Here’s Photographic Evidence For Why Kaia Gerber Is the Modeling World’s ”It Girl”

ESC: Street Style, Kaia Gerber, NYFWKaia Gerber is on her way to becoming the next Cindy Crawford in the modeling world.
Which makes total sense considering that’s her mom.
But it isn’t just her genes that…

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‘Had it. Lost it.’: The Warriors and the elusive quest for joy

Injuries and arguments threatened to derail the Warriors’ season. Now, is Golden State back on the road to recapturing its joy? Or is the feeling fleeting? – NBA

Oliver Peoples Fetes ‘California as We See It’ With Lisa Eisner

A clutch of bespectacled Angelenos joined luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples on Thursday to fete the launch of the Assouline tome “California as We See It.” Cohosted by photographer and Los Angeles style arbiter Lisa Eisner, who penned the book’s foreword, the party drew Shaun Ross, Levi Dylan, William Peltz, Stormi Henley, Markus Molinari, Brad Elterman, Lorenza Izzo, Ivan Olita and Tasya van Ree, along with Oliver Peoples chief executive officer Rocco Basilico and creative director Giampiero Tagliaferri.
“Do you remember their first shop?” asked Eisner of the Sunset Plaza store a few blocks down the street. “It was right in the middle of all this history — George Hurrell’s studio, Billy Haines’ showroom, Adrian’s shop. Then there were all the rock clubs like The Whiskey a Go Go and The Roxy.” She also pointed out the pioneering retailer Charles Gallay — the first boutique in the U.S. to carry Azzedine Alaïa — and the location used for the apartment of Richard Gere’s character in “American Gigolo.”
“That’s sort of the area in which we played, and when I bought my first pair of Oliver Peoples in the Eighties, we were like this clique,” she said. Eisner has also photographed several campaigns

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Kristin Cavallari at Wit’s End With ”Strong Personality” Shannon on Very Cavallari: ”It Takes a Lot to Corral Her”

Kristin Cavallari, 102How do you solve a problem like Shannon Ford?
Kristin Cavallari finds herself in this predicament in this clip from Sunday’s all-new Very Cavallari. Despite being “really good at…

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‘The Americans’ Cast & Creators on the ‘Heartbreaking’ Series Finale: ‘It Just Felt Right’

It’s barely been two weeks since their critically acclaimed series wrapped its six-season run on FX, but the cast and creators of “The Americans” reunited Sunday at the ATX Festival in Austin, TX to deconstruct the “heartbreaking” series finale. On hand were showrunners Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, executive producer Chris Long and series stars Keri Russell […]



Is Cannabis The Skincare Industry’s Next ‘It’ Ingredient?

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Meghan McCain Spills the Details About Her Wedding Day: ”It Was Real Country”

Meghan McCain, Wedding DressMeghan McCain returned to The View today…as a married woman!
Senator John McCain’s daughter was all smiles while dishing the details about her special wedding day with her co-hosts….

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Tony Goldwyn on Sexual Harassment: ‘We Have to Keep Talking About It’

Tony Goldwyn says he has been “surprised” by the response he’s gotten since coming forward with his own story of sexual harassment. The “Scandal” star had shared his experience while on a recent red carpet, in light of Lupita Nyong’o’s story in the New York Times. “I thought [Lupita’s story] was so powerful and was […]



‘Homeboy’s Gonna, Like, Get It:’ Bella Hadid’s Slang-Filled Sneaker Shopping Video Is Making the Internet Insane

Bella Hadid often makes headlines for her nearly-nude looks, her fierce poses and smoldering selfies (and belfies). But this time, the 21-year-old supermodel has caught the Internet’s attention with her linguistics.

Hadid recently appeared on Complex‘s Sneaker Shopping where she met with Joe La Puma at Kith in New York City to chat about her love for sneakers and her partnership with Nike.

When the subject turned to “sexy tennis shoes,” Hadid opened up about the role sneakers play in her love life.

“Sneakers on a man is definitely the first thing I look at … I mean, come on. Matching shoes, that’s dope,” Hadid began, before picking up different shoes.

