingerie line.  


Then, in February Graham landed the cover of the iconic Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, becoming the first plus-size model to ever earn the highly coveted spot, and catapulting her to stardom. 


Just a few weeks later, Graham co-hosted E!’s Academy Awards red carpet coverage on Feb. 22 alongside Zanna Rassi, Kris Jenner and Giuliana Rancic wearing one insanely beautiful dress.

Had a wonderful time with these gorgeous ladies on @enews tonight! #Oscars // dress by @baotranchi //

A photo posted by A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@theashleygraham) on


March brought the in-demand model to Paris, where she walked in H&M’s show at Paris Fashion Week. C’est bien!


She covered Maxim’s April issue, and then Cosmpolitan’s August issue and Self in October, to name a few. Shall we go on? 


We shall. In May, the supermodel appeared as Joe Jonas’ love interest in the video for DNCE’s “Toothbrush.” Jonas, Graham and DNCE were all praised for the move. The super sexy video didn’t hurt, either. 


Graham was unsurprisingly named one of Glamour’s Women of the Year in early November, but the month ended up being a double win when she was presented with a Barbie made in her likeness, complete with touching thighs


The very last day of November left us with one reason to be excited for 2017 ― she became the first plus-size model to land the cover of British Vogue.


Finally, Graham made her debut as a judge on the “America’s Next Top Model” reboot on Dec. 12, alongside Rita Ora, stylist Law Roach and photographer Drew Elliot. 

Bow down. 2016 was a great year for Graham.

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The Men’s Health Big Book of Food & Nutrition: Your completely delicious guide to eating well, looking great, and staying lean for life!

Watch What Happens When Channing Tatum Completely Surprises Fans in an Office Elevator

Channing TatumWhat floor you ask? How about the Magic Mike floor.
The holidays came early for a few unsuspecting fans when they thought they were just taking an ordinary elevator ride at the office….

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Yummy Yum for Everyone: A Childrens Allergy Cookbook (Completely Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Peanut-Free, Nut-F

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The Vegetarian Mother and Baby Book: Completely Revised and Updated

The Vegetarian Mother and Baby Book: Completely Revised and Updated

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Panthers completely dominate Russell Wilson, Seahawks in first half

Panthers completely dominate Russell Wilson, Seahawks in first half – TOP

#TBT: Madonna, Age 20, Posing Completely Nude for a Dramatic Photo Shoot (NSFW)

The rare collection of images has just surfaced.

Lifestyle – Esquire


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Watch Kobe Bryant Completely Surprise Taylor Swift At Her Concert

Kobe Bryant is showing Taylor Swift incredible things.

The Lakers star surprised the singer onstage with a special banner in honor of her 16th sold out show at the Staples Center, and it was all caught on the venue’s Instagram:

Swift also posted about the moment, proving she was more surprised than anyone with the caption, “The banners up at Staples Center right now because WHAT IS LIFE EVEN:”

The banners up at Staples Center right now because WHAT IS LIFE EVEN

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

There was actual singing at the concert, too. Swift spent part of the night rocking out on stage with One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder:

Tedder and Bryant just become the latest superstars to join Swift during her 1989 tour, with other celebs including everyone Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to reality star Kendall Jenner.

We don’t know which famous people will be appearing next, but we’re pretty sure she’s going to run out of Twitter characters thanking everyone one of these days:

Also on HuffPost:

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Marina Abramovic Is ‘Pissed’ At Jay Z, Says He ‘Completely Used’ Her

The performance art world and the hip-hop community merged in 2013 when Marina Abramovic collaborated with Jay Z. Now, however, the Godmother of Performance Art isn’t very happy with the rapper.

For Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby” music video, Hov adapted Abramovic’s 2010 MoMA retrospective, “The Artist Is Present,” by performing the song for six hours straight in New York’s Pace Gallery in front of celebrities and fans. Abramovic appeared in the video and even had what seemed to be a poignant head-touching moment with the rapper, but now she says she’s “pissed by” the aftermath of their collaboration. In an interview with Spike magazine, Abramovic said she only worked with Jay Z on one condition: “That he would help my institute.” Yet she claims “he didn’t.”

Abramovic says that Jay Z was supposed to help with her self-titled performance institute and museum space, which Lady Gaga worked with her on, much to the performance artist’s satisfaction. “He just completely used me,” Abramovic told Spike.

Although the performance artist, who most recently had a retrospective at SESC Pompéia in São Paulo, doesn’t regret her work with the “Glory” rapper, she won’t do it again. “In the end, it was only a one-way transaction,” she said. “I will never do it again, that I can say. Never.”

