Children with gender identity issues ‘need help from all sides’

Referrals to NHS gender identity clinics have more than tripled in the past five years.
BBC News – Health

The Rockets ran it back again, but keep running into the same issues

James Harden says the lack of a title won’t ultimately define his career. But as he gets sent home again by the Warriors, the hole in his résumé looms large. – NBA

Facebook blames server tweak for blackout issues

A server configuration change is blamed for global disruption to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
BBC News – Technology


Rachel Roy Talks Consumers’ Role in Ethical Fashion, White House Chat About Child Labor Issues

A week after discussing child labor with first lady Melania Trump and Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi, Rachel Roy wants to keep the conversation going in the fashion industry.
Roy, a U.N. Women-appointed Champion for Innovation and Change, continues to help organize screenings and talks about the documentary “The Price of Free” that highlights Satyarthi’s crusade to end child slavery. Last week the pair joined human rights activist Kerry Kennedy for one at The New School’s Parsons School of Design. Three more screenings are planned in the next few months including one at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.
Worldwide, 218 million children between the ages of five and 17 are employed including 152 million who are victims of child labor, according to the United Nations. Of those who are forced to work, nearly half of them — 73 million — work in hazardous child labor conditions.
“What I love about Kailash is that he takes the approach that companies just don’t know. That is actually the case. We think the factories are compliant and that are agents [overseas] are doing what we pay them to do but in many, many cases we don’t know. Then we’re given the chance to correct that. That’s what is

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Ja Rule taking heat after halftime show issues

Rapper Ja Rule is taking heat on social media after problems with his halftime show during Saturday’s Timberwolves-Bucks game. – NBA

Books of The Times: In ‘The Threat,’ Andrew McCabe Issues the Latest Warning Call About Trump’s America

This memoir by the former deputy director of the F.B.I. joins a roster of recent and alarming books by high-ranking members of the United States’ justice and intelligence communities.
NYT > Books


No fan issues for Caps’ Smith-Pelley in Chicago

Washington Capitals forward Devante Smith-Pelly played his first game in Chicago on Sunday since he was the target of racial taunts last February. – NHL

X Factor cancels voting after sound issues

The show apologised after viewers said some of the performances sounded warped.
BBC News – Entertainment & Arts


ComplexCon Issues Statement on Dior

LOS ANGELES — ComplexCon officials were duped into believing Dior would have a presence at the upcoming streetwear event by an agency that said it was acting on behalf of the luxury house, WWD has learned.
ComplexCon on Wednesday had announced Dior’s inclusion in the third annual festival, which is to be held Nov. 3 to 4. The deal had been viewed by ComplexCon — which melds fashion, music, food and art — as a push into luxury and a way to diversify its base of vendors exhibiting at the buzzy event. It would have underlined luxury’s continued charge into the streetwear space.
Neil Wright, ReedPop event director of ComplexCon and Agenda, issued a statement to WWD Friday morning in which he said, “Yesterday ReedPop learned that an agency that led us to believe they were representing Dior in negotiations to exhibit at ComplexCon did not have the authority to enter into agreements on behalf of the brand. We apologize to Dior for the confusion this caused and for our failure to discover the issue sooner. We are reviewing our internal policies and taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”
A Dior spokeswoman said the company did not have comment on the

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Wireless Festival: DJ Khaled pulls out due to ‘travel issues’

He was due to headline the third day of the show at Finsbury Park but has been posting photos from holiday.
BBC News – Entertainment & Arts


Tomorrow’s Cities: Can start-ups solve city issues?

Every city wants to have a striving tech start-up scene but why is it so important?
BBC News – Technology


Cavs’ Lue taking break over health issues

Tyronn Lue announced Monday that he is taking a break from coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers to focus on his health. He hopes to return well before the start of the playoffs, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. – NBA

LeBron doubles down on talking social issues

LeBron James made his first public comments Saturday since Fox News host Laura Ingraham criticized the Cavaliers star for speaking out on the state of race relations in America and his view of the leadership in the White House. – TOP

Google-Nest merger raises privacy issues

Campaigners are concerned that smart home specialist Nest will no longer be a separate business.
BBC News – Technology


Mara Wilson Issues a Message to the Public: Stop Sexualizing Child Stars Like Millie Bobby Brown

Mara WilsonMara Wilson is urging everyone to take a closer look at how they talk about child stars.
In a powerful essay penned for, the actress who rose to fame with early roles in Mrs….

E! Online (US) – Top Stories

Special Entertainment News Bulletin:

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Connected toys have ‘worrying’ security issues

Parents are warned about the dangers of net-connected toys, by the Which? consumer group.
BBC News – Technology


‘Disrobed’ Author Syl Tang Discusses How Clothing Can Predict the Economy, World Issues and the Future

TANG UNCOVERS FASHION: With her new book “Disrobed: How Clothing Predicts Economic Cycles, Saves Lives and Determines the Future,” Syl Tang puts a lot of stock in clothing.
In the 12 years she freelanced for the Financial Times, she frequently touched upon a similar topic but didn’t have the time to explore it due to word count restrictions. For example, she once wrote a piece about jewelry in the Afghan world and how the department of defense funded some of these companies that were started by women. “But when I would talk to people about linking apparel, jewelry or wearables to other topics, I would see their eyes glaze over a little bit. They wouldn’t connect the dots so I knew I needed to write a book about it,” she explained.
The underlying theme is how “behind the clothing, there is this understanding of the world,” she said. To that point, the cover art for the Rowman & Littlefield book is an unzipped hoodie on a globe of the world. Through her writing, she explores the role that clothing plays in natural disasters, climate change, terrorism, geopolitics and agribusiness.
One element the author found most surprising was “how much research there is supporting

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Bill Maher Issues Strong Words To Democrats About Over-Regulation

“It makes people hate us. It makes me hate us.”
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Books of The Times: ‘The Far Away Brothers’ Breathes Vivid Life Into Immigration Issues

Lauren Markham’s impeccably timed and intimately reported book follows twin teenage brothers on their journey from El Salvador to California.
NYT > Books


Commitment Issues and Fraught Hometown Visits as ‘Bachelorette’ Nears End

A reminder that Happily Ever After is only one endgame. The real winner may be the man who gets dumped but is picked to be the series’ next Bachelor.
NYT > Arts

Orbitz Worldwide Inc

How Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s Coming Clean About Relationship Issues May Have Helped Their Brand

Beyonce, Jay ZThey say art is truth…
Beyoncé got fierce about “Becky with the good hair” in Lemonade and Jay-Z indirectly admitted to infidelity in his recent 4:44–but why did the…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories

Special Entertainment News Bulletin:

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The big issues we want Apple to address in macOS High Sierra

The big issues we want Apple to address in macOS High SierraThese are the issues we hope Apple addresses with macOS High Sierra.

