Chanel Iman on Expecting a Baby Girl: ‘I’m Dying to Put Her in a Cheerleading Outfit!’

Model Chanel Iman may be husband and New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard’s number one fan now, but in just a few months, the NFL star is going to have another lady sitting on the sidelines cheering him on at football games.

The newly married couple who are expecting their first child together, a baby girl, are counting down the days until she arrives and can join Iman at all of Shepard’s Giants games and practices.

“I just had a baby shower and one of Sterling’s cousins made a cheerleading outfit ,” Iman told PeopleStyle. “I’m dying to put it on our little girl when she’s here and take her to the games when she’s a little bit older.”

But until then, Iman will make sure to support her husband once the season stars this fall by wearing one of New Era’s NFL Training 9TWENTY NY Giants Caps now that she’s teamed up with the brand for its new NFL Training Camp Collection.

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“New Era is just one of those brands that is perfect for my everyday style. I’ve been wearing it since I was a teenager,” Iman said. “Whether I’m traveling or going to my husband’s football games to support him or going to gym, I wear all of the fitted caps. I have a lot of bad hair days as well, so it helps making my outfit that much cuter!”

We caught up with the star to talk all things style, motherhood and more in honor of her new partnership — see everything the supermodel shared with us below!

So now that you’re married to an NFL star, how much Giants gear do you have? 

A lot. I’m the type of person, where I will wear something more than once, but it feels the best when it’s brand new and different. I kind of mix and match my New Era caps, with my denim ripped jeans and maybe a crop top. I like to wear his jersey as well with a hat or just the jersey with some cool sneakers. I like to mix it up a bit with my casual everyday wear with the sports apparel.

What do you love most about the New Era caps?

It’s perfect for hot summer days, especially when I go to Sterling’s practices. I try to make it to all of them. It’s lightweight and it has that new cooling technology. I also travel a lot from L.A. to N.Y. in the summertime when it’s super humid and it’s just the perfect summer hat.

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Do you have a little baby jersey made for your daughter yet?

No, we don’t have the jersey yet, but I’m dying to get one made!

What has been your approach to maternity dressing?

I’m wearing things that stretch, like flowy maxi dresses. Just anything that’s not so tight. I have one pair of maternity jeans that I love. I keep it really simple. In my first trimester I was wearing more sweatpants and some of Sterling’s oversize hoodies. But now that it’s summertime, I’m trying to look a little more stylish.

Now that you know you’re having a girl, is there anything in your closet you’re saving for her?

There’s lots of stuff, but I try not to keep too much because I hate clutter. I know there are so many pieces that designers have made for me in my closet that I can’t wait to give my daughter, like all my purses. She’s gonna love everything when she’s older and can appreciate quality brands. We are saving my wedding dress that Zuhair Murad made for me, for the reception and ceremony. I was listening to Beyoncé’s new album and she was talking about stuff she was saving for her daughter, too.

Where are you storing your wedding gown now?

Right now, it’s at my mom’s house. She took it to the cleaners and I think they wrapped it in some kind of garment bag.

How do you think the modeling industry has changed in the social media age?

There has definitely been a shift since I first started. What I love about the whole social change is that it’s a great way for your fans to connect with you. It’s been wonderful to connect with my fans even in a time when I probably wouldn’t be working. So they can still keep up to date with what I’m doing everyday and my lifestyle.

— with reporting by Brittany Talarico

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When WWD interviewed NBA player Iman Shumpert three years ago, his life was much different. Shumpert’s girlfriend at the time, artist Teyana Taylor, is now his wife, and they have an almost two-year-old daughter named Iman Jr. and nicknamed Junie — he’s set to star in a VH1 reality TV show with his family next year.
Shumpert also looks and behaves differently. He’s cut off his signature high top fade — he explains why later on — and feels less inhibited by what it typically means to be a basketball player.
“I’m playing ball. I’m rapping. I’m doing my clothing line, but every time I try to do the other stuff people say that I’m not focused on basketball,” said Shumpert, sounding frustrated. “It doesn’t make sense.”
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‘#ForeverLove’: Iman Shares Loving Tribute to David Bowie on Her Late Husband’s Birthday

Nearly one year after her husband’s death, Iman is celebrating what would have been her husband’s 70th birthday.

On Sunday, the former supermodel took to Instagram to share a drawing of a young David Bowie in honor of his birthday on Jan. 8.

“Jan 8th #ForeverLove #BowieForever,” Iman, 61, captioned the photo.

In the days leading up to the one year anniversary of Bowie’s death and birthday, Iman shared tributes to her late husband. On Jan. 10, 2016, the music legend died after battling liver cancer.

Last September, Iman opened up publicly for the first time when she attended New York Fashion Week wearing a necklace with the name “David” on it.

“It’s just been a tough year, but I’m holding up,” she said, adding that she would wear the necklace “until my death.”

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The model and the rocker married in Tuscany after two years together. In 2000, they welcomed their daughter, Alexandria “Lexi” Zahra Jones.

His widow and Lexi have remained largely out of the public eye since his death. In February, Iman was photographed for the first time since the the news of the music icon’s death broke when she stepped out in New York City to walk the dog they raised together; then, just days later, she took to social media to express her “love & gratitude” for the outpouring of support she received.

In April, just three months after losing her husband, Iman announced on Instagram her mother, Maryan Baadi, had also died.

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