See Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s Expression When They Saw Their Daughter for the First Time

Gabrielle Union, Kaavia, DaughterNothing lasts quite like a first impression, and this was one Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are never going to forget.
Union and Wade welcomed their first child together, Kaavia James…

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Jansport Right Pack Expression

Jansport Right Pack Expression

The JanSport Right Pack Expressions features a variety of prints, including animal prints, and colors on unique fabrications. This backpack includes signature suede leather bottom, 15 in laptop sleeve and front pocket with organizer.

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Effortless Beauty: Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind and Heart

Effortless Beauty: Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind and Heart

Effortless Beauty: Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind and Heart

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High Heels For Men Show Just How Much Gender Expression Has Changed

“Never before have a few inches mattered so much.” The tagline for an upcoming exhibit at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto says everything about guys in heels.

Today, of course, high-heeled shoes are synonymous with femininity. Men who want to add a bit of height have to do so with inserts on the DL, and any non-cowboys wandering around with heels visibly higher than normal might get a few judgy looks. But for about 130 years in the 17th and 18th centuries, Western men wore heeled shoes as an expression of power.

bata 72

Italian, Ferradini, 1972-1975. Worn by Elton John. Celebrities strutted on stage in outrageous outfits and high glittering heels such as this pair, but more conservative men also paired higher heeled shoes with their suits.

It makes sense if you consider the value placed on height. Tall people, particularly men, are associated with confidence and prestige — we actually tend to pay them higher salaries. So one of the questions Elizabeth Semmelhack, curator of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, poses through the exhibit is not why men wore heels at one point, but why they ever stopped.

“We’re so nervous about the idea of men in heels today,” Semmelhack told The Huffington Post. “Hopefully, what this exhibition will do is highlight for people that what’s really curious about the history of men in heels is our current attitude towards it.”

Semmelhack theorizes that heeled shoes were borrowed from Asia, where they were used for horseback riding, in the early 1600s. Persia had been gaining political influence around that time, and exoticism in dress was a symbol of high status. It wasn’t long before women began wearing heels, too. Semmelhack explained it was (somewhat unsurprisingly) trendy for women to borrow from mens’ closets in the 1600s, and there they found high-heeled shoes. Never before in the history of mankind did everyone’s butts look so fantastic.

bata 1

Persian, 17th century.

The heels themselves became gendered, with slender heels for women and blocky ones for men. Then around the middle of the 18th century, men started to abandon them. But there have been exceptions. John Lennon wore boots with heels, followed by plenty of glam rockers. “Elevator shoes” (with height-boosting insoles) provided a discreet option. And somehow the cowboy boot — which is definitely a high heeled shoe for guys — has stuck around as a symbol of rugged masculinity. As we reconsider notions of gender and its role in society, the heel is a prime example of how arbitrary definitions of gender can be.

Feel free to imagine Ron Swanson in any of the shoes below. If you find yourself in Toronto, the exhibition, titled “Standing Tall: The Curious History of Men in Heels,” runs from May 8, 2015, until May 2016.

bata 62

English, c. 1690-1710. This sturdy boot from the turn of the 18th century features a high stacked leather heel.

bata 2

English, c. 1690-1715. This pair of men’s mules features high flared heels in keeping with turn of the 18th century fashion. The red leather covering the high heels was meant to bring attention to them and also a conveyed a sense of continental sophistication as red heels were famously worn in the court of French King XIV.

bata 52

American, Justin Boots, 20th century. The packer boot, like the more iconic pull-on cowboy boot, originated on the frontier and was worn for horseback riding. Evolving from 19th century lace-up boots, packers allowed wearers to customize the fit of the boot. The addition of the low-slung heel enabled the boot to stay stable in the stirrup.

bata 32

American, Tony Lama, late 20th century. The cowboy emerged in the West after the Civil War pushing cattle to railheads in the 1860s to 1880s.

bata 4

Canadian, designed and made by Master John, 1973. The Toronto shoemaker Master John made these men’s platform boots complete with a five and a half inch high heels, appliquéd stars and veritable landscape in leather.