Yahoo Tech


Best Buy Co, Inc.

Three key issues for fighting terrorism online

Theresa May upbraided the big internet companies for providing a “safe space” for terrorists.
Tech News – Latest Technology and Gadget News | Sky News


TigerDirect Best Sellers

Exercise: An Antidote for Behavioral Issues in Students?

Study found use of ‘cybercycles’ reduced classroom problems for kids with autism, ADHD, other concerns Daily News
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Here’s Where Donald Trump Stands on Abortion, Gay Marriage, and More Vital Issues

Keep this handy.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Yoko Ono Issues Rather Appropriate Response To Donald Trump’s Win

Yoko Ono issued her official response on Friday to news that Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States of America.

You can find her official response below. 

Ono also shared this fitting Instagram Friday:

A photo posted by Yoko Ono (@yokoonoofficial) on

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Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Strategic Issues in Information Technology: International Implications for Decision Makers

Strategic Issues in Information Technology: International Implications for Decision Makers

Strategic Issues in Information Technology: International Implications for Decision Makers presents the significant development of information technology in the output of components, computers, and communication equipment and systems. This book discusses the integration of information technology into factories and offices to increase productivity. Organized into six parts encompassing 12 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the advancement towards an automated interpretation communication system to achieve real international communication. This text then examines the main determining factors for development. Other chapters consider the issue of domestic interests versus international cooperation. This book discusses as well the rapid progress in information technology, which results in pervasive and basic change across the range of human activity in industry, trade, public service, government, work, and leisure. The final chapter deals with information technology’s potential impact on industrialized economies and societies. This book is a valuable resource for engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, and managers.

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Why Do I Need a Teacher When I’ve got Google?: The essential guide to the big issues for every teacher

Why Do I Need a Teacher When I’ve got Google?: The essential guide to the big issues for every teacher

Why do I need a teacher when I’ve got Google? is just one of the challenging, controversial and thought-provoking questions Ian Gilbert poses in this urgent and invigorating book. Questioning the unquestionable, this fully updated new edition will make you re-consider everything you thought you knew about teaching and learning, such as: Are you simply preparing the next generation of unemployed accountants? What do you do for the ‘sweetcorn kids’ who come out of the education system in pretty much the same state as when they went in? What’s the real point of school? Exams – So whose bright idea was that? Why ‘EQ’ is fast becoming the new ‘IQ’. What will your school policy be on brain-enhancing technologies? Which is the odd one out between a hamster and a caravan? With his customary combination of hard-hitting truths, practical classroom ideas and irreverent sense of humour, Ian Gilbert takes the reader on a breathless rollercoaster ride through burning issues of the twenty-first century, considering everything from the threats facing the world and the challenge of the BRIC economies to the link between eugenics and the 11+. As wide-ranging and exhaustively-researched as it is entertaining and accessible, this book is designed to challenge teachers and inform them – as well as encourage them – as they strive to design a twenty-first century learning experience that really does bring the best out of all young people. After all, the future of the world may just depend on it

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Reflections on Life Issues

Reflections on Life Issues

The ebook, Reflections on Life Issues, discusses 25 common life problems and a ‘best approach’ to take in resolving them. The reader discovers how social, personal, even global issues can be solved by applying conscious awareness. Not to say that conscious awareness can answer all life problems, but at least it provides, a foundation, a starting point, from which we can delve more deeply into personal issues and derive a deeper understanding, a better appreciation, and an empathetic solution. This ebook includes a technology component. Where most ebooks are merely an electronic replication of regular print book, the author takes advantage of the fact that the e-reader is connected through the Internet. At the end of each chapter, the reader embarks on an online journey by: 1. Exploring the many hyperlinks which explains new terms and difficult concepts. 2. Listening to the author through an audio presentation on each chapter. 3. Playing an interactive game in which the reader is rewarded on completion. 4. Accumulating points with an interactive on-line contest. 5. Connecting with other readers through the social media. 6. Submitting new content and becoming an author in Longworth’s next ebook. 7. Taking an active role and ‘living’ a new reality as explained in the book. A ‘must read’, this book is inspirational and so fully interactive and collaborative that the form is truly a disruptive innovation.

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Caitlyn Jenner Says GOP Is ‘So Off’ On Transgender Issues

Caitlyn Jenner has repeatedly made headlines for her staunchly Republican views, but she isn’t afraid to criticize her party’s presidential hopefuls. 

In fact, the 66-year-old Olympian told The Cut in an April 27 interview that she believes Ted Cruz and his supporters aren’t considering the big picture when they chime in about the so-called “bathroom bills” that are a part of anti-LGBT laws that have been adopted in North Carolina and elsewhere. 

She suggested that Cruz was misinformed when he implied that allowing transgender people to use restrooms that best correspond with their gender identity will only prompt male “sexual predators” to enter the ladies’ room. 

“The issue isn’t about men being in women’s restrooms, okay?” she said. “That is illegal.” She added that she and other trans people just want to “pee and get the hell out of there! It’s so simple!” 

Jenner also thinks Cruz and other Republicans aren’t taking into account the public safety of transgender youth, who are at an increased risk of depression and suicide compared to their cisgender peers, when he expresses support for “bathroom bills.”  

“We have a nine-times-higher suicide rate in the trans community than the general public,” she said. 

She isn’t off, either: last year, a study by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Williams Institute, which analyzed results from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, found that 41 percent of all transgender people will try to kill themselves at some point in their lives, compared with 4.6 percent of the general public, USA Today reported

In an interview with Time magazine this week, Jenner suggested that those who back “bathroom bills” like the one in North Carolina are “so off.” 

“They need some help,” she said. “And I’m here to help.”

Meanwhile, Jenner offered faint praise for Donald Trump in a speech at the Time 100 gala this week, and said she took the Republican frontrunner up on his pledge to allow trans people to use the appropriate restroom

When she experienced a call of nature during her time in New York, Jenner said she headed straight for the Trump Tower to use its facilities. 

“I obeyed all the rules, I promise you, I didn’t throw any feminine products down the toilet,” she joked, according to People. “And it actually worked out quite well. It was very good.”

We’ll say this about Jenner’s attempts at reconciling her politics with her transgender identity: at least they’re earnest. 

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Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Gisele Bündchen Opens Up About Marriage Issues With Tom Brady

Just because two people appear to have no physical imperfections does not mean their marriage is picture-perfect, too. 

Such is the case for Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, who have had a bumpy year, to say the least — dealing with divorce rumors in the midst of the New England Patriots quarterback’s involvement in Deflategate.  

On Tuesday, the 35-year-old opened up to Charlie Rose on “CBS This Morning” about their six-year marriage, revealing they’ve “been through a few tough times together.”