“I don’t mind dirty sneakers but they better be fresh,” she explained. “If homeboy’s coming through with these, it’s quiet. Yeah, no, it’s quiet for him. But, like, if he comes through in, like these. You got some Air Maxes out here, you got some Jordans. Homeboy’s gonna, like, get it.”

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In true Twitter fashion, social media users immediately on Hadid’s quotes and started riffing on them, as seen above.

How It’s Done: Bella Hadid’s Wavy Bob

Others accused the model of trying to sound cool, with one even tweeting “Why does Bella Hadid sound like she’s trying to convince a group of underprivileged teens that drugs are wack.”

“I see Bella hadid in the corner of my room repeating ‘dope’ and ‘homeboy’ when I’m having sleep paralysis,” one Twitter user wrote.

What do you think of Bella’s Complex interview? Is it “quiet” for her?

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‘It,’ ‘Split’ and ‘Get Out’: Horror’s Star Continues to Rise at the Box Office

“You’ll float too.” The catchy tag line for the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” might also apply to the egos of those behind the record-shattering box office hit (which must be about as inflated as Pennywise’s balloon). In its opening weekend, the R-rated horror film is expected to earn $ 117 million in North… Read more »



Stephen King’s ‘It’ to Jolt Box Office With Monster Opening

The summer box office was an absolute circus. Apparently, all it needed was a clown. Enter “It,” Warner Bros. and New Line’s adaptation of the Stephen King novel, which is expected to scare audiences back into theaters with a record-breaking opening. A $ 65 million opening is expected from 4,000 locations (3,500 spots for Thursday previews). Since… Read more »



Hollywood Hopes ‘It’ Can Pull Box Office Out of the Gutter

The movie based on a Stephen King novel is expected to make $ 70 million or more during its opening weekend in the U.S., according to prerelease surveys, which would be a record for September. Lifestyle


Alamo Drafthouse to Host Clown-Only Screenings of ‘It’

Perhaps inspired by its women-only “Wonder Woman” screenings — although probably less likely to incite controversy — an Austin, Tex., location of the Alamo Drafthouse is hosting a clown-only screening of the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” the day after the film’s Sept. 8 premiere. According to the company’s website, the bizarre event requires… Read more »



Have You Tried This Season’s ‘It’ Vegetables?

Is kohlrabi the next kale? As chefs, farmers and wholesalers plot emerging produce trends, here’s a glimpse into the making of an ‘It’ vegetable. Plus, recipes for the must-haves of the moment. Lifestyle


Mashup Of ‘It’ And ‘Cat In The Hat’ Will Scare The Laugh Out Of You

We’d pay to see this.
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What Celebrity Surrogacy Is Really Like from One Mom Who’s Been There: ‘It Was Never About Money’

As Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West consider a surrogate pregnancy, a woman who has been a surrogate says the journey to match any parent or parents with a woman who will carry a child and then give it up to them is filled with emotion on both sides.

“I hoped for everything I got,” two-time surrogate Dayna, 37, a stay-at-home Pennsylvania mom, tells PEOPLE, which is withholding her last name. “I didn’t want it to be a business transaction. I didn’t want it to feel like that.”

“It was never about money,” she says. “I wanted it to be personal. I wanted to get enjoyment like I did out of it. I was giving someone something that potentially they couldn’t get without someone like us.”

In April, Dayna delivered the second of two children that she carried for parents Jonathan Rollo and Joey Gonzalez, through a match overseen by the California-based agency Growing Generations. The couple welcomed a daughter, Francesca, now 18 months old, in December 2015; their son, Jake, is two months old. Both were conceived using anonymous donor eggs selected from a catalogue listing and then fertilized by the men and implanted in Dayna’s uterus.

“I personally didn’t feel any separation process,” Dayna says of the time after Francesca was born. “There was no grief, there was no mourning, there was no sadness. It was a pretty amazing feeling, just to see Jon’s and Joey’s faces when she was born, and them holding her for the first time. They were literally just glowing.”

17Kardashian West and her husband are already parents to 4-year-old daughter North and 18-month-old son Saint. But in planning for a third child, they recently hired a surrogate, PEOPLE confirms. Doctors had cautioned Kardashian West that another pregnancy would be risky because she suffers from a condition, placenta accreta, that causes the placenta to grow into the wall of the womb, thus making it hard to detach at the time of birth.

