Heron Preston, Iris Alonzo on Sustainability at Depop Live

NEW YORK — Sustainability is a hot topic in fashion and one that Heron Preston and other executives took on during a panel discussion at the Depop Live pop-up in SoHo over the weekend.
With the irreversible effects of climate change looming over the world, the fashion sector is under pressure to reduce its environmental footprint and remove the shame of being labeled the second most polluting industry after oil. Although that label has been dismissed as fake news, indisputable figures show it is nonetheless a pressing issue that should not be taken lightly.
Bridget Anderson, deputy commissioner of recycling and sustainability at the New York City Department of Sanitation, shared a 2017 study that said 200,000 tons, or 400 million pounds, of textiles and clothing are discarded every year in New York City alone.
Everybody World cofounder Iris Alonzo took the claim further, using T-shirts as an example. “A T-shirt is half a pound, so in theory that’s 800 million T-shirts.”
Anderson said the city spends $ 100 a ton to throw textiles into a landfill.
The hourlong session, entitled “Can Fashion Save the World,” was hosted by the peer-to-peer shopping app and was intended to raise awareness among the Gen Z audience, whose members account

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Depop Turns Up the Volume With Nineties Rave Culture Exhibition

BACK IN TIME: A Spice Girls reunion — minus Victoria Beckham — has signaled the Nineties are here to stay and Depop, the online marketplace aimed at Gen Z, is celebrating the flip side of the decade’s music scene with a one–night–only exhibition on Wednesday dedicated to rave culture.
Depop has partnered with Youth Club, a nonprofit organization that preserves youth culture, and London’s NTS radio for the exhibition, called “Wear the Movement.” “Depop and Youth Club are both about youth culture and the importance of self-expression and acceptance is at the core of Depop,” said Maria Raga, chief executive officer of Depop.
The event will be held at Corsica Studios in south London and there will be imagery, vintage clothing and accessories on display, which have been sourced by Depop’s community of vintage dealers and sellers.
Clothing items, including vintage Moschino, Kappa and Adidas, on show and for sale, are exact matches of pieces shown in archival photos provided by Youth Culture.
The Depop community is made up of more than 10 million users, who are “overwhelmingly” Gen Z, said Raga. “But they are very interested in all things Nineties, from both the buyer and the seller side.”
She added that Nineties rave culture was

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