The supermodel went on to quash split rumors, explaining that they’ve gotten through trying times by leaning on one another and their loved ones. 

 ”I think that’s when you know who are your friends and who loves you. My father always said, the quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships, and I think, no matter how challenging it was, we’ve always been supportive of one another,” Bündchen told Rose. “I think that’s the most important thing you can have in life, you know? A support system and love.”

Of course, the couple has been dealing with trying times since they began dating nine years ago and soon discovered that Brady’s ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan was pregnant with his child. 

It’s a subject the model has rarely discussed, but she called the situation a “challenging thing.”

“Here I am, you know, thinking I’m dating this guy … everything is great, and then this happens. So I felt I didn’t know what to do,” she said. “It was one of the moments like, ‘Do I just run away?’”

Of course, Bündchen didn’t run. 

“Now, eight years later, I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter bonus child,” she said,  referring to Brady and Moynahan’s 8-year-old son, while she and the NFL player have two children of their own. 

A photo posted by Gisele Bündchen (@gisele) on

Meanwhile, Brady previously spoke out against the rumors the couple were headed for a split in September.

“We’re in a great place, I’ll just say that,” the NFL player told  Boston radio station WEEI 93.7 FM. “I’m a lucky man. I’ve been very blessed with support from my family and certainly her, and there’s no bigger supporter that I have than her and vice versa. I’ve been very blessed to have an incredible relationship with my life partner, and I don’t think anything will ever get in the way of that.”


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The Gut Health Protocol – A Nutritional Approach To Healing SIBO, Intestinal Candida, GERD, Gastritis, and other Gut Health Issues

The Gut Health Protocol – A Nutritional Approach To Healing SIBO, Intestinal Candida, GERD, Gastritis, and other Gut Health Issues

THANK YOU! I have been suffering from IBS and SIBO for years. I came across your “gut health protocol” and followed it to a T. and I truly have not felt this good in years! You have given me my life back! I never realized how sick I was, and I forgot how a healthy person should feel. I thought I had to live my life feeling the way I did. Not the case at all! To everyone out there. read the gut protocol, follow what is suggested. its so worth it! ” – Jackie A.”I’ve been doing John’s protocol for the last two months and it has helped immensely with my SIBO. My bloating and stomach distention are pretty much gone, ditto stools pretty much normal and motility much better. I had a glucose breath test (unfortunately only for hydrogen) a couple of weeks ago and it was negative. I’m should say that I did the protocol full swing, all of the supplements and extra antimicrobials, as well as lifestyle changes. I’m not necessarily 100% better, but it’s the first thing I’ve done beside a ridiculously restrictive diet that has actually helped me heal. In fact, previously my diet was slowly becoming more and more restricted. Give it a try, it’s good stuff. And, hey John Herron, thank you!” – Michelle M.”I would like to share that I have had such great success. My gut is probably about 90% better. I have had no bloating, belching, constipation or diarrhea, and limited moments of soreness. I feel that I am digesting my food and the shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and discomfort in my throat are gone too.” – Berea F.”I just looked at your latest protocol and I have to say it is totally amazing! It seems more thorough than most of the 5 books I have read. Were/are you something famous for your job?” – Debbie H.The Gut Health Protocol outlines natural approaches to tackling dozens of stomach and intestinal health issues using only scientifically studied natural herbs, supplements and diet. Supplements commonly available in local health foods stor

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Zoopathologica, Volume 1, Issues 1-6…

Zoopathologica, Volume 1, Issues 1-6…

This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections

such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact,

or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections,

have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works

worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book.


The below data was compiled from various identification fields in the bibliographic record of this title. This data is provided as an additional tool in helping to ensure edition identification:


<title> Zoopathologica, Volume 1, Issues 1-6<subjects> Medical; Veterinary Medicine; General; Medical / Veterinary Medicine / General; Veterinary medicine
List Price:

Global HIV/AIDS Politics, Policy, and Activism: Persistent Challenges and Emerging Issues

Global HIV/AIDS Politics, Policy, and Activism: Persistent Challenges and Emerging Issues

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is at a critical turning point. Compelling new findings herald the potential to eventually grind the epidemic to a halt through a combination of expanded treatment coverage and new biomedical approaches to prevention. At the same time, the severe global economic downturns have negatively affected wealthy donor nations that have provided the funds and technical support for programs in the developing world. It is against this backdrop that this landmark three-volume set was developed. It provides a broad overview of the critical political issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, inspects key areas of policy and policymaking, and spotlights the most important forms of activism and community mobilization. The volumes reflect an eclectic and wide-ranging set of issues written by an international team comprising dozens of authors from nations including the United States, the United Kingdom, Ghana, South Africa, Brazil, Cambodia, Norway, and Qatar. The international contributors represent a variety of disciplines and bring with them a range of styles and methodological approaches appropriate to their specific topics and disciplines. An important addition to academic and public libraries, this expansive work will benefit students and other readers interested in politics, policymaking, public health, activism, and community mobilization, both in the United States and globally.

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Why Couples Fight: The Top 5 Issues

I love to talk about love — even some of the darker parts of coupledom like arguments, fights and problems. After all, without the dark we wouldn’t have the light!

Most of us don’t realize that there are patterns to how we fight…and make-up if we so choose to work at it. Ask yourself:

Are you having the same fight over and over again?

Your arguments might be more common than you think. Can you relate to this awesome video?

The Science of Fighting

According to Marriage and Family counselor Dr. John Gottman, a true expert in this field, 69 percent of marriage conflicts are never solved. Yes, 69 percent!

That means that we are often having the same fight over and over again.

This is actually good news. Why? If we have similarities or patterns to our fights it means a) we are not alone and b) we can study, predict and course-correct our arguments before they explode.

Dr. John Gottman has over 40 years of research with over 3,000 married couples. He calls these unresolved issues ‘gridlocked’. Watch this video for more:

Gridlocked Issue: A common topic that comes up for a couple that cannot be resolved and typically devolves into a nasty argument.

The Top 5 Issues Couples Fight About:

What do most couples fight about? Here are the 5 most common issues:

  • Free Time

  • Money

  • Housework

  • Physical Intimacy

  • Extended Family

Fighting Solutions:

Here are some ways you can use the science of couples to help your relationship:

1. The New Mindset

How to Fight Better: I want us to shift the focus to fighting ‘better’ as opposed to fighting less. Why? Fighting better is about having discussions, not arguments. It is about respectfully hearing the other person when perpetual problems come up. It’s also a lot of pressure to try to fight less. We all want to fight less, but the point of this article is to deepen understanding and that can mean discussing more.

