Nonfiction: Anne Frank’s Diary, in Graphic Form, Reveals Its Humor

Ari Folman and David Polonsky’s graphic novel adaptation of the famous diary brings out new and vibrant aspects of Anne’s voice.
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This Is What Cookies Coated With Frank’s Hot Sauce Taste Like

If you’re the “I put hot sauce on everything” type, you will be elated to know there’s a Frank’s Red Hot-coated cookie in town. The bite-sized bits are from the bakery This Chick Bakes and are fittingly named “Hot Drops.”

six cookies

In real life, the cookies don’t look as much like chicken nuggets as they do in the photo. Still, they certainly aren’t pretty.

We tried a couple of cookies ourselves — they do have quite a kick that tingles down your esophagus. On first bite, the cookie tastes like the unfilled edges of a Pop-Tarts pastry. It is sweet (but not terribly sweet) and innocuous. But as the cookie has a little time to settle on the tongue, the fire sets in. We’re deeming it an “after-burn,” one that lingers in the throat long after the cookie is swallowed. A cold beer could definitely help to wash the hurt away.

broken cookie

Hot Drops earn an “A” for effort — we appreciate them for daring to provide novelty-seekers and hot-sauce lovers with a fiery concoction. But they fall a bit flat in execution: Frank’s Red Hot is a revered hot sauce, in part, because of its defining vinegary flavor. These coated cookies lack the acidity that we expect from Frank’s. Our ultimate consensus is that Frank’s still tastes best when paired with wings, egg sandwiches and basically everything that’s not a sugar cookie. Still, if you’re enticed by the torrid combination, you can order a batch of Hot Drops from This Chick Bakes.

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