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Eddie Murphy Apparently Declined Offer To Play Bill Cosby On ‘SNL 40’

Eddie Murphy’s first appearance on “Saturday Night Live” in 30 years was awkward and stilted, but according to Norm Macdonald, it could have been a whole lot different. Over the course of several tweets posted on Wednesday, Macdonald explained that there was, at one point, the idea to include Murphy in the “SNL 40” version of “Celebrity Jeopardy” as Bill Cosby.

As Macdonald wrote, he was disappointed “Celebrity Jeopardy” had become about celebrity impressions for the “SNL 40” special. But writer Steve Higgins thought having Murphy mimic Cosby would help tie it all together. Wrote Macdonald:

Macdonald relayed a bunch of other anecdotes about the week, including that Bill Murray almost didn’t make the show because of a golf tournament, before finishing out the Murphy story:

Without Murphy’s involvement, the sketch wound up happening with Kenan Thompson in the role of Cosby.

Murphy and Cosby memorably crossed paths before. During the 1987 concert film “Raw,” Murphy recalled how Cosby chastised him about using foul language in his stand-up routine.

For more “SNL 40” stories, head to Macdonald’s Twitter account.
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