2. Identify Your Issues

One of the most interesting discussions I have ever had with my husband was identifying our ‘perpetual issues’. We sat down and thought about the problems and topics that have come up recently and looked for patterns. Did any of them fall into the top 5 above? Were there any common threads or underlying themes to our arguments. The answer — yes. We didn’t realize it at first, but we were basically having the same 3 arguments over and over again with different dressing.

  • Sit down with your partner (or with a journal by yourself) and review all of the arguments you have had recently or any big blow-up fights over the last few months. Try to identify the patterns under the arguments.

  • Once you have identified your patterns, clearly delineate each partner’s side of the argument. Do this in non-judgmental terms. For example, an issue could be ‘spending.’ Husband likes to treat himself to little dinners out regularly, whereas Wife likes to save up for big treats. Neither is ‘wrong’ but this way you know where you both stand.

3. Localize Don’t Globalize

One reason that little arguments can erupt so quickly is because a small disagreement can be tagged onto one of your larger arguments and immediately explode into the big fight. You already know your issues and where the other stands, so it is very important to keep small arguments compartmentalized and specific to the situation. This can help you focus on the issue and keep the discussion as just that — a discussion. Since you know you have fundamental differences on the larger argument, there is no reason to bring it into everyday discussions.

  • Try to avoid globalizing the other person or their behavior. Try not to say “You always do this” or “This is your pattern” or “You never…”

  • Don’t call up past arguments or offenses. I know it’s hard, but it will only exacerbate an issue that is gridlocked (devolving into a larger fight).

And by the way, you aren’t the only couple who fights about your issues:

4. Start with Agreement

If a gridlocked issue comes up on a daily basis and you need to approach it, start with agreement. Dr. Gottman noticed that successful couples who have been together for a long time master gentleness. They present issues in a soft way by never starting with criticism. In fact, starting with agreement is the best way to avoid an argument and start a discussion. Find something you can agree upon and start there.

  • For example, if you have family coming in for the weekend and Wife wants a hotel, but Husband wants house-guests, Wife could say, “I know we can agree that family time is important and I know we can both get a little annoyed when we are overrun with nieces and nephews. Let’s try to think of a way to make this weekend work.”

5. Look Underneath the Argument

This is the hardest one, but the most important. Sometimes there are underlying issues beneath the gridlocked issue. I want you to think about what’s happening behind the argument. Are there value-based differences? You might actually be arguing about basic philosophical concepts like someone’s sense of self, power, freedom, care, what family means, what home means or control. Look at your gridlocked issue and ask the question “Why?” 5 times. *Be sure to get buy-in to do this from both people, so it is exploratory not antagonistic. For example:

  • Wife: I am very upset right now.

  • Man: Why?

  • Wife: I need more help around the house.

  • Man: Why do you feel that way?

  • Wife: I feel overworked and overwhelmed with the stuff that needs to be done.

  • Man: Why do you feel overwhelmed?

  • Wife: It just feels like it all lands on me at the end of the day.

  • Man: Why do you feel it all lands on you?

  • Wife: I don’t see you offering to help and that makes me frustrated.

  • Man: Why does that happen?

  • Wife: It makes me feel under-appreciated.

Ok, now they are onto something! Yes, help around the house is great, but it all boils down to feeling under appreciated. If the husband were to make the wife feel more appreciated — perhaps thanking her for what has already been done, that might be even more beneficial than helping. Combining help and gratitude could be the ultimate healer in this fight.

6. Acceptance

Knowing your issues and where you stand can help prevent you from having the argument over and over again. Agreeing to disagree and naming the issue can prevent arguments in the future. For example, I was walking a couple through this exercise and this process happened:

  • Common Issue: Vacationing with the in-laws. Husband doesn’t like to vacation with his in-laws, Wife does.

  • Localize: Trip to Hawaii over Thanksgiving

  • Agreement: We both know we need a vacation and we are due for an in-law visit.

  • Why’s: Wife learns that the reason Husband doesn’t like to vacation with the in-laws has nothing to do with them. He loves the in-laws! But he wants more couple time. “We are so busy during the work week that our vacations are the only alone time we get together.”

  • Acceptance: This is a difference in preference — it is not an attack on the in-laws or a desire not to vacation together. A possible compromise to recognize the underlying need for alone time could be to go on vacation a few days early before the in-laws arrive.

  • Success!

You want your perpetual issues to be more like the crazy uncle who shows up unannounced and less like the hidden rabid dog in the closet. In other words, the more your issue is talked about, tolerated and discussed, the easier and less trap-filled it will be.

Sometimes it feels like talking about the nitty-gritty side of romance is taboo, but I think when we explore the issues we learn and benefit. Let’s bring the light to the dark.

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Out in the Night: A Gripping Reminder of LGBTQ Issues “Beyond Caitlyn” [Spoilers]


The NJ4: Venice Brown, Terrain Dandridge, Patreese Johnson and Renata Hill

The initial overwhelmingly positive reaction to “newborn” Caitlyn Jenner was a worldwide watershed moment to be sure.

But Out in the Night, a POV documentary airing June 22nd on PBS, reminds us that countless others in the LGBTQ/gender non-conforming communities still face discrimination daily.

The documentary opens with a police radio call describing “officers fighting with gangs…with Bloods and Crips.”

The assailants are identified as “five female blacks” who, according to an “anonymous unverified” account may have stabbed a male victim. Subsequent media sound bites allege said victim was stabbed by a “pack of lesbians,” who attacked him “just because he was a straight man.”

The four alleged “assailants” tell a very different story in the film.

According to Renata Hill, she and friends Terrain Dandridge, Patreese Johnson and Venice Brown headed for New York to “to have fun, look at girls, be gay.”

“We thought we wouldn’t have any problems,” she adds. “We could be ourselves.”

She was wrong.

Their night on the town took a dangerous turn when a young man, Dwayne Buckle, took a liking to one of the four. In his court testimony, read by an actor in the film, Buckle said, “They looked feminine. One was slightly pretty. So I said, ‘Hi’ to her.”

But Johnson remembers him saying, “Lemme get some o’ that,” a statement she took as a playful request for a sip of soda.

Wrong again.

“He said, ‘I don’t want that,'” Johnson recalls. “He pointed at my lower area and said, ‘I want that.'”

When Johnson laughed and told him, “Mister, I’m gay,” she alleges that the man spat and threw his cigarette, yelling, “Dyke bitches! You lesbian bitches! I’ll f–k you straight!”

Hill says she and her friends began to walk away, backwards, realizing, “He was coming for us. That was clear as day.”

Surveillance camera video proves that he came for them with a vengeance, ripping a handful of dreads from Brown’s scalp and even pinning Hill down on the ground with his arm. A group of male bystanders finally intervened, wrestling Buckle roughly to the ground and berating him for fighting with women.

Despite that damning video evidence, the four women were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the 4th degree with intent to use, assault in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree, gang assault in the 1st and 2nd degree, and attempted murder.

