Marvel Offers Hope for Hawkeye Fans in Avengers Game

In Marvel’s Avengers Showcase panel at E3, Creative Director for Marvel Games, Bill Rossman, hinted at Hawkeye joining the game in the future.

The panel was hosted by Andrea Rene from What’s Good Games, featuring Shana Bryant, Vince Napoli, and Megan Marie from Crystal Dynamics, along with Rossman on stage.

Rossman specifically pointed out that they heard about the characters people didn’t see in the trailer, but wanted to.

“We love all of the characters. We love Hawekeye,” Rossman said.

And then he added in that all he could say right now is, “Stay tuned, true believer.”

After Marvel’s Avengers game reveal the previous evening during Square Enix’s E3 press conference, fans took to social media sharing their upset with seeing a lack of Hawkeye in the game – since he is considered one of the main Avengers in the MCU.

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