Books of The Times: Living the American Dream — in Hiding

In “Dear America,” Jose Antonio Vargas writes about the precarious life he has built in the United States as an undocumented immigrant.
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‘Why am I still hiding this?’: The state of mental health in the NBA

Stars such as Kevin Love and DeMar DeRozan opening up has been an important step, but the stigma of mental health remains alive in NBA locker rooms. – TOP

Hiding Russian Money Offshore Was Easy. Quitting Was Harder.

Benedict Worsley, a self-created British “fixer,” would do just about anything for his high-flying Russian clients—until the international financial network he built came crashing down. US Business


: The Memories Hiding in My Data Dump

Looking through information stored by Facebook and Google was like reading a diary I hadn’t intended to keep.
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Facebook’s push to kill bad political ads is also hiding regular posts

Facebook’s push to kill bad political ads is also hiding regular postsFacebook's political ad monitoring system is already hurting regular ads and news posts.

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‘Hiding at the back of the gym crying’

Craig Toley reveals how he dealt with a cancer diagnosis as men are urged to talk more about the illness.
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Gwent Police investigated for hiding potential hack

Gwent Police is being investigated after failing to inform hundreds of people that hackers may have accessed their confidential reports to the force.
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Critic’s Notebook: Franken and Trump, Hiding Behind Their ‘Jokes’

Men get away with bad behavior under the guise of show business in both comedy and politics. Too often, women are just the material.
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New Outlander Season 3 Footage Shows Jamie in Hiding as Claire Works to Find Him

Outlander Season 3If you feel like you’ve been waiting years to see Jamie Fraser’s “hiding in a cave” look on screen, your moment is here.
Starz just released a new first look at season…

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What Is Steve Bannon Hiding Under All Of Those Shirts?

If layering is an art form, we wouldn’t exactly call Steve Bannon a modern day Picasso

Donald Trump’s embattled chief strategist has a habit of layering multiple shirts on top of one another. And we don’t mean something normal, like an undershirt and a sweater. We mean two button-down collared shirts. Over one another. 

Bannon, who was reportedly just pushed off the National Security Council in part by the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and may have even threatened to quit the White House, has been called out for this strange style habit, both on Twitter… 

…and in horrified headlines:

That got us wondering, though: Does anyone else actually do this? After a bit of digging and trying to wrap our minds around the whole thing, we did find at least one other iteration of this look: On J.Crew’s website, no less!

For what it’s worth, even in its trendiest form, the whole buttoned shirt over a buttoned shirt still looks pretty ridiculous. Plus, the shirt from J.Crew is “sherpa lined,” more like a jacket-type garment and therefore slightly less offensive.

Esquire expertly compared Bannon’s look to a famous scene from “Friends,” in which Joey puts on all of Chandler’s clothes. Here’s hoping Bannon isn’t also going commando, eh?

The mag also assured its readers that this is not a trend they need to worry about adopting anytime soon.

“This is not something that anyone except for Steve Bannon does,” they wrote.

Fashion blogger Ryan Dziadul expressed a similar, if not slightly less judgmental sentiment. “I’m all for fashion experimentation, breaking the so-called rules, and wearing what you want to wear,” he told The Huffington Post. “But wearing two button-down shirts at the same time is just weird. It just seems so…uncomfortable, and not to mention time-consuming.”

Dziadul’s advice to Bannon?

“If you’re desperate to layer, add a scarf,” he said. “But then again, Steve Bannon doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who minds weirding people out.”

All in all, the style just seems incredibly unnecessary, unless Bannon is hiding something under all those layers. Like, say, information about Russia? A dart board with Kushner’s face on it? 

Like many other things in the Trump administration, the world may never know the truth. 

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Burnt-Out Art Student Tells Off Professor With Message Hiding In Plain Sight

A college student has turned the act of telling someone off into an art form.