And the media went into a feeding frenzy.


One of many lurid, fear-mongering headlines

Fox News said the attack was part of a crime wave instigated by lesbian gangs called “Gays Taking Over” and “Dykes Taking Over” who were attacking and raping young girls in Philadelphia and Tennessee. On camera, New York Post reporter Laura Italiano proudly declares she still stands by her description of the women as a “seething, Sapphic, septet from Newark, New Jersey.”

“I don’t think it was a stretch to say they were out for blood,” Italiano insists.

The jury agreed. All four women were convicted. Three were sentenced to 8 years in prison. Johnson received 11 years for stabbing Buckle with a small knife. The wound was not life threatening.

Director/producer blair dorosh-walther–she prefers lowercase–believes the “NJ4” case is yet another example of prejudice and discrimination in the American legal and law enforcement systems.


Director blair dorosh-walther–she prefers lowercase–on set

“There is so much that still needs to happen,” she explained in an email exchange. “Unfortunately, I don’t think it is just a matter of changing a few laws or fixing particular parts of the criminal legal system or putting cameras on police. I think the entire system of law enforcement and the legal system need to be destroyed and reconstructed. The system is just too rooted in prejudices with no oversight. I think it is unwise to try and crawl out of a racist system inch by inch.”

dorosh-walther also had harsh words for the media.

“I believe the media vilified them because of their intersectional identities,” she said. “When I spoke with Laura Italiano, the New York Post journalist who is interviewed in Out in the Night, she repeatedly referred to the women as ‘tough.’ What makes these women ‘tough?’ That they are Black? Because they look like Black men? Because they physically fought back? Because they do not dress like you? What is it exactly that makes them ‘tough?'”

And though this story unfolded in 2006, dorosh-walther isn’t so sure our attitudes toward racial “minorities” and those who identify as LGBTQ or non-gender conforming have changed as much as we like to think.

“It is great that Caitlyn Jenner has received such a warm welcome,” she said. “Likewise Laverne Cox, who is also an activist and fights for trans civil rights constantly. My fear in lionizing individual people or even a law is that people who are not directly affected think the fight for equality or civil rights are over.”

As for the four women whose stories inspired Out in the Night, dorosh-walther hopes viewers will, “honor their unapologetic defense of who they are.”

“They were a pocket of resistance, both that night and in the courtroom when they plead [sic] not guilty,” she asserted. “They were facing 25 years, so a not-guilty plea was incredibly difficult and holds the courts accountable. They should be honored for the resistance, resilience and perseverance.”

Photo credit: Images of dorosh-walther and the “NJ4”, Lyric Cabral. New York Post headline, author screenshot.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Critical Issues in Contemporary China

Critical Issues in Contemporary China

This informative and up-to-date text takes a multidisciplinary approach in examining contemporary China. It provides students with a comprehensive analysis of a number of the social, political and economic problems that China faces as it enters the twenty-first century. The chapters cover key issues including: critical developments in Chinese politics uneven economic development privatization in China environmental problems demography and food production ethnic minorities cross-strait relations socio-cultural issues. Critical Issues in Contemporary China reflects the many recent reforms in China and will equip the undergraduate with the analytical skills they need to study the critical issues surrounding China from contending perspectives.

Price: $
Sold by Kobo Inc.

Child Neglect: Practice Issues for Health and Social Care

Child Neglect: Practice Issues for Health and Social Care

This book addresses the key themes in child neglect, draws on current research and practice knowledge and sets out the implications for practice. With a joint health and social work focus, this interdisciplinary book is an essential resource for all professionals working towards integrated and collaborative childcare services.

Price: $
Sold by Kobo Canada

Diabetes and Related Health Issues

Diabetes and Related Health Issues

Diabetes and Related Health Issues is a book written all about diabetes itself, and the complications that can often occur with it. There is also information about diet and exercise, hospitalization and diabetes care, traveling with diabetes, taking insulin, hypoglycemia and more. Some of the articles in this book talk about women with diabetes and managing with their pregnancy. Gestational diabetes and taking proper care of yourself is all part of this category. There are a number of recipes in this book that are diabetic friendly as well as tasty comfort foods. Diet management is a very important factor in living well with this condition and this book gets into a lot of detail along with fitness and exercise.

Price: $
Sold by Wordery

Mark Dendy Explores Social Issues at Joe’s Pub

Pictured L-R: Dante Brown, Mei Yamanaka, Leslie Cuyjet, Abigail Levine
Floor/front: Christopher Bell; Photo by Yi-Chun Wu

The Lower East Side has always been a playground for oddballs, creative types who diverge from Manhattan’s mold. It’s a quirky neighborhood filled with idiosyncrasies and secrets stuffed in blocks and buildings. These days, south of Union Square is trending, a wonderland of bars, movie houses, and restaurants that offer a refreshing contrast to Midtown. But don’t be fooled: the Lower East Side has a legacy of hosting the mysteries that lie behind closed doors and inside our imaginations.

Mark Dendy’s NEWYORKnewyork@AstorPlace shares marrow with the LES, a skeleton that rivets freaks and geeks with nostalgia. At Joe’s Pub last week, the work was provocative, wild, and weird. Dendy is celebrated for mixing genres, incorporating spoken word into dance and crossing over from eccentric experimentation to Broadway to ballet. And what exactly was NEWYORKnewyork@AstorPlace? I have absolutely no idea, and perhaps that’s what made it so compelling.

When I told my friends that I was headed to the Public on Wednesday, May 6, they assumed that it was for Hamilton, the musical hit of the season. They were, of course, wrong; I was off to an intimate, candlelit room to watch ghosts emerge from their graves. Ghosts of New York’s bourgeoisie. Ghosts of the gay movement. Shakespeare’s ghosts. It was all haunting in its absurdity.


Pictured: Abigail Levine (center),
Back L-R: Christopher Bell, Dante Brown, Leslie Cuyjet, Mei Yamanaka; Photo by Yi-Chun Wu

NEWYORKnewyork@AstorPlace narrated the history of the street where the Public sits in its majesty. Dendy took no precautions for political correctness, and with a fake hand job and a strip tease onstage, there were plenty of moments when the audience squirmed. He also approached difficult issues like gentrification and the AIDS epidemic in the ’80s, which didn’t make for typical mealtime pleasantry. As spectators munched on hamburgers and fries, Christopher Bell gyrated as a gay exotic dancer with the kind of fervor that harbors sexual frustration and anger brought on by fear of disease. As they sipped on a jug of beer, Abigail Levine twirled aimlessly, mocking Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” and its whitewashed sentimentality. Leslie Cuyjet ran around as a realtor, decrying artists for making New York “cool” and contributing to rising rents. Meanwhile, Danté Brown danced in a hoodie, representing racism until, with one ice-cold beat of a gunshot, he collapsed like the blow of a hammer.