The 36-year-old reality star underwent a procedure to try and correct the condition. But she told her mother, Kris Jenner, on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, “I’ve come to the conclusion in my mind that I can’t carry another one. So now I want to explore surrogacy.”

Dayna, a mother of five children ages 7 to 20, decided to become a surrogate after a long consideration that involved her husband and their family; the couple welcomed two biological children and parented several foster children, adopting three, before choosing not to have any more.

But after seeing “so many people out there in need and just having that want and desire for their own biological children,” Dayna says she viewed surrogacy as her way to contribute further. “My pregnancies have always been easy,” she says. “After doing tons of research, it just felt right. It felt like something I wanted to do.”

Before going forward, she also allowed her kids a vote. “Is this going to be okay?” she asked. “This is not going to be your sibling at all. I’m just going to carry a baby for someone who can’t carry a baby.”

Their response? “They were all on board.”

A friend of hers had been a surrogate through Growing Generations, and Dayna reached out to the company, which does not advertise for surrogates but accepts online applications. Just 10 percent meet initial qualifications; only 1 or 2 percent of those advance for final consideration in a review that includes background checks, medical tests, and psychological evaluations. Among questions posed: Are you willing to work with single parents? Gay parents? Interracial couples?

“It was multiple applications,” says Dayna. “At that point, they pretty much interviewed you: Why do you want to become a surrogate? What do you hope to get out of it? Have you talked to your family about it? They do have a lot of requirements, which I feel are necessary.”

Founded in 1996, Growing Generations has overseen more than 1,500 births delivered via 1,200 surrogates, says Stuart Bell, the agency’s co-founder. Its client base is divided evenly between U.S. and international parents. Ninety percent of them are couples, and 60 percent of them are gay. (The agency is not working with Kardashian West.)

“Twenty years ago, infertility was such a cross to bear,” Bell told PEOPLE in 2015. “There was kind of this shame around ‘I can’t have a baby.’” Although surrogacy and surrogate contracts still generate legal and political debate in parts of the country, “they’re starting to understand that it’s not harming anyone involved,” Bell says. “This is something that’s building families in a positive way.”

It’s also costly. For a person or couple opting to use their own egg, Growing Generations tells them to budget $ 120,000 to $ 140,000 for the process; if a donor egg is used, the expense can climb to $ 150,000 to $ 200,000.

Costs include the egg donor fee of $ 15,000 to $ 16,000; the surrogate fee of around $ 35,000; the expense to create and implant embryos; allowances for the surrogate’s maternity clothing, travel and medical monitoring; and legal and insurance fees, all on top of the agency’s matching fees.

“When you say you’re going to be a surrogate, the first thing anybody asks is, how much money are you making?” says Dayna. Growing Generations ensures that surrogates are financially secure before taking on the responsibility, she adds. “The money is not worth what you’re putting your body through. You really need to be honest with yourself. This is something that you want to do for the right reasons.”

Once approved, Dayna received a packet with information about Gonzalez and Rollo — not detailed, but with photos, ages, how long they’d been together, and images showing them with family and friends.

Then she and her husband had a preliminary meeting over lunch with Gonzalez, the CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp, an international fitness boutique concept, and Rollo, a chef, owner and founder of Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop, a chain of organic restaurants.

“We wanted somebody who has been through childbirth,” Gonzalez told PEOPLE, which earlier profiled the couple and their surrogacy process. “Our preference was for someone who has been through it more than once, psychologically secure, who could go through this process of separating from a child. That’s obviously not an easy thing to do. We both wanted somebody incredibly maternal, somebody that we thought respected the process.”

“When they presented Dayna,” he says, “it was the best-case scenario. She’s the most maternal person I’ve ever met. She’s just an exceptionally sweet, loving person. You can tell that family is a huge priority for her.”

Twenty-four hours after that meeting, each side sent word to the other through the agency: They agreed it was a match.

