Is Your Salad Habit Good for the Planet?

Popular fast-casual chains brag of sustainability, as customers toss their compostable and recyclable bowls into the trash with wild abandon.
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Seth Meyers Calls Out Sean Hannity For The Most Bizarre Habit

Uh …
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Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Confronts Her Mom’s Social Media Habit That “Feels Like Knives Jabbed in Me”

Kendra WilkinsonKendra Wilkinson-Baskett is ready to have a conversation, not a confrontation.
As the reality star continues to work on her estranged relationship with mom Patti, the duo is having to…

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FTC's case against Vizio illuminates terrible tech industry habit

FTC's case against Vizio illuminates terrible tech industry habitVizio paid a $ 2.2 million settlement. The electronics giant paid up to settle allegations that it installed software on its smart TVs to track what people watched without getting their consent and with only vague disclosure. In doing that, the commission has provided an excellent lesson in how one of the tech industry’s worst habits — what’s called a “dark pattern” interface — can go wrong.

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Prince Had ‘No Control Over Cocaine Habit’

The drug claim emerges in 911 phone logs as police say they received dozens of calls to the star’s estate in recent years.
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Valentina’s Home-Brewed Habit Breaker Perfume Oil 0.33oz

Valentina’s Home-Brewed Habit Breaker Perfume Oil 0.33oz

Naturally free from harmful chemicals petroleum-based artificial fragrances and drying alcohol this little perfume roller lets you stay focused on your highest intentions all day long. The sense of smell is inexorably linked with a habit and memory. From the smell of coffee in the morning to the lemon-limey fizz of gin and tonic from fast food french fries to the oddly exhilarating sent of a shopping bag full of new clothes our noses subconsciously lead us down many unwanted paths. This is your chance to even the playing field. The Story of Valentina When I was a nine-year-old on Cape Cod I found an old book of gypsy spells that my mother had left for me when she died. I quickly set about performing the spells with my fourth grade friends. The nine-year-old gypsy became the tweener stalking the aisles of health food stores always looking for the best ingredients for my little herbal recipes. In high school I put together love spell kits for friends with boyfriend troubles. As a late teen I ran away to Paris where I read tarot cards by the banks of the Seine. Paris led to Hollywood and eventually to Portland. I had always dreamed of offering the natural ingredients in my spell kits to anyone who needed a little magic to focus their lives. We began making our products at home over the same big green kitchen stove we made pancakes for our kids on. Valentina’s Home-Brewed was born. I always try to remember that life is an adventure that starts every day. It’s up to us to make today count. I would be honored if you would include my products when you create your own daily rituals in life.
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Price: $ 9.99

Green Smoothie Habit: Drink Your Greens to Achieve Your Dreams, 28 Day Success Guide

Green Smoothie Habit: Drink Your Greens to Achieve Your Dreams, 28 Day Success Guide

Go beyond the blender in Green Smoothie Habit. Each day you will drink your greens and discover something wonderful about yourself. Jane Haddad guides you step by step through her “28 Day Success Guide,” integrating practical how-tos for building your green smoothie habit with inspiring support and motivation for achieving your dreams. The” 28 Day Success Guide”was created to help build your green smoothie habit and not to burden you with complicated green smoothies that require expensive and hard to find ingredients. Greens, fruit and water are the simple blends offered in this book. Why? Because you are busy building a good habit and you don’t need obstacles in your way. Learn how to clean, store and blend your greens as you take advantage of valuable tools and tips, shopping lists, and more to help ensure your success developing your Green Smoothie Habit. With plenty of writing space and beautiful photography, this book also serves as an inspiration to, and a memoir of your greens drinking journey. As you reflect on the Thoughts of the Day, Affirmations, Action Steps, and Recipes, you will build the emotional strength, clarity, positivity and cheer you need to “Drink Your Greens To Achieve Your Dreams.” Green Smoothie Habit is sure to become not only one of your favorite green smoothie books, but also one of your most cherished mementos.

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