‘Little’ Is Charming Enough, But The Body-Swap Genre Has Grown Stale

Issa Rae, Regina Hall and “Black-ish” breakout Marsai Martin headline the familiar new comedy.
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The Spy Kids Are All Grown Up–and Are Totally Couples’ Goals

Spy KidsRemember the Spy Kids? Well, in case you aren’t aware, Alexa PenaVega and Daryl Sabara are still popular as adults, and they should definitely double-date, because fans love them even more as…

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OMG! Ross and Rachel’s Friends Daughter Is All Grown Up and a Twin IRL

Jennifer Aniston, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon, FriendsThe One Where We Discovered Emma Geller-Green Is a Twin.
Can you believe it’s been almost 17 years since the birth of baby Emma? On the season eight finale of Friends in May 2002, the…

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Yara Shahidi’s Gorgeous Grown Style and More Best Dressed Looks

ESC: Best Dressed, Yara ShahidiIt’s finally time to store away winter neutrals and step into spring–because the week in celebrity style saw the whole color spectrum!
Stars didn’t shy away from bold, vibrant…

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Yara Shahidi’s Gorgeous Grown Style and More Best Dressed Looks

ESC: Best Dressed, Yara ShahidiIt’s finally time to store away winter neutrals and step into spring–because the week in celebrity style saw the whole color spectrum!
Stars didn’t shy away from bold, vibrant…

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Madison De La Garza Is All Grown Up Celebrating Her Sweet 16

Demi Lovato's younger sister, who played Juanita Solis on "Desperate Housewives," is growing up and celebrating her sixteenth birthday. Watch!
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Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Dannielynn Birkhead Looks All Grown up at the Kentucky Derby

Anna Nicole Smith‘s 10-year-old daughter Dannielynn Birkhead looked adorable in her Kentucky Derby-ready get-up, posing with dad Larry Birkhead  ahead of the big race on Saturday.

Perhaps topping prior years’ outfits, her dress featured multiple shades of pink, complemented by her fascinator hat and flower-studded shoes.

The father-daughter pair, who live in rural Kentucky, have been attending the Derby together for the past seven years. And on Twitter on Saturday, Birkhead noted he met Smith at a Derby party.

“Dannielynn b4 she raided the dessert room at the Barnstable-Brown Party where I met her Mom in 2003 #lifefullcircle #BarnstableBrownParty,” Birkhead, 44, tweeted on Saturday as he posed alongside his daughter.

Birkhead, who works as a photographer and dabbles in real estate for a living, has raised his daughter — who looks just like her mother — as a single dad. Dannielynn was only 5 months old when Smith, a former Playmate of the Year, died at age 39 following a drug overdose in Florida in 2007.

In February, during a sneak peek on Good Morning America of a new 20/20 interview, Birkhead shared a sweet letter the 10-year-old wrote to explain her love of coloring and how it connects to her mother.

RELATED VIDEO: Dannielynn Birkhead is ‘Fearless’

“Ever since my mother’s death, a friend of hers said she would send me pretty butterflies,” Dannielynn had written. “So, butterflies chase me everywhere and I let the butterfly come out of my pencil and fly on my paper with its wings of love.”




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When Tiny Girls Terrify Grown Men

This column originally appeared in Emily Peck’s newsletter, a weekly email that looks at the convergence of women, economics, business and politics. Sign up here

Look, it’s obviously the height of absurdity to be afraid of little girls. Yet, here we are. Earlier this week, the sculptor behind the 11-foot bronze bull, a symbol of the virile finance industry and an institution on Wall Street for decades, held a press conference to complain about a 4-foot statue of a little girl recently placed nearby.

The “Fearless Girl” statue was installed facing off against Arturo Di Modica’s bull last month, as part of a publicity stunt by a massive financial institution.

The little girl ― posed with her hands on her hips ― was only supposed to be there for like a day, but she became so popular that she got an extension from the city of New York.

Di Modica is freaking out about the girl statue’s “threat.” He’s gotten himself a lawyer. He said “Fearless Girl” is an insult to his work.

Because of “Fearless Girl,” Di Modica’s lawyer, Norman Siegel, said at the press conference, the bull “no longer carries a positive, optimistic message.” The little girl has  “transformed” the giant muscular bronze bull into “a negative force and a threat,” he said.

I suggest Messrs. Di Modica and Siegel stay away from local playgrounds, the American Girls store and Hannah Anderson shops during sales season.

What’s really scary

Men who shoot their wives and girlfriends. They are scary. And threatening.

Like Cedric Anderson, who shot and killed his wife and an 8-year-old child in a San Bernadino, California, classroom where she was teaching on Monday

Every day, three women, on average, are killed by men ― usually a husband or boyfriend, according to reporting by my colleague, Melissa Jeltsen. In fact, more than half of all shootings in the U.S. in which at least four people died involved domestic violence. Many of the victims were children.