The two men and Dayna kept in constant touch through that first pregnancy via texts, calls and occasional in-person visits. Gonzalez and Rollo always talked of having more than one child. As they gathered for the first induced delivery and drove with Dayna to the hospital, “We were actually talking about the second one already,” Dayna recalls with a laugh. “I remember Joey’s mom saying, ‘Can we just have this one first?’”

“I planned on the first time being only a one-and-done thing, but the relationship I had with the guys, I knew instantly I would never be a surrogate for multiple families,” she says. After three months of pumping breast milk for Francesca, then freezing and shipping it overnight to Gonzalez and Rollo in California, she allowed her body to rest for a few months before starting the process for the second child. The dads were present at both births.

Today, “ loves seeing pictures of our babies, as much as we love hearing stories about her kids,” Gonzalez writes in an email. “Even if weeks go by without hearing from her, it’s easy to pick up where we left off. Sharing something this deep bonds people for life.”

“Honestly, there is no way to have assurance the surrogate will do things your way,” he says. “Which is why the process is so important. Be honest with each other about what matters most, and have trust that she will honor and respect that.”

He adds: “Don’t stress out if the first few meetings are awkward — it’s not the most natural relationship on earth and takes time to develop.”

But even as she values that relationship, Dayna says she’s not decided whether to be a surrogate again.

“I’m not getting any younger,” she jokes. “This one just really took a lot out of me. And I’ve got to think about my own kids. We hike a lot, we camp a lot; it’s hard to do those things when you’re pregnant.”

She does know, however, she has lifelong friends in the men whose family she helped to grow.

“I think the more you’re involved, the more you know what’s going on with the pregnancy, the more you can relate,” she advises those who may be considering using a surrogate. “You hope there are check-in points that they’re interested in, like, ‘What was the baby’s heart rate at the doctor’s today?’ because that just builds the excitement.”

“They don’t have to keep in touch,” she says of the two sides of the transaction. “Once they have that child, that can potentially be the end of the relationship, and I don’t think a lot of people prepare themselves for that. You need to prepare.”

She heard all throughout her process about how awful things can be between parents and their surrogates. But she, Gonzalez and Rollo all praise their match.

“I’m told all the time that we have a special relationship,” she says. “So I’m thankful very much for that.”

“I got everything that I wanted, and possibly more, when I went into this. To see the pictures of the guys with Jake and Francesca, and them living their lives, and all their pictures that they share, it’s amazing,” she says. “I helped create that.”

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The New ‘It’ Trailer Just Debuted and It Looks Terrifying

At the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards, a new trailer for the upcoming horror flick ‘It’ premiered — and it’ll leave you terrified of balloons.
Kylie Jenner is the queen of crazy wigs among her sisters, but according to Snapchat, there’s evidence Kim Kardashian is coming for her littlest sis’s throne.
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Mayte Garcia Recalls Sweet Moment She Told Prince She Was Pregnant: ‘It Was Amazing’

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} )();

Of all the memories in her four-year marriage to Prince, Mayte Garcia says her favorite was telling him she was pregnant with their first child.

The 43-year-old opens up about her life with Prince in her new memoir, The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince, including the death of their son Amiir — which left the couple heartbroken and, ultimately, derailed their marriage. During a Tuesday appearance on Good Morning America, Garcia described the moment she first told the musician that he would be a father.

“He was watching a game or something,” she began. “And I remember calling him over and he wouldn’t come over and I was like, ‘Hey!’ and he looked at me. And when I told him, his face was like — it was amazing.”

Amiir was born Oct. 16, 1996 with the rare genetic disorder Pfeiffer syndrome type 2. Garcia said that after Amiir’s delivery, the infant underwent procedure after procedure.

“Feeding tubes. Every day something new went wrong,” she wrote in the memoir. “After six days, he was struggling to breathe and I said to the doctor, ‘He’s not leaving here, is he?’ ”

Prince’s Ex-Wife Recalls the Shattering Moment Their Baby Boy Was Born with a Devastating Disorder

The baby died six days after birth, and his ashes were brought to their home in an urn.

During her GMA appearance, Mayte said it was “really hard” but also liberating to write about her son in the new memoir.

