Dish Faces Multiple Outages as Carriage Contracts Come Due

Satellite-broadcaster Dish is known in the media industry as a hard bargainer when carriage contracts come up for renewal. HBO hasn’t been available on the service since November. Now, other TV networks face a similar prospect. Unless Dish and certain content suppliers reach new terms by Monday evening, subscribers who use several cable networks currently […]



The least tradable contracts in the NBA

John Wall's deal — which hasn’t even started yet — is unequivocally the worst in the league. Mike Conley and Blake Griffin aren't too far behind.

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In CBA talks, NHL players shouldn’t budge on long-term contracts

The players want to get rid of escrow, but their negotiations shouldn’t include sacrificing long-term deals and the job security that comes with them. – NHL

From LeBron to CP3: Good, bad and most concerning NBA contracts

As trade season heats up, it’s time to check in on some of the best and worst contracts signed in the summer of 2018. – NBA

Allied Healthcare to transfer care contracts

The home care provider was warned this month by the care regulator about its financial sustainability.
BBC News – Health

NHS waste scandal: Handler stripped of contracts

Healthcare Environmental Services had been collecting clinical waste, including body parts.
BBC News – Health

Weekly Reader: The most baffling contracts of the offseason

Perhaps it’s the term, perhaps it’s the money, perhaps it’s something else. Plus, is Alex Kovalev right about the state of the game? – NHL

Rating the best and worst NBA moves and contracts

Kevin Pelton provides team-by-team analysis of every major and minor deal. Who improved? And what is still to come? – NBA

Expiring contracts to watch in NBA trade talks

Which players on expiring deals could be on the move? We look at the potential sellers and trade pieces. – NBA

Kirk Cousins and Alex Smith’s contracts side-by-side: Who did better?

Now that the smoke has cleared, the Redskins have a QB at a price they like and the Vikings have what they hope is the missing piece to a championship. – NFL

NBA’s most difficult free agent contracts in 2017 (Yahoo Sports)

The Vertical’s Chris Mannix and Bobby Marks discus which player’s upcoming free agency contracts will be hardest to gauge.

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Getting Incentives Right: Improving Torts, Contracts, and Restitution

Getting Incentives Right: Improving Torts, Contracts, and Restitution

Lawyers, judges, and scholars have long debated whether incentives in tort, contract, and restitution law effectively promote the welfare of society. If these incentives were ideal, tort law would reduce the cost and frequency of accidents, contract law would lubricate transactions, and restitution law would encourage people to benefit others. Unfortunately, the incentives in these laws lead to too many injuries, too little contractual cooperation, and too few unrequested benefits. “Getting Incentives Right” explains how law might better serve the social good. In tort law, Robert Cooter and Ariel Porat propose that all foreseeable risks should be included when setting standards of care and awarding damages. Failure to do so causes accidents that better legal incentives would avoid. In contract law, they show that making a promise often causes the person who receives it to change behavior and undermine the cooperation between the parties. They recommend several solutions, including a novel contract called “anti-insurance.” In restitution law, people who convey unrequested benefits to others are seldom entitled to compensation. Restitution law should compensate them more than it currently does, so that they will provide more unrequested benefits. In these three areas of law, “Getting Incentives Right” demonstrates that better law can promote the well-being of people by providing better incentives for the private regulation of conduct.

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