But yeah, let’s do extreme vetting and bomb Middle Eastern countries to feel safe. Gun control seems ridic, amiright?

The absolute terror of a pretty woman

I’ve enjoyed many of Michael Lewis’s books ― Moneyball, Liar’s Poker, The Big Short, etc. So I was surprised how much I did not like this essay he wrote in the 1990s. It’s about how his wife is beautiful and how he finds that threatening. Living in the shadow of her hotness is a “weird degradation,” he wrote back then.

You can read more here

Read more:



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Human-pig ‘chimera’ embryo grown in lab

Scientists have grown a hybrid species which has human and pig DNA by injecting human stem cells into the embryo of a pig.
Tech News – Latest Technology and Gadget News | Sky News


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Sophie From ‘The Holiday’ Is All Grown Up

Ten years ago, rom-com fans everywhere fell in love with “The Holiday.” Starring Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black, the movie told the story of two women from different countries who traded homes for the holidays to escape their drama-filled lives for a little while. 

But in all honesty, the true stars of the movie were child actresses Miffy Englefield and Emma Pritchard, who played Law’s adorable on-screen daughters, Sophie and Olivia. (Mr. Napkin Head, anyone?!)

“I was thinking about those two kids the other day — I’m sure they’re not kids now — and seeing them. I bet they’re all grown up, aren’t they?” Law said in a recent interview with People.

Well yes, Jude. They are all grown up. 

Although Pritchard gave up acting after “The Holiday,” Englefield, now 17, appeared in two TV series ― “The Whistleblowers” and “Casualty” ― before stepping away from the spotlight.

This was her then (on the left): 

And this is her now:

Why do I take so many selfies sideways? I have no idea.

A photo posted by Miff (@miffyenglefield) on

According to the Daily Mail, Englefield studied performing arts in college. On Instagram, she describes herself as a “musical being” who’s “loud and mostly ridiculous.”

She also shaved her head for Children with Cancer UK last year, so she’s definitely a special kind of teenager. 

We’re still waiting for “The Holiday 2” to come out …

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Human Embryos Grown In Lab For Two Weeks

The breakthrough promises advances in assisted reproduction and stem-cell therapies, but also raises ethical concerns.
Tech News – Latest Technology and Gadget News | Sky News


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Reasons for Grown Up Recess!

2015-11-09-1447110946-7757898-play.jpg Remember sitting in the classroom, watching the clock and praying for the bell to ring? It was time for recess! After the break, you’d come back ready to face the rest of the school day.

Play is a natural and accepted part of childhood. It’s relaxing, it’s pleasurable and it serves as a way to learn a number of foundational skills we need for success in the adult world.

When we become adults, play somehow gets left behind and replaced with deadlines, responsibilities and the demands of a career. Living in our grown-up world, all too often the message is that adults don’t play and that we really ought to leave that part of us behind. But is this wise?

Findings suggest that play can be beneficial for grown-ups too!

Play Encourages Creativity

Research has found that taking a break and having a little fun helps to relieve tension and improve problem-solving abilities. Play activates the pleasure centers of the brain and stimulates areas of the brain responsible for mental flexibility and creativity. [1]

Playing, especially play that engages our imagination can increase our creativity, which in turn enhances our problem-solving ability, helping us to find solutions to problems that we might otherwise have overlooked.

Simply put, play flexes the creative muscle of the mind!

Play Encourages Good Health

Play and laughter go hand-in-hand. Playing and laughing bring us into the moment, providing both an easing of physical tension and a release of emotion. Together, they deliver a double dose of health benefits.

Research has found that engaging in pleasurable or humorous activities relieves stress, stimulates the immune system, encourages the release of ‘feel good’ endorphins and may improve inflammation and the function of blood vessels.

The take-home message here is clear: find something fun and do it. Your body and your mind will thank you for it.

Play Encourages Happiness

One of the most interesting things about play is that it can spontaneously move us into the moment, allowing us to get totally lost in the experience. When this happens, we are in what has been called ‘the flow’, a state of intense joy.

Research suggests that play is a fundamental need for humans, something present throughout the lifespan. Play contributes to our sense of well-being, connectedness and ability to cope with life’s challenges.

An absence of play isn’t work but depression. Another great reason to get out and play!

Play Encourages Mental Acuity

A number of studies suggest that physical activity, puzzles and games may delay cognitive decline and help to maintain optimal brain function.

Physical activity and tasks that require mental manipulation require us to access areas of the brain involved in information processing and problem-solving. Engaging the brain in this way activates brain cells and improves their efficiency and capacity. Over time, this activity can help to maintain memory and thinking skills.