Although the tragedy ultimately led to their 2000 divorce, Garcia said she had many happy moments with the late music legend. She said Prince often took her clothes and had them altered to fit his 5’3″ frame.

“Then put them back into the closet and then me going, ‘Wait! They’re are high-waters now,’ ” she said. “And he would just walk away and I’m like, ‘Ahh, he took my clothes again.’ ”

Prince died last April after accidentally overdosing on the painkiller fentanyl.

“He’s with our son now. I know they’re finally together,” she previously told PEOPLE.

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Utah Family Who Sold Belongings to Live on the Road for a Year Announce Next Big Adventure: ‘It Won’t Be Easy’

After selling practically everything they owned to live on the road for a year in a fifth-wheel trailer, a Utah family of six has decided since returning home that a quiet life in the suburbs is not for them.

So Michael and Marisa Johnson and their four children are once again leaving their hometown of Eagle Mountain — this time to live in South America.

Beginning in mid-March, they’ll spend a year volunteering with Operation Underground Railroad, hoping to comfort children who have been rescued from sex trafficking and have no homes to return to because they were either sold as sex slaves or their families have moved away.

“I think about my own children and know that if they had endured something so horrific, I’d want somebody to be there for them,” Marisa, 40, tells PEOPLE. “We want to help these kids to see that they now have a voice and a choice of what they do with the rest of their lives.”

Doing something outside of their comfort zone became important to the Johnsons when they returned to Utah last year after renting out their home, selling most of their possessions and hitting the highway in search of adventure and togetherness in a 400-square-foot trailer, blogging about their new lifestyle along the way.

Michael, 40, gave up his job as an investor at a local bank; Marisa decided that she could run her essential oils business anywhere, and their four children — Reece, 16, Maya, 13, Mason, 11, and Madelyn, 7 — agreed to put their social lives on hold for a year.

“It seemed that I was never home — I was always working,” Michael tells PEOPLE, “and it bothered us that we weren’t writing our own story. So we decided, ‘Why be defined by our stuff? Let’s release it and go. Why not take a chance?’ ”

Because the Johnson kids are homeschooled, it was fairly easy to transfer their daily routines to the kitchen table of the $ 55,000 trailer purchased for the trip.

Sharing one bedroom together, though? Not so much.

“The hardest part was having to share a bed with my sister (Maya) and not having very many toys,” says Madelyn. “But visiting a jelly bean factory, meeting new people and going to lots of beaches helped make up for it.”

In one year, the Johnsons and their two yellow labs, Lily and Jada, made it to 27 states, stopping at every national park and museum they could find along the way. Craters of the Moon in Idaho was one favorite stop, along with the beaches of Big Sur in northern California and Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina.

Each family member was allowed to bring enough clothes to fit on two shelves, plus two totes for toys, books, electronics and favorite mementos.

“We stayed in RV parks along the way and had to go grocery shopping about every three days,” Marisa tells PEOPLE. “The kids spent several hours every day doing homework, but seeing the amazing diversity of our country was the best education they could have asked for. Being on the road together 24/7, we all learned what’s important. The trip brought us closer together.”

For “alone” time, everyone relied on earphones to escape with their favorite music now and then, she says, “and if there was an argument, you learned to forgive and forget pretty quickly.”

When they returned home to Utah last fall, the Johnsons decided to look for another opportunity to grow as a family, only this time while serving others. When Marisa learned about a care center in South America for children who had been rescued from sex trafficking, she knew there was no need to search further.

In a week or two, after the fifth-wheel trailer is sold, the family will pack their suitcases and fly to an undisclosed nation to volunteer for one year.

“We’re hoping to make a difference in these kids’ lives somehow,” says Michael, “and we want to let them know that somebody’s there for them. A lot of them were sold by family members or taken away with the promise of a modeling or acting career. We want to help them start over and know they are loved.”

“Living away from home for another year won’t be easy,” he admits, “but it’s important to focus on others, and not just ourselves. That’s the lesson we hope our kids will take away from this: We’re all in this world together.”

