Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Trailer Just Teased Meredith’s New Love Interest and We’re Gasping

Grey's AnatomyOh. My. Grey’s! Your first look at Grey’s Anatomy season 15 is here and, yes, it’s only 30 seconds long, but boy is there a lot to unpack.
Where do we begin? How about the new…

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Real Housewives of New York City’s Carole Radziwill Defends Her Alleged Lack of Interest in Puerto Rico and Her Egg Order

Real Housewives of New York, CaroleCarole Radziwill is setting the record straight.
After last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, fans have been left wondering two things about ol’ Cool…

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BBC: Sir Cliff coverage was in ‘public interest’

A senior BBC journalist has told a High Court judge that the corporation had a public interest responsibility to cover a police search of Sir Cliff Richard’s home.
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Robert Wagner ‘person of interest’ in wife’s death

Police investigating the unexplained drowning of Hollywood star Natalie Wood in 1981 say her actor husband, Robert Wagner, is now a person of interest.
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Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Reinforced The Idea That Great Literature Is A Male Interest

The cultured lens of Playboy created a new space for literary life ― one with no particular interest in welcoming female readers.
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Univision Fields Takeover Interest Amid IPO Delays

Univision has been fielding interest from potential bidders, including cable mogul John Malone, after the media company’s initial public offering was delayed. US Business


Sheeran to play Lisa’s love interest in Simpsons

Singer Ed Sheeran has revealed his next role on the small screen – as a character in The Simpsons.
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Gloria Steinem on Beauty: ‘After You’re 70, You Have No Interest in Being Sexy’

Feminist icon, author and activist Gloria Steinem has always had a complicated relationship with her looks. Among early feminists she was known as the beautiful one, a designation that rankled.

“Before feminism I was pretty — only after feminism was I ‘beautiful,’” she says. “The low expectations of what feminists looked like had elevated me! People thought if you could get a man, you wouldn’t be a feminist.”

Less was made of her beauty as she aged, and she’s found that freeing: “I want people to listen to me.” Yet she looks terrific at 83, and like most of us, she takes care with her appearance. “I certainly think about my looks,” she says. “I try to look like myself, does that make sense? I feel free and happy, and I like to look that way.”

Steinem talked to PEOPLE exclusively for the 2017 World’s Most Beautiful issue about what beauty means to her, the tyranny of plastic surgery — and why a woman’s never too old to wear a motorcycle belt with studs.

Botox? Fillers? Cosmetic surgery?Botox: no. Fillers: No. Cosmetic surgery: never. I definitely color my hair, but I’ve been doing that since my 20s. God alone knows what’s under there. I get it done every couple of months — if you get those little crayons with the terrible name, Tween Times, you don’t have to go so often.

Do you work hard to stay so slim?I exercise sometimes. I’ve always been conscious of weight because my father and my sister both weighed over 300 lbs. for most of their lives. So it’s like being in a family of alcoholics — you don’t drink. I’m not that careful, I love to eat. I just binge in moderation.

Do you feel bad about your neck, like Nora Ephron did?Yeah, but not that bad. Nora Ephron started to feel bad about her breasts when she was very young — she just felt bad about herself, period. I was so sad that she wrote those articles about breasts and neck — I don’t know what was going on in her head.

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Why would you never consider cosmetic surgery?Recently I was in Florida speaking at a book club that benefits services for older people. And the degree to which plastic surgery has taken over is frightening. People would look so much better without it! To look out at these hundreds and hundreds of faces with hair extensions and false lips and false breasts — it made me want to cry. The culture is perfectly clear that it’s gendered — men don’t do it to the same degree.

But you’re genetically blessed…Well I don’t know. My neck is sagging, everything is sagging. My skin is terrible. But so what? I would be afraid no one would listen to me. Talking to someone with bad plastic surgery is like talking to a man with a bad toupee. You cannot think about anything else.

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Is there any particular look you aim for as you’ve gotten older?I’m just wearing what I’ve always worn. I saw a motorcycle belt with studs and sequins in the window of a men’s Harley Davidson’s store and went in and bought it. The guy was kind of appalled. I am conscious of trying to look cool, but I do occasionally think to myself — maybe an 83-year-old woman should not be wearing a motorcycle belt! Then I do it anyway.


Do you think about looking sexy?Listen, after you’re 70 you have no interest in being sexy. You have no interest in sex, so the idea of being sexy is like, hello, I have all those brain cells now for something else! The culture is so sexualized, it’s hard to explain that you don’t miss it. It isn’t better, it isn’t worse. It’s just different.

