Air France Offers La Prairie Services to Select Fliers at JFK, American Airlines Teams Up With Allies of Skin, Zenology and Baxter of California

NEW YORK — While several airlines are counting on designers for cutting-edge uniforms, beauty companies like La Prairie, Allies of Skin, Zenology and Baxter of California are looking to the friendly skies as another way to connect with consumers.
Paris-bound travelers departing from John F. Kennedy International Airport have another reason to get to the airport early. Air France has unveiled a La Prairie beauty treatment center in its lounge for La Première and Business customers. They now can book custom-designed beauty treatments before their flights take off. Travelers will want to book their appointments once they clear security and arrive in the lounge. Located in Terminal 1, the two-level lounge welcomed 247,000 travelers last year.
La Prairie’s new 325-square-foot outpost has two private beauty booths and a massage table for longer treatments. Fliers pressed for time will have the option of more express treatments. In addition to La Première and Business customers, Flying Blue Platinum and Gold members can also access the complimentary beauty services.
Starting Feb. 15, American Airlines will also be helping travelers freshen up en route to their destinations. Frequent first, business class and premium economy travelers will be able to indulge in an assortment of travel kits designed with This

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The Fearless Flier’s Handbook

The Fearless Flier’s Handbook

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Little Tikes Big Adventures Action Fliers, 1 ea

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