Ashley Benson’s Summer Glow Is Courtesy of This Natural Ingredient

ESC: Ashley BensonAccording to Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson we’ve been moisturizing and highlighting our skin all wrong.
This weekend at the fifth annual Beautycon Festival LA, the Spring…

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Download Your Own Anti-Trump Art Courtesy Of The ‘Broad City’ Ladies

Print them, share them, take them to your local demonstration. Repeat.
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How to Do Bold Night-Out Style, Courtesy of Nick Jonas

It’s all about balance.

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How To Look Incredibly Stylish on a Flight, Courtesy of Michael Fassbender

It requires a simple compromise between comfort and style.

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6 Ways to Avoid Being Mad Online, Courtesy of President Trump

He’s leading by example. Kind of.

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11 Un-Boring Ways to Wear Black This Fall, Courtesy of Style Icon, Kate Moss

Though this fall is all about rich, jewel-tones (think ruby, topaz, and sapphire), if you’re a. in a rush and don’t have time to contemplate what colors match before speeding out the door, or b. just simply aren’t into color, a black outfit tends to be your go-to.

The trouble is, sometimes black can read a bit boring.

Leave it to Kate Moss, whose style we pine over by the day, month, year, and decade (seriously, we’re still trying to copy her outfits from 1992), to find fresh ways to wear black for fall. Whether you’re aiming for a head-to-toe look, or just want to include few simple black pieces in your outfit, here, Moss offers 11 innovative fall outfits that are guaranteed to have you out the door and looking fabulous in 5-minutes or less. Hey, they don’t call her a style icon for nothing!


The supermodel tops a basic black top and trousers with a spotted coat and matching belt. Easy!


She makes black jeans look more put-together with a fine-striped T-shirt, a black blazer and a mini scarf.


Here she rocks a striped T-shirt again, this time it’s with black trousers, thigh-high boots and a peacoat.


We love a good utility jumpsuit and here, Moss cinches her’s with a black belt and tops it with a black jacket, giving it a bit more edge.


For another un-boring black jeans outfit, pair a white or blue button-down shirt and top with a bomber jacket in army green, black, or navy.


Moss tones down a pair of leopard-print pants with a gray T-shirt and a black blazer.


A printed skinny scarf adds some dimension to an all-black look. Be sure to choose accessories with texture or embellishment, like these fringed booties.


Capes can be a bit dramatic, so by pairing her fringed black cape with skinny black trousers, she makes the look less runway, more real.


If you love wearing head-to-toe black, consider investing in a statement coat to make every single one of your outfits pop. Leopard may seem like a busy print, but it takes on a neutral vibe when paired with black.


Pair your leather trousers with a subtly-printed silk blouse and a faux fur jacket.


When in doubt, choose one item in your outfit to focus on and keep the rest to black. Moss makes her high-waisted army green trousers more tame with a black top and shoes.

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Wedding T-Shirts and Wedding Denim: Fun, Fresh Alternative Bridal Looks, Courtesy of The Blonde Salad

For brides want to look bridal, but with a little edge: Chiara Ferragni—aka, fashion blogger The Blonde Salad—was front row at the Pronovias show during Barcelona Bridal Week, and it appears she’s partnered with the…

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5 More Reasons to Love Chris Pratt, Courtesy of His Jurassic World Press Tour

Things we already know to be true: Chris Pratt is adorable. We've known this since the Parks and Recreation days. It was further confirmed during his Guardians of the Galaxy press tour, and cemented into…

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Pregnancy Style Advice Your Mom Definitely Didn’t Hear, Courtesy of the Blogger Behind Pink Peonies

To me, there’s no greater test of true style than pregnancy. It’s when a woman either digs in and really embraces what she loves to wear or doesn’t, pulling on a whole lot of this-will-hide-the-bump options. Blogger Rach Parcell is the force behind Pink Peonies and is expecting her firstborn sometime soon. She’s also definitely one of those ladies who hasn’t let her new curves confuse her style.


“I thought I would wear a lot of flowy, loose tops with skinny jeans, but I quickly learned that a form-fitted silhouette that has some stretch to it is by far the most comfortable and flattering,” she told me about her approach to maternity dressing. “I feel the most confident in something that shows off my bump.” She did decide to invest in two pairs of classic maternity jeans and doesn’t regret the purchase, saying she’s planning on getting more mileage out of them with future pregnancies.


Her blog is filled with plenty of amazing outfits, but I’ll admit I was surprised by how many recent times I spotted her rocking heels. I’ve never gone through a pregnancy, so have no personal experience to speak of, but was under the impression that pumps become more uncomfortable (and feet can swell!).

“So many women warned me that my feet would grow one size larger and that I wouldn’t be able to wear heels at all while pregnant, but I haven’t experienced that” she told me. “If anything I like to wear them more now because they elongate my legs and help to balance out the bump.”