Lama Ali, who attends school in Virginia, had three final assignments due on the same day for her fashion drawing class. Exhausted after working on one painting for seven hours straight, the 20-year-old decided to include a message in American Sign Language to her professor:

“You got me fucked up,” a bunch of hands in the painting spell out in ASL, interwoven among the female figures.

“Honestly the idea just came to me while I was finishing up the piece,” Ali told The Huffington Post. “I was looking at it and thought, ‘This could really use something else.’ And then the idea struck me: Why not secretly express how I was feeling while struggling at the library at 4 a.m.?”

Ali, who does not know ASL, told HuffPost she taught herself a little bit just for this particular assignment.

“You know it’s bad when you have to learn a whole other language to express how done you are,” she said.

Once the fashion design major had finished her masterpiece, she posted it to Twitter on Dec. 7, where it has received over 113,000 likes and 48,000 retweets. And people really love her unbridled level of full-on pettiness.

“As petty as the idea was, I was actually really excited to make this piece,” Ali said. “Because I really felt like I was making something that showed my creativity and emotion rather than just completing the assignment.”

But, pettiness aside, most people straight up love it:

Ali said that she decided to use sign language because she wanted the message to be there, but not be immediately clear. She also wanted to practice drawing hands, so ASL seemed like a great way of marrying both those ideas.

“I remembered seeing a post on Tumblr long ago with a similar phrase in sign, and I thought the letters would look cool with the figures on the painting.”

Inspired by the post, she decided to look up the letters in ASL to spell out the message. Someone on Twitter even did the good work of circling them in the painting:

Ali told HuffPost that when she finally presented the piece to her professor in her class, he absolutely loved it.

“Most of my friends in class actually knew about the secret message, so I was really surprised when no one laughed or blew my cover during critique.”

She also admits that her professor still doesn’t know about the message, despite her post getting so much attention.

“The last time I checked, he still had no clue,” she said.

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Ebola nurse banned for hiding Pauline Cafferkey’s high temperature

A nurse who hid Ebola survivor Pauline Cafferkey’s high temperature is suspended for two months.
BBC News – Health

Is Gluten Hiding in Your Beauty Routine?

Buyers beware! There could be gluten hiding in your beauty regimen!

I learned this lesson recently and could not believe that I never stopped to think about it before. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease I cleaned out my kitchen completely. I got new groceries, new appliances, researched the best gluten-free products, and hunted online for the closest place to get a good gluten free-bagel (NYC people, you must visit Jennifer’s Way Bakery in the East Village!).

Unfortunately, I never stopped to think about my beauty routine and how products I use daily like soap, shampoo, and moisturizer could contain gluten. At first I thought, how could I miss this? How could I have risked accidental glutening?! But to be fair no doctor ever warned me of the potential risks, and on top of that it can actually be pretty difficult to discern whether or not there could be gluten in your soap or cosmetics. Instead of seeing something clearly gluten containing like “wheat” on the ingredient list it is more likely that you would see a name like “hydrolyzed vegetable protein,” which isn’t necessarily so obvious (at least to me!).

When I found out that a number of my products weren’t gluten free my initial reaction was panic and distress. I just couldn’t believe I never stopped to check. The fact that we often have to go to extreme lengths just to make sure our food is safe is a lot of work as it is, but now we have to worry about food, medications, AND cosmetics? Sometimes it really feels like gluten is hiding around every corner, and that gets pretty exhausting when you are just trying to lead a normal and healthy life. But, knowledge is power! And with that I set off investigating.

I started by consulting a friend of mine, a fellow celiac and a really amazing advocate for the gluten free community. She has been living with celiac disease for quite some time and is always helping me on my gluten-free journey. You may know her as Anti-Wheat Girl! Through her help and some online resources I learned that the general consensus from the medical community is that gluten absorbed through the skin should not be cause for concern among celiacs, but the chance of accidental ingestion and glutening is an issue.

