Osbourne: Reality TV led me down dark path – contestants need support

Kelly Osbourne has spoken out about reality TV and care for participants, telling Sky News her own experience of overnight fame led her “down a dark path”.
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American Idol Contestants Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner Are Engaged

Gabby Barrett, Cade FoehnerIt’s time for these two to pick their favorite love song because Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner are engaged!
The American Idol alums, who competed together on season 16 of the ABC…

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Love Island to offer therapy and training to all contestants

The makers of Love Island say they will offer therapy to all contestants following the deaths of two former stars.
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Love Island criticised by stars after contestant’s death

Former Love Island stars have urged the hit TV show to provide more support to contestants after the programme ends, following the death of one of its stars.
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Meet the America’s Got Talent: The Champions Contestants

America's Got Talent: The ChampionsDo you have a favorite act from America’s Got Talent? Did a viral video from another country’s Got Talent show make you a fan of a foreign act? Chances are, they’re all going to battle…

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Bachelor: Vietnam Contestants Who Left Rose Ceremony Together Are Now in a Relationship

It may have taken a couple extra episodes, but the two women from Bachelor: Vietnam got their happy ending after all!

While the show doesn’t frequently make waves across the globe, a September rose ceremony made headlines after Minh Thu asked her fellow contestant Truc Nhu to leave the show to be with her.

Although Nhu ultimately decided to stay in the house at the time, the show’s executive producer Anh Tran has confirmed that the pair are currently together.

“They left the show and have been together since. We delivered on our promise that two people would find love,” Tran told Nextshark after a Facebook post regarding the pair’s relationship status went viral.

In the post, a social media user wrote that during a later episode it was revealed that Nhu’s decision not to immediately walk away from the program was something the women “both agreed” on.

“They just wanted to make sure their feelings weren’t just a misconception of love because they are so close,” the social media user explained, adding that Nhu stayed on the show for two additional episodes before she asked to leave as she had “already found what she was looking for.”

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The romantic conclusion came as a big relief to fans of the couple, who had been dismayed when their love story seemingly hadn’t panned out.

During the September episode, after it seemed like she would not be receiving a rose, Thu tearfully explained to the bachelor, Nguyen Quoc Trung, that her heart belonged to another person.

“I went into this competition to find love,” she said. “But I’ve found that love for myself. But it isn’t you. It’s someone else.”

Thu then left her spot in the lineup and walked over to Nhu. After sharing a long hug, Thu implored Nhu to “come home with me.”

In an effort to get Nhu to stay, Trung asked the contestant to give him another chance, arguing that he thought she’d “have regret” if she left.

Making her own decision, Nhu proceeded to return the rose and walk away with Thu, although according to NextShark, she ultimately decided to remain on the show.

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Addressing the larger significance of the television moment, Bachelor: Vietnam producer Anh-Thu Nguyen told NextShark that their love story was “especially” powerful “in the context of Vietnamese culture.”

“It’s been a proud experience to see our clip resonate around the world and become an unexpected platform for discussing LGBTQI+ issues in Vietnam on a global scale,” she added.


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How Much Reality TV Contestants Actually Make (If Anything)

Reality Show Income FeatureHow willing are you to leave your job, friends, family and ordinary routine for several weeks? Would you need to be compensated for your time off at work? And how about not having access to a…

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Strictly Come Dancing: 14 things we learned from this year’s contestants

This year’s contestants on the “Strictly curse” and accusations that the line-up is too D-list.
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Backlash against CBB contestant’s domestic abuse claim

A Celebrity Big Brother contestant who accused another of domestic violence has “set back immense work” done by charities, a former chief prosecutor has said.
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CBS Condemns Big Brother Contestants’ “Inappropriate Behavior and Offensive Comments”

Big Brother, Season 20CBS says it has issued warnings to a few Big Brother season 20 contestants over their “inappropriate behavior and offensive comments,” which stirred outrage among viewers.

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Name, Age, Occupation & Hometown: Bachelor Stats Reveal Trends Among Contestants

Throughout the past 22 seasons of The Bachelor, audiences have watched hundreds of women of varying ages, names and occupations compete for the final rose.

As a way “to see if there was any location bias” with the selected contestant since season 1 of The Bachelor premiered in 2002, Homes.com decided to examine the stats surrounding the show.

“It quickly became clear that there were a ton of interesting stats on The Bachelor, specifically focusing on the ‘ideal contestant,’ including her ideal location. We thought this was fun, relevant, and might inspire folks living in that area to apply as a contestant knowing, at least from a statistical standpoint, that they have a higher chance of being selected by the producers,” says Homes.com’s Vice President of Search Marketin, gGrant Simmons, whose “data sources were bachelor wikis, databases, and a collection of Homes.com team members.”

“It was great to identify the ‘ideal contestant’ and that is — drum roll please — a 36-year-old nurse from Atlanta named Jennifer,” says Simmons.

