Why the Sharks have stumbled out of the gate

The Sharks were a popular Stanley Cup pick after the Erik Karlsson trade, but they are struggling early. What has gone wrong, and can they fix it?
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Michael Kors, Bette Midler Open Gate to Essex Street Community Garden

On a crowded block of Brooklyn, Michael Kors and Bette Middler managed to make the longest day of the year feel like a walk in the park — most literally.
Kors and his husband, Lance Le Pere, joined Midler Thursday night to kick off the New York Restoration Project’s grand opening of the Essex Street Community Garden with a ribbon cutting and summer solstice block party for the Brooklyn neighborhood.
“This is a gift from the heart,” Midler said before cutting the ribbon with garden shears. “We want you to take it into your hearts and let it be the special place in your lives. Please, it’s yours. It’s for you. Enjoy it.”
Kors and his husband partnered with Midler and the NYPR to develop the community park — a 3,200-square-foot green haven that can be used for growing, gathering and celebrating alike. The space will be the first NYC Community garden to be 100 percent solar-powered, featuring a gazebo, Wi-Fi, a projection screen for events and plenty of greenery hand-planted by Kors, Le Pere and NYRP community gardeners.
“I’m a born and bred New Yorker, and I think in New York, what’s the greatest luxury? The greatest luxury is space and nature,” Kors

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Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Blasts Out the Gate, On Track for Million-Plus Sales Debut

“Reputation” is selling swiftly. Taylor Swift’s sixth album, which was available for purchase at 12 a.m. ET on Friday morning, has soared to over 600,000 in first-day sales in the United States, according to early reports from Buzz Angle Music. Buzz Angle’s Jim Lidestri predicts a one-week total between 1.2 and 1.3 million in the […]



Wrought Iron De cor Gate – Color: Bronze

Wrought Iron De cor Gate – Color: Bronze

XT1110: Features: -Latch system baffles toddlers yet allows one-handed operation for adults-Great for children and pets-Mounts at angles up to 30°, allowing location of stud when mounting on drywall-Gate swings open in both directions-Height is 30½”-Width adjustable from 27 to 42½”-Bar spacing is 1-7/8″-10.5-inch extension (model WIX) available, sold separately. Includes: -Optional stop bracket included; prevents opening over stairway for greater safety. Construction: -Handsome, durable steel construction; indoor use only-No plastic parts; all-metal construction.

Price: $
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The Ninth Gate

The Ninth Gate

The Ninth Gate Johnny Depp, Frank Langella, Emanuelle Seigner, Lena Olin, Emmanuelle Seigner, Barbara Jefford, Jack Taylor, Jose Lopez Rodero, James Russo, Tony Amoni Synopsis: Corso (Depp) is a rather dubious rare book finder, whose services are engaged by the owner of one of Europe’s largest collection of demonic texts. The prize of his collection is a 16th century tome entitled “The Nine Gates,” a book containing nine etchings that supposedly hold the key to summoning Satan himself. Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) is highly skilled at his work, a position which requires dexterity, cultural expertise, nerves of steel…and few scruples. Known for locating rare books for wealthy collectors, Corso is hired by eminent book-lover and scholar of demonology, Boris Balkan (Frak Langella). Corso’s mission: to find the last two volumes of the legendary manual of satanic invocation “The Nine Gates of the Shadow Kingdom,” compare them with Balkan’s first volume, supposedly the only one of its kind, and ascertain the authenticity of the series….
List Price:

Two Deer Stop Rush Hour Traffic On The Golden Gate Bridge

It was rush hour on Friday in San Francisco, and traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge came to a grinding halt — all thanks to two rather unexpected guests.

According to NBC News, two deer wandered onto the Golden Gate Bridge at around 5.30 p.m. and promptly stopped up the flow of traffic on three northbound lanes. The deer appear to have entered from the southern end of the bridge, the news outlet said, and were running toward Marin County.

The duo reportedly got off the bridge safely and commuters were soon able to continue their journeys.

“You just don’t see this everyday,” wrote one Instagrammer who snapped a photo of the two deer sauntering across the bridge. “#deergate2014”
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Expandable Metal Pet Gate With Door

Expandable Metal Pet Gate With Door

Keep your furry friends safe and secure with this Expandable Metal Pet Gate with Door This unique gate features a lightweight metal construction that makes it easy to move from room to room. It adjusts to fit doorways of up to 40 inches, and rubber stoppers on the side help keep the gate secure without scratching up your walls or woodwork. Best of all, a small door at the bottom of the gate lets cats and small dogs pass through to visit their canine and human friends It’s a great addition to any pet lover’s homeExpandable Metal Pet Gate with Door adjust to over 40 inches wide Lightweight metal construction for easy portability Small door in the bottom lets cats and small dogs pass through Rubber stoppers keep gate secure and help prevent scratches Great way to keep pets safe and secure