The next step was to clean out my bathroom cabinet and replace the gluten-filled products with healthy gluten-free ones. At first it was really challenging to find products that were gluten-free. Speaking with company after company got really exhausting, especially when the answers weren’t definitive. Thankfully there are a number of companies with gluten free products out there who were happy to help and offered very clear answers. Mane ‘n Tail for example was incredibly helpful! I also discovered that Tarte, a cosmetic line easily found in Sephora, is completely gluten-free! I love their products to begin with, so I was thrilled to learn that they are safe!

Immediately after cleaning out the cabinets I headed to Sephora to stock up on Tarte. At checkout I was offered some free samples which I normally decline since I have a million allergies, but this time was different! The free sample I got at checkout was a completely gluten-free skin brightening and exfoliating treatment from the brand Tata Harper. I was so happy to have received a sample that for once looked like it was made for me! All of the Tata Harper products are made in Vermont with no animal testing, are certified vegan, organic, free of toxins, artificial fragrances, synthetics, GMOs and gluten. I haven’t tried any of their products yet but I am excited to get started testing their samples — I only wish I had gotten more!

This lesson was certainly a tough one to learn, but I’m grateful to have realized it when I did. If you’ve had trouble finding gluten free cosmetics and beauty products, or if you’ve had some great experiences, I would love to know. Share your story, frustrations, excitement, and favorite gluten free brands with me at

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No Hiding in the Open

No Hiding in the Open

John Hoskison dreams of making it as a successful golf pro on the European PGA Tour. When he meets Seve Ballesteros for the first time and makes the cut in the Martini International, he looks set for success. Then reality kicks in at Royal Birkdale in the PGA Championships. This is a true story of how someone has to deal with life’s ups and downs. After topping a shot in front of Seve, shanking in front of Sandy Lyle and almost hitting Greg Norman with a monumental slice, John has to deal with the brutality of championship golf. With confidence in tatters John sets out on a quest to find a golf swing that will work and stand the ultimate test of playing in The Open – his dream. But there are no psychologists or coaches to help. Like the rest of the young pros, he has to find the solution himself and no stone is left unturned. From trying crazy superstitions to simply copying the top players like Tom Watson and Nick Faldo, this book shows the difference between the modern day tour pro and the young men who went into battle with blindfolds on. The account of John Hoskison’s life on tour is funny, sad and brutally honest. This book will be a fascinating read for all keen golfers or sportsman and the sting in the tail will surprise everyone who reads it. Excerpt from the book: Just before driving home the chairman of West Surrey came to shake my hand. ‘John – you’re a star,’ he said. I smiled. I had felt like one all day. The Titleist Tour clothes designer, proving himself a colour-blind schizophrenic, had far outstripped his previous three design attempts taking ‘conspicuous’ to new heights. The pattern on my sweater that day was literally stunning. I knew it was power dressing by the reaction of the players in front of me when I had earlier stepped onto the first tee and whipped off my waterproof jacket. Both Craig Stadler and Tom Weiskopf looked stunned. ‘Wow,’ said Craig. ‘You should warn people before you do that.’

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These Photos Of Faces Hiding In Everyday Life Are Your New Favorite Twitter Addiction

Sometimes, just sometimes, Twitter is great. This past month, the social media platform became the home of @FacesPics, a hilarious account that documents anthropomorphic photographs of faces hiding in plain site. From coffee foam to open backpacks to sliced onions, the anonymous geniuses behind “Faces in Things” manage to turn the most mundane items into quirky characters in well under 140 characters.

Here are just 15 reasons why we (and 244,000 other followers) can’t stop looking at it:

1. This frightened bottle opener.

2. This shocked coffee.

3. This satisfied plane.

4. This celebratory motorized chair.

5. This aghast bathroom.

6. This unhappy dryer.

7. This confused tree.

8. This agitated car interior.

9. This contented boat.

10. This skeptical roof.

11. These evil taillights.

12. This amused ice cream.

13. This horrified audio set-up.

14. This hungry jacket.

15. This deadpan mailbox.

BONUS: These adorable grass cells.

h/t Colossal
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