Certainly, the piece felt scattered. It interfaced with so many dialogues that no one stood out for its urgency. Nevertheless, NEWYORKnewyork@AstorPlace had a strange allure. Dendy thought a lot about the current state of New York and how it differs from decades passed. He managed to infuse his movement with meaning, and few could belittle the performance as sheer entertainment. It forced the viewers to question, which is almost always good in a culture industry that so often dictates what we do unconsciously. And it was still pleasant at times because Dendy’s dancers, especially Mei Yamanaka and Bell, were intoxicating.

Would I go again? Absolutely not. It’s never nice to sit on edge, uncomfortable with the honesty of a situation. That’s what makes NEWYORKnewyork@AstorPlace important: it confounds without mercy.

I once had a philosophy professor who said that when you’re confused, it means you’re getting it. If so, Manhattanites have a lot to learn from Dendy and his stint at Joe’s Pub.


Pictured L-R: Mei Yamanaka, Abigail Levine, Leslie Cuyjet; Photo by Yi-Chun Wu

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Animal Testing: Issues and Ethics

Animal Testing: Issues and Ethics

Because of the biological similarities between many animals and humans, scientists can learn about diseases, and find out how humans might react to medicines, cosmetics, chemicals, and other products by testing them on animals first. According to the Humane Society of the United States, more than twenty-five million animals are used in research, testing, and education each year. Readers learn about the various philosophies on animal testing, what tests are used, and how they are performed. The book presents the pros and cons of animal testing and some of the alternative methods to animal testing that scientists are developing today.

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Rice issues apology letter to Ravens fans

Ray Rice, who was suspended last season by the NFL for domestic violence, issued an apology to the city of Balitmore and to Ravens fans on Friday morning.

From Front Office to Front Line: Essential Issues for Health Care Leaders

From Front Office to Front Line: Essential Issues for Health Care Leaders

Provides detailed strategies to help leaders and their organizations address critical challenges in a changing health care environment.

Price: $
Sold by Rakuten

Daddy Issues

A long time ago (in what seems like it must have been a galaxy far, far, away), it was possible for someone to be coy about “daddy issues.” In the following clip, Mary Martin performs “My Heart Belongs To Daddy” (the Cole Porter song that made her famous following her Broadway debut in 1938’s Leave It To Me!). In her autobiography (My Heart Belongs) Martin confessed that at the time she was singing that song she was clueless about the true meaning of some of Porter’s lyrics.

In 1924, the popular comic strip, Little Orphan Annie, gave birth to a character known as Daddy Warbucks. In today’s sexual marketplace, the lexicon covering daddy issues has progressed far beyond a sugar daddy (which was also the name for a popular caramel candy that was ever so sweet to lick). Many single women will refer to a man as their “baby daddy” while gay men have seemingly mastered the linguistic art of using the word “daddy” as a term of endearment, empowerment, and a literary aphrodisiac.

Over the years, the question “Who’s Your Daddy?” has taken on new meanings in popular culture. Just as there are plenty of websites devoted to women seeking sugar daddy arrangements, gay men have become expert at seeking intergenerational relationships for fun or profit.

Bottom line? Lots of people have daddy issues. How those issues are portrayed on stage and screen found two new expressions in recent productions.

* * * * * * * * * *

If you’ve ever gone to an optometrist to get a prescription for corrective lenses, you’re familiar with the process of sitting in a chair while someone uses a phoropter to test different lenses in order to determine which will yield the clearest images.


A patient being measured with a phoropter

I mention this because, after attending the world premiere of Christina Anderson’s new play, Pen/Man/Ship, at the Magic Theatre, I had the strangest thought. Whereas Melville’s Captain Ahab went in search of a white whale, Anderson seemed to be sailing the southern Atlantic in search of a purpose (or perhaps a porpoise). The playwright frequently offers hints about her characters in the play’s script, but fails to develop them further or explain them clearly to the audience.

In a dialogue between the playwright and Magic’s dramaturg, Dori Jacob, that is printed in the program (appropriately entitled “Finding The Anchor”), Anderson describes how the project grew out of one of Paula Vogel’s “bake off” writing projects. Although she had never been on a ship, did not know how to swim, and wasn’t exactly sure where she was going, Anderson was interested in finding an African-American theme set in the Victorian era. “I consider myself a political writer,” she explains. “The only thing I knew was that I really liked the idea of having these people of color on a ship.”

At the time she was working on P/M/S, the trial of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin was dominating the headlines. The concepts of “Stand Your Ground” and “Tonight You Will Die” had an obvious impact on Anderson’s writing process. My guess is that a brief encounter with Herman Melville’s unfinished novella Billy Budd (in its prose, film, or operatic format) might have offered Anderson a stronger sense of shipboard life in an all-male environment.

In its current form, Pen/Man/Ship takes place in 1896 aboard a whaling ship bound from Boston to Liberia and focuses on the following four African-American characters.

  • Charles (Adrian Roberts) is an African-American surveyor who has chartered a ship and hired its crew for the long voyage to Africa. His employers are a group of businessmen who belong to the American Colonization Society and are planning to set up a penal colony in Liberia for blacks who are unruly or unhappy with life in America. Charles is a repressed soul who resents anyone challenging his authority. A devout Christian, he has prepared himself for the long transatlantic voyage by bringing on board a sizable supply of gin (which gives him almost as much solace as his Bible). A successful and educated African American, Charles considers himself as belonging to a social class far above the “beasts” who form the ship’s crew. He prefers to remain in his cabin, writing in his diary, praying, and drinking and refuses to go up on deck and mingle with the men he feels are his inferiors. Charles also resents the fact that Jacob and Ruby seem to be making friends with the sailors (who are more than happy to talk with them), which undermines his authority.
  • Jacob (Eddie Ray Jackson) is Charles’s son, who was caught in a police raid on “a brothel for fairies” and has shown up at the dock just before the ship’s departure with a strange woman who will accompany him on the long voyage. As much as his father tries to get Jacob to describe his relationship with Ruby, Jacob refuses to discuss the matter. He and Ruby spend a great deal of time together while at sea, although no one is really sure what they are doing. An amateur artist, Jacob likes to spend his spare time doing pencil sketches of the crew members (which, to say the least, flatter their masculinity). One of the sailors he has sketched is an amiable young man named Monty.