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Devil’s Gate

Devil’s Gate

The Mormon handcart tragedy of 1856 is the worst disaster in the history of the Western migrations, and yet it remains virtually unknown today outside Mormon circles. Following the death of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church, its second Prophet and new leader, Brigham Young, determined to move the faithful out of the Midwest, where they had been constantly persecuted by their neighbors, to found a new Zion in the wilderness. In 1846-47, the Mormons made their way west, generally following the Oregon Trail, arriving in July 1847 in what is today Utah, where they established Salt Lake City. Nine years later, fearing a federal invasion, Young and other Mormon leaders wrestled with the question of how to bring thousands of impoverished European converts, mostly British and Scandinavian, from the Old World to Zion. Young conceived of a plan in which the European Mormons would travel by ship to New York City and by train to Iowa City. From there, instead of crossing the plains by covered wagon, they would push and pull wooden handcarts all the way to Salt Lake. But the handcart plan was badly flawed. The carts, made of green wood, constantly broke down; the baggage allowance of seventeen pounds per adult was far too small; and the food provisions were woefully inadequate, especially considering the demanding physical labor of pushing and pulling the handcarts 1,300 miles across plains and mountains. Five companies of handcart pioneers left Iowa for Zion that spring and summer, but the last two of them left late. As a consequence, some 900 Mormons in these two companies were caught in early snowstorms in Wyoming. When the church leadership in Salt Lake became aware of the dire circumstances of these pioneers, Younglaunched a heroic rescue effort. But for more than 200 of the immigrants, the rescue came too late. The story of the Mormon handcart tragedy has never before been told in full despite its stunning human drama: At least five times as many people died

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The Gate of the Year

The Gate of the Year

“An Adult is someone who can provide for themselves. As Adults you must provide for yourselves, by skills, strength or the use of the property that you have acquired. Can you do it? Can I go out into the world and cleave a living from it? Can you stand in that world saying ‘Am I going to eat tonight? Am I going to have clothes to wear? A roof over my head? The answers depend on me’.”Seven young men and women of Ashford Village aim to reach that status. Marvin fails and falls in with bad company. The other six strive to craft a life and livelihood by their own skills and strengths. Liane and Roget are skilled metalworkers already. Karin is the daughter of a lord and Mallick was found on the Temple steps as a baby. The other two are Aspen – daughter of the castle’s head cook and Sandy, son of a farmer.They have to meet each other in single combat, then leave their homes for a year to prove they can live by their own effortsCan Karin put her life of ease behind her?Will Mallick be accepted as one of the elite “Adults”.Is Aspen able to rise above her somewhat lowly origins?The six escort a carter’s wagons to the Village of Westport. Marvin, captured by robbers, betrays them to save his skin. The subsequent battle leaves robbers dead and wounded. Liane is also mortally hurt. Mallick dares to challenge his gods and they heal her through him.In Westport they take on a run-down house, tidy it up and live there as a group. Aspen and Mallick have paired up; Liane and Roget are pledged to each other. Sandy will chase anything in a skirt, but Karin scorns him.The robbers, guided again by Marvin, attack the house, but come off much the worse. As a result the Village Watch, armed peacekeepers, trail the robbers to their stronghold and storm it. Only Marvin and Marsha, one of the robber leader’s women, survive, and Marvin is wounded.Marsha introduces him to her goddess, who requires regular sacrifice. They set up a temple and start capturing girls to use for that. In the process t

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$199 for a 2-Night Stay for Up to 6 People in a Two-Bedroom Chalet at Banff Gate Mountain Resort ($358 Value)

City: Toronto
Start Date: February 23, 2014
End Date: March 03, 2014
Value: $ 358
Price: $ 199
Purchases: 8
Purchases required: 1


  • Enjoy a 2 or 3 night getaway for up to 6 people until the end of May!
  • This tranquil resort is a mere 30 minutes from Lake Louise and the Banff National Park.
  • Stay in luxury chalet accommodations with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fireplace, dining area, balcony with BBQ, and full kitchen.
  • Outdoor Activities: skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and more.
  • Upgrade to travel on the weekend for a small fee.

Buy Details:

  • Includes a choice of:
    1. $ 199 for a 2-Night Stay.
    2. $ 229 for a 3-Night Stay.
    3. Both Options are for accommodations in a Two-Bedroom Chalet on Sunday-Thursday for up to 6 people.
  • You may upgrade to stay on a Friday or Saturday night for $ 20 extra per night, subject to availability and paid to the hotel.
  • Reservations required and subject to availability, please call (877) 477-7368. You may call in to book one hour after purchase.
  • Blackout Dates: March 21-29, April 18-20, May 16-19.
  • Valid to book and travel until May 31, 2014.
  • Refund Policy: within 14 days of purchase only. No refunds if room has been booked with property.
  • Unlimited buys and unlimited gifts. Vouchers may be combined for multiple night stays.
  • Taxes of 15% and $ 9 nightly resort fee not included and payable to the property.
  • TeamBuy TICO # 50019980.

Description: Banff Gate Mount Resort:

  • $ 199 for a 2-Night Stay in a Two-Bedroom Chalet for 6 People ($ 358 Value).
  • $ 229 for a 3-Night Stay in a Two-Bedroom Chalet for 6 People ($ 378 Value).

Hotel Info:

Free parking for one car included.
All rooms are non-smoking.
No pets allowed.

Room Amenities:

Chalet with 2 Bedrooms (1 King/Queen and 2 Twins) that can sleep up to 6 people, 2 bathrooms, living room with Murphy bed, TV, fireplace, balcony with BBQ, dining room, kitchen with full appliances.

Dining Onsite

Click here to see a list of 28 nearby restaurants.

Entertainment and Recreation

Nearby activities include: Skiing, Horse Riding, Ice Walking, Gonola, Cave Tours, Snowmobiling, Dog Sledding.

Expires: May 31, 2014
Image Link: http://static.teambuy.ca/deal/708×333/other/28164909-2014-02-24-28164909—Banff-Gate-Mountain-Mountain-Resort—banner-01b.jpg
Merchant: Banff Gate Mountain Resort
Merchant Link: http://www.banffgatemountainresort.com/

Merchant address: 302 George Biggy Sr. Rd Dead Mans Flats AB T1W 2T8
Merchant phone: (877) 477-7368

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