Fortnite teen hackers ‘earning thousands of pounds a week’

Thieves sell hijacked accounts with in-demand skins online after locking out original owners.
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Ranked: The BBC’s top earning men and women

The BBC has published its latest salary report, which reveals that the vast majority of its top earners are men.
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Earning their stripes: How NHL refs stay in shape

Players keep getting bigger, stronger and faster, so referees must be resourceful and regimented to keep up. That means lots of pregame planks and postgame protein shakes instead of fast-food arena fare — and bringing a blender along on road trips. – NHL

Being Frugal and Saving Money: Saving is a kind of Earning

Being Frugal and Saving Money: Saving is a kind of Earning

TABLE OF CONTENTSBeing Frugal and Saving MoneyIntroduction: Importance of Being Frugal and Saving Money:A.Saving for Emergency Situations:B.Saving for Retirement Benefits:C.Saving for Down Payments:D.Saving for Vacations and Trips:E.Saving for a Car:F.Establish a Sinking Fund:G.Saving for Educational Purposes: Non-material Benefits of Saving Money and Being Frugal:A.Enhancement of Positive Financial Characteristics:B.Financial Freedom and Independence:C.Improvement in Self Confidence and Endurance:D.Reduction in Stress Levels:E.Less Borrowing and More Wealth:F.What is Being Frugal and a Frugal Way of Living?How to Save Money and Be Frugal:A.Saving Money on Food:1.Pantry Principle:2.Avoid Processed Food:3.Do Some Menu Planning:4.Reduce Grocery Store Trips:5.Start your Own Kitchen Garden:6.Simple Eating:7.Bulk Buying:8.Use Brown Bags:9.Do Not Waste:10.Make Use of Leftovers:11.Drink More Water:12.Reduce Eating Out:13.Take your Lunchbox:14.Make your Own Baby Food:B.Saving on Utilities:1.Water Heaters:2.Turn off the Television:3.Reusable Items:4.Adjust your Thermostat:5.Wear Warmer Clothes:6.Take Cool Showers:7.Clean your Refrigerator and Freezer:8.Keep your Freezer Full:9.Remove All Unwanted Electricity Drains:10.Look out for Energy Drains:11.Use One Telephone Medium:12.Turning off Small Appliances:13.LEDs and Energy Savers:14.Plant Trees:C.Health and Physical Fitness Elements:1.Discontinue Gym Membership:2.Home Aerobics:3.High Deductible Insurance:4.Quit Smoking:5.Take Extra Care:D.Transportation and Car Maintenance:1.Self-change of Oil:2.Shuffle your Tires:3.Buy a Used Car:4.Car Sharing:5.Car Insurance:6.Carpool:7.Tire Maintenance:8.Replace and Clean Airfilter:9.Go Slow:10.Plan Trips Together:11.Walk:E.Dressing and Self-Grooming:1.Do your Own Laundry and Ironing:2.Stick with Existing Clothes:3.Buy Items on Sale and at Thrift shops:4.Shaving and cutting:5.Keep Children’s Clothes:6.Buy Fewer:7.Clothes Swapping:8.Home Remedies:F.Entertainment:1.Go out:2.Game Nights:3.Let a

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