Peter Hunsinger’s Latest Chapter: Socks Sized Like Shoes

Peter Hunsinger learned a lot about fashion during his three-plus decades working for Condé Nast. And now he’s putting that knowledge to work for himself.
Hunsinger, who left the magazine company in 2017 after 36 years at GQ, Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, Gourmet, Golf Digest and more, is now going into the sock business.
He teamed with Tom Kallish of Tommie Copper to create Kane 11, a direct-to-consumer business that will provide a unique take on socks: The assortment will be sold in individual shoe sizes rather than in the range offered by other brands. Hunsinger said the company has applied for a provisional patent for the sizing model.
“There are two things I learned during my time at GQ working with Jim Nelson and Jim Moore,” Hunsinger said. “Guys really put an emphasis on fit and personal style. And there’s a revolution in men’s fit in the direct-to-consumer business with brands such as Proper Cloth, Untuckit and Bonobos.”
Add to that, guys’ propensity to buy more online and Hunsinger saw an opportunity.
“Nobody that we know of has made socks in individual sizes,” he said. Rather, they’re sized 9-12, small, medium, large or one size fits all, he said. So he and Kallish found

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