From their research, Homes.com found that Lauren is the most popular Bachelor contestant first name, with Sarah, Ashley and Amber tying for the second spot. (Will that stat fair well for current season 22 contestant Lauren B.? Find out next week on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s dramatic finale!)

“Lauren is the most popular contestant name (15 mentions), but it was the average Jennifer who won the most roses (average of 4.88 vs. Lauren’s 3),” says Simmons.

As for cities that breed the most contestants, Chicago, Illinois, was the top spot, with Los Angeles, California, coming in second and Dallas, Texas, as a close third.

“Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas topped the list of most contestants with Chicago (19) having three times as many, and Dallas (12) having twice as many as Atlanta (6), our top city for winners,” says Simmons.

He explains: “California has the most contestants (103), most likely because it’s the most populous state, but it’s the top corners of the country and the Midwest that appears to have more contestants that catch the Bachelor’s eye.”

“The most surprising outcome of the data is that California, for all its sun, beaches, lifestyle and really expensive homes (in the top cities of L.A. and San Diego), doesn’t rate very well when it comes to roses given,” he shares. “Although that may be a numbers game with their 103 contestants averaging one of the lowest rose counts in the country.”

Bachelor Nation fans may or may not be surprised to learn that the majority of contestants were aged 25, with 26 coming in second and 24 in third place.

“It’s apparently true that Bachelors love the older women with the two 36-year-old contestants earning an average of six roses during their appearances,” Simmons explains. “On the flip side, it seems like nobody likes you when you’re 25, at least on The Bachelor. While that is the most common contestant age overall, it is also essentially the worst performing age.”

According to Homes.com’s research, the most common profession for contestants was teacher, second was student and third was in real estate.

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.


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The Bachelor: Winter Games to Feature New Alcohol Guidelines for Contestants

The Bachelor Winter GamesABC has made some behind-the-scenes changes for Bachelor Nation’s latest spinoff.
A source tells E! News that The Bachelor: Winter Games will have a few systematic differences in…

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Miss Universe 2017 Contestants Model Bikinis in Preliminary Competition

Miss Universe 2017, bikini, swimsuit competitionIt’s almost time for a new Miss Universe to be crowned!
Over 90 beauty queens from around the world have gathered in Las Vegas to compete for the ultra-coveted title, and plenty of…

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Meet the Miss Teen USA 2017 Contestants

Claire Scott, Miss Alabama Teen USA 2017, Preliminary Competition, Athleisure Wear
Are you ready for the Miss Teen USA 2017 pageant?
On Saturday, 51 contestants from 50 states and the District of Columbia, aged 14 to 19, will compete for the crown. The…

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This Beauty Pageant Contestant’s Acne Kept Her From Competing — Not Anymore

Find out how this beauty pageant contestant is proving that acne isn’t anything to be ashamed of on her Instagram.
We asked celeb MUAs to share their go-to fluffy, flat, and blending brushes.
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What Happens to The Biggest Loser Contestants Afterwards Is Pretty Discouraging

The results of a brand-new study are pretty shocking.

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Study: ‘Biggest Loser’ contestants have slower metabolisms

Kai Hibbard stands for a photograph at Sunset Park in Airway Heights, Wash., Tuesday, May 3, 2016. A contestant on the "The Biggest Loser" in 2006, she has criticized the television show for what she calls drastic weight-loss methods. A study published in May 2016 has found that many competitors on the NBC program leave the show with a slower metabolism, making it more difficult to keep off the pounds. "I really was dancing around my living room, screaming 'vindication'" when a friend texted her about the study, Hibbard said. (AP Photo/Young Kwak)CHICAGO (AP) — A new study has found that many competitors on NBC's "The Biggest Loser" leave the show with a slower metabolism, making it more difficult to keep off the pounds.

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The Most Entertaining Dancing With the Stars Contestants From the Past 5 Seasons

While we impatiently wait for the entire cast of Dancing With the Stars season 21 to be announced, let's take a moment to reflect on the most entertaining characters of the past five seasons. Who…

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6 Former Bachelor Contestants Get Honest About Reality-Show Beauty

We chatted with six of our favorite ladies from seasons past and present to get behind-the-scenes beauty secrets from the show.
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MillionaireMatch.com – the best dating site for sexy, successful singles!

All The Times Vulnerable ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Had Their Guards Up, In One Video

And the final rose goes to: Whitney!

During this fairytale season of “The Bachelor,” guards** were let down as vulnerable contestants — who were there for the right reasons — competed to win the heart of their potential future husband, Chris. For Kaitlyn, whose guard** was a topic of constant conversation, Prince Farming was not The One. For Britt, who was woken up in the most vulnerable way, Arlington, Iowa was not in her future. Here’s hoping Kaitlyn and Britt will finally let their guards** down next season on “The Bachelorette!”

**HuffPost Women has yet to confirm what a guard actually is, and how one goes about letting said guard up or down. We feel really vulnerable without this knowledge.

Video produced by Ben Craw
Comedy – The Huffington Post
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