Eddie Ray Jackson as Jacob in Pen/Man/Ship
(Photo by: Jennifer Reiley)

  • Ruby (Tangela Large) is a self-educated African American woman who answers to and is afraid of no man. She fled the South after it was discovered that she had been reading books belonging to her mistress. Had she not left quickly, she would have simply been another piece of “strange fruit” hanging from a tree. Ruby is determined to leave America (which has been a source of incredible shame and pain for her) and start a new life in Liberia as a free Black woman.
  • Cecil (Tyee Tilghman) is a member of the crew who plays an accordion for entertainment. He understands that he’s not like the rest of the crew and can’t comprehend why Charles has taken a liking to him. However, because Cecil’s father was an angry alcoholic, he recognizes the same symptoms in Charles’s increasingly worrisome mood swings.


Tyee Tilghman as Cecil in Pen/Man/Ship
(Photo by: Jennifer Reiley)

There are many plot points in Anderson’s script that, while qualifying as fanciful fictions, are downright ludicrous in terms of life at sea in a traditionally all-male environment.

  • What caused the captain’s sudden, unexplained death? Why wasn’t he buried at sea?
  • What makes Ruby so confident and willing to challenge authority?
  • Why would the ship’s crew turn to Ruby instead of the first mate for leadership after their captain’s death?
  • On the one night that Charles deigned to go for a walk on deck, why would he have pushed Monty overboard and stabbed himself so that he would look like a victim?
  • What are the hidden factors in the budding friendship between Charles and Cecil?


Ruby (Tangela Large) and Jacob (Eddie Roy Jackson) in a
scene from Pen/Man/Ship (Photo by: Jennifer Reiley)

Because Anderson’s drama takes place on a sailing ship, it would be a cheap gag to suggest that the answers are blown in the wind. However, if one looks at her characters through a slightly different lens, some intriguing thoughts quickly present themselves as likely answers.

  • Charles has a near pathological hatred of women and was an uncaring husband as his wife lay dying (which might suggest a closeted gay man who married a woman in order to keep his sexual identity a secret). He may be guilt-ridden by the thought that something in him could have caused his son to be gay (it’s bad enough that paying Jacob’s bail cost him a pretty penny). When Charles hears Jacob talk about how friendly Monty has been — and when his son shows him the sketch he drew of Monty — it’s easy for Charles (who has been relying on a dangerous combination of gin and Jesus to pray and drink away the gay) to think of Monty as the devil. When Monty approaches him on deck (in what was most likely a friendly gesture), Charles instantly goes into “gay panic” mode.
  • Jacob is a young gay man who has lost a great deal of faith in the Bible. Although he loves his father and is extremely loyal to Charles, Jacob has learned how to stand his ground against his father’s bullying.
  • Ruby didn’t get to where she is by being helpless or depending on men for her happiness. She’s an intelligent, take-charge lesbian who sees through Charles’s delusions of grandeur and is primarily interested in getting to Liberia.
  • Cecil is the adult child of an alcoholic who is more than willing to see Charles as the father figure he never had. Charles is equally willing to see Cecil (who has expressed heterosexual tendencies) as the straight son he never had.


Eddie Ray Jackson (Jacob) and Adrian Roberts (Charles)
in a scene from Pen/Man/Ship (Photo by: Jennifer Reiley)

While Angrette McCloskey’s unit set necessitated some clumsy entrances and exits, Sara Huddleston’s powerful sound design helped give a strong sense of the ship’s creaking and groaning in response to the pressures of wind and waves. Under Ryan Guzzo Purcell’s stage direction, the four actors gave exceptionally strong performances, with special kudos for Adrian Roberts as the tortured Charles and Eddie Ray Jackson has his son, Jacob.

The question which remains in my mind, however, is whether or not (due to the influence of the Trayvon Martin case while she was working Pen/Man/Ship) Christina Anderson has unwittingly written a gay play. Here’s the trailer

* * * * * * * * * *

The first time I saw Alec Mapa perform live (“I Remember Mapa“), I was laughing so hard I was afraid I might choke on my own snot. The energetic Filipino-American stand-up comic (a native of San Francisco) likes to describe himself as “America’s Gaysian Sweetheart.” A popular performer at fundraising events, his quickness and wit have always allowed him to shine.

Now 48, a bit pudgier, and more than a little bit humbled by the chores and responsibilities of fatherhood, Mapa stars in a new documentary that was screened at the 2014 Frameline Film Festival. Entitled Alec Mapa, Baby Daddy, it chronicles the experience of Mapa and his husband (Jamison Hebert) in adopting an African American boy named Zion from Compton, California.

As a monologue, Alec Mapa, Baby Daddy received a Bistro Award and was nominated for GLAAD and United Solo awards for best off-Broadway solo show. While there are many touching moments in the film, few are quite as hilarious as Mapa’s impression of Julie Andrews trying to sing one of Miley Cyrus’s songs. And you won’t want to miss Mapa’s description of the day his newly-adopted son called him “you big, fat, Russian lady.” Mapa/s response? “Did you just call me fat?” Here’s the trailer:

To read more of George Heymont go to My Cultural Landscape
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Understanding Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents

Understanding Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents

Since the time of its publication in 1884, "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" has generated heated controversy. One of the most frequently banned books in the history of literature, it raises issues of race relations, censorship, civil disobedience, and adolescent group psychology as relevant today as they were in the 1880s. This collection of historical documents, collateral readings, and commentary captures the stormy character of the slave-holding frontier on the eve of war and highlights the legacy of past conflicts in contemporary society. Among the source materials presented are: memoirs of fugitive slaves, a river gambler, a gunman, and Mississippi Valley settlers; the Southern Code of Honor; rules of dueling; and an interview with a 1990s gang member. These materials will promote interdisciplinary study of the novel and enrich the student’s understanding of the issues raised. The work begins with a literary analysis of the novel’s structure, language, and major themes and examines its censorship history, including recent cases linked to questions of race and language. A chapter on censorship and race offers a variety of opposing contemporary views on these issues as depicted in the novel. The memoirs in the chapter Mark Twain’s Mississippi Valley illuminate the novel’s pastoral view of nature in conflict with a violent civilization resting on the institution of slavery and shaped by the genteel code of honor. Slavery, Its Legacy, and Huck Finn features 19th-century pro-slavery arguments, firsthand accounts of slavery, the text of the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850, and opposing views on civil disobedience from such 19th- and 20th-century Americans as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Stephen A. Douglas, and William Sloane Coffin. Nineteenth-century commentators on the Southern Code of Honor and Twain’s sentimental cultural satire directly relate the novel to the social and cultural milieu in which it was written. Each chapter closes with study questions, student project ideas, and sources for further reading on the topic. This is an ideal companion for teacher use and student research in English and American history courses.
List Price:

Transworld Snowboarding Magazine Subscription – 1 Year/9 Issues

Transworld Snowboarding Magazine Subscription – 1 Year/9 Issues

Transworld Snowboarding Magazine Subscription – 1 Year/9 Issues on sale at TightBoards.comGet a 1 year subscription to Transworld Snowboarding ( value) with select snowboard purchases. Subscription is refundable. If you do not want this offer follow the refund details that will be mailed to you.Celebrating 24 years and 200 issues as the world’s #1 Snowboarding Magazine. At 62% off the newsstand price 9 issues will give you a comprehensive look at the riders, the locations, the gear and of course the experiences that make up snowboarding. If you are a snowboarder, you’re one of us… Please note that no subscription card is available with this product. After your subscription order is placed we will process the order immediately and send ti to the publisher for scheduling. Estimated delivery time for the arrival of your fist issue is 6-9 weeks.
List Price: $ 44.65
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Boston Concertgoers Hospitalized After Experiencing Medical Issues During Avicii Event At TD Garden

BOSTON (AP) — Many people who attended an electronic dance music show featuring Swedish disc jockey Avicii at the TD Garden arena on Wednesday showed up intoxicated and several were hospitalized, authorities said.