These days there are any number of puzzle books, apps and online resources for adults. If you prefer to play with others, find like-minded friends and play some old favorites! The key here seems to be to play in a way that keeps us physically and mentally active.

Play Encourages Relaxation

One of the simplest forms of childhood play is coloring and coloring has recently become a very grown-up thing to do. There are now coloring books just for adults! A number of studies have found that coloring can significantly reduce anxiety in adults. [2]

Even better, what you color – Mandalas, abstract designs or a child’s coloring book – seems to not matter as much as the act of coloring itself.

When we play, we relax, which in turn promotes feelings of well-being. Whether it’s a board game, a puzzle or drawing, the act of doing something fun allows us to lose ourselves in the moment and relax.

The Take Away On Play

As we have seen, research, supports the idea that play is appropriate and necessary throughout our lives. Each stage of life presents its own challenges and play seems to provide a positive way to counter and alleviate the stresses that this can produce.

Nurture the child that is still inside and let him or her out to play. Reconnect with yourself and with others by doing those things that are fun and engaging. The more we do things we enjoy, the more we want to do them and the happier we are.

Perhaps George Bernard Shaw was right when he said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

1. Zabelina, D., & Robinson, M. (2010). Child’s play: Facilitating the originality of creative output by a priming manipulation. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 4(1), 57-65.

2. Small, S. (2006). Anxiety Reduction: Expanding Previous Research on Mandala Coloring. Undergraduate Journal of Psychology, 19, 15-21.

Peter Field is a UK registered psychotherapist and board certified hypnotherapist. His hypnotherapy Birmingham and London clinics provide hypno-psychotherapy services for a wide range of issues. His extensive range self-hypnosis downloads are also available.

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A Grown Man Dresses Like Prince George for a Week and the Results Are Hilarious

Beyond being ridiculously cute and very cuddly (we imagine), Prince George is on the verge of becoming a fashion superstar at the ripe old age of two!

First, he caused a craze for Crocs after being photographed wearing them with his mom, Duchess Kate, and now, he’s inspiring grown men to dress just like him.

Well, it’s one grown man (so far): Max Knoblauch, a 23-year-old Brooklynite and writer for Mashable. Knoblauch scanned “Macy’s, the Gap, and the Internet” for adult-size versions of George’s wee little rompers, shortalls, and novelty intarsia sweaters to dress like the mini-royal for a week—and in the name of journalism and fashion fandom, he chronicled the entire experience.

The results? Hilarious!

Watch the full video here:

For more in Prince George style:
Why Prince George Dresses So Much Like Prince William in the ’80s
Prince George Causes a Craze for…Crocs?!

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12 of Your Favorite Summer Camp Trends Are All Grown Up


Nostalgic for the care-free days of summer camp? Though you may have outgrown the canoeing, craft-making, and color wars that made up the childhood experience, allow us to offer you a consolation prize: The trends you loved as a kid—friendship bracelets, tie-dye, ringer tees, and more—are back and all grown up. Take styling tips for how to rock these pieces as an adult from any of the 12 stylish ladies featured.


Atlantic Pacific

Elevate tie-dye, the ultimate summer camp DIY, with single-hue prints in tailored silhouettes—think a midi skirt or shirtdress.


Where Did U Get That

Shredded denim shorts don’t have to be tossed now that you’ve entered adulthood. Create your own from an old pair of jeans, then pair them with a crisp, tailored top and elegant shoes to make them feel more styled.


Sincerely Jules

As a child, campfire nights called for crewneck sweatshirts, but the cozy style has reentered the wardrobe mix in a totally different way. Try styling it with a ladylike skirt and heels for a summer Friday at the office.


We Wore What

If you’re looking for casual, cool comfort turn to a pair of Converse sneakers. The rubber-soled classic works with everything from denim to silk chiffon!


Something Navy

Add a little pop to a monochromatic outfit with a ringer tee. The piece lends an athletic flair to feminine items.


Look de Pernille

If you haven’t jumped on the overalls train yet, summer is the perfect chance to do it. As a child you probably wore them with little more than a bathing suit underneath, but as an adult we suggest paring them with a crisp button-down shirt and flats.


Getty Images

Patches, the ultimate badges of honor and skill, now function as little accents that personalize leather bags and jeans alike.

Friendship bracelets, arguably the most quintessential summer camp piece, can be worked as an adult with a few minor tweaks. Go with a tassel bracelet, an updated version of the camp staple, then upgrade it with bracelets and bangles made of silver and gold.


The Northern Light

For camping trips and drives to get ice cream, a backpack was always a must. These days, they’re back in buttery soft leather that looks just as chic as every other bag silhouette on the market.