Whether that means Abramovic will never work with Jay Z again specifically or major celebrities in general remains to be seen. We know those Lars Von Trier rumors weren’t true (as she confirmed to The Huffington Post last November), but we can expect some film projects from the artist in the future.

For the full interview, head to Spike.

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This Rick Owens Runway Is Completely, Totally NSFW


Guys, this is not how I envisioned my Friday morning going. Rick Owens just showed his men’s fall 2015 collection in Paris and there were penises. Specifically, garments hemmed with a high arch in front so that certain areas got to see the light of day. I don’t think these could be legally worn anywhere, so, phew, but also, huh? Owens is an avant-garde designer who likes to make waves (remember his awesome spring 2014 collection with steppers?) and get us talking, so: mission complete.

Also—think he read Ruth Wilson’s thoughts on female versus male nudity?

Did anyone else see this and immediately feel her jaw drop?

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Author Priya Parmar On Writing In Virginia Woolf’s Voice: ‘It Was Completely Daunting’

A century after the Bloomsbury group’s heyday, the wildly talented group of artists, authors and critics is often best remembered as the social circle of the brilliant modernist writer Virginia Woolf. Vanessa Bell, Woolf’s sister, often recedes to the background in these depictions, but the acclaimed artist was far from a mere supporting player in Woolf’s life.

In Priya Parmar’s new novel, Vanessa and Her Sister (Ballantine, Dec. 30), Bell finally gets a starring role. Told in richly imagined diary entries from Bell’s perspective, as well as invented letters and telegrams between Bell, Woolf and other members of the Bloomsbury group, Vanessa and Her Sister portrays a time of upheaval in the lives of the famous sisters. When Vanessa married Clive Bell, another member of the Bloomsbury group, Virginia was threatened by the perceived loss of her beloved sister, and struck up a long flirtation with Clive in apparent hopes of getting Vanessa’s attention. Parmar’s extensive research into the Bloomsbury group’s correspondence and diaries lends a realistic gloss to her fictionalized account of Bell’s turbulent life during these years.

This isn’t Parmar’s first foray into biographical fiction; she’s the author of Exit the Actress, a novel about Nell Gwyn, the real-life actress and mistress of Charles II. HuffPost Books spoke to Parmar about the Bloomsbury group, writing biographical fiction, and why she’s fascinated by gaps in our historical knowledge.

What inspired you to write about Vanessa Bell and her inner life?
I read a letter of hers that she wrote when Clive Bell was proposing, and she was saying no. I think it was actually the first proposal. And it was just so modern; she basically told him, “I’m so sorry, I really like you a lot, but I can’t marry you. You’re too available, could you just go away and be a little less available, maybe travel out of the country for a year, don’t talk to me, maybe I’ll like you a little better and we’ll see where we are.” It was like a letter that one of your girlfriends would have written and you would have all talked about. It just didn’t seem like it was written in 1905. She really just leapt off the page as a character for me at that point, and I really wanted to read about her. So I started on the research, and the more I read about her the more I just fell in love with her.

Virginia Woolf wasn’t the way in for me, it was Vanessa Bell, and then Virginia was waiting for me when I got there.

Obviously Virginia was very fond of Vanessa, but most people know more about Virginia than Vanessa. Were you a fan of Virginia Woolf or Vanessa Bell before you started looking into this project?
I was. I always loved Virginia’s novels — I have my favorites of her work — and I had always liked Vanessa Bell’s paintings. And I knew about the Bloomsbury group, but I hadn’t read about them exhaustively the way that I have now. I had taken a class in college that looked at the Bloomsbury Group, so I liked them all, but I didn’t spend that much time with them before I started doing this.

Were you nervous when you started writing such an unsympathetic portrayal of Virginia, since she’s so beloved today?
Absolutely terrified. Oh my God, I just dread to think of what my English professors are going to think. I was terrified when I realized — and I actually realized it pretty late — but when I realized I had signed up to write in the voice of Virginia Woolf in the first person, it was completely daunting. But then you sort of get over that, because I’m writing in the voice of my Virginia Woolf, which is the character that’s jumped up out of all the research that I’ve done. It’s fiction, it’s very much fiction, but it’s completely informed by the thousands and thousands of letters that I’ve read.

But it’s really frightening for me when someone tells me that they love Virginia Woolf and then that they are going to read this book. I’m really thrilled and pleased and terrified, and also just, like “Oh God, it may not be the Virginia Woolf that you have in your head.” It’s pretty terrifying.

It’s really interesting because this whole episode has sort of fallen away from her accepted mythology. It’s not really in people’s lexicon of Virginia. It didn’t make it into her official history.