Fashion Deals Update:

Kim Kardashian Gets Her Stretch Marks Removed: ‘It Didn’t Hurt That Badly’

Kim Kardashian West isn’t afraid to detail what goes into her amazing body, whether it’s intense workouts or a little help from cosmetic surgery.

The 36-year-old reality star took to Snapchat on Sunday to reveal that she had just visited cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian to get rid of some of her stretch marks.

Using a voice-changing filter on Snapchat that gave her cute bunny ears, Kardashian West told her fans that she was leaving the doctor’s office after they “worked on stretch marks.”

“I feel so excited that I finally did it,” she said.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star continued, “I’ve been so scared to do it thinking it hurts so badly, and it didn’t hurt that badly. So I’m so grateful, and I’m so excited. I love you Dr. Ourian!”

RELATED VIDEO: Exclusive: How Kim Kardashian Is Affecting Plastic Surgery Trends

This isn’t the first time the mother of two has taken her cosmetic surgeries to social media.

Just last week, she revealed that she had visited Dr. Ourian to get work done on her belly button.

“So I’m spending my Saturday with Dr. Ourian and it f—— kills but it will be worth it,” she explained at the time. “We are lasering. You guys, I never thought I could love someone and hate someone so much at the same time.”

“If anyone that’s had babies understand what it’s done to your belly button, then you really understand how much you need Dr. Ourian to tighten around your belly button so it could look back normal,” she added.

In August, Kardashian West documented a procedure with Dr. Ourian called “skin-tightening,” a way to get your stomach in shape without surgery, on Snapchat.

U.K. cosmetic surgery group Transform reports that they have seen a 73 percent increase in inquiries from patients citing Kardashian family members as inspiration.

The trend article calls the plastic surgery craze the “Dash Effect,” and states that after Kylie Jenner admitted to having lip fillers earlier this year, they received a 700 percent rise in inquiries about the procedure overnight.

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Serena Williams Wears a Thong Bikini for the First Time Ever: ”It Really Made Me Feel Comfortable”

Serena Williams, Sports IllustratedSerena Williams is returning to Sports Illustrated for its 2017 Swimsuit Issue, and she’s stepping into uncharted territory!
The tennis GOAT opted for even sexier swimsuit options…

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Special Entertainment News Bulletin:

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Woman Allegedly ‘Chained Like a Dog’ by Serial Killer Describes Terrifying Ordeal: ‘It Was Pitch Black’

When authorities announced in November they’d found a missing woman in a South Carolina storage container, they described her captivity in stark terms: She was kept “chained like a dog,” and the sheriff said, “This is the stuff you see in the movies.”

Now that rescued woman, Kala Brown, is describing the terror of her confinement.

In an upcoming two-part interview on Dr. Phil, her first since being free, Brown says she was kept nearly immobile by a short length of chain, no more than three feet, fastened around her neck.

“My neck was in one corner and my ankle was in another corner,” she tells host Dr. Phil McGraw in a new clip from the interview, which begins airing on Monday.

She says she was left handcuffed, chained and gagged by her accused abductor, Todd Kohlhepp, who investigators believe is a serial killer accused of murdering seven people. (It is unclear whether he has entered a plea.)

• Want to keep up with the latest crime coverage? Click here to get breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases in the True Crime Newsletter.

Brown says in the clip that the container where she was kept was not empty. “It was pitch black,” she says. “but he had a flashlight and he had a lot of shelving with, like, dried food and rations and stuff and lots of bottles of water.”

Brown and her boyfriend, who was later found dead on Kohlhepp’s property, went missing on Aug. 31. Brown was found on Nov. 3, and Kohlhepp was arrested soon after.

In her sit-down with McGraw, Brown shares “intense details” from her ordeal – as well as her resilience.

“No matter what he did to me,” she says, “he did not break me.”

Brown’s interview on Dr. Phil will air Monday and Tuesday. Check local listings.