Fashion Deals Update:

Drone-Enabled Deliveries, Mixed Reality Experiences Gaining Interest

WHAT’S NEXT: After Friday morning’s “Mercenary Matters: Technology and the Changing World of Retail” panel discussion, two participants discussed what’s next.
Their discussion was part of the Fashion Law nstitute’s seventh annual symposium “Fashion Revolutions” in New York. Plural NYC founder Daniel Plenge said, “Drones and brands need to have a big Amazon strategy because they’re going to drop the hammer this year. They already have been, and the drone thing might not be as far away as we think.”
With his marketing and digital media clients constantly asking how they might monetize Instagram, Plenge is intrigued by even though he personally hasn’t yet used it to buy anything. “One of my challenges now is to bridge the gap between tools like that online and attributing them to sales off-line. So maybe I screenshot the image, I saw it on Taxi TV, on a bus shelter or any of the six touchpoints of digital…when did I actually decide, ‘You know what? It’s payday. I’m going to go get that,’” Plenge said.
Another panelist, Po Yi, an attorney with Venable LLP, said, “I’m not a huge fan of VR. I’m more of a fan of mixed reality or augmented reality so that you

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Imaginary Mary Stars Have No Interest in Having Their Own Imaginary Friends, Thank You Very Much

Jenna Elfman, Imaginary MaryTheir new ABC comedy Imaginary Mary may be all about the sudden resurgence of one woman’s childhood imaginary friend, but stars Jenna Elfman and Stephen Schneider are more than happy leaving…

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Kraft’s Interest in Unilever Comes Right Out of 3G’s Playbook

Behind Kraft’s short-lived bid for rival packaged-food giant Unilever is a basic conundrum: The company is running out of ways to improve profitability through its own cost cuts. US Business


Public Broadcasting and the Public Interest

Public Broadcasting and the Public Interest

As federal funding for public broadcasting wanes and support from corporations and an elite group of viewers and listeners rises, public broadcasting’s role as vox populi has come under threat. With contributions from key scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, this volume examines the crisis facing public broadcasting today by analyzing the institution’s development, its presentday operations, and its prospects for the future. Covering everything from globalization and the rise of the Internet, to key issues such as race and class, to specific subjects such as advertising, public access, and grassroots radio, Public Broadcasting and the Public Interest provides a fresh and original look at a vital component of our mass media.

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Pokemon Go update seeks to revive interest

Pokemon Go releases its first major update, but faces a battle to reinvigorate the gaming craze.
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John Travolta Has Absolutely No Interest In Watching Leah Remini’s Scientology Series

John Travolta is definitely “not interested” in watching Leah Remini’s Scientology docuseries. 

The actor, who just earned a Golden Globe nomination for his role as Robert Shapiro on “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” recently told E! News why he won’t be tuning in to A&E’s “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” anytime soon

The actor said Scientology has “been nothing but helpful to me for 40 years, through all my losses of my mother, my girlfriend, my son. They’ve never left my side, so why would I want buy into something that’s not what I feel?”

Still, Travolta had nothing bad to say about Remini, but did admit he was “kind of” surprised she decided to make the series. 

“As long as I get to still do it and my family gets to do it, I’m happy,” he said. 

For her part, Remini has called Travolta “one of the nicest, sweetest people you’re ever going to meet” while speaking with E! last month. At the time, the actress told the outlet she wasn’t expecting Travolta or fellow high-profile Scientology member Tom Cruise to reach out about the show. 

Since leaving the controversial organization in 2013, Remini has also written a confessional memoir and participated in a Reddit AMA in which she held nothing back while talking about her experiences within the Church of Scientology. 

In response to Remini’s comments against Scientology, especially in regards to the docuseries, the church reportedly set up a website titled Leah Remini: Aftermath — After Money to discredit the actress’ claims about abuse and harassment within the group. 

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Apple Signals Interest in Self-Driving Software

Apple confirmed for the first time its interest in autonomous-vehicle technology, but it remains unlikely the company will design or build a complete car. US Business


A Treatise on Profits, Discounts and Interest (Classic Reprint)

A Treatise on Profits, Discounts and Interest (Classic Reprint)

A Treatise on Profits, Discounts and Interest (Classic Reprint) : Paperback: Forgotten Books: 9781332911813: 25 Jun 2016

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Original Archive Photo from the Commercial Appeal archive, originally filed under Sarah Jessica Parker. Approximate size is inches. Photographer was not captured. Comes with a serialized Certificate of Authenticity.
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‘Person of Interest’ Bosses Say Final Season Is For the Fans

When “Person of Interest” — essentially CBS’ “Little Engine That Could” for the past four seasons — begins its fifth and final season tonight expect more of what has made the show increasingly bright over the years. “The real fun of this season was that even though we had a reduced episode order it became… Read more »



