Paywall for HuffPost? Verizon Hunt for Web Revenue Goes Beyond Ads

Verizon Communications is trying to change course in its Oath media unit that’s home to Yahoo and AOL content, shifting from a digital-ad to a paid-subscription strategy. WSJD


Vine Rockstar Nicholas Megalis Loses His Mind On HuffPost 6×60

It wasn’t a fluke when social media powerhouse Nicholas Megalis became responsible for the most viewed Vine in history, he’s a legit creative talent. I dare you to watch it once and stop it. Impossible.


Check out his conversation with HuffPost’s Chaz Smith as they try to keep focused hanging out in some massage chairs.


Take a trip to all of Nicholas’ Internet homes:

Vine: Nicholas Megalis

Twitter: @nicholasmegalis

YouTube: Nicholas Megalis

Instagram: nicholasmegalis

Tumblr: Nicholas Megalis


Music produced by Above Avrage Productions. HuffPost 6×60 is hosted by Chaz Smith, a 20-year-old from New Jersey majoring in Cinema Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. You can follow him on Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (simplyputchaz) and YouTube. 


View all the HuffPost 6×60 episodes here:



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Reflections on Five Years of Blogging on HuffPost Arts & Culture

The past few weeks have been busy, so an important career milestone almost slipped by with my having noticed: May 13th was my “Five Year Blogaversary.” On that date in 2010 my first blog appeared on The Huffington Post. Titled “Picasso’s Recession-Proof Harem,” it appeared on HuffPost’s New York section, as the Arts page hadn’t opened yet. HuffPost Arts — now HuffPost Arts & Culture — officially opened a month later, on June 15, 2010, under the direction of its amazing founding editor, artist Kimberly Brooks.

“Picasso’s Recession-Proof Harem” was the first of a total of 259 blogs (this one included) that I have posted over a five-year span. That means I have averaged just under a blog a week over time. When I started, I had absolutely no idea that I was capable of writing so much or so often. Blogging has been a huge surprise for me: It has been a life-transforming experience and a door-opener.


Ex-voto painting by Matthew Couper

Matthew Couper’s wonderful ex-voto painting, sent to me as a gift early in 2011, does a great job of capturing the spirit world of my newfound avocation. Seated productively at my computer, I’m connected by a grid of red circuitry to Mat Gleason — another early HuffPost Arts blogger — and also to an all-seeing eye, and to a painting by my mentor, the late Nathan Oliveira. A head by Jean-Michel Basquiat — another art world frenemy — rises over the floor tiles to my left, while my journalistic patron saintess, Arianna Huffington, raises a knowing eyebrow to my right. Christ, crucified for art, adds an additional touch of religiosity and devotion to the tableau.


At work in my office

Matthew’s painting captures some of the imaginative and psychological forces that surround my interest in writing. A photo of me at work in my real office shows some interesting correspondences. I do spend a great deal of time leaning over my laptop, and a work by Nathan Oliveira — one of his “Tauromaquia” monotypes — does hang in front of me as I write. A large model plane that I built and put too much work into to actually fly hangs over my head, a reminder of a hobby of the past. The energy that I used to put into making things seems to all go into writing these days. After recently re-organizing a bookshelf in my office to contain all of the catalogs and books I have contributed to over the past few years, all the effort suddenly seemed tangible.


Art catalogs and books

The following list contains some reflections, notes and comments from five years of blogging:

A few things I have learned:

Every word matters. You never know who is reading your blog. Every blog is important.

My favorite quote from an artist:

“The bravest thing in the world is to take a position without a pre-planned fall back.”

– Kyle Staver quoted in “A Brother Honored”

My favorite reader comment:

“Read it. Excellent. Loved the Mao.”

Steve Martin responding to my blog “I Don’t Deconstruct” on Twitter.

Blogging is different from other kinds of writing:

You wake up in the morning, drink your coffee, and blog about what you want to write about in the way that you want to.

Blogging is truly social:

I have never had so many friends. Oh, and a few frenemies too…

Something I need to do again:

The “Paintings and Palettes” and “Studio Visit” blogs were a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.

Click here for one…

A common misconception.

I have written predominantly about representational painters. For that reason, some people have come to think that I don’t care for other types of art. That isn’t true. I write about representational painting because there is simply so much good work out there that hasn’t gotten the attention that it deserves.

Humor is important:

You can say things with humor that you can’t say another other way. A list of my satires can be found at this link.

I’m often asked if I have a favorite artist:

Yes, it is the artist I am writing about at any given moment.

Artists need to have their stories told:

Interviewing artists has allowed me let artists tell their stories. An index of the 75 interviews I have conducted since 2010 can be found on my personal website.

Some Acknowledgements:

I owe a great deal of thanks to Arianna Huffington, Kimberly Brooks, Kathleen Massara and Katherine Brooks (my editors). I owe even more to my wife Linda who has supported me, even when I have been writing when there is laundry that needs folding.

To my readers:

Thank you for reading. There is a lot left to write… more blogs are on the way.

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‘The HuffPost Show’ Explains: The Rise Of Ass Play (NSFW)

Tossing salad, backdoor action, rim job, anal, taking a trip to brown town… whatever you call it, ass play is certainly having a cultural moment. Whether on “Girls”, “The Mindy Project”, or even as the subject of a Harvard course , butt play popped up everywhere in the last year. So how did we come to this ass-centric state of affairs? “The HuffPost Show” presents the official explainer on the rise of ass play.

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HuffPost Style Editors Team Up With The Style Line And Talk Fashion, Food And Festive Attire

The Style line is not your average fashion blog. What started as a humble street style Tumblr in 2011 when creator Rachel Schwartzmann was just a senior in high school, has become a full fledged website celebrating both style and substance.

“I see it now as an online lifestyle resource with an unfiltered view into the who rather than the what,” Schwartzmann told HuffPost. “We tell our stories through a style lens but hope to share fashion content in a people-first approach. I make sure to take a community-building approach to how and what we feature and that in turn has allowed us to meet interesting people from a myriad of industries across the globe.”

In other words, The Style Line’s mission is to tell the story of the person beyond just what they are wearing. Mission accomplished.

The site, whose name is a nod to the NYC transit system and inspired by the idea of movement and exploration, has profiled a slew of fashionable and creative global citizens including fashion designer Nanette Lepore, West Elm’s creative director Vanessa Holden, Reformation’s Brianna Lance and the team at Nasty Girl — just to name a few. And now you can add the HuffPost Style team to that awesome list.

Last week Schwartzmann visited us at The Huffington Post offices to get the scoop on our personal style, what makes us tick, our favorite things, and dressing up for the holiday season. The result is a super fun look into how we work, play and sometimes twerk our way through life.

Here’s a sneak peek, but make sure to head over to The Style Line and check out our oh-so-fabulous feature!
huffpost style

Style – The Huffington Post
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