Calling all my mamas out there: How did you dress when pregnant? Did you end up buying a lot of maternity clothes or did you make things you already own work?

Want more pregnancy style? See what blogger Samantha Wennerstrom of Could I Have That? had on her shopping list when expecting.

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Finally, a Perfect Answer to the Women “Having It All” Debate, Courtesy of Parks and Recreation

It may have taken until fictional 2017, but the "having it all" debacle has finally been put to rest—and by none other than our true role model for leading a busy-but-balanced life, Leslie Knope. I…

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Red Carpet Lessons for Real Life, Courtesy of Bravo’s Miss Lawrence and Derek J

When I was offered a chance to hear what Bravo‘s resident stylish dudes from Atlanta, Derek J and Miss Lawrence of Fashion Queens (and Real Housewives of Atlanta, duh) had to say about Grammys style, I may have responded with an all-caps YES.


The boys delivered an email this morning filled with their thoughts on the night’s best- and worst-dressed and while they didn’t agree with all my best-dressed picks, there was a lot of wisdom tucked in among all their exclamation points and catchphrases (a worried Sophia was very nervous what they meant by “gag” until I clarified it was a positive).

Lesson #1: Be on point.
Both guys loved Gwen Stefani and appreciated the fact that a lot of thought went into nailing her pretty perfect look. “She showed us how a jumpsuit should be worn,” Miss Lawrence said. “She was so on-point!” agreed Derek J. “She’s truly a fashion girl and knows how to do it right from head to toe.”

Lesson #2: Be yourself.
“SIA!!!!! The fact that you couldn’t see her face and she still SLAYED. With those bangs stopping at the tip of her nose, she’s saying ‘I don’t see you and I only want you to hear about ME!’ I loved her cape too. Simple and chic but uber-eccentric and glam!”—Miss Lawrence

Lesson #3: Don’t be afraid of texture.
Katy Perry wasn’t and it turned into a big win. “I loved the Zuhair Murad dress Katy wore. The texture reminded me of an ice princess and I loved it!”—Derek J.

Lesson #4: Harness the power of contrast and simplicity.
Miss Lawrence loved the simple choices Annie Lennox made. “I was in awe of the stark blond pixie hair paired with such a classy gown. It was very GODDESS-like!”

Lesson #5: Dress for your hair.
“She’s one of my favorite girls, but this was not the Kim Kardashian I’m used to,” Miss Lawrence seconded. “Her new short hair competed with the shoulders.” I’m sure she was feeling the brand-new crop, but I get his point. With this dress (which I loved), hair-up might’ve been better.

Lesson #6: Bring some arm candy.
Madonna‘s costume-y look fell a little flat for both the boys and me, but leave it to Derek J to find the silver lining. “The only reason she kept my attention is because Nas was standing beside her.” The other handsome gent is Diplo.

Lesson #7: Don’t be afraid to take risks.
Because sometimes the result can be SO good. “Fashion risk-taker herself Rihanna in Giambattista Valli!!!!!! There is nothing more to say!!!!!” Derek J wrote, original exclamation marks included (he mimicked a mic drop next).

Thoughts on their picks? Who was your favorite from last night? Anything you did NOT like?

PS: If you want to watch the guys dish it live, Fashion Queens is on Bravo on Sunday nights at 11:30 p.m.

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2015 Brides: Put This Awesome Gift (Courtesy of Kate Bosworth) on Your Holiday Wish List for Next Year

My husband and I just celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas, but now I’m kind of wishing there were one more gifting holiday so I could add this to my holiday wish list: #KP #pinkie from MP,…

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For Your Next Bachelorette Party: An Activity That Doesn’t Involve Body Shots, Courtesy of Brittany Kerr

I don’t know if Brittany Kerr was in NYC last weekend for her bachelorette party, but she sure had fun with her bridesmaids. (The American Idol alum is engaged to country star Jason Aldean, ICYMI.)…

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Behold, The Comfiest Wedding Tux Known To Man, Courtesy Of Lululemon

The folks over at Lululemon have created a wedding tux that is probably the most comfortable article of clothing a groom could wear, short of rocking a pair of pajama pants at the altar.


It all started in December 2013 when a groom-to-be named Todd posted on a Lululemon forum, asking them to make him a tux for his December 2014 wedding.

How many people hate to dress up because they get WAY TOO HOT and uncomfortable. I for one do. I’m engaged and getting married soon… LULU DESIGN MY TUX!

Lulu was listening and put designer Cara Sumpton to work on the “Todd Tux”. Scroll down to see more photos of a model wearing the finished product:

A rep for the brand told HuffPost Weddings that the tux is made of “lightweight softshell that is stretchy, wicking, breathable, water-repellent and wrinkle-resistant.”

Whether you love Lulu or hate their guts, you probably know a few guys who would be stoked to wear something like this on the big day.

[h/t Racked]

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