Why the Nintendo Switch Lite Has a True D-Pad and Why It’s Such a Big Deal

The Nintendo Switch Lite was announced today, and it features a true, honest-to-goodness D-Pad. The fact that the original Switch’s Joy-Con controllers do not has been point of contention for fans since its launch in 2017, as the four separate directional buttons aren’t as ideal as a true D-Pad for 2D games, retro games, and much more.

The Switch Lite will be released on September 20, 2019, for $ 199.99 USD and is designed specifically for handheld play. That means no kickstand, no dock, and no support for video output to TV whatsoever. While the addition of a D-pad is a boon to many fans, some may find themselves wondering “why now?” or “why hasn’t the Switch added them yet?”

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