TD Garden spokeswoman Tricia McCorkle said that at Wednesday night’s Avicii concert “there were a number of transports due to medical issues.” The Emergency Medical Service took 22 people to the hospital, and a dozen more were under evaluation, EMS Deputy Superintendent Mike Bosse told the Boston Herald. Bosse said he contacted the Boston Police Licensing Division, which cited the TD Garden for allowing lots of intoxicated concertgoers to enter.

Avicii spokeswoman Diana Baron said she was waiting for a full report from the venue and promoter.

Two people died over the weekend at a Las Vegas music festival attended by Avicii, one of the biggest names in electronic dance music. Authorities said Monday it will take several weeks to determine what caused the deaths of the Electric Daisy Carnival fans.

Police said nearly 800 people were treated for medical conditions and 25 were hospitalized during the three-night electronic music festival, which organizers said drew about 400,000 people at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Festival organizers told police that 134,000 fans attended Friday, Saturday and Sunday night shows featuring pulsing lights, Ferris wheels, seven stages of music and DJs including Avicii, Diplo, Afrojack and Tiesto.
Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Changing the U.S. Health Care System: Key Issues in Health Services Policy and Management

Changing the U.S. Health Care System: Key Issues in Health Services Policy and Management

The “Fourth Edition” of “Changing the U.S. Health Care System” addresses the key topics in health care policy and management, presenting evidence-based views of current issues. Each chapter is written by an expert in the field who integrates evidence to explain the current condition and presents support for needed change. The book examines all the levers in the setting and implementation of health policy, and includes extensive coverage of impact of the Affordable Care Act, particularly on Medicare, Medicaid, and large and small group insurance markets. Also new to this edition is expanded coverage of nursing, disease management, mental health, women’s health, children’s health, and care for the homeless.

Price: $
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Hiv: Issues with Mental Health and Illness

Hiv: Issues with Mental Health and Illness

Learn why it’s time for a new era in mental health and prevention scienceHIV: Issues with Mental Health and Illness is a comprehensive examination of the co-morbidity that exists between HIV/AIDS and mental illness. Internationally recognized experts in the field analyze the latest research on why HIV sufferers are at risk of developing mental illness and how people who suffer from mental illness risk contracting HIV through sexual behavior and substance abuse. This unique book focuses on clinical and diagnostic issues, the organization of service delivery systems, and community-based interventions.HIV: Issues with Mental Health and Illness presents vital contributions from physicians, sociologists, nurses, social workers, and psychologists working to develop a plan to reduce the number of persons affected by the epidemic, and to improve the quality of life of those already HIV infected. Aimed at promoting a new era in mental health and prevention science, the book examines vital issues including: the interplay between depression, HIV, and chronic fatigue; condom use among adolescents with psychiatric disorders; predicting HIV risk and how targeted intervention can address multiple health risks; how an increase in emotional stress can affect African-American women concerned about becoming HIV infected; STI risk reduction strategies; how client gender can affect mental health care service delivery; and the implementation of intervention programs as part of supported housing programs.HIV: Issues with Mental Health and Illness examines: bridging the gap between research and practice depression and HIV schizophrenia and HIV mental health policy and infectious diseases HIV prevention community-based participatory research community psychology mental health disparities translation research transforming public health systemsHIV: Issues with Mental Health and Illness is an invaluable resource for public health workers and policymakers, psychologists, psychiatrists, social w

Price: $
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Paul Walker’s Car Accident Was Not Caused By Mechanical Issues, Official Says

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Investigators have found no evidence that the Porsche carrying “Fast & Furious” actor Paul Walker had mechanical problems before it crashed.

A law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation tells The Associated Press the car lost control due to “speed, and speed alone.” The official requested anonymity because the official was not authorized to speak publicly.

The investigation also ruled out debris in the roadway as causing the car in which Walker was a passenger to smash into a light pole and tree.

The Nov. 30 crash killed Walker and the driver, his friend and financial adviser Roger Rodas.

Investigators won’t set a firm speed at which they think the car was traveling until Porsche engineers come to California next month to extract information from on-board data collectors.
Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Electronic Waste Management & Recycling Issues of Old Computers & Electronics

Electronic Waste Management & Recycling Issues of Old Computers & Electronics

Available estimates suggest that the amount of used electronics is large and growing, and that if improperly managed can harm the environment and human health. This book explores the disposal of used electronics and the potential problems that can be averted through recycling or reuse.

Price: $
Sold by

Topical Issues in Pain 4

Topical Issues in Pain 4

This fourth volume contains further ground-breaking and highly relevant work. Taking on the placebo and nocebo phenomenon, pain management and muscles and pain the volume yet again promotes the forward thinking and cutting edge work of the Physiotherapy Pain Association. In Part 1 a number of internationally renowned clinicians and researchers have come together to produce the first published attempt to broadly address and critically appraise the placebo and nocebo phenomenon from a clinical perspective for physiotherapists. The information and the way the material is presented should fascinate as well as challenge readers to think and work differently. Understanding the placebo fully requires a radical shift in thinking about human recovery mechanisms and the way in which treatments can be triggered to work at their most efficient. Part 2 takes on three more pain management topics the integration of pain management approaches and techniques for individual therapists working with individual patients or in out-patient settings; information giving for patients and addressing the taxing problem of improving fitness in patients with chronic pain related incapacity. The last part is devoted to some major issues surrounding the relationship of muscles to pain. Many current beliefs about the role of muscles come under scrutiny and some are constructively challenged by new proposals. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the work presented here is that physiotherapy, if it fully integrates the information provided into clinical practice, should be increasingly recognised as the central and essential component of modern management of musculoskeletal pain states. The Topical Issues in Pain series derives from the work, study days and seminars of the Physiotherapy Pain Association and is written by clinicians for clinicians. Each volume reviews the literature and presents best practice in a lively and understandable text. All clinicians will benefit from the straightforward ad

Price: $
Sold by Kobo Canada