All photos by Ron Wood / Bata Shoe Museum.

Style – The Huffington Post
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Bodily Expression in Electronic Music: Perspectives on Reclaiming Performativity

Bodily Expression in Electronic Music: Perspectives on Reclaiming Performativity

In this book, scholars and artists explore the relation between electronic music and bodily expression from perspectives including aesthetics, philosophy of mind, phenomenology, dance and interactive performance arts, sociology, computer music and sonic arts, and music theory, transgressing disciplinary boundaries and established beliefs. The historic decoupling of action and sound generation might be seen to have distorted or even effaced the expressive body, with the retention of performance qualities via recoupling not equally retaining bodily expressivity. When, where, and what is the body expressed in electronic music then? The authors of this book reveal composers, performers, improvisers and listeners bodies, as well as the works and technologies figurative bodies as a rich source of expressive articulation. Bringing together humanities scholarship and musical arts contingent upon new media, the contributors offer inspiring thought and critical reflection for all those seriously engaged with the aesthetics of electronic music, interactive performance, and the body s role in aesthetic experience and expression. Performativity is not only seen as being reclaimed in live electronic music, interactive arts, and installations; it is also exposed as embodied in the music and the listeners themselves.

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Emotional Expression of Self

First things first: What the heck does emotional expression of self mean? It’s pretty simple actually; emotional expression of self is being free with your emotions. It’s understanding what you’re feeling, letting the important people in your life know how you feel, and being open to both physical and emotional intimacy. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s absolutely vital to living a happy, healthy life!

Bottling up our emotions is akin to wearing around a weighted vest. Each time we hold back a strong feeling or emotion, we add weight to that vest. Very quickly the vest becomes a burden, and eventually it will all but immobilize us. Our emotional health is critical to our overall heath. Expressing ourselves openly allows us to be ourselves and promotes an environment where everyone can be comfortable in his or her own skin. In the past we believed that success made people happy, but recently researchers have discovered that it’s the other way around! Happy people are actually more successful! They are more likely to work toward goals, find resources they need and attract others with their energy and optimism.

I’m not suggesting that we should always say everything we think and feel — of course we shouldn’t. This is more about being in touch with our feelings and understanding what exactly it is that we are feeling and why exactly it is that we are feeling it. There is a time and a place to keep our feelings to ourselves, but when it’s something important involving people who are important to us, we need to express ourselves openly. Now, the time, place, and tone of voice are all incredibly important, and I strongly encourage you to choose wisely.

This is exceptionally true in your love life. How can you be completely intimate without a clear line of communication (with yourself and with your partner)? You’d be surprised how often I discover that a couple has a very clear and open stream of communication everywhere but the bedroom. Is there any place that we feel more emotion than in the bedroom? I don’t think so. It can be the single most difficult place to let go and be yourself because it’s where you are most vulnerable, but that’s what makes it so important.

Luckily, there are ways to improve our understanding of our emotions. Here are a few exercises to strengthen our muscles of thinking and feeling:

  • Choose a quiet, relaxing place and remember each part of the previous day. What were you thinking? How did you feel? To express yourself openly and clearly you first need to understand exactly how you’re feeling.
  • Be completely present in something you’re doing, whether it’s for work or fun. Take in all of your surroundings and focus on exactly how you are feeling at each moment in time. There should be a special depth and richness to the experience that you can start to incorporate into the rest of your life.
  • A clear flood journal can also help us be mindful. Write down what you are thinking about eating and why, what you decide to eat, and afterwards, how you felt about the meal. Just a simple exercise like this can keep us from emotional eating!

It’s so important for each and every one of us to be physically and emotionally healthy. Concentrate even a small amount of time on your emotional health and you’ll see an improvement in both. You’ll also be one step closer to having your S.W.E.E.P in check!
GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
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