Jeffrey Dodd Exhibits at the Kaneko Art Museum

Jeffrey Dodd is exhibiting a selection of archived pieces alongside his fall 2019 collection at the Kaneko Art Museum in Omaha, Neb. The exhibition, which opened last month, will be on display through June. Dodd has joined the artist Jun Kaneko and five other artists in an exhibit titled “The Human Condition.”
In addition to his clothing, Dodd’s installation includes a series of sketches, drawings, prints and fabrics. These elements offer a look into Dodd’s creative process, color study and 2-D to 3-D exploration and provide the viewer insight into his evolution as an artist and designer.
The “Human Condition” exhibition is a study of human experience as seen through the humanities — art, music, literature, history, and now fashion. The purpose of this multidisciplinary exhibition “is to encourage visitors to immerse themselves in the question of how we define what it means to be human,” the museum said.
To toast the partnership, Dodd hosted a cocktail celebration to unveil his installation last month with board members and donors, as well as 150 to 200 museum supporters.
Dodd, who was born and raised in Iowa, plans to draw on Kaneko’s distinctive use of color and lines in his next collection.
Kaneko founded the contemporary art

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