Health Policy and the Public Interest

Health Policy and the Public Interest

This book is written with an acute awareness of the need for new insight to ensure (1) universal protection in basic healthcare; (2) providing choice; (3) efficient production and consumption of healthcare services; (4) financial sustainability of the healthcare system. Defining the public interest as the welfare of the “representative individual” with no vested interest who imagines himself to have equal chance of being anyone in society, this book explores alternative ways of finance and delivery, the optimal interface between the public healthcare sector and the private healthcare sector, and that between public insurance and private insurance. The book includes a theoretical but non-technical section that distinguishes between the stock of health and functional health, proposes a utility maximizing/behavioural framework to explain behaviour and the role of health policy and investigates the nature of risk and alternative insurance mechanisms. The book illustrates with a number of country studies, covering a large range of healthcare systems from the American and the European systems to various Asian systems as well as those of Australia and New Zealand. The survey of country experiences reinforces the theoretical conclusions about the role of the public healthcare sector and social insurance and that of the private market. The book highlights the importance of and the workability of “pricing right” and “capping right”: pricing standard or basic healthcare services at the right price can contain both demand-side and supply-side moral hazard and lead to more efficient production and consumption of healthcare services; capping annual eligible healthcare expenses will provide effective protection against financial risks. The proposal of lifetime healthcare supplement offers greater choice. Private caregivers and insurers supplement the public healthcare system by offering more choices and premium services, as well as additional protection.

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In the Interest of Listening

When I was in college my stepfather often told me that it is more important to be interested than interesting. I didn’t really understand what he meant, and I didn’t give the concept much thought. However, over the last year the importance of the distinction between those words has become apparent — as important, as Mark Twain once said, as the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. As I think about the difference between being interested and being interesting, it occurs to me that those who are genuinely interested hold a considerable advantage over those who labor mightily to be interesting.

A recent meeting with one of my good friends from college, Hannah, was a key to my new understanding of the point. Hannah had been my neighbor freshman year, and over four years has become one of my closest friends.

After spending an afternoon reminiscing about our college adventures and updating each other on the evolution of our lives, I couldn’t help but marvel at the tight bond we have cultivated. Our friendship did not manifest itself the way most friendships in college do — through mutual interests, attendance at the same parties, or shared majors. Hannah was a double major, Theater and English, and I was a Business major. We both had different interests, travelled in different social circles, and after freshman year never lived in the same building. In many ways we had very little in common.

Now, as I find myself graduated, out in the world, and looking to make the same kind of lasting and meaningful relationships, I wonder what makes my bond with Hannah so powerful? How did our relationship transcend a lack of shared interests?

I believe that the answer lies in the fact that the foundation of our relationship was not built on superficial things, like the fact that we both like the Red Sox or Harry Potter, but, rather, it was the product of something much stronger than shared interests — it was built on years of shared conversations.

Hannah is an important friend because she listens and asks questions. And the key to Hannah’s considerable power as a true friend and confidant is that she listens in ways that few people do — she gives me her undivided attention, challenges my opinions and assumptions, and makes my story the focal point of the conversation. Only interested people do that. And interested people force you to think, reflect — and evolve.

The truth is that often in our darkest times we are not even looking for feedback or advice, but rather someone to simply listen to us, empathize with our plight, and point us in the right direction. Sometimes all it takes is a really great listener to turn a life around.

Robert Coles, professor emeritus at Harvard University, renowned child psychiatrist, Pulitzer Prize winner, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, is the author of The Call of Stories: Teaching and the Moral Imagination, a book that takes a very personal look at the power of storytelling and personal narratives to enhance understanding and empathy. Coles recalls an invaluable piece of advice he had received from one of his early mentors at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Ludwig. He said, “The people who come to see us bring us their stories. They hope they tell them well enough so that we understand the truth of their lives. They hope we know how to interpret their stories correctly. We have to remember that what we hear is their story.”

What is critical here is the shift from the importance of the storyteller to the responsibility and significance of the story receiver. When we talk about our lives and experiences to one another in-person, as I do with Hannah, that face-to-face exchange is not just interactive — it’s interpersonal. Active listening demands that we give and receive a multitude of sensory and emotional cues — teaching us to listen deeply, to develop a sense of empathy, and, in some cases, to gauge what is right or wrong.

In that sense, then, being genuinely interested isn’t just a function of being polite; it is a kind of moral action that acknowledges the basic human need for understanding and connection.

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Trooper Who Did Not Report Duggar Abuse Listed ‘Kinki Kids’ As Online Interest

The Arkansas state trooper who reportedly gave the young Josh Duggar a “very stern talk” once had a Yahoo profile in which he detailed his own sexual interest in children, according to a 2009 court document.

The Pulaski County, Arkansas, “risk assessment” document, which is publicly available online and was posted by Jezebel on Wednesday, detailed the criminal history of the former officer, Joe Hutchens, who is now serving a 56-year sentence on child porn charges.

When Hutchens was still working as a trooper in 2006, Jim Bob Duggar approached him with the information that the teenaged Josh had sexually molested someone, according to a police report obtained by InTouch. Josh had, in fact, “forcibly fondled” five underage girls, some of whom were his sisters. Hutchens did not officially report the teen’s actions but instead gave him a “very stern talk,” the report said.

Hutchens now claims that the elder Duggar did not tell him the whole story. In a prison interview reported by InTouch, Hutchens said that both Jim Bob and Josh told him that Josh had molested only one victim.

Hutchens added that he regrets his actions (or lack thereof). “I did what I thought was right and obviously it wasn’t,” he said. “If I had to do it over again, I would have told him immediat