When I heard about the affair, it was very much swept into the category of “Oh, they all have such modern marriages,” but obviously that’s a very simplistic way of looking at it. It also all took place earlier in their lives, before Woolf became a published author. Did you decide to focus on the period when this big change in their lives happened, when Vanessa got married and the affair ensued?
I was really drawn by this period, because it’s a largely unexplored period. They hadn’t done the things that they would go on to be really well known for. I didn’t set out to specifically look at the affair, and I didn’t realize that that was going to be the focus until I was actually writing the novel.

I knew it was going to be about the sisters. I knew it was going to be about the difficulty of, what was it like to be Virginia’s favorite person on earth? It really just turned out to be about the period of time where this huge betrayal happens. Then their life enters a different chapter once Virginia becomes published and once you get into WWI, and once they become a famous literary circle. Then it’s very different. They’re not flying under the radar anymore, and they all know they’re going to become famous. They’re just different people. I was really interested in this period of time before all of that happened, when they weren’t cemented as public figures. And [Virginia’s] suicide is so examined, I really wanted to look at her when she was young.

It was massively daunting.

It seems like they were all very prolific letter writers.
Vanessa Bell — she writes beautifully, she writes beautiful, beautiful letters. She has 3,000 unpublished letters.

Since we see so much through Vanessa’s eyes in the novel, obviously she comes off really well. But in the letters that we see from other members of the Bloomsbury circle, she also comes off as this radiant figure. Is this something that you found in your research, and were you concerned about seeming almost hagiographic toward Vanessa?
They adored her. I mean, they absolutely adored her. She was the center of the group in so many ways, and I don’t think she knew it, which made her very endearing. She’s sort of this shadowy center, because she didn’t leave a diary, and she didn’t put herself into the spotlight. I had to figure out a lot of different aspects of her character from what other people were saying because she was often very self-deprecating in her letters. She never mentioned the affair.

She just seems to have been this really, really remarkable person, and people were just mad about her. And Virginia was, you know, completely crazy about her.

In the book, Vanessa seems cool and judgmental toward Virginia even before the flirtation with Clive begins. Is that something that arose from what you imagined would be her reaction to dealing with someone as difficult as Virginia, or was it based on accounts that people gave at the time?
It’s a mixture of both. I’m really interested in the conflicting accounts of the same event. I find you learn so much in that nexus of what different people say. Everyone has their own lens.

For Vanessa’s character … if you read that many letters by somebody you get to know their tone. This is my fictional Vanessa, but it was also all informed by, you know, if Virginia did something particularly difficult, how Vanessa’s tone in her letters would be, how it would fluctuate and how it would change.

Nonfiction, for me, is the gathering of the facts, and the fiction is the guess, it’s the hat tossed into the ring, the working-out of what might have been the emotional landscape of these people.

This is actually the second novel you’ve written that is historical fiction about a prominent figure. Why do you feel drawn to this sort of fiction?
It’s what I like to read. I love history, and I love in particular the pockets of negative space in history, where we’ll know a lot about Virginia Woolf, and we have her diaries and everything else, but there’s this other person in the shadows who gives a completely different angle. I love taking that and looking at that other, unexamined bit of history.

I love doing it with primary documents because my background is in academics, so I’ve spent a lot of time with primary documents. That might be my comfort zone. You get a Ph.D., and you end up with a lot of primary documents! I love that place where history meets fiction, and it’s been a lot of fun for me to write. I chose Vanessa just because she was the character I wanted to spend time with; she was the character who stepped off the page fully formed. She’s a wonderful writer. Her letters are just as good as Virginia Woolf’s, they’re just held in different basements all over the world and they’re not published.

Do you have a person in mind for your next book?
I’m sort of circling a few people. I haven’t quite managed to walk away from the Bloomsbury group yet, but I’m looking at a few people. I just finished editing the U.K. edition of this book, so I haven’t landed on anybody yet. It’s such a great period, and such a fun group of people. It’s difficult to walk away from them.
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Who’s the Designer Completely Obsessed With Nicki Minaj’s Curves?


Roberto Cavalli has announced Nicki Minaj as the face of its spring 2015 ad campaigns and I’m thrilled—this makes so much sense! She’s fiercely proud of her femininity, powerful, and can’t help but be sexy. Basically, Cavalli personified.

“I chose Nicki Minaj because she embodies the exuberant and modern femininity of the Cavalli woman,” Roberto Cavalli told WWD. “I wanted a sensual woman who is aware of her body, who is not afraid to show her curves—rather, she turns them into her strength.”


Expect to start seeing sexy Miss Minaj in the ads this January.

Does the choice make sense to you, too? Love the pics?

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