Condé Nast Italia Creates Influencer Incubator

SOCIAL PUSH: Condé Nast has launched the Social Talent Agency, the company’s first agency focused on promoting influencers.
For the kick-off, the agency enrolled 27 Italian and international talents, some of them graduates of the Condé Nast Social Academy, which the publishing company developed in partnership with L’Oréal Italia’s luxury division and with the scientific and educational support of Milan’s SDA Bocconi School of Management. The selected influencers come from sectors including fashion, modeling, beauty, sport, travel and automotive.
“The launch of the Social Talent Agency reflects our company’s attitude, aimed at innovating and remaining contemporary in a fast changing world,” Condé Nast sales and marketing general manager Francesca Airoldi said at a press conference on Tuesday. “This is a further step highlighting the company’s ability to continue influencing communities through its brands, which will collaborate with the agency’s different influencers.”
Riccardo Pozzoli, who is among the coaches at the Condé Nast Social Academy, is the creative director of the newly established agency.
“We selected the influencers according to their proximity with Condé Nast values,” said Pozzoli, who was instrumental in helping to build and develop Chiara Ferragni‘s The Blonde Salad blog and resigned from the role of chief executive officer of TBS Crew, which manages the

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Juicy Couture Pokes Fun at Influencer Culture in New Campaign

Juicy Couture is getting in line with current social media standards, tongue-in-cheek.
The brand unveiled today its Fall 2018 global campaign: a play on influencer culture that features seven models posing as “influencers.” Shot in New York City by photographer Stas May, the images include a tag line that reads “paid partnership with Juicy Couture,” as well as the models’ Instagram handles and #JuicyAd.

Nisaa Pouncey in Juicy Couture’s Fall 2018 campaign. 
Courtesy Image

The #JuicyAd campaign pokes fun at influencer culture, specifically how the majority of influencer posts are now paid for by a brand. The models featured are Nisaa Pouncey (@nisaapouncey), Devon Lee Carlson (@devonleecarlson), Ashley Shoemaker (@ashley.shoemakerr), Charlene Almarvez (@charlenealmarvez), Issa Lish (@issallen), Tanya Kizko (@tanyakizko), and @reltubatokad. Their followings range in size from a few thousand to nearly 400,000.

Issa Lish in Juicy Couture’s Fall 2018 campaign. 
Courtesy Image

Influencer culture continues to reach new heights. Last week, RewardStyle announced a forthcoming coffee table book on influencers due out in September. Simultaneously, anti-influencer accounts like Gelcream are emerging, swearing off #SponCon in the process.
Still, data shows that influencers are more powerful than ever, and brands are facing increased competition to work with the top ones. Juicy Couture is the latest to get in on

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How To Use Filters Like An Instagram Influencer

The secret? Few people actually use Instagram filters.
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Meghan Markle: The Biggest Influencer of All?

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Marc Bouwer’s President and Influencer Paul Margolin Discusses Fleeting Online Fame

IN AN INSTANT: While many know Paul Margolin as the president of Marc Bouwer Inc., even more know him from Instagram. That was until Wednesday when his account was hacked — and gone with it, 46,000 followers.
That was unwelcome news for Margolin, who has worked as a social influencer with such brands as The Underwear Expert, Morphine Lips and the Chappy dating app, among others. When not working in Bouwer’s Fulton Street studio and office, he has been fielding requests from Musefind and WeTrend. More often than not, Margolin posted images with his fiancé Sergio Zapata. The 360-degree drone-shot video of Zapata proposing to Margolin near Bethesda Fountain in Central Park helped to make them a popular InstaCouple.
“My Instagram stories were getting 4,000 views on a story. There is a value to all of it,” Margolin said. “Plus, I just disappeared to everybody. I only followed 350 and I was followed by 46,000.”
In his 20s Margolin ditched a short-lived modeling career to help Bouwer start his company from the designer’s Greenwich Village apartment. A regular at one of Equinox’s downtown club, Margolin often posted photos of his shirtless self. The favorable responses to his fitness-related posts made him consider getting

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