Peace Love Shea

Though Soffee shorts served their purpose while playing soccer and baseball, as we got older the slouchy and sporty style was was benched. But in soft leather, textured linen, or tweed, the style feels more grown-up and elevated.


Camille Over The Rainbow

We crowned pool slides and Birkenstocks one of eight ugly trends we refuse to give up, and with good reason. Sometimes a gal just wants to be comfortable! Use them as the off-kilter finish to either a full-on normcore-inspired look or to style down a tailored look of trousers and a silk blouse.


Fashion Me Now

One-piece bathing suits once conjured up memories of unflattering athletic garments, but all that has changed. With cutouts, ties, cute trims, and interesting silhouettes, one-piece bathing suits are chicer than ever. See how you can style them for beyond the beach!

For more outfit ideas check out:
32 cute looks that work for the office
What to wear under common summer outfits
53 outfits that scream summer

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The Grown Up Way To Wear Jean Shorts

If you’re in your post collegiate days, you’re keenly aware that you can no longer get away with cutoffs that basically resemble denim briefs. That’s not to say that jean shorts aren’t our single favorite summer apparel staple. Au contraire, we love them! But it’s all about choosing the right fit and styling them like the sophisticated woman you are.

So here are there are rules to keep in mind when shopping for, and subsequently styling, jean shorts:


The Chestnut Hill, What The Chung, Girl With Curves

1. Inseam Length: The inseams of your shorts should be at least two inches long. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to sit cross-legged without worrying about exposing anything.


Luella & June, Look De Pernelle, Style Lovely

2. Opt for a rolled-hem style: Not only is a rolled hem a great way to vary the length of your shorts, but the makeshift tailoring also gives a more grown-up vibe to the youthful style.


Raven Locks, Seams For A Desire, Sincerely Jules

3. Style with a button-down: There are countless styling tricks that make any denim shorts style more polished and, thus, more sophisticated. One such trick is to tuck a crisp button-down into your favorite pair, but most classics will yield the same result (Think: Breton stripes, blazers, and the like.)


We Wore What, The Girl From Panama, Locks And Trinkets

4. Find your natural waist: Choose shorts to sit comfortably at your natural waist. If you have the legs to show off a slightly shorter pair, the extra rise will balance the shorts shape. If you prefer a longer pair, a higher rise will make your legs look miles long.


Soraya Bakhtiar, Atlantic Pacific, Something About That

5. Go long: Whether you prefer a tailored style or slouchy boyfriend fit, a longer shorts style is always age-appropriate. The transitional style allows for equal parts pairing with casual sneakers and city heels, too.


Camille Over The Rainbow, Collage Vintage, Tuula Vintage

6. Don’t give up on the cutoffs: Though it’s time to re-think the denim cutoffs, it’s not time to say goodbye. At least not yet. When seeking out the beloved style, make sure to keep them a bit baggy, never tight. A looser, slouchy fit will cut down on the shorts-that-look-like-underwear feel. Consider cutting up an old pair of jeans to ensure the best well-loved fit.

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Ed Sheeran & Sam Smith lead home grown UK albums

Home grown talent has been driving demand for music from UK fans over the past decade, and, led by Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith
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Demi Lovato’s Style Evolution Proves She’s All Grown Up

She was a human emoji before anyone knew what an emoji was. At age 15, Demi Lovato was a professionally adorable creature marketed by the Disney machine, all visible wholesomeness and gollygee-ness. Her first job was at age 8 on Barney & Friends. She wound up dating a Jonas brother who was her costar in a Disney TV musical. But right from the start, Lovato was different from the rest of the tween stars to come out of that 2000s boom.
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MillionaireMatch.com - the best dating site for sexy, successful singles!
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If A Grown Man Acted The Way 4-Year-Olds Do At Swimming Pools

In the popular YouTube series “Convos With My 4-Year-Old” (formerly “Convos With My 2-Year-Old”), dad Matthew Clarke reenacts real conversations he’s had with his daughter Coco — who is played by a grown man. The latest episode of the series, “Swimming,” shows Clarke bringing Coco to the community pool, where, unsurprisingly, splash-filled chaos ensues.

Dad’s constant reminders to “kick your legs, kick ’em!” seem to go unheard, as Coco awkwardly grasps onto him. But when she finally gets it right, she wants the world to know: “I’m doing it! Everybody look at me! Look at me everybody!”

We also love the end-of-episode cameo by the real Coco.

More ‘Convos’ videos here…

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Blockbuster Babies From the ’80s, All Grown Up | Oprah: Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network

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Find out what happened to the young stars of ’80s blockbusters like ‘Three Men and a Baby’ and ‘Baby Boom.’

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Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey’s heart and creative instincts inform the brand — and the magnetism of the channel.

Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities.

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Blockbuster Babies From the ’80s, All Grown Up | Oprah: Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network
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