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PopPolitics: Rosie Perez Defends Latest Anti-Trump Video: ‘It Does Work’

A number of entertainment personalities, including Rosie Perez, Sally Field, and Jeffrey Wright, appeared in a new video that debuted last week, calling on Congress to oppose Donald Trump if he pursues “racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-union, anti-environmental policies.” It was a signal that Hollywood figures will continue to speak out as Trump takes office, even… Read more »



This Year’s ‘It’ Christmas Cookies: These Recipes Are the Jam

Buttery, jam-filled and generally delightful, Linzer cookies have been taking off in bold new directions. Unburdened by tradition, these innovative riffs are the treats to beat this season. Lifestyle


‘It Follows’ Director Lands Next Film With Andrew Garfield Attached to Star

David Robert Mitchell is set to direct his original script, “Under the Silver Lake,” with Andrew Garfield attached to star. The pic is a modern-day noir crime thriller set in Los Angeles. The film is Mitchell’s follow-up to his critically acclaimed horror “It Follows,” with production set to start at the end of the summer…. Read more »



Sheldon And Amy Are Finally Doing ‘It’ On ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Amy and Sheldon are about to prove why they call it “The Big Bang Theory.”

After years of dating, our favorite “Big Bang” couple is finally going to consummate their relationship, aka engage in coitus, aka go “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” aka “The Force Awakens,” aka it’s “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” In other words, they’re having sex.

Entertainment Weekly reports it’s all going down in the show’s Dec. 17 episode. The show taped the moment on Nov. 17, and the producer wanted to issue a statement on it before the news leaked.

Executive producer Steve Molaro said, “After over five years of dating, we felt the time was right for Sheldon and Amy to finally consummate their relationship, and we’re so excited for the audience to see the journey over the next several episodes,” according to Variety.

The announcement leaves us with a lot of unknowns. Mostly, uh … how? Amy broke Sheldon’s heart in the Season 8 finale, telling him she wanted a break. Does this mean the couple is getting back together? Is this a one-time thing? And this is Sheldon Cooper, remember. Uh … how?

In the original pilot for the show, Sheldon’s character supposedly did reveal he’s had sex before, and you can still find some clips online, but that script went through major changes. The Sheldon we know and love has always been pretty romantically inept. It was years before he even kissed Amy on the show. So coitus would be to go where no Sheldon Cooper has gone before.

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Summer 2015’s ‘It’ Dress: Vyshyvanka by Vita Kin

VERY VYSHYVANKA: The vital dress of summer 2015: Vyshyvanka by Vita Kin. Inspired by traditional Ukrainian folk embroidery, Kin’s dresses have been the darling of the tastemakers of fashion and social media — such as Miroslava Duma, Anna Dello Russo, Leandra Medine and Amanda Brooks — who paraded their dresses on Instagram over the past several months.
Made by Kiev native Vita Kin, the styles sold out on and Net-a-porter (the e-tailer carried four exclusive styles) within a matter of hours. While worn for summer, the dresses sported all over social media were actually fall styles originally shown layered with turtlenecks, tights and jackets. Net-a-porter will continue with the styles for fall (apparently in the same linen), which Kin noted  “will surely go as fast.” But as popular as this Instagram trend was, come Sept. 7, as the old warning about white after Labor Day goes, it may be time to hang it up — or at least add layers.

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The Parent Soup Baby Name Finder: Real Advice from Real Parents Who Have Named Their Babies and Lived to Tell about It…

The Parent Soup Baby Name Finder: Real Advice from Real Parents Who Have Named Their Babies and Lived to Tell about It…

When you need advice from other parents who have named their babies and lived to tell the tale Your husband wants a junior. Your mother keeps hinting at an archaic family name. Your best friend is pushing the name Jeremiah. And you haven’t even started thinking about what will happen if the baby is a girl Take a deep breath because help is at hand. Parent Soup–the ultimate on-line destination for parents–has collected more than 15,000 names from its popular "Baby Name Finder" and the best advice from real parents who have already played the name game. Read this book and get insight on everything you need to know when choosing a name, such as:

  • How to deal with flak from family and friends You’ll learn how to answer the question, "You’re going to name the baby what? "
  • Surefire ways to end the spouse wars Yes, there is hope when you say John and he says Gianni (and you’re wondering if you really want to have a child with this person).
  • How to know when you’ve found a keeper Learn to recognize when it’s time to put away the books and start getting used to the name you’ll be saying at least 37 times a day from now on.

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