Tim Allen Reveals New Details About Home Improvement Revival

Last Man Standing, Tim AllenEverything old is new again in the world of television. Murphy Brown, Will & Grace and Roseanne The Conners are all back on TV. Another famous sitcom from the 1990s almost joined these shows:…

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Aaron Rodgers’ backup battle futile without improvement

The winner of the Brett Hundley-DeShone Kizer battle must develop, or it won’t matter who wins because the Packers could once again be in trouble.
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‘Trading Spaces’ Brings High Stakes Back To Home Improvement TV

A happy ending? Never a guarantee with designers like Hildi Santo-Tomas.
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Your next smartphone's camera could get a huge improvement

Your next smartphone's camera could get a huge improvementQualcomm's new depth-sensing camera technology could improve smartphone's and virtual reality headsets.

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Charlie Gard has 10% chance of improvement, US doctor claims

A US doctor offering to treat Charlie Gard agrees to visit him, if the High Court adjourns.
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Biotechnological Approaches to Barley Improvement

Biotechnological Approaches to Barley Improvement

This volume offers an up-to-date overview of biotechnologically oriented barley research. It is structured into two major sections: the first focusing on current agricultural challenges and approaches to barley improvement, and the second providing insights into recent advances in methodology. Leading scientists highlight topics such as: the global importance of barley; genetic diversity and genebanks; domestication; shoot and inflorescence architecture; reproductive development; mineral nutrition; photosynthesis and leaf senescence; grain development; drought tolerance; viral and fungal pathogens; phytophagous arthropods; molecular farming; sequence resources; induced genetic variation and TILLING; meiotic recombination; Hordeum bulbosum; genome-wide association scans; genomic selection; haploid technology; genetic engineering; and whole plant phenomics. Providing comprehensive information on topics ranging from fundamental aspects to specific applications, this book offers a useful resource for scientists, plant breeders, teachers and advanced students in the fields of molecular and plant cell biology, plant biotechnology, and agronomy.

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Decorative health improvement report Greeting Card

Decorative health improvement report Greeting Card

5 x 7 Paper Greeting Card
List Price: $ 3.50
Price: $ 3.50

Fundamentals of Health Care Improvement: A Guide to Improving Your Patients’ Care

Fundamentals of Health Care Improvement: A Guide to Improving Your Patients’ Care

Research is proving that quality improvement (QI) initiatives are more successful when implemented with an inter-professional approach. Charting a course for future health care professionals, this book provides a single source for nursing students, medical students, and resident physicians to learn and practice the basics of QI.

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